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How To Install Whatsapp On Apple Watch

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How To Use Whatsapp On An Apple Watch

how to install whatsapp on apple watch

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app globally, but for some reason, its owners Facebook have not seen a need to make a WhatsApp app for Apple Watch. But that doesnt mean you cant use WhatsApp on your Apple Watch. Heres a rundown on setting things up, and what you can do and cant do with WhatsApp on Apple Watch.

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To get limited WhatsApp functionality on an Apple Watch, connect your Watch to your phone using Bluetooth. Then toggle on WhatsApp notifications in both iOS settings and the Watch app. You can now reply to text messages using voice dictation.


Can You Send Whatsapp Messages Via Your Apple Watch

In a nutshell, yes and no. You wont be able to start a new message, send a voice message, dictate a message, or type out entire responses.

However, you can respond to messages you receive by selecting from a range of preset options such as Hello,OK, or On my way.

You can also use speech recognition to record a personalized response and send it directly to the recipient.

Heres how to reply to a WhatsApp message from your Watch.

  • Navigate to the Apple Watchs received WhatsApp message notification.
  • Select Reply.
  • Scroll down and select one of the customizable responses.
  • If you want to record your own response, you can use the microphone to do so.
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    How To Get Whatsapp On Ipad

    WhatsApp is an incredibly popular iPhone app, connecting more than a billion active members around the world every day. It lets you send messages to friends, or groups of friends, over Wi-Fi or 4G/5G and make savings on your phone bill.

    The sad thing is that WhatsApp is only available for iPhone. There isnt a version of the app for the iPad .

    But dont despair. In this tutorial, we show you how to use WhatsApp on the iPad using WhatsApp Web. This service connects to the WhatsApp account on your iPhone and forwards the messages on to your iPad, allowing you to send and receive messages, pictures and videos. Its not quite native WhatsApp on the iPad, but its the next best thing.

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    Fazit: Etwas Beschrnkt Aber Praktisch

    Auch wenn es den Messenger WhatsApp für die Apple Watch nicht in einer eigens konzipierten Version gibt, lässt sich die Anwendung dennoch mit der smarten Uhr nutzen. Zwar funktioniert sie dabei nicht im gewohnt umfangreichen Maße, für das schnelle Beantworten eingegangener Nachrichten reicht es aber allemal.

    Section 1 Of : Is There A Whatsapp App For My Apple Watch

    How to install WhatsApp on Apple Watch, Easy Step by Step for Apple ...
  • 1There’s no official Apple Watch WhatsApp app available. However, you can receive WhatsApp notifications and even respond to new messages from your Apple Watch if you mirror the alerts from your iPhone.
  • 2Functionality may change. Meta owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp and has said that it plans to integrate all the chats together, so any efforts to make an official WhatsApp app for Apple Watch have probably been put aside.
  • Since WhatsApp may be integrating with the other social media networking platforms, any third-party apps that claim to make WhatsApp work on Apple Watch may become useless.
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    Section 3 Of : Getting Whatsapp Notifications On Apple Watch

  • 1Tap the message notification to read it. You should see the notification on your Watch face after you’ve set up notifications on your Apple Watch.
  • You can only access new messages this way, not older messages.
  • Images and videos will appear blurry so you’ll need to access your phone to view them.
  • You’re also unable to listen to voice messages from your wrist.
  • 2Tap Reply. If you don’t want to reply, you can tap Dismiss instead and the message will disappear from your screen. The message will be marked as read in WhatsApp and you’ll no longer be able to view it on your Apple Watch.
  • Reply using one of three options:
  • Use a suggestion. These are pre-constructed responses that you can send back to the messenger.
  • Write on your Watch face to convert your words to text. Your Watch may not be able to understand what you scribbled, so beware!
  • Tap the microphone icon to record a custom response.
  • What Is The Best Whatsapp App For Apple Watch

    The best WhatsApp app for your Apple Watch is ChatApp+ it enables you to send and receive messages and chats, play voice messages, and view pictures and video in HD. Since you cannot download the WhatsApp app directly to your Apple Watch, having an app that allows you to have a wide range of options similar to the WhatsApp app on your iPhone, will give you the best overall messaging experience.

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    How To Read And Reply Whatsapp Messages From Apple Watch

    • To read the WhatsApp message: Open the WatchChat 2 app and tap on a chat. Use the Digital Crown or touch to scroll.
    • To reply: You have multiple options. Tap on the keyboard icon in left to open a T9 style keyboard. Tap on the curved arrow icon in the right to send a few quick replies. You may also use the voice dictation, scribble, or emojis. The three dots icon in the middle opens a small QWERTY keyboard. You can use these to reply.
    • Listen to Voice Messages: When you receive voice messages on WhatsApp, you may listen to it and even reply right from the Apple Watch. To hear the audio message, tap on .
    • To Send Voice Clip: Tap on the microphone icon from the bottom, record your voice message, and tap the green send icon.

    How To Use Whatsapp On Apple Watch With Watchchat 2

    WhatsApp on Apple Watch (Free!!)

