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How To Join Twitter Spaces

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Answer Public With Q& a Spaces

How To Join Twitter Spaces On Desktop (PC/MAC)

Twitter Spaces has opened the field for marketers and community managers to engage deeper with their audience.

Spaces audio-based interaction galvanizes a more personal connection which is not possible in a tweet of 280 characters. There is something about a human voice, Isnt it?

Doing Q& A sessions is one way to put the power of Twitter Spaces to better use. You can answer questions from customers about a new product or feature. Or, invite an expert within your industry to make things more interesting.

You can also deploy multiple social media promotion ideas on Twitter Spaces, such as contest giveaways, account crossovers, community catchup for discussing live events.

The world of audio conversation is here, and every social media platform is taking note of it.

With new features like ticketed Space, Co-hosting, and improved caption experience in the pipeline Twitter is already hell-bent on becoming the king of live audio platforms.

Its time you enter the conversation to leverage the raw, unfiltered, and real-time engagement that Twitter audio Spaces can offer to your brand.

Now that you know the step-by-step process to create a Space, go create one. Invite people. Talk industry knowledge with them, ask them for feedback, give them value, and most of all, create a loyal community.

Hold up!

How To Pin A Tweet In A Twitter Space

You can pin content in the form of tweets inside Twitter Spaces to the top of the live Space. Pinning a tweet in a Twitter Space allows you to highlight content for other speakers and listeners within the Space.

If more than one tweet is pinned to the top of a Twitter Space, participants of the Space can see all the tweets by swiping to the left and right.

Since anyone can’t be a host or speaker of Twitter Spaces in a web browser, they must be using a Twitter app on mobile devices to pin a tweet in Twitter Space.

Only the Twitter Space’s host, co-host, or speaker can pin a tweet within a Twitter Space. You should request permission to speak first if you want to share a tweet.

Tap Request at the bottom left of the Twitter Space window. After the host approves your request, you will see the icon change to mic is off. Now you can pin a tweet.

Step 1: Tap anywhere in the Twitter app outside the Twitter Space window.Step 2: The Twitter Space will minimize at the bottom of the screen.Step 3: Find the tweet you wish to pin.Step 4: Tap the tweet’s Share icon .Step 5: Tap the name of the Twitter Space you want to pin it to in the pop-up window.

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Different Methods To Record Twitter Spaces

Ever since the rise of audio rooms like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and the audio chat spaces on LinkedIn, people are able to connect with their favorite speakers on social media and interact with them through voice

There are three ways to record twitter spaces audio on both desktop and mobile:

  • Opting to record Twitter Spaces while setting it up
  • Exporting spaces audio through your Twitter data
  • Using a screen recording tool to record spaces

Important note:

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What Is A Twitter Space

Twitter Spaces is a Clubhouse-like feature that lets you create or join live audio rooms on the platform. Since the feature is integrated directly into Twitter, creators dont have to go through the hassle of building a new audience or following to engage with their Twitter followers.

Twitter Spaces is currently available on Android, iOS, and the web. However, the discoverability of active Spaces via the dedicated Spaces tab is limited to the mobile apps for now. You can schedule your Twitter Spaces and even record the Space session.

Twitter Spaces are public by default. As a result, anyone on Twitter can join your Space. You can, however, turn off the microphone and only allow others to join as listeners or keep the option open for them to decide. Although accounts with protected tweets cant host a Space, they can join Spaces hosted by others. You cant access a Space session once it ends. However, Twitter will retain copies of audio and captions for 30 days.

According to Twitter, a total of 11 people, including the host, can speak simultaneously in a Space. Plus, there is no limit on the number of listeners, and you can have hundreds or thousands of your followers join in at the same time. Your followers will see an active Space session at the top of the timeline in the now-deadFleets section.

Start A Twitter Space Session

How to Join Twitter Spaces

1. To start a Twitter Space, tap on the + floating button at the bottom right and choose Spaces from the available options.

2. Twitter will now urge you to name the Space and set a topic for it. Tap Add Topics and you can pick up to 3 topics to help others discover your Space. You can also choose to record the Space so others can tune in later.

3. After choosing the topic and your session recording preferences, set a name for your Space and tap the Start your Space button to start the Space.

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A Great Avenue To Build Community

Twitter Spaces may be the most casual way to connect with your audience on Twitter.

Doing a live video requires you to arrange for a proper background, lighting, better camera equipment, and decent clothes, whereas you can host or join the Twitter Spaces chat rooms even while folding your laundry.

This casual feeling makes Spaces less intimidated and an excellent platform for marketers to host authentic conversations and build meaningful relationships with the audience.

