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How To Invite Your Connections To Linkedin Company Page

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How to Invite Connections to Follow Your LinkedIn Company Page

Taking the time to invite people to follow your page is important. It is far better to maximise the number of followers you have than ignore it altogether and with LinkedIns easy-to-use feature, investing 10 minutes a day inviting people from your network to follow your page is worthwhile.

Its important though to first consider the content you are going to share on your page and begin sharing regularly. As you send invitations, your prospects will be reminded of your business and will check out your page. So make sure you have posted recently before beginning.

Linked Helper 2 Knowledge Base Is Available Here Https: //linkedhelperzendeskcom/hc/en

Since recently, it has become possible to invite your 1st connections to follow your Company Page in LinkedIn:

In response to the new development, Linked Helper offers you a way to automate this process with its new Company Inviter feature.

You will find it under the 1st level features in the main menu of Linked Helper.

  • Create a new list
  • 2. Click Collect contacts and choose the source: My Connections Page or LinkedIn Search Page:

    3. Proceed to the Invite tab, where you may adjust the default settings:

    • Invite per period: 50
    • Hours between periods: 24
    • Bunch size: 10

    4. Open your Company Page and click Start Inviting to current company. Linked Helper will fill in contact names until it gets a bunch of 10 and clicks Send invitations:

    The person youve invited will see this:

    And the connections whom you invited will land in the Invited sub-list in View Collected menu:

    Write me your questions & ideas :

    Check our web-site :

    Linkedin Invitations: All Of Your Questions Answered

    • Last revised onDecember 25, 2021

    If youre like most professionals these days, you have a LinkedIn account. While it used to be primarily a job hunting site on steroids, these days LinkedIn is an important place to see and be seen. In addition, many sales professionals use LinkedIn to find, and reach out to, decisionmakers. To accomplish these goals, though, you need to grow your network. This means sending out, and receiving, LinkedIn invitations.

    Since LinkedIn invitations, and thus the connections that result from them, are the heart of what makes LinkedIn the worlds largest social network for professionals, understanding the potential for and potentially dangers of sending a LinkedIn invitation.

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    Choose Contacts You Wish To Invite

    You will now be presented of a list of all of your contacts who do not currently follow your page. Select each person you would like to invite wed recommend setting yourself a little reminder each morning to invite another 100 for quicker results).

    The search bar at the top also enables you to search for specific people helpful if you have a large number of connections and you want to invite a specific handful.

    They will each receive a notification informing them that you have invited them to follow your page. If they accept, theyll become a follower!

    Adding Followers To Your Linkedin Company Page Just Got Easier

    How to Invite Connections to Follow Your LinkedIn Company ...

    Want more followers on your LinkedIn company page?

    Of course, you do. Well, LinkedIn just added a new feature that should help you increase your followers each and every month, and it’s super simple.

    You can now invite up to 100 of your personal connections to follow your company page each month, and all you have to do is check the box next to each person’s name.

    More good news: For every person you’ve invited who decides to follow your page during the month you invited them, you receive a credit you can use to invite someone else in the current month.

    These invitations show up in your connections’ open invitations list, right along with their new invitations to connect. Therefore, there’s a high probability that your notification will be seen, and that’s a good thing.

    To get started, click the down arrow next to Admin tools on the top right of your company’s home page. Please note that you need to be viewing this page in Admin mode and not Member mode in order to see the Admin tools arrow. Once you select Invite connections, you can check off up to 100 of your connections and invite them to follow your company page.

    By the way, I will be sharing many other important company page changes and strategies at my virtual workshop . The workshop will be on Monday, September 21, noon-2pm CT. And no worries if you’re busy, because all registrants will receive a recording of the session.

    Here are eight other ways to get more company page followers:

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    Use The Linkedin Teammates Feature To Connect To Employees On Linkedin

    To add an employee as your teammate, click the My Network tab at the top of your LinkedIn home page. Then click Teammates on the left side of the page.

    On the next page, select your company.

    Then click on the plus sign and start typing your colleagues name into the box. You need to be connected with them to add them as a teammate. If youre not already connected, youll see a Connect option that will allow you to send that person an invitation to connect.

    After you add someone as a teammate, theyll have to accept this request. Once they do, click on the three little dots next to their name to manage notifications from that person.

    Choose which level of notification you want to receive. Your options are All Updates, Highlights, or Only Updates Related to You .

    Write A Compelling About Us Section And Include Relevant Keywords

    Carefully-selected images will hook a prospect, but it takes words to reel them in.

