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How To Know Who Unfollowed You On Instagram App

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The Best App To Find Out Unfollowers Followmeter

How to Know who Unfollowed you on Instagram (Without any app)

We tested and compared a lot of trackers that can reveal your unfollowers. To our mind, FollowMeter is a good option.

On a free plan you can check who:

  • unfollowed you.
  • started following you.
  • not following you back.

Add to that, you will get statistics for likes and comments in your profile. It is also free.

If you choose a paid plan, you get additional features. Some of them may be interesting to you since you search for how to tell who unfollowed you on Instagram. You can check:

  • who blocked you.
  • ghost followers.
  • secret admirers.

You can buy access to all the features for 1,6 or 12-month plans. Available for iOS and Android.

How to tell who unsubscribed from you

After you install FollowMeter, you need to authorize with your Instagram login and password. Then the tracker starts collecting information about your account.

You can see unsubscribed users in the “Unfollowers” section. FollowMeter will show who unsubscribed during the time that you have the tracker installed.

If you want to check who had unfollowed you before you started using the app, then go to “Not following you back”.

Of course, some users in the “Not following you back” section may have never been subscribed back to you. But in terms of unfollowers, there is not much difference if a person is not anymore or has never been interested in you.

Is Followmeter For Instagram Safe

Is FollowMeter For Instagram safe? Youll want to check out this apps safety features before installing it. It displays unfollowers and blocked accounts, but you cant tell if theyve unfollowed you. If youre worried about privacy, consider that Instagram recently introduced a new privacy feature called restrict. Restricted accounts will only be visible to the users who have approved their access, and theyll be placed in view-only mode. FollowMeter is a completely safe app, but you should be aware that you need to change the password.

B Followmeter Unfollowers Analytics For Instagram

How about having a popular app in your kitty that can track your Instagram followers and unfollowers readily. This app has a huge user base with 10,00,000+ installs. With a lot of features and offerings, it helps you manage your Instagram account conveniently.

This application analyzes and provides insight on Instagram profiles that followed or unfollowed you. Interestingly, it can also show who are the ghost followers of your Instagram account.

Simultaneously, it can also show who likes your posts regularly and shows a list of people who visit your profile anonymously. You can also increase the number of followers as the discover section in the app shows relevant profiles who might be interested in following your page.

So, here are the ways in which you can know about who is following you as well as unfollowing you on Instagram. Knowing about Instagram unfollowers is made easy with the above-recommended applications.

It is essential to have authentic followers on Instagram as thats what helps to popularize your art or products. With the apps, its not only easy to see who unfollowed you on Instagram but also managing your Instagram accounts popularity is a breeze.

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Check Who Unfollowed You From A Pc

Go to the Instagram website and log-in to your account. Click on your profile photo on the right side of the page. From the menu that opens, click on Profile.

On the profile page, click on the follower count.

A list of your followers will open in an additional window, scroll to check who is following you.

Recapping How To See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

How to Know Who Unfollowed You on Instagram Without an App ...

Many Instagrammers ask who unfollowed me on Instagram? to evaluate their strategies. As a brand builder, retaining followers and clients might be essential for you. So any of the above apps will come in handy for checking who unfollowed you on Instagram. Undoubtedly, you can not cheer up all types of audiences in your niche. But you can decide to dedicate more time and energy to improve your posting strategy.

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Find Out Who Unfollowed You On Instagram Using Third

A lot of third-party apps can help you check who has stopped following you recently. But before I share the names, here are two things you should note:

  • Point of setup clause: These apps cant tell you who unfollowed you in the past. They will only display the details of those who followed/unfollowed you from the moment you logged in to the app with your Instagram ID.
  • Security breach: There is a generic risk involved while using such apps, as you will be giving them open access to your Instagram data.

Now that the conditions applied are clear lets see some of the best iOS apps to track your Instagram followers.

What To Do After Finding Out Who Unfollowed You

You might be upset if someone from your close friends unfollowed you. However, jumping on to a conclusion is not a solution here. You may ask your friend about the reason or ask them to follow you back.

To ensure that your followers dont decrease, you must like their uploaded photos and react to their stories to remain engaged with them. If someone who doesnt matter has unfollowed you, you can opt to unfollow him right back.

However, if you are an Instagram influencer or aiming to become one, you should not unfollow anyone. Keep them engaged with your posts and interactive stories, and ask them the reasons for unfollowing you. In the same manner, if you are promoting your business on Instagram. It will help if you try to keep your audience updated with the upcoming sale and products in your store.