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Twitter Is Allowing People To Listen To Spaces Using A Direct Link

Twitter has launched a feature that makes it possible for you to tune in to Spaces without an account by allowing users to share direct links to theirs.

All the host has to do is just share direct links to their Spaces with you, and you can then tune in to their audio discussions. The only downside is that you wont be able to participate in the discussions you can only listen.

As popular as Twitter is, the truth is that it isn’t for everyone. However, while you may not be a fan of it, you might want to catch up on conversations happening on the platform at any given time to avoid missing out on interesting or relevant conversations.

This is just one of several features launched by Twitter in the last quarter of 2021. Twitter also launched a tabbed view of your feed to make it easier to switch between the top and latest tweets and added a new in-profile search button to help you search through someone’s tweets.

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How To Invite And Add A Co

Whether youre hosting a large event that covers complex topics or youre planning a co-branded event, its helpful to have a co-host for your Space. Co-hosts can help you run the live stream by approving speakers and sharing Tweetsbut they cant invite other co-hosts or shut off the live stream.

To invite a co-host, open the list of guests in your Space. Tap Invite co-hosts and search for the user you want to add. Then tap the Send co-host invite button. You can add up to two co-hosts, and they must be in the Space before you have the option to invite them.

If you want to remove a co-host before the live stream ends, go back to the guest list. Tap Remove co-host next to the user you want to remove.

Who Can Speak In Twitter Spaces

How to Join Twitter Spaces on the Desktop

As a default, only people you invite to speak in the Space can speak.

You can change this default in settings though.

Follow these steps to modify speaker permissions:

  • Tap the speaker icon

  • Press adjust settings to view permission options

  • Select the option of your choice. The options include: Everyone, People you follow, and the default, Only people you invite to speak.

  • Once your Space has started, you can easily send requests for listeners to become speakers or co-hosts.

    Either tap on the group icon or on an individual listeners profile picture.

    Additionally, listeners can also request to speak and hosts can either choose to allow or deny.

    As of now, a maximum of 13 speakers are allowed at one time.

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    How To Schedule A Twitter Space

    After giving your Space a name, you can tap the Start your Space button to begin hosting immediately. But going live without notice may result in few listeners. To attract a bigger audience, its a good idea to schedule your space in advance.

    To schedule your upcoming Space, tap the calendar icon and select the date and time when you plan to start. As of July 2022, you can schedule Spaces up to two weeks in advance, and you can schedule one Space at a time. When its time to go live, youll get a push notification to start your Space.

    Once youve scheduled a Space, you can review the settings by tapping the microphone icon in the Twitter app.

    From here, you can tap Edit to make changes to your event. You can change the name, adjust the recording settings, or schedule a new time or date. If necessary, you can also tap Cancel this Space to remove the event from your calendar.

    How To Share A Tweet Within Your Space

    Once there are listeners in your Space, you can help guide the conversation and give context to a topic by sharing a Tweet within your Space.

    To share a Tweet, minimize the Space interface, find the Tweet you want to include, tap the share icon, and select Your Space.

    Remember, the Space will remain active while you do this.

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    Organize Contests With Your Audience

    Twitter Spaces can be an excellent ally if your brand is launching a product or service. In fact, this feature allows you to play games with your followers, just like a talk show.

    This way, you can organize exciting giveaways with your followers and promote your product to those interested who have been attracted to your Twitter Space.

    Invite People To Join

    How to Create, Join, and Use Twitter Spaces in 2021 (Guide)

    You should announce your event if you want others to join. The most obvious method is to tweet it on the platform and include the relevant details .

    You may also generate a link and share it. Just copy-paste it on any platform of your choice or send it via DM.Once everybody is in, you can follow them thanks to the Guests section. This is where you can see all your speakers and listeners and take any needed action .

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    What Are Ticketed Twitter Spaces

    If youre a creator who often hosts Twitter Spaces, are a way for you to generate revenue from them!

    Say hello to monetizing your brand on the platform.

    we know it’s important for people on Spaces to monetize through their content, and have more intimacy with their growing community. that’s why you can now apply to get Ticketed Spaces & Super Follow directly from your profile

    How To Record Twitter Spaces As A Host:

    With Twitters latest update, the host can opt in for the auto-scheduling option while setting up spaces. Currently, you can set up Twitter Spaces only on Android and iOS apps and not on the web application.

    However, anybodyother than your guest/speaker can join and listen to your Spaces from the web application.

    To set up the Twitter Spaces, you need to click on the + icon on your Android or iOS application:

    You can either create a Space or schedule it and tweet about it. Either way, you can opt in to record the Twitter Spaces and share the recording as a tweet later.

