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How To Know If You Have Been Blocked On Whatsapp

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You Cannot Make Voice Calls To Your Contact

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp – 5 Simple Ways

This is one of the most reliable methods to know if I have been blocked on WhatsApp . If you cannot make a call to your contact number, the chances of being blocked are quite high.

Unless you have run out of coverage in a timely manner, it is quite difficult in full 2019 that a mobile phone cannot receive a call, so it is easy to check if you are blocked on WhatsApp in this way .

Try Calling The Person

If you are still having doubts, you can try and give them a call. If you have been blocked, your call will not go through in any way.

Look at your screen when you are calling them and see if it displays calling or ringing. The difference is that it displays ringing, your call went through and reached the person you are trying to contact. Otherwise, if it just displays calling, it means your call cant reach that certain contact.

Your Messages Only Show One Checkmark

WhatsApp uses checkmark symbols to track your messages. One checkmark symbol next to your message means it’s been sent, while two checkmarks mean that it’s been received.

When you message someone who’s blocked you, that second checkmark won’t ever show up. If you’re connected to the internet and your message still never gets delivered, there’s a good chance that you’re blocked.

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You Don’t See A Contact’s New Profile Picture

If someone blocks you and then changes their profile picture, you won’t see the new profile picture you’ll always see whatever the image was when you got blocked.

This means that there isn’t a definite way to tell if they’re updating their profile picture. But if you know this contact updated their picture often, and now they’ve suddenly stopped, that’s a sign that you’ve been blocked.

How To Know If You Have Been Blocked By Someone On Whatsapp

How to tell if you

A list of four indicators reveal if someone has blocked you

Have you ever wondered what happens when you block a person on WhatsApp or whether they could find out that they have been blocked by you?

Although you can’t be 100 percent sure that your number has been blocked on WhatsApp by another person, there a few ways to know whether your suspicions can be justified.

WhatsApp allows its users who want to stop receiving messages and notifications of texts from a specific person to block people in chats.

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How To Tell If You’ve Been Blocked On Whatsapp: You Can No Longer See Someones Profile Photo

One of the easiest ways to spot that your contact has blocked you is that you wont be able to see their profile photo anymore and in its place, there will be a generic user icon.

Of course, this might also mean that your contact has removed their photo or deleted their account, but if your friends can still see their profile photo and you cant, it could be a sign that the person has blocked you.

Check The Whatsapp Blue Ticks:

WhatsApps blue ticks are a method for revealing whether a message has received and read.

And the ticks are also a telltale clue revealing if you have been blocked.

One grey tick means the message has been sent, two grey ticks means the message has been received and two green ticks mean the message has been read.

Users who have been blocked on WhatsApp will only ever see one grey tick.

The is because, while a message may have been sent, WhatsApp will not deliver it to the contact.

Although on its own, this might mean that the user has lost their phone or cant connect to the Internet.

But in tandem with the first method, it also suggests you have probably been blocked.

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Try Adding The Contact To A New Group

As suggested by Leo Boss, another way is to create a group and try to add the contact you suspect might have blocked you. If you can’t add them to the group, it probably means you’ve been blocked.

As you can see, there’s no way to verify 100 percent that you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp, and that’s no accident. As specified on the official website of the world’s most used messaging app, the developers have decided to keep this ambiguous to protect our privacy when we block one of our contacts. To find out if you’ve been blacklisted, all you have to do is put together the clues and use a little bit of intuition.

Remember that if you have been blocked, all messages sent will never be delivered to the recipient, even if/when you are unlocked. At the same time, however, when you block a contact, it will not be removed from the WhatsApp contact list, it will remain there in case you change your mind.

How To Tell If Youve Been Blocked On Whatsapp With Key Signs

How to Know if You’re Blocked on WhatsApp
  • Sean Keach, Technology and Science Editor
  • 11:20, 8 Mar 2022

IF you’re worried that you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp, there are some clues to look out for.

WhatsApp won’t tell you outright if you’ve been blocked so you have to do a bit of sleuthing.

But remember: it’s easy to make mistakes, so don’t read too much into the signs.

First, it’s worth considering why you’ve been blocked.

If you’ve been harassing or abusing someone, you should stop trying to contact that person.

It might also be a hint that you’re just annoying on WhatsApp, so maybe try to clean up your act.

So how can you tell if you’ve been blocked?

WhatsApp says one of the big giveaways is that you can no longer see a contact’s last seen or online in the chat window.

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Can You Tell That The Person Is Online

While many people remove their “last seen” status, you can tell when a contact is online when you open their chat.

You’d have to keep the chat open to see if they come online or check multiple times. If you don’t see them online, you’ve likely been blocked.

