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How To Hide Whatsapp Status

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How To Show Whatsapp Status To Selected Contacts On Iphone

How To Hide Online Status On WhatsApp

Follow the steps below to do so:

1. Launch the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone.

2. From the bottom right screen, tap on the Settings icon.

3. From the Settings window, click on Account.

4. The account window shows an option named Privacy, tap that.

5. Here, click on Status.

6. The next screen that follows, tap on Only Share with

7. From the Contacts list, you can check the contacts with whom you wish to and then tap on Done.

These were the simple steps following which users can show or hide WhatsApp status from some contacts their friends and families. The remaining article will describe the steps for Android phones.

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Learn To Hide Viewing Status On Whatsapp In 6 Steps

It is important to note that this option typically is turned on by default so that all WhatsApp users can see when was the last time you accessed the app or if youre available right now. Follow this 6 steps sequence and learn how to do this:

Step 1: First, open up WhatsApp and press on the 3 dots button, as the image shows

Step 2: In the new window, open up your settings by clicking on Settings

Step 3: In the settings screen, go to the Account option, as the image shows. Here is where all the most important configurations to your profile take place, including hiding your last seen status on WhatsApp, but not the online

Step 4: Now, select Privacy

Step 5: Among all the options found in the privacy screen, the only one that directly affects how to hide online status on WhatsApp is the Last seen. By default, it comes selected as Everyone, which means that any user in the app, whether theyre your contact, can see your online status. The app also will warn you that, should you turn this off, you wont be able to see anyone elses last seen

Step 6: Just select Nobody as the image shows and youre set. These are all the steps in our tutorial teaching you how to hide online status on WhatsApp!

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But Theres A Tradeoff To Use The Feature

In order to prevent others from knowing that youve read their messages, if you disable the Read Receipts, you too wont be able to know when others read your message.

So, how to hide from viewers list of other peoples WhatsApp Status?

If you disable the Read Recipts it would also hide you from viewers list of other peoples WhatsApp Status.

The Read Receipts option can be found under the Privacy section which can be found in the WhatsApp Account settings.

Check out this video

My Contacts Except For These Contacts

How to Hide Whatsapp Status from Specific People

You can include some contacts from which you want to hide online status.

Simply, open WhatsApp on your phone and click on these 3 dots.

Then, click on settings.

The next is Tap on Privacy to change the setting.

Once you tap on privacy, select the option of My Contacts Except to include contacts to hide from them.

This way you can hide a status from contacts you include.

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How To Hide Your Whatsapp Status From Specific Friends And Family

  • Sean Keach, Digital Technology and Science Editor
  • 6:04 ET, Sep 17 2021

SHARING a WhatsApp Status can be fun but maybe you dont want everyone to see it.

Thankfully theres a way to make sure that select contacts cant see your Status.

That means you can effectively pick and choose who your latest WhatsApp Status is visible to.

First, its important to understand how the WhatsApp Status works.

Your Status updates will only ever be seen by someone if you both have each other in the contacts.

But you can limit change who its being shared to at any time.

How To Show Or Hide Whatsapp Status From Specific Contacts

WhatsApp is by far one of the most loved chat platforms. This incredible tool has a lot to offer and is used by millions of people all across the globe. With this go-to chat platform you can share media files whenever you like . Amongst its many features, WhatsApp status is one that grabs everyones attention especially the nosey ones.

More than a chat platform it is being used as a gossip tool by many and thats why its important to hide your WhatsApp status from the unwanted eyes.

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How To Hide Or Show Whatsapp Status From Specific Contacts On Iphone Or Android

Step #1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android.

Step #2. Tap on Status tab from the menu section.

Step #3. Select Privacy from the top-left corner of the window.

Note: For Android device tap on the three-dot icon from the top-right of the screen and select Status Privacy.

Step #4. On this page select who can see your status update from three options.

  • My contacts This allows all your contacts to see the status
  • My contacts except WhatsApp status will be shown to all contacts except the people selected
  • Only share with Show WhatsApp Status to only these specific contacts

Step #5. Tap on Done to save the setting and exit.

Whether you use WhatsApp business or a regular one, you can hide WhatsApp status from some contacts in these simple steps. Follow the same procedure to add or delete specific contacts. Though the feature can only be enabled via the mobile app, the WhatsApp web will carry the settings.

Thats all folks!!