    A well-optimized About us section on your company page is a tightly worded paragraph telling visitors everything they need to know about your company. Use simple, accessible language informed by keyword research to outline your business goals in words anyone will understand.

    Like your other social profiles, the About us on your Company Page should answer six basic questions :

    • Who are you?
    • What is your brand voice?
    • How can people contact you to learn more?

    To see an About us done right, look at Shopify. Their bio accurately describes the scope of their main product without ever slipping into yawn-inducing wordiness.

    My favorite part is how they snuck in Being awesome as one of their specialties. This is how you have fun with LinkedIn while keeping things professional.

    Remember, LinkedIn is a professional space, and like every social media platform, it has its own set of unwritten rules. Dont be the company sharing memes from five years ago in an effort to market to Generation Z.

    Tailoring your content to a business-minded audience doesnt mean it has to be boring just read the room, and plan accordingly.

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    Share Engaging Content With Your Followers

    Like any social network, you cant expect to simply create your account and be finished. Building your LinkedIn Page is only half the battle you must also consistently post content to successfully engage, inform, and market to your audience.

    Consider posting updates to your products and services, job openings, trends or news that involve your brand, and behind-the-scenes content featuring employee life, product development, or other unique content.

    LinkedIn also provides a handy Content Suggestions tool to help you discover topics and content your audience is already engaging with on the network. Tap Content Suggestions along the top menu of your Page, and update the filters as they apply to your audience.

    Tap View content suggestions, and youll see a content stream based on your chosen topic and audience parameters. You can edit the filters further in the left menu, and you can add or take away content topics along the top. This tool shows you the engagement rates of popular or trending content and makes it easy to share this content with your audience.

    As always, dont forget to engage with your audience, too. Like, comment on, and share things posted by your followers and connections. This will remind them there are humans behind your brands LinkedIn Company Page.

    How To Withdraw A Linkedin Invitation

    Linkedin Company Page – How To Invite Connections To Follow Your Page

    If you read the above and are freaked out that you might have invited a lot of irrelevant people that might respond with an IDK, you might want to withdraw your invite. Also, it is thought that your account might face some restrictions if you have a ton of invites that no one has responded to. For this reason, there might come a time when you want to withdraw a LinkedIn invitation. Heres how to go about doing so:

  • Go to My Network
  • Assuming you have responded to all of your invite requests, it will say No pending invitations at the top and then to the right of this, it will say Manage. Click on that.
  • Youll then see a screen that says, Manage Invitations and youll see the default Received tab. Click on the Sent tab instead.
  • From there you will see a list of all of your invites that have yet to respond, with a note as to how long ago you invited them. Theres also a Withdraw button to the right of each profile name. Clicking that button will withdraw your invitation.
  • Note that you cant withdraw your invite in bulk, only one by one. For that reason, its always a smart idea to not send a LinkedIn invitation unless you think theres a decent chance the person will accept.

    Also note that if you withdraw an invitation, you wont be able to resend to that same person for up to 3 weeks. For that reason, make sure youre certain that the withdrawal is appropriate. Your time is too valuable to withdraw and have to wait.

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    Before clicking on Post, write about why youre sharing this content with your followers. Tag the employee in your post . This will alert the employee and reach more of the people within their professional network.

    If you have employees who are creating content outside of LinkedIn, you can also share that content on your page. Ask your team to let you know when theyve been involved in content creation, such as a guest blog post theyve written or an appearance on a podcast.

    To share an external blog post, post the link to the blog on your page update. Remove the URL link once the preview appears.

    In your post, make sure you mention the employee and tag them. Also include the name of the external site where the initial content appeared. Your employee will then be notified of your share and the content will get visibility from the employees .

    Ask Employees To Host Or Co

    Use the feature to host webinars, panels, and interviews with employees to discuss topics associated with your company.

    If your company page has access to LinkedIn Live, you can stream video to the event. If you dont have LinkedIn Live, direct your audience to sign up for an external link.

    To create a LinkedIn event, go to your company page and scroll down to Events in the right-hand column. Click the plus button to create your event and then fill in the relevant details.

    To invite an employee to participate in the event, add them as a speaker. Youre only able to add first-level connections as speakers to an event so its important to encourage employees to connect as 1st-degree connections via their personal profiles.

    Once youve set up the event, invite employees to attend. Theyll be able to suggest it to their own network after they accept the invitation. As the organizer of the event, you can also invite your connections to attend.

    To get more engagement on events, encourage employees to start conversations inside the event. When you list an employee as a speaker, theyll be highlighted in the event. Attendees can then ask a question by tagging speakers or other attendees.

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    What Do You Need To Know

    Heres what you need to know before using the latest feature.

