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How To Link 2 Instagram Accounts

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How To View Multiple Instagram Accounts On Hootsuite

How to Link Two Instagram Accounts Together | Stodzyland 022

The first step to using multiple Instagram accounts in Hootsuite is to add them to your dashboard.

You can add personal or business Instagram accounts to Hootsuite, but business accounts have a more streamlined posting process and offer advanced features. You can view both business and personal Instagram accounts together in your Hootsuite dashboard. Heres how to get them set up:

Step 1: Log in to your Hootsuite dashboard.

Step 2: Click + Add Social Network.

Step 3: Click in the left menu, then click Connect with Instagram.

Step 4: Click in the pop-up box.

Step 5: If you have a business account, click Sign in to Facebook and proceed to Step 6.

If you have a personal account, click Exit with limited access in the next pop-up box, then Exit again, and youre done.

Note: For more details on getting the most out of an Instagram business account with Hootsuite, scroll down to the section called How to manage multiple business Instagram accounts below.

Step 6: Follow the steps in the Facebook login.

Step 7: Click Done.

Repeat the steps for each Instagram you want to add to Hootsuite.

Can One Email Be Used To Create Multiple Accounts

One of the significant queries often social media managers or brands raise is that can one email be used to create multiple accounts. Yes, Instagram allows you to use a single email ID to open up to 5 accounts.

But from the security angle, it is not a best practice to follow. If you lose access to your email address, unable to recover your password, you cannot access any of your accounts.

Besides, if someone gets access to your email ID, the person can access all the accounts associated with the ID. That can be a significant security threat to your brand identity & reputation.

How Many Instagram Accounts Can I Have

Instagram lets users have up to 5 Instagram accounts under one email address. Whether you want a personal account, youre an influencer, and perhaps youre managing someone elses accounts, you can do so easily by signing into all of them at once.

When one needs updated, all you need to do is tap the profile icon at the bottom of the app and tap on account list at the top.

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How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts For One Brand

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Instagram is a social media platform that is now synonymous with visual content and storytelling. But not every story your brand wants to tell fits under the same umbrella. For brands that have multiple product lines, diverse target audiences or numerous locations, creating multiple Instagram accounts is a way to market more effectively to distinct audiences.

Even though Instagram recently made it easier to manage multiple accounts, the technicalities of managing two or more accounts are only a small portion of the effort. When done successfully, using multiple Instagram accounts can help you strengthen your relationship with specific audiences, grow your following in new markets and create multiple narratives for your brand that all help you meet your goals.

From the technical management of multiple accounts to creating an for each profile, lets go over strategic ways to manage multiple Instagram accounts for one brand.

How To Create A Second Instagram And Manage Multiple Accounts

How To Link Multiple Instagram Accounts To One Facebook ...

Handling multiple Instagram accounts is not an easy task, you need to sign in and sign out multiple times to switch between accounts. These days, if you want to create a second Instagram account, it is quite easy and you can toggle between accounts seamlessly without any hassle. Normally people only have one or two Instagram account but if you have miscellaneous accounts, you can also easily cast an account for accessible administration of your Instagram now. Building an alternative Instagram account or numerous accounts is optimal for those who needs an Instagram business page. With the capability to shift between your numerous Instagram accounts, you can keep them isolated but uniformly operative. We are about to show you, how to create an second Instagram account, how to handle various Instagram accounts and how to erase an Instagram account completely.

There are mainly two ways to create a second Instagram account. You can build a new Instagram account while signing into your ongoing account or, if you have previously created multiple Instagram accounts, you can just easily attach them. We will opt for both choices in depth below, as well as how to switch between your multiple Instagram accounts and how to remove or delete them.

How To Remove One Of Your Instagram Accounts From The App

At some point, you might want to remove one of your multiple Instagram accounts from the app.

Why? Since you can manage a maximum of five accounts from the Instagram app, you might want to remove an account in order to make room to add a new one. Or, maybe youre no longer working on a particular account and simply want to make sure you dont post to it accidentally.

Heres how to remove an individual Instagram account from the app.

Note: If youve set up Multi-Account Login, youll need to disable it before you can remove individual accounts. If you havent enabled Multi-Account Login, skip ahead to step 4.

Step 1: From your profile, tap the hamburger icon, then Settings, then Multi-Account Login.

Step 2: Deselect the account you want to remove, then tap Remove in the pop-up box.

Although it may seem like youre finished, you havent actually removed the account from your app yetyouve just removed it from the Multi-Account Login. There are a few more steps to remove it from the app:

Step 3: Go back to your profile, and switch to the account you want to remove.

Step 4: Tap the hamburger icon, then Settings.

Step 5: Tap Log Out , then tap Log Out in the pop-up box.