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    Getting Started With Twitter Spaces

    When Twitter Spaces first rolled out, it was open only to users with 600 followers or more. However, now anyone can host a Space on Twitter. A Space allows up to two people to become co-hosts, and lets users add up to 13 speakers including the host and co-hosts. Anyone on Twitter can be invited to be a speaker, but they don’t need to accept, of course. Similarly, anyone can enter Spaces as a listener, including those who don’t follow the speakers, apart from accounts the host has blocked. The host can mute speakers, change who the speakers are, and accept or reject requests to speak.

    Once in a Space, users can minimize the window and continue navigating around Twitter while listening, and this feature is available on both the desktop and apps. It’s also possible to view the profile of other users in the Space and follow them. Twitter Spaces represents one of a host of new features has added or is working on as it seeks to expand the functionality and appeal of its platform.

    How Can I Listen And Take Part

    Twitter Spaces: How to Create, Join, and Use Twitters Clubhouse Rival Service

    Its dead simple – all you need to do is click set a reminder on the link below or, if you cant be arsed to do that, just head over to the Roker Report twitter page at 8pm and click on the Spaces link there. Easy peasy.

    The beauty of Twitter Spaces is that you can take part too – its not just for RR folk!

    All you have to do if you want to jump in and have your say is press Request to Speak once the show is live, and well bring you in to have your day.

    So – grab a cuppa or a beer, stick Sky Sports News on mute, and tune in to us instead.

    See you tonight at 8!

    : ! Join the Roker Report crew from 8pm til close of play as we chat all things #SAFC, transfers and more!Hopefully well react live to a signing/departure or two

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    How To Find Spaces On Twitter

    Discoverability is still a work in progress for Spaces. Per screenshots found by @wongmjane, Twitter is planning to create a dedicated tab within the app for Spaces, where youll likely be able to search and discover Spaces. For now, you can type within the mobile app search bar to find Spaces.

    Twitter is working on a dedicated page/tab for

    Jane Manchun Wong

    How To Find Or Access Twitter Spaces

    Sushan May 6, 2021

    If you werent living in a cave over the last half a year, you must be familiar with the hype surrounding the audio-only social networking sites. Clubhouse, which happens to be an invite-only, iOS-exclusive app, was the first to go mainstream, to introduce the netizens to this exciting, new venture. After seeing it gain momentum, others have joined the race and are trying to steal the limelight from Clubhouse.

    One of the most popular social networking sites, Twitter, has also thrown its hat in the ring, introducing its very own audio-only hangout area called Spaces. Today, well take a look at finding Spaces on Twitter and tell you all about the conditions you must keep in mind while hunting for one.

  • Finding Spaces from accounts with protected Tweets
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    What Are Ticketed Spaces

    Ticketed Spaces arent available on Twitter yet, but Twitter plans to introduce this feature soon. They refer to a rewarding system intended for Twitter Space hosts. Namely, hosts will be able to sell tickets for their Twitter Spaces. Most of the income from the tickets will go to the hosts, but Twitter will receive a small portion of the revenue as well.

    Not only will Space hosts sell tickets, but they will also be able to determine the price of the tickets, as well as the number of available tickets. However, not every host will be eligible to be a Ticketed Spaces host. Whats more, only a small number of successful and prominent hosts will be able to host Ticketed Spaces.

    Users Can Join Groups As A Listener

    Wanna join a Twitter Space? You don

    Social Media Week Europe gives you exclusive access to live discussions with social media and digital marketing experts in London, 78 Nov. Save 20% on your pass today .

    Twitter users on mobile can now listen to via a tab that has been added to the Twitter applications navigation menu. Our guide will show you how to browse Twitter Spaces in the Twitter mobile app.

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    How To Listen To Spaces Without An Account

    To listen to a Twitter Space discussion without a Twitter account, the hostwho has to be a Twitter userwill have to start a Space, create a recording of it, then tap the toggle on Record Space prior to launching a new Space.


    At this point, all participants will see a recording icon appear when they enter the Space, which lets them know that the Space is being recorded.

    When the Space ends, hosts will have access to the full recording of the Space for 30 days after it broadcasts, during which they can share or Tweet the link. Listeners can choose to share the recorded Space with loved ones or with those on their social media platforms.

    How To Join Twitter Spaces

    When Spaces first launched, users needed to be logged into a Twitter account to use the feature. While this is no longer a necessity now that users can share Spaces via links, youll still have a much easier time finding a Space to join when logged in as Twitter highlights the Spaces your friends have joined in your feed.

    Heres how to join a Twitter Space on iOS or Android

    What youll need:

    • An iOS or Android device with the Twitter app installed
    • You can also use a PC to join, but you wont be able to create your own Spaces this way

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