    What is LinkedIn Invite Connections?

    LinkedIn invite connections is a feature that allows you to invite your connections to follow a company page youre an admin of. Its much easier to gain followers this way rather than simply growing a page organically and hoping they follow after seeing your content.

    Where can I find the invite connections feature?

    You can invite connections via the admin tools dropdown or a sidebar widget that will appear to the right of your company page feed.

    How to use LinkedIn invite connections?

    Simply go to the admin tools, click invite connections and begin manually selecting the connections you want to invite to follow your company page. If you have fewer than 500 connections youll be able to select all your connections to invite at once.

    Who can use the invite connections feature?

    This feature is only available to company page admins. If youre not an admin of that page, you wont be able to invite connections to follow it.

    How To Manage Your Company Page On Linkedin

    How to Invite Connections to Follow Your LinkedIn Company ...

    Once you create your LinkedIn Company Page, your work is done … right? Nope. Honestly, creating the Page is the easiest part. Managing and posting on the page is what takes more time, work, and creativity.

    As we’ll talk about below, the first thing to do is determine your Page admin. This person will be responsible for creating the content posted on your Page.

    Work with your team to plan much of your LinkedIn content upfront. Gather ideas from your other social media accounts, or chat with your leadership, product, and HR teams to get ideas for company, product, and job updates to share.

    Encourage your coworkers to create LinkedIn accounts of their own, as their engagement and participation can help drive traffic to your Page.

    Lastly, keep an eye on the LinkedIn Company Page analytics. See who’s visiting and engaging with your Page and what kind of content they prefer. Over time, this will help you determine where to best spend your creative energy.

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    How To Invite Connections To Follow Your Linkedin Company Page

    You have probably gotten a few emails by now inviting you to follow a companys LinkedIn page. It is a new feature that LinkedIn released recently. Today were going to teach you how to invite people to follow your LinkedIn company page! Its a quick three-step process that only takes a few minutes and can get more exposure for your content on LinkedIn. Watch this video or follow the steps below to learn more!

    STEP 1: Once youre logged into LinkedIn, navigate to your company page by clicking on your profile photo and selecting your company page from the drop-down menu.

    STEP 2: In the top right, click the dropdown for Admin tools, then select Invite connections.

    STEP 3: Once in the pop-up window, select everyone you want to invite to like your page. Then click the Invite button to send your invitation.

    There you have it! Your connections will receive an invite that looks like this:

    Find Relevant Content To Share From Employees Using The Linkedin Teammates Feature

    If youre a small- to medium-sized business, the Teammates feature is one way to for the purpose of finding content to share to your company page.

    If youre the company page admin, add your colleagues under the Teammates tab and then choose the notification setting to receive all updates. Any posts from these members will then show up in your feed and youll be notified anytime theyve posted on LinkedIn. From here, you can choose relevant posts to share to your company page.

    Of course, youll want to discuss this content strategy with employees before you start sharing their content.

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    Fill Out Your Company Details

    Next, fill out the details of your business. Only some of the details are required, but I recommend fully completing this step .

    Lets walk through the form fields.

  • Name: Enter your entire company name to improve discoverability and searchability.
  • LinkedIn public URL: As you fill out your Name, LinkedIn will automatically input your URL to match. Ideally, your URL will be your company name this keeps your online identities consistent. For example, HubSpots LinkedIn Page URL is . If your company name isnt available, choose a URL thats similar and still identifiable, such as one of your social media handles and/or a shortened version of your brand name.
  • Website: Enter your companys website. Although not required, this information is critical as it connects LinkedIn followers to your company website.
  • Industry: Choose this from the drop-down menu. This information helps LinkedIn categorize your company for Page visitors.
  • Company size: Choose your company size from the ranges provided.
  • Company type: Choose your company type from the options provided.
  • Logo: Upload a high-quality logo that matches the logo on your other social media accounts. This is important so new followers can recognize your brand and Page. It must be 300 x 300px.
  • Tagline: In 120 characters, briefly describe what your company does. Consider using the same tagline from your other social media accounts. You can change this information later.
  • The Big Issue Is Spam

    How to invite LinkedIn connections to follow your company page in 2021 | LinkedIn Marketing Tips

    LinkedIn have removed the invite connections feature twice now, largely due to complaints from people that were being inundated with invites. Mostly irrelevant ones.

    Most of us are connected to lots of people on LinkedIn. Not all of these people will be from the same sphere though and so it isnt necessary to invite everyone to like a page.

    Yet this is what people were doing previously.

    And this is where the problems stemmed from.

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