When you go back to your profile and tap on your username, you will see the removed account is no longer included in the drop-down.

Note that removing your account from the app does not delete your account. If you really want to delete your account , follow the .

How Many Instagram Accounts Can You Create

You can create upto 5 Instagram accounts using different email ID as per the regulations. Yes, there is no hard and fast rule that you can only create a maximum of 2 Instagram accounts.

Now in order to create multiple Instagram accounts using the same email ID, you need to follow the steps given below in an orderly manner. There are some shortcomings with this hack which I will discuss in the next section.

There are 2 possible ways in which you can trick the Instagram app and use the same email address for creating the second Instagram account. Here are the possibilities:

Update Your Instagram App

Before Instagram’s update, if you wanted to publish content with two or more Instagram profiles you needed to log out of your account and log in with the second one. This could be quite bothersome, mainly because it’s time consuming. Before, apps such asInstwogram” were designed to simultaneously allow more than one account with the same email. However, they were often full of bugs and had limitations when it came to posting video content.

Thankfully, now Instagram has decided to incorporate this service of using one email for two accounts into their main app. This meant they had the resources to fix bugs, update the entire app and run it more smoothly. Now, it allows users to stay connected, but switch between their accounts with ease.

To begin this procedure you need to ensure you have the latest Instagram update. If you are unsure where to get it, go to Android Play Store or Apple Store on iOS and make sure you have the latest Instagram version. Once you have done that, log in to both of your accounts and you will be able to switch easily between them.

Can I Log Into Multiple Instagram Accounts With Different Emails

How To Link Multiple Instagram Accounts To One Facebook Account

One question plaguing people about Instagrams multiple accounts feature is whether you have to log in using the same email address. Fortunately, you can log in with multiple email addresses in one app.

Based on our tests in December of 2020, all you need to do is follow the steps above, sign in using the other email address and password, and youre good to go.

How To Create A New Instagram Account

Before share how to manage multiple accounts, lets start with the basics: creating an Instagram account. Whether its your first account or your third, the same rules apply.

There are two ways you can create an Instagram account: from the app on your iPhone and from the website on your computer. Below are instructions for creating an Instagram account on your iPhone:

  • Open your Instagram app.
  • Press the icon of your profile photo at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Press your account name.
  • Create a username and password and fill out your profile details.
  • Press Next.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Add Account.
  • Select Log Into Existing Account.
  • Enter your account information and log in.
  • Note that after you add a new account to your Instagram app, you will receive notifications from all of the profiles youve added unless you manually turn off your notifications. So if you dont want your phone to blow up all day with messages and likes, it might be a good idea to put your secondary account on silent.

    How To Delete An Instagram Account

    Once you delete an Instagram account, it is complicated and in some cases, impossible to recover it. If you are confident that you want your account gone forever, follow these steps. Deleting one account will not affect the other connected accounts.

    To delete an Instagram account, you need to get on your computer or use a mobile browser rather than using the Instagram app. Since I created a bum account for this article, I’m going to go through the process of deleting it.

  • Either open a mobile browser on your iPhone or open a browser on your computer. You cannot do this in the Instagram iPhone or iPad app.;
  • Go to . Log into the account you want to delete. If you are asked if you wish to Save Your Login Info, select Not Now.;
  • How To Add An Additional Instagram Account

    Instagram has made the process of adding additional Instagram accounts to the app simple enough. Once you launch the app, go to your profile , select the menu in the upper-right corner of the next screen and then Settings.

    Then, scroll down, select Add account, and enter the desired username and password for the account you would like to add. If youve created several Instagram accounts, you will be able to access notifications for each on the corresponding profile. You can change your notifications settings for each of them.

    Option 2: Manual Conversion Using A New Account

    Multiple Instagram Accounts Made Easy: Account Switching

    Presently to merge Two Instagram Accounts into a single profile, your best option would be to create a new account using your iPhone or Android Smartphone. By generating a new Instagram account, you could bring your personal and business accounts into one rather than manage multiple Instagram accounts.

    To get this process done, you would need to put time and patience through every related step.

    How To Switch Between Your Instagram Accounts

    First, you need to make sure that your Instagram app is updated . Log into your account from the app and perform the following steps to add multiple accounts.

    Create your sub-accounts. Ensure that each account is linked to a unique email address or phone number. If you dont, you can get locked out of all the accounts if the linked email ID gets corrupted or compromised. As of now, you can have a maximum of five accounts on one device.

    Add your sub-accounts. In the app, go to your Instagram profile. Click on the Hamburger icon . Then, tap the Settings gear . Scroll to the bottom of the menu and click the Add Account option. Add the account name and password of your sub-account. Lastly, click Log In.

