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How To Increase Linkedin Search Appearances

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Gather Recommendations Skills And Endorsements

How To Increase Linkedin Search Appearances | Build Out Your Profile

Again, LinkedIn SEO isnt quite as measurable as website SEO, but thats part of the fun. By optimizing certain sections for keywords, you can test what works and what doesnt and come up with your own lead generation strategy.

The recommendations, skills and endorsements sections are all areas where you can add LinkedIn SEO keywords, but they dont bring any hard evidence that says they move the needle in terms of SEO. They may, however, move the needle when it comes to conversions.

Keywords In Certain Sections Rank Higher

A LinkedIn profile has many different sections, but LinkedIns Search Algorithm likes some of them better than others. Keywords in your Name, Headline, Company Name, Job Title and Skills rank higher in the search results. This is why its so important to have a 100% complete profile. If these key fields are blank or filled with generic terms, then you fall to the bottom of the search rankings. Think about which search terms are most important and relevant for your business / career and then search LinkedIn for those keywords. If you dont show up on the first page of results, update these key sections to include those relevant terms and then search again. Youll be amazed at how quickly you shoot up the ranks!

Why The Headline Is An Important Part Of Your Linkedin Profile

Unfortunately, recruiters who are scrolling through hundreds of profiles dont always have time to delve into your profile to get to know you. They need to be able to easily access the key information that tells them whether or not youre someone worth contacting or looking into further.

Thats where the headline comes in, and thats why its possibly the most important part of your LinkedIn profile.

Think of it like a digital first impression. Your headline frames how the other person will see the rest of your profile.

If the headline grabs the searchers attention, theyll probably go on to read things like your summary, your recommendations and the rest of your profile to get more information.

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Give Engagement Get Engagement

While posting on LinkedIn can yield spotty results, engaging with other users on the platform appears to be much more promising.

Thats because whenever you engage on a post, your comment and name pops up on your connections LinkedIn feed. You can also pop up as a second- or third-degree Connection to users in their network, expanding your reach.

That is, the more of a presence you have on LinkedIn, the more likely you are to be seen by people inside and outside of your network.

It stands to reason then that most of your time on LinkedIn should be spent engaging with other peoples content, rather than posting your own content . Its the best way to connect with users one-on-one and reach profiles outside of your immediate network.

Thats not to say that you shouldnt post on LinkedIn at all, but in terms of the numbers, its clear that more new traffic is driven to your profile through engaging with other peoples posts.

When users see your comment they are likely to click into your profile to learn more about you. You can then reach out to these new viewers through a request to connect.

These views are reflected by your notifications and in your LinkedIn analytics.

Adding Linkedin And Seo Keywords To Your Profile


Once you have a solid list of keywords, you will want to incorporate them into your LinkedIn profile.

A plus side with LinkedIn, compared to Google, is that there is no evidence that keyword stuffing is penalized here. However, you want to keep your audience in mind and have your keywords fit into your copy in a compelling, natural way.

For my own profile above, I determined that more profiles used SEO content content writer and copywriter than they did SEO copywriter despite SEO copywriter getting a fair amount of search volume from Google.

I also saw the terms freelance and ghostwriter used a lot. Finally, I included keywords like B2B and SaaS to attract the types of businesses I work with.

Some areas to add keywords:

  • Headline
  • Recommendations
  • Skills section

If there are some regular SEO keywords that you dont want to leave out, your experience section is a great place to add these.

If you found trends in terms of where these keywords were being included in the top ranking profiles, try to follow this in your own profile. At the same time, dont make compromises if you think that your profile copy is stronger by taking a different approach.

In section six, I address how to generate recommendations, skills and endorsements, plus how to add keywords to these sections.

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Endorse Friends For Skills They Have

Endorsing someone accomplishes two things. To start, youre doing a good deed, and the other person receives a notification from you to reciprocate. The more endorsements you get for specific skills, the better. This will make your profile more attractive and more visible to recruiting agents searching for people with specific skills.

It’s also important to let past and present peers know what they do well. Reinforce that message via an endorsement. It will also give you more authority when you start to interact in group chats.

What Search Appearances Tell You

I mainly like the second bit of information after clicking on Search Appearances. Where it shows the job-titles of the people. This indicates if you reach the right audience. In my case, the image below shows it is spot on. This wasnt always the case. I noticed that I showed up in searches by professions outside my target audience. I am happy to say that changing the focus of my profile worked.

