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How To Link Business Facebook To Instagram

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How To Link Instagram Accounts On Planoly’s Web Dashboard:

Connect Facebook & Instagram Business Accounts

1. Log into or create your PLANOLY account.

2. Select a plan or Skip For Now.

3. Link Instagram.

4. Select Link Instagram to move over to Instagram to log in.

5. Enter in your Instagram handle + password and then tap Log In.

6. Tap on Save Info.

7. Tap on Allow.

8. If you have a Facebook page, select Yes to continue to authenticate with Facebook and activate auto-posting. If not select No, and link via the personal profile option.

Please note: If you link via the personal profile option and select No, then you will need to most manually to Instagram.

PLANOLY ProTip: Facebook owns Instagram, so in order to use Instagram business features and activate auto-posting, you must have an Instagram business account and authenticate with a Facebook Page. If you havent created a Facebook page yet, we recommend creating one first and then come back to finish linking your Instagram account to PLANOLY.

9. Continue.

10. Under your Facebook page settings, choose the option Select All if available. Then ensure all account permissions are set to Yes and then Link Facebook.

11. Enter your Facebook login credentials. By logging into Facebook, your Instagram account will authenticate with the Facebook page you have associated it with.

12. Fill out the following information and tap to continue.

13. Select your level of social media experience and tap to continue.

14. Get Started.

Connecting Your Instagram Business Account

  • If you havent already, youll need to convert your Instagram personal profile to a business account, following the steps here.
  • In Buffer, click on your profile avatar at the top right of your dashboard and then click Accountfrom the drop down menu.

  • Click the Channels option from the menu on the left hand side of your screen.

  • Click .

  • Click Authenticate with Facebook. It is required that Instagram business accounts be linked to a Facebook Page in order to connect them to Buffer. This is why the authentication process needs to be completed within Facebook.

  • Enter your Facebook login credentials and click Login. If you’re already signed into Facebook, you will just need to enter your password and click Continue.

    It is required to login to the personal Facebook profile that has the admin role on the Facebook Page connected to your Instagram account. If you log into a Facebook profile that does not have the admin role on the Page, or if your profile isn’t correctly setup as an admin within Facebook Business Suite, you will not see your Instagram business account listed in the next step. Learn how to find your Page role here.

  • Click on the Instagram channel you’d like to connect and click Add to Buffer.

    Not seeing your Instagram account listed? Please see the troubleshooting guide here.

  • Whats The Use Of This Publicity

    If you think about what is the reason to add a link to your IG story. Here is what you need to know. Instagram helps drag the audience to your detonative place.

    In the past, Instagram users used to put their promotional links in their bio, but now Instagram provides you with a facility to add a link to your story. It is not only for fun, but this tool is integrated with high-level business strategy. People see stories daily.

    As quoted from blog, when an Instagram user links on IG links, it automatically takes the follower to that link. Its not only for any ordinary promotion, but brands also use it on product collections to keep users aware of their new and upcoming products. While it also provides excellent access feasibility without leaving the app.

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    You Can Schedule Your Posts Ahead Of Time

    Another major Instagram update thats now a few years old, but had significant value for marketers was the ability for users to automatically schedule their posts instead of having to just schedule a reminder to manually post content.

    However, the ability to use a third party tool like Sprout Social to schedule your content ahead of time is only available with Instagram business profiles.

    So if you want to make your social media management easier, do yourself a favor and switch to an Instagram business account. With a tool like Sprout, youll be able to get a more complete picture of your upcoming content calendar and it will be easier for everyone who contributes to this content to collaborate.

    Link Your Business Facebook Page

    How to Post from Facebook to Instagram at the Same Time

    Remember at the beginning of this journey when we said you needed a business Facebook page to be able to use the Instagram for business tools? Heres why. Instagram will ask you to link your business Facebook page or create one. For those unaware, Facebook acquired Instagram a few years ago so there is more integration than ever with the two platforms.

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    How To Add A Link In Instagram Bio

    If happened to all of us you are scrolling through your Instagram feed, and when reading the caption to some cool post, you are asked to go to link in bio for more detailed info.

    As you know, Link in bio refers to the clickable URL that users can see on top of your Instagram profile, and when they click on the link, they will be taken straight to the desired website. This URL can be a product page, landing page, about us section, etc.

    This is the simplest way of adding a link to your Instagram profile.

    Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to your Instagram account and tap Edit Profile
  • Paste your desired link into the empty Website field
  • Save the changes
  • As you can see, you are limited to place just one link.

    This is what the FeedLink feature by EmbedSocial is focused on solving.

    It is a simple feature that assembles your Instagram feed in one place and allows you to use a unique link for each of your feed photos.

    So, next time someone clicks on your link in bio, they will land on this clickable version of your Instagram feed.