Caveat: The reason for someone’s inactivity on WhatsApp could be because the person is no longer using the app, or they’ve been staying offline for another reason.

While Adding In Whatsapp Group

The next technique to find out the blocking activity on WhatsApp is that when you try to add the person in a WhatsApp group, you will get a pop-up message displaying you are not permitted to add them. This message confirms that you are blocked by that person for sure. It is an ultimate strategy to find whether you are blocked by a person or not. You can use this technique to quickly sort out the blocking activity on WhatsApp. It is an effective method to confirm that you are blocked by someone on your contact list.

  • How to See Deleted Status in WhatsApp?
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    Can You Call Them

    Phone calls on WhatsApp cannot be made to blocked contacts, though you will hear the ringing as if the call is going through. If you try calling the person and it goes unanswered, you may have been blocked. Someone who has blocked you via WhatsApp may have also blocked your phone number.

    Caveat: The person may be unable to answer your call, but you won’t be able to tell if they actually received your phone call or not.

    How To Check Whatsapp Last Seen If Blocked Or Hidden

    How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number On Whatsapp

    Technology is being playing all the time for human needs. Social media where gives us pleasure and easy access to our loved ones and we can have contact with others any time, there sometimes we get worried about some issues. For example if someone blocks us from his/her WhatsApp, we can no more be able to see his/her last seen.

    Any one can stop us to see their last seen on WhatsApp if they block us, put our contact number into their exception list, or hide his last seen or limited it to their specific contacts. It can also happen if you have turned off your last seen.

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    Check Last Seen Timestamp

    If someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, you won’t be able to see his last seen timestamp. Even though there is a setting that you can enable to permanently mask your time-seen from your complete contact list but if that happens, the other points will tell how on how to determine. However, normally, if you are blocked, you won’t be able to see the time stamp.

    Being Blocked By Someone

    • You can no longer see a contact’s last seen or online in the chat window. Learn more here.
    • You do not see updates to a contact’s profile photo.
    • Any messages sent to a contact who has blocked you will always show one check mark , and never show a second check mark .
    • Any calls you attempt to place will not go through.

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    Tips: How To Get Unblocked From Contacts Who Blocked You On Whatsapp

    We know what it is like being blocked on WhatsApp. It feels awful, as if someone doesn’t want anything from you anymore or that they are trying to avoid talking with you altogether. But don’t worry: we have a quick and easy way for unblocking yourself on all of these accounts at once.

    This is a simple trick that you can use to unblock yourself on WhatsApp. To do this, delete your account and uninstall the app completely before reinstalling it so when you get back your account, your number will get unblocked from all blocklists. This might seem like an odd solution for some people but if I am being honest then deleting your WhatsApp account is the only solution that helps you get unblocked from your favorite contacts.

    But remember you will lose all your chats after uninstalling the app so before deleting your account, create a backup to automatically restore your private information once you installed the app again.

    Are There Any Apps To Check The Whatsapp Block

    How to Find if Someone Blocked you on WhatsApp

    You might be curious to know if there is any straightforward app to check the Whatsapp block. Of course, if you search the Internet, you might find many of these, though it could not work exactly.

    They may not meet your needs in these cases, because they need your phone number and a code which is sent to your phone. So, it is better not to give them access, as it may lead to serious issues for you.

    The best way for you is to check through your phone, or someone elses phone. You can easily add them to a group, and see if you are blocked.


    In this article we were talking about Whatsapp, what it is blocking, and why does blocking happen and the main subject of this article was how we can know someone blocked us.

    What you read in the above article are good indicators that show you may have been blocked but you cannot be 100 % sure that you have been blocked. Try all the methods above and still if you doubt the result, it might be a good idea to talk with that person and make sure.

    I’m a writer on a mission to help businesses and brands find their voice, feel important and light up the world by delivering a real message.

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    You Cannot See Your Profile Picture

    Unless you have a friend who cares about your privacy to unsuspected levels, if you cant see the profile picture of a WhatsApp contact overnight, they may have blocked you . This hint is not enough to know if you have been blocked or not, since you may have decided to delete your image, that your mobile phone is not working as it should, or that you have a problem with WhatsApp to load images. In the latter case, it may be a good idea to download the latest version of WhatsApp available .

    However, it is the first step that must be taken to know if you have been blocked from WhatsApp , and you must take it into account, in addition to the following steps that we tell you below.

    Look At The Profile Picture

    This is one of the easiest ways to identify if you are blocked on WhatsApp, as the usually Display Photo or Profile Picture of WhatsApp will disappear or stop appearing when you try to look at it. The disappearance of the profile picture can only mean two things- either the person removed the profile picture completely, which is quite rare or, the person has blocked you.