Keep reading to find out how you can optimise your profile for search.

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Find Your Relevant People

Want to know if your LinkedIn effort is paying off? Want to know how you are coming across? There is an overlooked section of your LinkedIn profile that most people ignore, and the last LinkedIn profile tip that can take you to the next level.

Its the People Also Viewed section on the right-hand side of your profile. This updates all the time, based on what people who are searching for you are also looking at. For example, here is mine today:

I was shocked to see this! I never know what kind of profiles people are looking at compared to mine, but I was pleasantly surprised with this list. This info is extremely useful if you know how to leverage it.

Right Now: See who you are paired with and take action!

Linkedin Announces Search Appearances Feature

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Search, In Less Than 90 Seconds

You may not realize it, but your LinkedIn profile and all its data points, along with those of the 500 million other users on the network, power the world’s largest search engine for professionals, which can be a hugely beneficial tool for not only finding the people you want to reach, but also boosting your own presence.

I’ve been an advocate for this underutilized feature on the network for sometime, as it can be invaluable in helping grow your business on LinkedIn. By providing the capacity to connect with a hyper-specific, hyper-targeted list of prospects, LinkedIn search is a key tool in finding quality leads that will increase your sales.

And now, LinkedIn’s helping you realize this power even more, as it recently released a new feature called “Search Appearances.”

As explained by :

“With our new Search Appearances feature, you can now go to your LinkedIn Profile on – both mobile and desktop – and see how many people found you from a LinkedIn search”.

As you can see in the last image on the right, the new listings now show you who’s searching for you, by job title, and also include the exact keywords people used to come to your profile.

This type of insight is invaluable for those looking to optimize their LinkedIn presence to connect with specific users.

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How To Find Linkedin Analytics For Your Personal Page

Does Linkedin have analytics for a personal profile?

This is the question that will arise first.

When it comes to company page analytics – everything is perfect cause this is where Linkedin gives us access to lots of data. But when it comes to personal profiles – it can be a big disappointment.

But lets take a look at what metrics we have for our personal Linkedin profile and what you are able to track right away.

The Bottom Line On How To Improve Your Search Appearances On Linkedin

Be accurate, and avoid putting your current employment at risk. Dont distort reality by claiming keywords that are not appropriate for you . By following these Profile optimization tips, above, you increase the likelihood that you will show up in the search results when recruiters are searching for candidates that match your set of qualifications, education, and experiences. In addition, your Profile will add credibility to your current employers online reputation, if you are employed.

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Using All Fields/options Available To You Will Give You An Extra Advantage

Like Skills, you can join up to 50 groups , so take advantage of every opportunity offered to you and use all 50 spots. You have 120 characters available to you for your headline. Use as many of them as possible to create a descriptive, interesting, and keyword-rich headline that attracts lots of targets to view your profile. You have 2,000 characters for your summary use them! There are 1,000 characters available for your interests the list goes on. Make full use of the fields and sections available to you to paint a detailed picture, reinforce your brand and make your profile really work for you!

Why Is This Information Useful

How to Network, Build Relationships &  Find a Job on LinkedIn

Its always handy to know who viewed your Profile and how they found you. Getting more Profile visits means more opportunities for building relationships with people relevant to you, whether they be potential clients, business partners, suppliers or employers, which is the whole point of LinkedIn! If you know how people are not finding you on LinkedIn, you can take effective action to increase your Profile Views from certain areas.

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**lastly Some Icing On The Cake: **

  • **Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts with LinkedIn**Customize your LinkedIn profile settings and . Well, you can page through LinkedIn app.
  • **Backup your contacts**Export your connections on your device. It will act as a backup if you lose all your contacts in LinkedIn. Go to* connections > Settings > advanced settings > Download it as .csv file.*
  • **Attach your LinkedIn profile to your email signature**Your Email signature can help you to expose yourself to people working around you. Attaching your profile link to signature will increase your chances to become more visible even if you are not trying for that.

Now, as you know and understand everything about owning a killer LinkedIn profile, it is time to perform your experiments with your expertise. Please do share if something interesting comes your way.

Will You Invest In Linkedin Premium

Investing in LinkedIn Premium is essentially investing in yourself. If you use it the right way, LinkedIn Premium can help you advance your career and/or find your next job.

Before you start using LinkedIn Premium, you need to ensure your profile is ready to take advantage of it. If your profile isn’t at its best, you’ll likely struggle to make strong connections on the platform.

