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How To Include Linkedin On Resume

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Spiff Up Linkedin Before You Add A Link To Your Resume

LinkedIn URL on Resume: Custom URL & Where to include it

You want your to be polished and robust. If your profile simply restates the same information that’s included on your resume, it won’t improve your chances of getting an interview.

A less-than-compelling LinkedIn could even hurt your candidacy. No one likes to feel that they’ve wasted a click, and hiring managers may assume that your sparse profile is an accurate picture of your qualifications.

Prospective employers can visit LinkedIn to learn more about you and your skills and credentials.

Where To List Your Linkedin Url On Your Resume

We come to the main question: how to put LinkedIn on your resume? The best place for the link to LinkedIn profile is at the top of the resume, where you put your contact information and links to other social networks.

Some resume templates include placing contact information in the side sections. In this case, the link to your LinkedIn profile should be there. Just remember that its place is in the contacts section or together with links to other social networks.

In addition, the personalized link to the LinkedIn profile is so universal that you can use it both in a cover letter and as a signature during email correspondence.

However, do not forget that you are not posting the link for the sake of the link. You place the link for recruiters to follow it. Therefore, your profile must be perfectly filled.

How Do I Add My Resume To A Linkedin Application

In order to attach a resume right to an application in LinkedIn, there must be an easy apply button on the job posting. Once you find a listing for a position of interest, click on the description of the job and then the easy apply button. After completing all of the required informational fields, you can click on the upload resume button. This will allow you to choose a saved file from your computer or one of the saved resumes in your LinkedIn account before submitting the application.

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The Importance Of Your Linkedin Profile

One of the most important parts of LinkedIn is your profile. Your profile is what you use to connect with people in your network. It is also how you get found on LinkedIn by potential employers.

When you apply for a job, the employer might also check out your LinkedIn profile to learn more about you. A ResumeGo study reports that resumes that include a link to a comprehensive LinkedIn profile have a 71% higher chance of getting an interview than a resume without a link or a resume with a link to a barebones profile.

In addition, your LinkedIn profile can increase your visibility online and help you build your professional brand. Your LinkedIn profile may show up in Google’s search results. This means that anyone looking for information about you will find everything they need to know at a glance skills, employment information, recommendations, etc.

For all these reasons, it is important to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is complete and detailed. In fact, you can consider your LinkedIn profile as your online resume. It should have the same information that is on your resume and, if you’re looking for a new job, you will want prospective employers to be able to review your credentials for employment, including your qualifications, experience, and skills.

The Dos And Donts Of Adding Your Resume To Linkedin

How to Put LinkedIn on a Resume (Examples &  Guide)

When developing your LinkedIn profile, a simple copy and paste of your resume just wont cut it.

Yes, a LinkedIn profile is an online version of your resume the keyword is online. That means that you are targeting this profile for an online audience, and that is very different from targeting an offline audience.

The attention span of an online reader is shorter than that of an offline reader. When it comes to LinkedIn, you are hoping to catch the attention of a recruiter and maybe even a hiring manager these are individuals who spend their days reviewing resumes.

When they receive hard copy resumes for a position, they already know that the individual is interested in the role and may be qualified for it.

However, LinkedIn is completely different. If they are searching through the hundreds of millions of profiles on LinkedIn to find a candidate that they think is qualified for the role, the process becomes far more daunting. Suddenly a stack of a few hundred resumes doesnt seem so bad.

That is why your LinkedIn profile needs to catch their attention with the right information right away. Weve compiled a list of a few ways that you need to differentiate your LinkedIn profile from your resume in order to get better results in the online space.

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Option : Upload Your Cv To Your Profile

A CV uploaded directly to your profile is not used when you apply for jobs from LinkedIn, but it can be seen and downloaded by everyone who views your page. To add your CV this way:

  • Log on and select the option to view your profile.

  • Expand the ‘Features’ menu and choose ‘Media’ at the bottom.

  • Select your CV file to upload from the window that pops up.

  • Hit the ‘Save’ button.

  • Dont: Phrase Your Professional Experience In The First Person

    After phrasing your summary in the first person, you should not do the same for the professional experience section. Under each role, the information should remain the same as it appears on your resume. However, this is where it gets tricky.

    LinkedIn maintains character limits for each role therefore you may not be able to include all of the information that is present on your resume. It is important to focus on your achievements and contributions and cut down the information that focuses on daily tasks.

    Also, keep in mind any confidentiality or bad practices.