    1. Download WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp on your Apple Watch. It costs $2.99

    You can use the App Store on the Apple Watch itself. Or, open the Watch app on your paired iPhone Tap on App Store Discover Watch Apps on iPhone Tap on Search tab type WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp.

    2. By default, this app will start showing on your Apple Watch. If not, inside the Watch app on iPhone tap on My Watch tab from bottom left, scroll down to INSTALLED ON APPLE WATCH, tap on WatchChat and turn ON the toggle for Show App on Apple Watch.

    3. Open WatchChat 2: for WhatsApp on your Apple Watch. You will see a QR code for the first time.

    4. Open WhatsApp on iPhone tap Settings WhatsApp Web/Desktop. The camera will automatically launch.

    Note: If you have used WhatsApp Web elsewhere, you will have to tap on Scan QR Code.

    5. Scan the QR code shown on the Apple Watch .

    Important Note: It might show an error on your WhatsApp screen on iPhone. Do not worry. Go back and try again.

    Thats it. Your chats will be shown on Apple Watch. Feel free to explore the app.

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    How Can I Manipulate Whatsapp From Apple Watch

    When you receive notifications on your smart watch, you must display a downward arrow so that you can read the messages and then reply to them. This app automatically gives you the option to «answer». You should be aware that there are two ways to reply to messages through Apple Watch.

    The first option you will have is through a voice note and the second by means of a emoji. Since it is a watch, it does not have an integrated keyboard to send written messages.

    This application also has default messagesIts like: «hi how are you?» or similar texts, which are an additional option of Apple Watch. But if you want an original text, you already know that you have to send it by means of a voice note.

    Also, you can open Apple Watch from your device go where it says «my watch» and then to the option «general» so you can turn on «automatic installations».

    This option allows you to update any of the applications on your smart watch each time. These are done automatically, as long as you are connected to an internet network.

    Finally, we hope this article has helped you. We would like to know your opinion Have you been able to install WhatsApp on Apple Watch successfully?Do you know of another method to perform this procedure? Let us know in the comments.

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    Disconnect Other Bluetooth Devices

    One of the most common culprits for Apple Watch Siri problems is the presence of Bluetooth devices connected to your Apple Watch or iPhone, which can cause some problems with Siri.

    Essentially, if you have a Bluetooth headset or a Bluetooth speaker connected to your iPhone, sometimes you cant use Siri because it doesnt work.

    This is certainly a bug and one that Apple hopes to fix sooner or later, but for now, if you rely heavily on Siri on your Apple Watch, it may be best to disable other Bluetooth devices.

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    How To Receive Whatsapp Notifications On Your Apple Watch

    The Apple Watch can receive WhatsApp notifications and respond to them. However, in order for notifications to be mirrored to your phone, you must first enable them.

    Heres how to do it.

    1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

    2. Select Notifications from the My Watch tab.

    Image source:

    3. Scroll down to WhatsApp and turn the switch green.

    Image source:

    How To Automatically Update Apps On Apple Watch

    How To Use WhatsApp on Apple Watch (2020)
  • From the Apple Watch Home Screen, tap on the Settings app
  • Tap App Store.
  • Enable Automatic Updates to download updates automatically for your Apple Watch apps.
  • Note: Automatic Downloads is different from Automatic Updates. If you turn on Automatic Download, then new apps that you get for free or purchase on other devices will automatically download on your Apple Watch too.

    Additionally, you can also find these settings in the App Store section of the Watch app on your paired iPhone.

    Like iPhone, deleting apps on an Apple Watch frees up space and helps to make sure the performs best.

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    Section 4 Of : Are There Third

  • 1WatchChat 2 brings a lot of the missing WhatsApp functionality to Apple Watch. With the free version, you can see up to 3 of your latest chats, but you can pay to see more.XResearch source
  • With WatchChat, you can read old messages, listen to and send voice messages, as well as type with an old-style keypad.
  • To get the app on your Apple Watch, on your watch. When it’s installed, go to WhatsApp on your iPhone and go to ‘Settings. From there, tap the QR code icon in the top right corner. Scan the QR code displayed on your Apple Watch with the scanner on your iPhone and the two will link.
  • Note that since third-party apps can’t predict future changes to official apps, some features may become unavailable.
  • 2There are also apps like Chatify and WhatsUp, if you don’t like WatchChat. These other third-party apps aren’t as highly rated, but you can download them from the App Store.
  • Addicted To Whatsapp And Want To Use The Chat App On Your Apple Watch Follow Our Easy Guide To Download Watchchat : For Whatsapp

    With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform. The impact of WhatsApp is so profound on lives that its the first thing we look at in the morning and last thing at night. While WhatsApp is available on every smartphone platform, there isnt an official WhatsApp app on the Apple Watch. The good news is there is a workaround for this if you download WatchChat 2, a third-party app that lets you use WhatsApp on the Apple Watch without any hassles. Heres the guide to getting started and using WhatsApp on Apple Watch.

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    No Apple Watch App No Problem

    WhatsApp is the worlds most popular messaging service, with an estimated 2 billion global users.