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    Add The Contact To A Group

    Trying to add a person to a group can be a big indicator that you have been blocked. You can create a group and try adding them. WhatsApp will directly notify you if you cant add that person and one of the probable reasons that you cant is that you have been blocked.

    There is no way to really confirm if a person blocked you on WhatsApp. This is because the app and its developers have made it sure to its users to keep their privacy safe, especially when they blocked a person.

    If it really bothers you, you can always ask that friend or contact personally, or have your friends ask them if you have been blocked to get a clear, straight answer. You can even ask them why. But if there is no way to do that, you can simply use the ways mentioned above, put the puzzle pieces together and figure it out based on your intuition.

    Visibility Of Last Seen Status

    How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Whatsapp Messenger

    Step 1:

    Go to the chat page of the person whom you feel that your number might be blocked by them.

    Step 2:

    Check their last seen status and if it is not visible then there is a chance that he/she had blocked your number on WhatsApp.

    A similar situation happens if he/she had changed their privacy settings to hide the last seen factor on their WhatsApp account. Either chances are feasible in this method. This strategy does not ensure that the person had blocked your number still it serves as one of the techniques to check the possibility of blocking activity on WhatsApp.

    You can use this method initially to know whether your number is blocked or not on WhatsApp. You will not be able to see his/her online presence on WhatsApp if he/she had blocked your number.

    You can try out the listed techniques one by one and ensure that your number is blocked on WhatsApp by a person in your contact list.

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    Q: Is Blocking A Show Of Strength

    Blocking is a social media power move that everyone has been involved with, in one way or another, whether it comes to love and breakups. Though blocking ex-lovers has never been easier, it is not without its detractors.

    The article has provided a detailed study about How to Know if Someone Blocked Me on Whatsapp. I hope the article finds helpful for you.

    Do You Already Know If You Have Been Blocked From Whatsapp

    As you will see, you can discard the options until you find out what has happened with one contact or another. There are various ways to find out ifyou have been blocked from WhatsApp. If you have problems getting in touch with someone or you suspect that they may have cut off all avenues for you to write to them through this app, then find out with these methods.

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    What Does Being Blocked Mean

    Being blocked means that all of the communication sent between these two users is stopped. This halts notifications, messages, calls, and status updates between two contacts. It’s easy to block someone on WhatsApp, and unblocking them is just as easy, requiring just one tap.

    WhatsApp also attempts to protect the user who blocked another by making the act discreet so that it may go undetected. If you suspect you’ve been blocked, these are the ways you can try to confirm it.

    Note that it’s best to try a few of these, as a network error could be the cause of these issues in some cases.

    How To Tell Youve Been Blocked On Whatsapp

    How To Know If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp | Tech Insider

    Theres no way to be 100% sure, as WhatsApp doesnt officially notify users when theyre blocked, but there are a few things that could indicate that a contact has blocked you on WhatsApp, and putting all the clues together can give you a safe assumption after a while:

    • You cant see when that person was last seen or online .
    • You cant see profile photos or photo updates.
    • Messages show one check mark but not two .

    Of course, WhatsApp says that this isnt a hard-and-fast rule these indicators dont guarantee that youve been blocked. If someone is offline, for example, you may only see one checkmark next to messages for a period of time, and calls wont go through. And certain privacy settings can limit who sees your last seen status.

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    Check Whatsapp Last Seen Of Your Contact

    In general, when anyone blocks you in WhatsApp you will not be able to see his/her Last seen time.

    As you can see in the image below, WhatsApp Last Seen indicates the last time your Contact was active or online on WhatsApp. This can provide a clue, in case you find that your Contact is active on WhatsApp and still not responding to your Messages.

    So let us go ahead and try to take a look at WhatsApp Last Seen status of the Contact that you believe has blocked you on WhatsApp.

    1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android Phone.

    2. Next, tap on the Chats tab located at the bottom of the screen and top of the screen

    3. On the Chats Screen, tap on the Conversation of the Contact that you believe has blocked you on WhatsApp.

    4. On the Contacts Chat screen, the Last Seen Time will be available right under the Name of your Contact .

    This Contact of yours may have blocked you on WhatsApp, in case you are quite used to seeing the Last Seen Time for this Contact and now this information has suddenly gone missing.

    However, you need to be aware that WhatsApp provides an option to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen information. It is quite possible that this Person has decided to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen stamp due to privacy concerns.

    Note: You wont be able to see WhatsApp Last Seen status of others, in case you have disabled WhatsApp Last seen in your WhatsApp Account.

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