    If you have disclosed certain numbers regarding annual revenues or targets in your resume that your previous/current employer would not want published online remove them from your profile. This also goes for any information regarding failures in certain processes with previous/current employers do not include this information.

    You most likely have connections that are still employed with the company, and if senior management were to see information on your profile that they are unhappy with, you may lose a good reference and ruin a relationship.

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    Include Volunteer Experience And Causes

    A reports that volunteer experience can give job candidates an edge with hiring managers. 41% of the professionals surveyed stated that when they are evaluating candidates, they consider volunteer work equally as valuable as paid work experience. 20% of the hiring managers surveyed have made a hiring decision based on a candidate’s volunteer work experience. To add the Volunteer Experience and Causes field to your LinkedIn Profile:

    • After logging in, click “Profile” at the top of LinkedIn.
    • Select “Volunteer Experience.”

    How To Upload Your Resume To Linkedin: 4 Options

    How to Customize Your LinkedIn Link and Include it in Your Resume and Cover Letter

    Your LinkedIn can be a more comprehensive version of your work history, but your resume should still be tailored to your career goals. While a keyword-optimized profile can help a recruiter or hiring manager find you on LinkedIn, most hiring professionals still want to see a resume before bringing you in for an interview.

    LinkedIn once offered a summary section that could support resume uploads, followed by an About section. The About section remains, but no longer supports added media. The latest option for displaying your resume on your LinkedIn is by adding it to the new Featured section of your LinkedIn profile.

    Here’s how you can upload your resume to your LinkedIn in 2021.

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    Dont: Include Your Current Title As Your Headline

    LinkedIn provides you the option to include the title of your current role as your headline. Do not use this option. Remember, this is an online space. In the online world, you want to be searchable. Therefore, the headline should be common keywords and terms that recruiters would use to find individuals in your role .

    Is There A Way To Hide My Resume From Linkedin

    What if youve added your resume to LinkedIn but want to remove or hide it? Luckily, thats not hard to do.

    If you simply want to hide your resume, head over to the Me icon, then click on View profile.

    On the right, go to Edit public profile & URL.

    Under Edit visibility on the bottom right, you can control which sections of your profile youd like to show or hide.

    If you want to delete your resume from LinkedIn, you can easily do that by simply heading over to it and selecting Delete this media.

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    How To Enter A Linkedin Url In A Resume

    If you have a well-maintained LinkedIn profile, this could provide valuable information for a potential employer, especially if you have mutual contacts in LinkedIn. Log in to LinkedIn and proofread your profile before copying the Uniform Resource Locator, also known as a Web address. Note that if you’re presenting your resume through a recruiter or head hunter, he may remove the LinkedIn URL as well as your contact information before presenting the resume to a potential employer.

    Where To Put Study Abroad On Resume

    Rock Your Resume with Resume Assistant from LinkedIn ...

    Before we consider options where it is appropriate to place information about your studies, well tell you one secret.

    Basically, most employers do not even pay attention to the all resume file itself, or simply skim through it with their eyes. In this case, the only salvation and the right decision would be to add all the information about studying abroad in a right position of the resume.

    Fist of all lets think about does studying abroad look good on a resume?

    Definitely yes. If you have ever studied at a foreign university or other educational institution, this is exactly the information that should ideally be indicated in the resume. Here we have certain sections where you definitely should include listing study abroad on resume:

  • Education Section the name speaks for itself
  • Section of Professional experience when the study is like a work
  • Skill Section how many skills have you get while your courses?
  • Objective Section tell about your best education goal
  • You can list study abroad on resume in any mentioned section. It will depend on what work experience do you have and the quality of your study.

    So here we go to consider them more detailed.

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    How To Buy Copies Of The Cv Toolkit

    To go ahead and buy copies of the CV toolkit for each team member at risk of redundancy, use the button below to submit your order details.

    Ill then be in touch to confirm your order, send you an invoice and ask for the names and email addresses of the employees who need to be given access to the CV toolkit.

    • 1+ copies: £97 per CV toolkit
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    Each person who needs access to the CV toolkit will be set up with their own username and password to access the toolkit online

    Upload A Resume To Linkedin As Featured Media

    LinkedIn allows users to upload articles, links, and files to their profile. If you want employers to read your resume when they find you on LinkedIn, you should upload a resume under your name and headline as Featured Media.

    Heres how to upload your resume to your LinkedIn profile:

    Step 1: Go to your profile.

    Step 2: Click the Add profile section button, and expand the Featured tab.

    Step 3: Select Media and choose the resume file you want to upload from your computer.

    Although you can post a resume on your LinkedIn profile, we dont recommend uploading your resume here for two reasons.