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Dont Give Dont Take Match

How do individuals get the most value out of using LinkedIn? Pick one answer and find out if you are right!

Question: Individuals reported gaining the most value from LinkedIn when they focused on what?

  • Seeking out new jobs
  • Writing new content
  • Hard question, but the correct answer is b!

    A study published in the International Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments found that individuals report gaining the most value from LinkedIn when they focus on sharing professional resources, not directly on building themselves up.

    The reason for this stems from the desire that most people have to foster reciprocal relationships.

    Organizational psychology researcher Adam Grant studied more than 30,000 professionals across multiple industries and foundone striking similarity between most LinkedIn users: the majority of people have a sharing mentality they are willing to offer value to others with the expectation that other people will offer value in return.

    Basically, LinkedIn users can be grouped into three different categories: Givers, takers, and matchers.

  • Givers constantly go out of their way to help others without asking for anything in return.
  • Takers, on the other extreme, relentlessly pursue their goals without regard for the people they use along the way.
  • Matchers are those who strive for fairness.
  • Can you guess who succeeded the most?

    Here are specific ways to give back to your network and prove youre not a taker:

    Think Of A Keyword You Would Like To Be Found For

    LinkedIn Search Appearances – what does it mean?

    If you write texts for a living, your keyword might be COPYWRITER. If you’re responsible for purchases in your company, you may want to rank for PROCUREMENT. You get the drill.

    I, for one, would like to be found by anyone looking for help with their Instagram communication and advertising, so a plain INSTAGRAM works for me. If you come up with a two word string, you’ll have to do the following steps twice – more hassle, but you’ll rank for both of them.

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    Optimize Your Profiles Curb Appeal

    Im a strong proponent of squeezing every bit of juice out of a platform in order to have it work for my business. When it comes to LinkedIn, that means not only having it talk the talk, but look the look.

    To optimize your profiles curb appeal, you are going to focus on two features: the profile photo and the cover photo.

    Profile photo

    We are all familiar with the dull, grainy headshots on LinkedIn. If you want to take your LinkedIn branding seriously, I say: Dare to stand out!

    Youll want a professional, high-quality image that highlights your personality and business. Something that your potential clients will find approachable.

    • High-quality image Clear, not pixelated
    • Close shot of your face
    • Simple background
    • Appropriate attire
    • Smile!

    LinkedIn suggests having an image where your face takes up 60% of the frame.

    For some industries, your look may include professional attire and a corporate background. For others, it could be more casual. The key is to appeal to what your target audience is most familiar with in working with people like you.

    Im an SEO content writer who typically works from my laptop all over the world. My clients know this of me and dont expect me to be wearing slacks and sitting in a corporate office. But if I were trying to land high-ticket corporate consulting clients for my SEO firm, Id likely go with a different aesthetic.

    Cover photo

    The cover photo section also gives you ample real estate to tell profile visitors what you are all about.

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    Pay Attention To Internal Linking

    This last tip is also one of those that lots of our survey respondents applaud. For instance, Bruce Hogan of SoftwarePundit writes, its important to properly manage the internal links that readers and Googlebot follow to move from one page to the next. In particular, you want your key pages to be linked to from a high number of other pages, and the anchor text to match the keywords you are targeting.

    James Bellamy from SEO Works agrees, to promote your key pages ensure they offer authority on your own website. If you have multiple pages surrounding a particular subject, search engines may struggle to determine which best answers the question. Condense this content into your key page, giving it internal authority the search engine can use to rank it.

    Keeping this in mind, your goal should be to: add appropriate internal links to the key pages in your homepage CTAs, in blog posts, and in other similar pages, according to SmartBug Medias Heather Quitos.

    This tells the search engines that your key pages are a critical part of your websites structure, and should be ranked higher. Ideally, your click depth for key pages which means the number of clicks from the homepage to a particular page should not be greater than 3, shares Daniel Cody of No Majesty.

    Cody adds, show Google what youre most important pages areby linking to them often, and using targeted anchor text.

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    Ready To Rank On The Top

    LinkedIn Changes: What Marketers Need to Know : Social ...

    With these tips by your side, you have a complete plan of the next steps you need to take. Start with refreshing your content and go on to follow each one of these expert tips including studying whats already ranking, optimizing images, improving content readability, and so on. In no time, youll improve your search position.

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