    See how your Instagram feed turns out when converted to web and mobile-optimized landing page:

    For more detailed instructions, check out this video tutorial:

    Your Instagram Business Account Strategy

    After you have your Instagram business account set up, enjoy the new interactions with friends and clients while building your brand. Once youve got a handle on posting and interacting, its time to consider how Instagram can help you grow your business. Instagram ads can get you in front of the people you want to, regardless of whether they are in your network or not.

    Navigating paid social ads is a fairly complicated endeavor, especially if you dont have time to learn the platforms and keep up with changes. OutboundEngine has a team of marketing experts that will . We can target the zip codes and interests of the people you want to reach, so your dollars go where you want.

    Want to learn more about your overall social media strategy? Download our Social Media Field Guide for free to learn how to make the most out of your social media marketing. Or, schedule a free demo and learn about all the ways we help take marketing off the plates of busy business owners.

    Post Recap:

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    Bonus: Quick Button Tutorial

    Now that youre finally in the app, the home screen is the first screen youll see. Once you follow other accounts, their photos will show up here.

    Top buttons:

    • Camera : Tap here to start sharing videos or photos.
    • Direct messages : If someone sends you a direct message, youll be notified here. You can also send direct messages from there.

    Bottom buttons, from left to right:

    • Home : See the latest photos from accounts you follow.
    • Search : Look up top accounts, people, places, and hashtags, and content or accounts suggested for you.
    • Camera : Tap here to upload and share videos and photos.
    • Notifications : See the most recent likes and comments to your photos and what people you follow are liking.
    • Profile : Your full account, everything youve posted, and access to the settings menu.

    You Can Take Advantage Of Instagram Advertising

    How -to Link your Instagram to your Business Facebook Page Mobile

    Instagram ads and promoted posts are created through Facebooks ads manager, which means you must have an Instagram business profile that is attached to your Facebook Page to be able to create Instagram ad campaigns.

    To help generate leads, increase conversions and get to that 10,000 follower threshold more quickly, your brand should be taking advantage of . If youre struggling to increase your reach and overcome some of the challenges brands face from the Instagram algorithm, paid ads can help you target key audiences.

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    Langkah : Semakan Akaun

    Setelah menyambungkan katalog produk ke Instagram anda dan mempunyai produk dalam katalog, hantar akaun anda untuk semakan dengan mengikuti langkah ini. Semakan akaun biasanya mengambil masa beberapa hari tetapi kadangkala mengambil masa yang lebih lama.

  • Pergi ke profil Instagram perniagaan anda dan ketik
  • Pilih Tetapan
  • Langkah : Muat Naik Katalog Produk

    Membeli-belah Instagram dikuasakan oleh katalog produk anda. Terdapat dua cara untuk menyambungkan katalog produk dengan Akaun Instagram Business anda.

    PENGURUS KATALOG merupakan kaedah buat sendiri yang ditemui dalam Pengurus Facebook Business.


    RAKAN KONGSI PLARFORM E-DAGANG ialah penyepaduan menerusi salah satu rakan kongsi platform e-dagang kami yang diiktiraf seperti Shopify atau BigCommerce.

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    Write Captions And Use Hashtags

    Keep your caption brief and use appropriate hashtags. Hashtags are often used in a joking way, but they are also how millions of photos are found, and in turn, your content can be found. The most popular hashtags range in the hundreds of millions of times used, so if youre targeting a particular niche, consider using a more specific hashtag.

    Also, keep the hashtags to a reasonable number. Followers dont want to be spammed with dozens of hashtags per post.

    Pro tip: check out Top Hashtags to see whats popular on Instagram.

    Heres an example of a picture with hashtags that we posted to our OutboundEngine company Instagram.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by OutboundEngine on Jan 18, 2019 at 10:37am PST

    How To Share A Link On Igtv

    How to connect Facebook page with Instagram

    If you are an IGTV creator, you probably know that you can also share a link to your IGTV video description.

    The tricky part here is that your audience may not realize that there is a link until they tap to expand the description and discover the link.

    However, you can easily re-use the IGTV video and make sure a much wider audience sees your efforts by posting the video on your Instagram Stories.

    Here is how you can do that:

  • Open your Instagram Story camera
  • Tap on the top link icon
  • Choose an IGTV video
  • Tap Done
  • This way, your IGTV video link will be displayed as a Swipe up link in your Instagram Story.

    Once clicked, your video will open.

    We created a complete guide on how you can start with IGTV, including steps to upload and share your videos.

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    Connecting Your Instagram Business Account To Buffer

    Hannah Voice

    Note: If you see “Unavailable” when trying to connect your social channel, this article will likely be more suitable to get things corrected for you. Otherwise, feel free to continue on in this article.

    Buffer supports Instagram business accounts. If youre unsure which type of Instagram account you have, please see here. Whilst connecting your Instagram account should only take a few minutes, it’s not uncommon to run into permissions issues with Instagram and/or Facebook, so we recommend following these steps carefully.