    First, depending on your privacy settings, your resume is available for anyone on LinkedIn to view and download. Its important to be careful when sharing personal information, such as your name and address.

    Second, LinkedIn already shows your work history. Recruiters can see your resume by looking at your profile an additional file isnt needed.

    You should get recruiters to notice you on LinkedIn by regularly updating your work history and being active on the platform, not by adding your resume to your LinkedIn profile.

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    Your Link Not Customized

    When you create your LinkedIn account, youâre given an automated URL. This URL is usually a combination of your name along with some numbers and letters. Like

    This is too long and unprofessional looking to include on a resume. You have the option to This will allow you to include the live link on your resume while maintaining a neat and professional look.

    Here are the instructions to personalizing your LinkedIn profile link:

    • Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

    • View profile.

    • On your profile page, click Edit public profile & URL on the right rail.

    • Under Edit URL in the right rail, click the Edit pencil icon next to your public profile URL.

    • It’ll be an address that looks like

  • Type the last part of your new custom URL in the text box.

  • Save.

  • Change the end of the LinkedIn profile URL to a combination of your first/last name. If your name is taken, you can add your initial or try a number.

    Example of LinkedIn URL on resume:

    Where To List Your Linkedin Profile Url On Your Resume

    How To Add Resume To LinkedIn

    Now that you have spiffed up your LinkedIn profile and created your very own custom URL, you are ready to add it to your resume.

    When you add the URL of your LinkedIn profile, it is crucial that you keep the placement in mind. The link to your profile should be placed along with your contact information.

    When adding the URL to your resume, you do not have to add the entire link. The way to include it without adding the full-length of the link is to create a hyperlink. To create a hyperlink, highlight the words , right-click, and select Hyperlink.

    Example # 1

    123 Maple Street Apt. 21B New York, NY 12345 | 555-5555 ||

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    Create Your Customized Url

    LinkedIn allows the user to create a unique URL. Its important to do this step, as it increases awareness about your brand you!

    • Navigate to your profile and click on “Edit Your Public Profile” to the top right.
    • You will see a generic URL that LinkedIn assigns you. Click “Edit public profile & URL.”
    • Now, a pencil icon will appear. Click it to see a box to type in the unique URL of your choosing. It has a maximum of 30 characters. Its best to choose your name or as close to your name as you can.
    • When you are certain of the URL you want, double check what youve typed to make sure its correct and hit “Save.”
    • Now go back to your profile page and copy that URL so you can paste it into your resume.

    Where To Put Linkedin On Your Resume

    You might not be surprised to hear this, but it should go in the header where the rest of your contact information is.

    I recommend you put the link right after your email.

    You dont need to include the full address starting with is enough you dont need the https://www. at the front.

    You also dont need to add a label to the link, like LinkedIn. The URL is clearly visible, so the recruiter will have a good idea of where its going to take them. No need to add a LinkedIn icon, either, as it will probably just take up space.

    If youre sending your resume over via e-mail, dont forget to include the link to your LinkedIn profile in your signature. That way, they can make their way to your account quickly.

    If youre mailing a physical copy of your resume, make sure the URL is completely visible and legible. Also, dont use anchor text just type out the address otherwise, the hiring manager wont be able to visit it .

    If youre not sure how your header section should look, take a look at some helpful resume examples to get your creative juices flowing.

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    Recruiters Won’t Find You On The Strength Of Your Cv Alone

    LinkedIn is used by recruiters to source candidates for open positions, which they can do by searching profiles for skills aligned with their vacancy. If you choose to upload your CV instead of filling out your profile in full, you’re significantly reducing your chances of being found.

    LinkedIn search algorithms are biased towards job titles, experience and location as written in your profile uploaded media is not taken into account. Therefore, a CV upload is no substitute for a .

    How Do I List Freelance Work On Linkedin

    How to Put LinkedIn on a Resume (Examples &  Guide)

    There are several ways to highlight your freelance work on your LinkedIn profile:

    • List your title in your headline .
    • Add descriptions of your work experience to your summary section.
    • Add contractor roles to your experience section. To do this, click the “Add” icon at the top of the experience section, and fill in the relevant fields.
    • Add work samples to your featured section by uploading links or documents.

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    Should You Add Your Resume To Linkedin

    You shouldnt add your resume directly to your LinkedIn profile because you risk revealing personal information to others. However, uploading a targeted resume using Easy Apply is a great way to use the LinkedIn platform to its fullest.

    If you decide to upload your resume to LinkedIn, you can do so on your computer or by using .

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