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How To Join Facebook Live

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How to join a Facebook Live Session

IDES Lab is a purpose-driven enterprise, to create a platform for innovators, entrepreneurs, and ambitious engineers in Singapore to combat Climate Change through Innovation Driven Enterprise, IDE. This IDE incubator has been established solely to help all innovators make the world a better place.

All revenues generated by the Lab will be put back into improving the Lab for the IDEs. They will not require IDEs to give up any equity. IDEs own their ideas.

In addition to providing workspace and equipment, a group of mentors will be on hand to help bring new innovations to market, local and international, faster and more effectively. They see the challenges the world faces that the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals seek to address for “a better and more sustainable future for all by 2030”.

IDES Labs mission is to support people to create innovations which will help us achieve these Goals.

Date: 15 Sep 2021 Time: 8.00pm – 8.30pm

Tracey Baker Zuzu Fashion Boutique

Tracey grew up in Barrie. She graduated from Johnson Street Public School and Eastview Secondary School. Heading to steeltown to complete a BSC in Biology, Tracey then started her career in business.

Over the next mumble years, she completed a Post-Grad certificate from Humber College in Marketing Management and then an MBA from Wilfred Laurier University. Thats the formal smarts.

During her career, Tracey successfully specialized in Business Development, helping others build their book of business first in consumer products, then professional services . From there she moved to a small boutique focused on supporting professional women in business and ultimately to the NFP sector with two different associations.

Tracey is convinced that ALL of her experiences, both personal and professional, ultimately led her to the opportunity that came along in February of 2015. It was the scariest thing she had ever committed to shes never worked harder for less money and what can be said about that COVID thing???

And here we are today!

I cant image being anywhere else!

Kelly Letourneau Kelly Letourneau Media

Working with Barrie businesses owners, Kelly creates impactful and successful advertising and promotional campaigns to help grow their business and achieve their business goals. With a passion to see her community thrive, Kelly is dedicated to her clients success and brings innovation and creativity as a Marketing Consultant for Kelly Letourneau Media.

Kelly uses social media and digital platforms to boost her message and connect directly with businesses and clients. Kelly is an advocate for equality, autism parent and proud service spouse.

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