In the world of numerous messaging apps, WhatsApp is maintaining a strong market hold. It is all thanks to such upbeat features that WhatsApp is liked and used by almost everybody. The only thing currently missing is a dark theme, though there is a cheat code to employ Dark Mode for WhatsApp Web.

Here are a few more tricks that can help you enjoy WhatsApp more:

Tip 3 Turn Off Online On Whatsapp Using The Airplane Mode

How To Hide Whatsapp Status From Contacts

There is a workaround that lets you send a message to someone without being shown as online. This uses the Airplane mode feature on your device. Basically, what you do is write your message and send it while the Airplane mode is enabled.

Then, you disable the mode and this is when your message actually gets sent. This prevents your profile from appearing online while still sending your message to your contact.

To turn off online from Airplane mode:

Step 1. Pull down from the top of your screen and tap the Airplane mode icon. This should disable all your network connections.

Enable Android Airplane Mode

Step 2. Launch WhatsApp, open your chat, type your message, and hit send.

Step 3. Close WhatsApp on your phone.

Step 4. Pull down the notifications panel and tap Airplane mode to disable the mode.

WhatsApp will now send your message.

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Way : Hide Last Seen Visibility Status In Whatsapp

To keep yourself safe after hiding online status, you also need to learn how to hide ‘Last Seen’ in WhatsApp. It allows you to show the originality in this task and the opponent will actually get that you are offline or busy in your work.

The process to turn off your last seen display from your account is not a complicated task. But you have to be stuck with the following process to complete it.

Let’s have a look at the following steps to accomplish this process with confidence.

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone and log in to your account.
  • You will get an option of settings . Tap on the Settings option.
  • Go to Account settings and click on it.
  • You will see multiple options there. Just hit the “Privacy” section.
  • Tap on “Last seen” available on the top of new window.
  • Choose according to your preferences and hide your last seen from all the WhatsApp users by clicking on the “Nobody” option.
  • This is all you have to do for turning off your last seen and try to show that you were not available on WhatsApp for a longer time.

    How To Hide Your Whatsapp Status From Specific Friends

    Samir Makwana is a freelance technology writer who aims to help people make the most of their technology. For over 15 years, he has written about consumer technology while working with MakeUseOf, GuidingTech, The Inquisitr, GSMArena, BGR, and others. After writing thousands of news articles and hundreds of reviews, he now enjoys writing tutorials, how-tos, guides, and explainers. Read more…

    Your WhatsApp Status is visible to everyone on your contacts list by default. However, you might want to hide your status from specific friends. Heres how you can do that in WhatsApp.

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    How To Hide Whatsapp Status From Selected Contacts 2019

    hide online status

    WhatsApp has become the need of everyones life. It has more than 1.3 billion active users from which you can get the idea about its popularity. It can be found in everyones smartphone at present time. It is a very beneficial application in both the manner to manage the contacts and to share every type of content among friends. It is used for both fun making and money making. WhatsApp Business is also very popular among users for uplifting the products and business graph. People are taking advantage of Whatsapp marketing owing to its growth of users exponentially. WhatsApp is a free and quick messaging application which also allows the user to send photos, videos, audio, contacts, links and other files. Using WhatsApp, you can also share photos or thoughts as a status which will appear on your contacts phone as WhatsApp status for 24 hours.

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    How To See Someones Hidden Status On Whatsapp And Not Letting Them Know

    If you were missing the ways that unlock the status, all you need to do is to check the status tab as a preview and do not tap on the status. It may record your name as a viewer.

    So, to view the posts on status updates just turn off the internet. Now, quickly go to the status tab and the same preview will be there, where you can see the status.

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    Changing Settings To Disable Online Status

    If you can relate to me and are looking for ways on how to change your online status, and yet do not miss any important text then you are at the right place. You may be already aware of some of these hacks yet adding some more can help you better.

    • Instead of ticks, you will find a clock icon.
    • Now, turn on your Internet connection.

    As soon as you turn it on, your message will be sent and no one can see you typing.

    Can I Hide My Status For Specific Contacts In Whatsapp

    How to Hide your Whatsapp Status with some selected contacts

    You can hide your status updates for some contacts by following the steps below:

    For iPhone users:

    1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone and navigate to the Settings page.