    This article contains the following sections:


    • Direct scheduling from the publishing dashboard is not supported for Instagram creator accounts. Whilst you will be able to connect the account, posts scheduled to be published automatically will fail and you’ll see an error. If youre unsure which type of Instagram account you have, please see here.
    • Due to API limitations, we are only able to pull Instagram data into the analytics dashboard for accounts that have 100 or more followers. Whilst it’s technically possible to connect accounts that have fewer than 100 followers, no data will be available.

    Get Your Name Out There

    Once youve got your account established, be sure the Instagram icon is on your website and in your email signature. You can also include your handle on your LinkedIn page or any other site that drives visitors to contact you.

    Have fun using your Instagram business account to connect to your network and enrich your relationships.

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    Why And How To Set Up Your Instagram Business Profile

    • Copy Link

    When Instagram first launched, personal and businesses had a single Instagram profile format. There were no bells and whistles, just a basic bio and your Instagram feed.

    Social media really does change quickly, because in 2016, Instagram introduced business profiles. And since then, the new profile has introduced a new way of social marketing.

    And the benefits of Instagram business profiles have been significant.

    Since the start of business profiles, contact buttons were born, became more prominent, the platform launched its own analytics. And now everyone, from corporations to startups to influencers, has an Instagram business profile.

    Join us for conversations about the future of social media and business, featuring Alexis Ohanian, Seven Seven Six Founder and Former Executive Chair of Reddit, and Alexandra Waldman, Co-Founder of Universal Standard.

    Profile Basics & Choosing A Username

    Connect Instagram & Facebook Business Accounts (Easy Tutorial) – Grow FASTER with LESS WORK

    Next, youll create a username and password. If youre setting up Instagram for a company, the username should be the companys name, or as close as you can get it. If youre a real estate agent, insurance agent, or the like, choose a variation of your name, business, location. You need something that distinguishes you from a personal account.

    For example, or will work.

    Note: Instagram will automatically generate a username for you based on the name you input. This can easily be changed as you go through these prompts.

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    Find And Define Your Brands Story

    Once youre set up and ready to go, its important to decide what your Instagram business accounts purpose should be and keep it on message. A real estate agent can use Instagram to establish and expand their positive public perception through photos and engaging with followers. That means posting photos of houses they are listing and favorite neighborhood spots to check out not selfies in the gym or pictures of their doctors office while they get a flu shot.

    Follow People And Get Social

    From here, there are two options near the top, under Follow People:

    • Facebook Friends
    • Contacts

    Tap either of these and Instagram will connect to Facebook and your address book. If youve got past clients and connections stored on your phone, youll be able to see their accounts.

    Instagram will show you all of your friends on Instagram that are in your contacts list. Start following other accounts and commenting and engaging with their posts. This is how you get people to start following you back.

    As you post more to Instagram and follow more people, you can check your notifications page to see who has liked your photos, started following you, left a comment, or mentioned you in a post.

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    Conectar Una Pgina De Facebook A Tu Cuenta Comercial

    Para agregar o cambiar la página de Facebook conectada a tu cuenta comercial de Instagram:

  • Ve a tu perfil de Instagram.
  • Selecciona Editar perfil.
  • En “Información pública de la empresa”, selecciona Página.
  • Toca Crear página de Facebook o Conectar una página existente.
  • Elige la página que quieras conectar o selecciona Crear una nueva página de Facebook.
  • Toca Listo después de seleccionar o crear una página.
  • Con esto, habrás conectado tu cuenta comercial a una página de Facebook. Si no aparece la página que quieres conectar en el menú desplegable de tu perfil, puede deberse a que no eres administrador de esa página. Comprueba la configuración de la página y asegúrate de tener permiso para agregarla a tu perfil de empresa de Instagram.

    How To Set Up An Instagram Business Account

    How to connect your Facebook Business Page to your ...
    Taylor Landis

    With roughly 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram long passed being categorized as a niche social network. Its one of the most popular, fastest growing social media platforms and one that your business should be using. If you havent yet, its time to set up your Instagram business account.

    Sharing photos and videos is what Instagram is all about. You can tell graphically rich and inspiring stories about your business and brand through visuals. As other social networks place increased importance on photo and video posts, Instagram is the perfect complementary network to include in your marketing mix for ease of cross-posting content.

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    Find Facebook Friends & Contacts

    Then, youll be asked to find people to follow via Facebook and within your contacts. Its best to have your account completed and a photo or two posted before you start following people so its okay to click skip for now. Instagram gives you the opportunity to find Facebook friends whenever you want from your page settings so this is not a one-time offer.

    How To Switch Back To A Personal Instagram Account

    If you decide an Instagram business or creator account isnt for you, its possible to revert right back to a personal account.

    You can also switch between business and creator accounts to find the one that makes the most sense for your brand.

    All you have to do is head right back to your account settings, and this time the blue Switch to Professional Account call-to-action will be replaced with two different options: Switch to Personal Account or Switch to Creator Account.

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