    Switch between accounts. You can go to your profile and click on your username displaying at the top. All the accounts in your device will be listed. Select the account you want to switch to. Youll get push notifications from the account youre logged into.

    Deleting a sub-account. If youd like to delete a sub-account, log into the account from a desktop. Then, navigate to Delete Your Account from your profile. Select the reason for deleting the account, and click Permanently Delete my account.

    Note that you cant delete an account from the app, and accounts once deleted cannot be recovered. If youd like to take a break from an account, you can temporarily disable your account instead of deleting it permanently.

    How To Post On Instagram To Multiple Accounts On Iphone

  • ;Open Tap on Add a new post.
  • Select the Image or Video that you wish to post and tap Next.
  • Edit the post if you want and then tap Next.
  • If you have two or more accounts logged in to your Instagram, you will see an option of Post to other accounts, wherein you will get options to swipe and share your post to the other accounts.
  • After selecting the accounts, you wish to share the same post, tap on Share. and your post will be shared.
  • Instagram Multiple Account Managing Best Practices

    Despite knowing all the technicalities of managing your different Instagram account at one time, the entire process can be exhausting.

    To increase productivity & to make the work enjoyable, one should stick to specific best practices. What are they? Scroll through the following point:

    1. Unified Dashboard

    One significant parameter to efficiently handle multiple profiles on Instagram is to access them from a single dashboard.

    Social media dashboards like Statusbrew or Creator Studio can be your time-saver tools. Instead of stopping & switching on each account, unified dashboards enable you to monitor all the profiles collaboratively.

    2. Account Specific Content

    Before posting content on each of your accounts, remember the purpose the account is serving. It is always advisable to create unique content, depending on the segmented audience needs, on each of your accounts.

    Avoid posting generic content on all of the accounts. It won’t serve the purpose also if the content does not suit audience needs, your all effort can go in vain. Focus on usage of captions & hashtags as well. Statusbrew Asset Manager allows you to save high-quality content such as captions, images & videos directly. With hashtag insights, you can track the performance of your most engaged hashtags.

    3. Maintain A Content Calendar & Schedule Posts

    4. Create Benchmarks To Measure Performance

    Can You Merge Two Instagram Account

    How to link 2 different instagram accounts

    Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow users to merge multiple Instagram accounts. Unlike other social media network like Facebook, Instagram does not provide this option for users.;

    While Instagram allows users to create multiple accounts, it is yet to allow them to merge few accounts together.;

    It is unclear as to why Instagram does not allow people to merge two accounts together.;

    Regardless of whether it is a business or personal account, the merge is still not possible.;

    This means that you are unable to transfer content and followers from one account to another.;

    Hence, the short answer to the question above is that it is actually not possible to merge two Instagram account into one.;

    However, dont worry, there are other ways to go around this setting. While you cannot export content and followers there are few things you can do to solve this problem.;

    How To Create Multiple Instagram Accounts And Switch Between Them

    Sometimes, one Instagram account is not enough. Whether youre starting a business, managing a feed for your job, or just want a place specifically reserved for showcasing your photography, its easier than ever to manage multiple Instagram accounts at once.

    Back in the day, you had to log completely out of one Instagram account before you could sign in to another. But nowadays, Instagram allows you to switch back and forth between accounts without logging out. Heres everything you need to know about juggling several Instagrams.

    How To Remove Multiple Instagram Account

    Instagram app allows you to use five accounts on one device. If your brand have more than five accounts, you require to remove one of your existing five accounts on the app to add a new account.

    Before removing one account, make sure that you have disabled multi-account logging. If you have not enabled the multiple accounts login setup, you can skip till step no 3:

    Step:1 Open your profile and tap on the setting; go to the multi-account logging feature

    Step:2 Tap on the deselect option for the account you want to remove. Follow the process by tapping on the remove option on the popup message

    Step:3 Open your profile again, choose the account you no longer want to use. Tap on the profile & switch to the account

    Step:4 Click on the three-bar menu, and click on the settings

    Step:5 Tap on log out username & follow the process by tapping on logout from the popping box

    How To Manage Your Instagram Accounts When A Business Acquisition Occurs

    Taking over another business means taking over all their assetsincluding their social media accounts.

    When an acquisition takes place, how do you manage the Instagram accounts of both brands?

    The first thing to determine is whether the acquisition brings all business operations under one umbrella or whether the acquired company will maintain its brand image.

    If the latter is the case, youll have to run the two social media accounts independently.

    However, if the company youve bought will assume your brand, you must merge Instagram accounts. The easiest way to do this is move the followers from the business youve acquired to your main Instagram account.

    To do that, alert your followers of the change and encourage them to follow your main Instagram. You will have to post several times and give your followers time to make the move.

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