    2. Go to Account, then Privacy.

    3. Head over to the Status section and tap on My Contacts Except

    4. Check the circle box next to the contact from whom you wish to hide your status updates.

    5. Tap Done when finished.

    For Android users:

    1. Launch WhatsApp on your phone and head to the three-dotted menu from the upper right-hand of the screen.

    2. Tap on Settings from the drop-down menu.

    3. Head over to Account.

    4. Navigate to Privacy, then Status.

    5. Select the My Contacts Except option.

    6. Tap on the circle box next to the contacts from whom you want to hide your status updates.

    7. Tap on the green circle from the bottom right-hand to confirm.

    Beware that these steps will only hide your Status Updates from specific contacts. They wont hide your Last Seen status.

    You can hide your Last Seen status for Everyone,My contacts, or Nobody. Theres currently no feature that allows hiding online status from specific contacts only.

    If you want to prevent a specific contact from seeing your online status, youll have to block them in your account. After doing so, the person wont be able to see your Last Seen status, nor other personal information such as your profile picture, stories, or anything else associated with your account.

    Heres how to block a contact:

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    How To Hide Whatsapp Status From Someone On Iphone

    While it is true that everybody likes to share memories and pictures, they still want to keep their stuff private and will not like to share it with everyone. Lets walk through the steps to see how to hide WhatsApp status from someone if you own an iPhone:

    1. Launch the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone.

    2. From the bottom right screen, tap on the Settings icon.

    3. From the Settings window, click on Account.

    4. The account window shows an option named Privacy, tap that.

    5. Here, click on Status.

    6. The next screen that follows, tap on My Contacts Except.

    7. Here, select the Contacts that you wish to hide WhatsApp status Updates from and then tap on Done.

    Once you have finished doing all the above-mentioned steps, your WhatsApp Status Updates will be hidden from selected Contacts.

    How To Hide Your Online Status In Whatsapp

    Harry Guinness is a photography expert and writer with nearly a decade of experience. His work has been published in newspapers like The New York Times and on a variety of other websites, from Lifehacker to Popular Science and Medium’s OneZero. Read more…

    Maybe you just want to check your messages without letting people know youre online. Maybe you want to keep people from knowing when youve read their messages. Or, maybe youre concerned about the privacy implications of the rising number of services that let people track your status and even try to guess which of your friends are messaging each other. Whatever the reason, lets look at how to hide your WhatsApp status.

    Note: Were using Android for the screenshots here, but the process is almost identical on iOS.

    On Android, open WhatsApp, tap the three little dots in the top right corner, and then select the Settings command. On iOS, just tap Settings in the bottom bar.

    Select the Last Seen entry, and then select the Nobody option.

    Now, no one can see when you were last online using WhatsApp. One caveat is that you wont be able to see when anyone else was last online either. Personally, I think this is a pretty fair tradeoff, but if you must know whether your friends have logged in recently or not, then youll need to let them know when youve logged in.

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    How To Hide Whatsapp Status From Some Contacts

    Here is how you can hide WhatsApp status on your iPhone.

    • Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.
    • Open the Setting option.
    • In the next step click on the Account option and then click on the Privacy button.
    • Now click on the Status button and finally click on the My Contacts Except button.
    • From the newly launched window choose the contacts from whom you want to hide your WhatsApp status from.
    • Once you are done selecting the contacts you want, click on the Done button.

    The contacts that you have selected will no longer be able to see your WhatsApp status.

    Hide Whatsapp Status Updates From Certain Contacts On Android Phone

    How To Hide Online Status On Whatsapp On 2017

    Follow the steps below to Hide WhatsApp Status Updates from certain Contacts on Android Phone

    1. Open WhatsApp on your Android Phone > tap on 3-dots Menu icon located at the top-right corner.

    2. In the drop-down menu, tap on the Settings option.

    3. On the Settings screen, tap on the Account option.

    4. From the Account screen, go to Privacy > Status and tap on My Contacts Except. option.

    5. On the next screen, select the Contacts that you want to Hide Status Updates from.

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    Tip 1 Block The User To Hide Online Whatsapp Status

    If you are looking to prevent someone specific from being able to see your online status, one way to do that is to block that user in your WhatsApp account. This way, that person will not be able to see your online status, your stories, your display picture, and basically everything associated with your account.

    To block someone to be no status on WhatsApp:

  • Launch WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Find the chat with the person that you want to block and tap it.
  • Tap the persons name at the top of your screen.
  • Select Block on the following screen.
  • Tap Block in the prompt to block your selected contact and block WhatsApp status surely.
  • Block a User to Hide your Online Status

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