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How To Use A Third

Why do all the legwork when you can have an app do it for you instead? Looking on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store reveals a wealth of different options that will not only let you know who unfollowed your Instagram account but in many cases youll have access to trend analysis and other interesting data.

Many of these more advanced features will usually require signing up to the Pro versions of the apps, but the unfollowing feature is normally included for free.

Some of the best reviewed apps weve seen include:

One thing worth noting is that Instagram seems to regularly change how third-party apps can access its API, which means that features can be broken when Instagram is updated. Most apps get patched quickly, but bear in mind that from time to time you might find that an app that worked perfectly before might suddenly lose the ability to track who unfollowed you.

To set up the app, go to the relevant app store and download it to your device, then launch it and sign into your Instagram account. We found that several apps got stuck when using your Facebook account to log in, so if you encounter that problem, use your normal Instagram account details instead.

So, if you check back regularly, youll be able to see who has lost interest or done the dirty and followed you, waited for you to follow them back, then immediately unfollowed you.

How Do You Batch Unfollow On Instagram

How to Know who Unfollowed you on Instagram (Without any app) 2022

In order to mass unfollow on Instagram, you need to be logged in to your account using Google Chrome. You should be able to find the following list under groups, and the minimum interacted list should contain at least 50 users. This list should refresh whenever you clean your account. It is not as fast as the manual process, but you can use it in a pinch. If you dont want to manually unfollow each account, you can also try using a tool, like Socinator.

The main advantage of using a mass unfollow app is that it is easy to find accounts that arent following you back. Similarly, it is also easy to find users who havent followed you back. Inflact and Spamguard App have tools that can help you do this. Once youve found the users youd like to follow, you can simply click on their profile and hit the Follow button to follow them. You can also use a special app to batch unfollow on Instagram. It works on both Android and iOS devices.

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Which Followers App Is Safe

There are plenty of Instagram followers apps out there. Some of them are a scam, while others are purely useless. The key to choosing the safest one is to avoid third-party apps that require you to provide your Instagram username and password. Even if an apps user reviews are positive, this doesnt guarantee the security of your information. Third-party apps are also risky, because they often ask for money or personal information that you havent consented to provide. This information is then sold worldwide, or stolen online.

While these apps claim to get you thousands of followers, they dont actually engage with your account. Moreover, they are designed to promote your business or social activity, rather than to increase your number of followers organically. The use of follower apps can also compromise your security, as you can give your password to a third-party application and have your account deactivated in the process. Moreover, Instagrams community guidelines prohibit the use of these apps.

You Have Bought Followers

Did you purchase the services of someone who promised to get you thousands or millions of followers for a few dollars? Instagram frowns upon such manipulation, which usually involves a bunch of bots and fake accounts.

Instagram regularly purges such accounts and so that might be a reason your follower count has dropped. Don’t rely on these services, they are a waste of money and affect credibility.

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Which Unfollow App Is Safe

Youve probably heard that third-party unfollow apps are the best way to unfollow a large number of people, but youre unsure about their safety. These apps often send users information to hackers and are not endorsed by Instagram. Also, theyre not guaranteed to work, and Instagram may stop supporting them at any time. One example of an app thats been around for a while is Unfollowgram, which is no longer available.

First, if youre not sure which unfollow app to use, you can try searching for the account using the name or username of the person you want to unfollow. But make sure you spell it correctly, as some have reported getting stuck using a Facebook account. Third-party apps are also available, but they tend to have reliability and security problems. Its better to use your normal Instagram account and not a fake one.

Another trusted unfollow app is Followers Assistant, which allows users to keep track of the people they follow and check if theyve unfollowed them in the past. It also lets you see whos blocked you, as well as whos stopped following you. Another great unfollow app is InsTrack, which is exclusive to the App Store. This app is easy to install on your mobile device and offers plenty of options to manage your account.

How To Know And Check Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram

How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram.

How to check who unfollowed you on InstagramManual method

  • The first thing you can do is go to your profile and click on Followers.
  • You can then search a name to check if they are following you or not.
  • Another method is to go to the persons profile and click on Following.
  • You can then search for your name to check if they are following you or not.
  • Install FollowMeter for you Android or iOS device.
  • Open the app and log in using your Instagram account.
  • Once the app finishes analyzing your account, you will have access to a lot of information.
  • To find out who unfollowed you, click on the first tab at the bottom left corner.
  • Now, click on Unfollowers.
  • You can also find out who does not follow you by clicking on Not following you back.
  • To find out people that follow you, but whom you do not follow back, click on You are not following back.