    Thats almost double the users of Facebook Messenger or of WeChat. But despite its global reach, theres one area where its significant by its absence: your wrist.

    Despite years of user demand, theres still no sign of an official WhatsApp app for Apple Watch.

    How To Connect Or Disconnect Whatsapp To Apple Watch

    How to install WhatsApp (Only messages) on apple watch.

    First, ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone, and that your Apple Watch is connected to that Bluetooth connection. You can check by going to Settings> Bluetooth.

    You obviously need to have WhatsApp installed on your iPhone and enable WhatsApp notifications in iPhone settings. You can allow notifications on your iPhone by going to Settings> Notifications> WhatsApp. Toggle on Allow Notifications, and enable all three alerts.

    Now go to your Apple Watch app . Go to Notifications and scroll down to the section called MIRROR IPHONE ALERTS FROM. Toggle on WhatsApp at the bottom.

    From now on, any WhatsApp notifications received on your iPhone will now appear on your Apple Watch. To switch off those notifications in the future, just toggle off WhatsApp in the Notifications section.

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    How To Get Whatsapp On Your Apple Watch

    WhatsApp boasts over two billion users, making it the most popular messaging app on Earth

    The Apple Watch, meanwhile, has outsold every other smartwatch on the market and occupies the wrists of millions worldwide.

    So why is it that these two platforms just cant seem to get along?

    Two reasons. For starters, WhatsApp is notoriously slow at developing new features and expansions. Weve been waiting for an iPad version for years, after all.

    Secondly, Apple has its own rival messaging app, iMessage, which operates across all its devices. And it would probably rather Apple Watch users stuck to that.

    Currently, you can view WhatsApp Messages as part of the Apple Watchs ability to mirror notifications from the iPhone. But youre not able to reply or compose new messages yet.

    Thankfully, there is a way thanks to a third-party app thats just arrived on the scene.

    How To Get Whatsapp Notifications On Apple Watch

    First of all, make sure notifications for WhatsApp are enabled. You can check from the Settings app Notifications WhatsApp Make sure Allow Notifications is enabled.

    Now let us see how to receive WhatsApp notifications on the Apple Watch.

  • Open the Watch app on the paired iPhone.
  • Tap on Notifications.
  • Scroll down and under MIRROR IPHONE ALERTS FROM: make sure the toggle for WhatsApp is enabled.
  • Now, when you receive a WhatsApp message, you will feel a nudge on your wrist. You can tap Reply and send a pre-written message, type using voice-to-text, or use Scribble to write a custom reply.

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    So Holst Du Whatsapp Auf Die Apple Watch

    Damit du WhatsApp und deine Apple Watch nun zusammen nutzen kannst, muss du als erstes einen Blick auf dein iPhone werfen. Prüfe in den Einstellungen unter WhatsApp, ob du Mitteilungen allgemein erlaubt hast. Wenn nicht, aktiviere sie zuerst auf deinem iPhone, da diese Einstellung auf die Apple Watch übertragen wird. Nun gehst du wie folgt vor:

  • Öffne die App Watch und gehe dort auf den Bereich Meine Uhr und dann zu Mitteilungen.
  • Gehe nun auf iPhone Hinweise spiegeln.
  • Ist der Regler rechts neben WhatsApp hier auf Grün gestellt, darf der Messenger Push-Benachrichtigungen an deine Apple Watch senden.
  • Lege den Regler um, falls er ausgegraut ist.
  • Install Apps On Apple Watch You Already Have On Iphone

    how to install whatsapp on apple watch

    If you install an app on iPhone that comes with an Apple Watch companion app, it will automatically install it on the Watch. But if you want to install specific apps, follow the below steps.

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone
  • Under My Watch, tap General, then turn off Automatic App Install.
  • Under My Watch, then scroll down to Available Apps.
  • Tap on Install next to the apps you want to install.
  • You can either update apps manually or automatically on your Apple Watch. Here we explained both methods.

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    Open The Apple Watch From The Iphone

    After linking the devices, a new application called âApple Watchâ is installed on your mobile, that you can use to configure different aspects of your smartwatch from the iPhone. Once in it, you should go to the âApple Storeâ section where you can browse all the applications that are installed on your mobile and those that are compatible with the gadgets.

    At this point you simply have to place Whatsapp and touch âGetâ, so that it is added to the sphere and applications of your smartwatch. The app will install automatically and you can start receiving notifications and view messages from your wrist.

    Sign In With Your Apple Id

    Now, for both computers to be identified as yours, you must sign in from the iPhone with your Apple ID user . If you do not see this option anywhere, then you will have to do it from your mobile in the Apple Watch app , which is an extremely intuitive process that you will know how to do easily.

    With this you can start installing the applications you want on your smart watch, manipulating every aspect of it from the iPhone without any problem.

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    Read And Reply To Messages

    With WatchChat 2 you can also reply to messages directly from your Apple Watch. Just tap on the ‘Keyboard’ icon to type a message. You can even press hard to bring up the emoji selection screen and add emojis to your message. It also has support for the FlickType keyboard, which is an app that I recommend you download, of course, there are quick answers you can use from within the app itself.

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