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Check The Accounts Followers List

To manually check out unfollowers, it is possible to see the followers list. How easy this will mostly lie in the size of it. If it is small enough, losing someone is noticeable.

Find it this way by:

  • Go to the Instagram homepage by selecting the profile picture at the top of the screen.
  • Scan through the list by scrolling to see if someoneâs username has disappeared from it.
  • If the list is long, it isnât easy to track all of the profiles and their usernames. That makes it a much less viable option unless there are hours to sit and scroll.

    Always In The Insta Know

    Finding out who has unfollowed an Instagram profile can help maintain the follower to following ratio. It also keeps the feed more in tune with the people that you are more interested in. Whats more, it is also a plus to track the accounts metrics to maintain growth.

    If you have any other questions or comments about how certain aspects or apps have worked for you, leave a comment.

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    Faqs About Instagram Followers Tracking

    1. Are you notified if someone unfollows you on Instagram?

    The obvious answer to this question is no. Instagram does not notify if someone has unfollowed you due to any reason. Instagram tends to keep its user’s privacy, and also it is against the application’s privacy policy. But if you still want to know, you can either check manually or use a third-party app.

    2. Is it immature to unfollow someone on Instagram?

    It is not immature to unfollow someone if you have a legitimate reason. If you don’t want to interact with someone or see their posts or stories, then it is mature to unfollow them for good. But to unfollow people for fun, then it is pretty immature.

    3. How do I stop a follower from seeing my Instagram posts?

    To hide your content from someone on Instagram, you will have to go to their Profile and click on three horizontal lines on the top right corner. A menu bar will appear. Select mute from that menu to stop that person from seeing your posts.

    Check The Likes On Your Posts

    How To See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram | Instagram unfollow App | Bachelor Tech

    Next, you can check the list of likes on your posts.

    The general idea is to browse through the likes on your posts. Then, find the people that liked your post that youre not following.

    Theres a high chance that you unfollowed someone that liked your post before.

    You can check the list of likes on your posts, scroll to the bottom, and find the people that youre not following.

    Theres a high chance that you unfollowed someone that liked your post before.

    To begin with, heres an introduction to the order of the likes.

    Fundamentally, the people that liked your post will be at the top of the list.

    On the other hand, the people that liked your post will be at the bottom of the list.

    What you can do is to scroll down the list and view the people that youre not following.

    The list of likes is ordered by the people that youre following, followed by the people that youre not following.

    Based on the pre-requisite that you have posted something before, and that the person has followed you, heres a step-by-step guide on how you can do this:

  • Go to your profile and tap on one of your posts.
  • View the likes on your post.
  • Scroll down the list and view the people that youre not following.
  • If you happen to recognize someone that you unfollowed by accident, you can follow them back.
  • This method is quite demanding as you might have to go through multiple lists of likes.

    Hence, its better to download a third-party app to check who you unfollowed instead.

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    How To See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram 2021with No Apps

    Many of you are not aware of a third-party app-free method that is quick, reliable, and safe. But now, you don’t have to worry about it because we will cover a 100% secure way of how to know who unfollowed you on Instagram. The following steps can help you in understanding that method:

    Step 1: Open Security

    Open the Instagram app and go to Profile. You need to select the three horizontal dots at the top right corner of the screen, tap on Settings -> Security from that list.

    Step 2: Download Data and Information from Instagram

    Now, you have to tap on from the panel, and a confirmation window will appear, tap on Download Data again. Instagram will email a copy of your data to you in about 48 hours. You need to download the data from there.

    Step 3: Copy followers and Following list

    Unzip the file you have downloaded. Open the Followers_Following option and open Followers.html and Following.html. Copy the data from both lists.

    Step 4: Open

    Open and paste the data copied from Followers.html in list A and Follwing.html in list B. Now click on Compare Lists. Once the results are generated, sort them from A to Z, and at the bottom of list B, you will get to know the accounts that have unfollowed you.

    For the detailed information about checking who unfollowed you on Instagram 2021, you can watch the video tutorial made by YouTuber Ben Leavitt below.

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