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How To Hide Twitter Likes

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How Do You Hide Other Peoples Likes On Twitter :

How to Hide Likes on Twitter!

You have to go into the liked tweets or other unwanted tweets and click the right-hand arrow. Then, from the drop-down menu, select the Not interested in this option. The more you do this, the more the Twitter algorithm understands that maybe you just want to see regular tweets in chronological order.

Delete Individual Likes Automatically

If you have a sudden urge to delete a single like on a tweet, you can do it easily using the web or mobile apps designed for this purpose or the computers inbuilt browser control panel . Here is how:

Go through your activity log and copy the URL of tweets that you want to delete individual likes fromthe Open TweetDeleter website and paste the link in the search box on the top right corner. On the next page, click on Delete beside the stars.

You can also use Circleboom or Twitter Archive Eraser instead of TweetDeleter. All of these tools work perfectly for this purpose. However, these are premium apps that cost you money. If you are broke, try any of the other solutions to hide likes on Twitter.

Delete All Likes And Retweets Individually

You can also go old school and delete all the likes one by one individually. To delete all your likes and retweets on a tweet, simply open that tweet and hit the down arrow key till you see an option titled Clear all likesclick on it to clear the activity from every like/retweet you have done so far on that tweet. If you want to delete your Likes one by one, just go to the Likes column on your profile and unheard all of your favorites.

However, manual Like deletion has one major limitation. You cannot access all of your likes. Suppose you have been super active on the platform with more than 4000 likes, then Twitter will only show you 3,200 likes. You wont be able to access old 800 likes.

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Delete All Your Public Activity From Twitter

This is one of the most extreme ways to avoid others from looking at your likes on Twitter. All you need to do is delete all your past history from Twitter using a third-party app called Delete All Activity. Follow these steps:

  • Open Twitter, click on settings located in the right corner above the search barGo to your account settingsscroll down to find the Apps section in the Account tab.
  • Scroll down in the apps section and click on the app titled Delete All Activity by IFTTT

So, this is how to hide likes on Twitter for the time being.

Hiding Your Likes From Non

You Can and Should Hide Your Facebook and Twitter Likes

You can save your likes from other people by playing with your Privacy Settings. Lets do it step by step.

  • Login to your Twitter account and on the top right corner, click on the Profile icon.
  • From the dropdown, select Settings.
  • Next, go to the Privacy section and click on the checkbox next to the Protect my Tweets option.
  • Now click on the Protect button.
  • Your likes will only be visible to your followers now. This will make your profile private. If someone wants to access your activity, then their only option is to follow you.

    Note: Twitter is an open platform. Making your Twitter profile private will partially defeat the purpose of the existence of twitter. But it will definitely hide your likes from others and keep your account protected.

    If you do not want to make your Twitter profile private then there is one more method that you can follow:

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    How To Hide Likes On Twitter By Using Google Chrome Browser

  • Log in to your Twitter profile on Google Chrome
  • Visit The Likes Page
  • Copy this code and paste it into the console field $.click
  • Now hit run to let the script run. After its done, it will then unlike all your likes tweets for you. Simple right?
  • Images Taking You Through How To Hide Likes On Twitter By Using Google Chrome Browser

    Create Private Lists On Twitter

    This method will hide your following from your non-followers as well as followers on Twitter.

    Do not follow the users you want to hide from your following and follow the steps mentioned below.

    Create a Private List on Twitter and add the users you want to follow and hide at the same time to this list. Private List can only be accessed by you. Follow the steps below to create a private list on Twitter.

  • Click on the profile picture at the top right and click Lists.
  • On the right sidebar, click on Create List.
  • Give desired name and description to your list. Select Private.
  • Finally, click on Save List.
  • After creating a private list, visit the profile of user you want to follow. On the profile, click on the gear icon and select Add or remove from lists

    Select the private list you just created above and close the dialog box.

    Similarly, add other users you want to follow and at the same time hide from everyone to the private list. As you are not following them, they wont appear under Following on your profile.

    However, to see their tweets, Simply open the list and you are good to see their tweets at one place. Their tweets wont be shown on your feed. You need to open the list to see their tweets.

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    How To Hide Other Peoples Like From Your Twitter Feed

    On the other side, you also see peoples tweets, retweets and comments in your Twitter feed. And sometimes it may become messy.

    Luckily, you can also control what shows up in your Twitter feed with a few easy tweaks. Twitter offers the Mute feature that helps you hide menus and suggested Tweets by muting hashtags, phrases, emojis, and keywords.

    To hide other peoples likes on Twitter using the Mute option:

  • Go to the Twitter app or log in to Twitter via browser.
  • Tap or click on Settings and privacy, and go to Privacy and safety.
  • Tap or click on Mute and block> Muted words.
  • Tap on the + button to add words and phrases that you dont want to show up in your notifications or feed.
  • You can mute one word or phrase at a time. So for every word you want to mute, you should tap the + button.
  • Some common phrases you can add to the muted list are:

    • ActivityTweet
    • generic_activity_Highlights
    • suggest_recap
  • Choose whether to mute from home timeline, notification from anyone or only from people you dont follow. You can also select for how long you want to mute the word, phrase, username or hashtag.
  • When youve added all keywords and phrases, click on Save in the top-right corner.
  • Note 1: By muting a word, youll mute its hashtags as well.

    Note 2: The Mute feature affects the notifications tab, SMS and email notifications, tweet replies, and push notifications, as well.

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    Tell Twitters Algorithms You Dont Want Them

    How to Hide Likes on Twitter

    If youre not interested in seeing certain types of tweets or tweets from a specific person, you can show this to Twitters algorithms.

    Each tweet that shows up in your timeline has an option on its top-right corner that says, I dont like this tweet.

    You can access this option by tapping on the arrow in the top right corner of the tweet.

    If you do this enough to let the Twitter algorithm pick it up, it will know that you dont want to see these types of tweets, and youll stop seeing them.

    Theres another Twitter algorithm that brings tweets that it thinks you like to your feed.

    These tweets appear on top of your timeline for a long time.

    You can disable this option by going to the Privacy and Safety Tab.

    Then, go to Content and find Timeline.

    Find Show the best tweets first and uncheck the box next to it.

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    Hide Your Likes On Twitter In Seconds


    Social media platforms offer us different ways to express ourselves, our opinions, ideas and emotions. In terms of business, you can build your brand identity, create your loyal community around your brand, monitor the industry, market your products and boost your sales.

    From a personal perspective, you can meet with new people, strengthen your relationship with your loved ones and keep up with the news without any time and geography constraints.

    But it is very much understandable that sometimes you don’t want everyone to access your personal information because of privacy concerns. On Twitter, this can be the scenario for your tweets and your likes.

    Once you have liked a tweet, it will be visible on your profile under the “Likes” section. Sometimes you can feel hesitant to like another tweet just because you don’t want everyone to see that you have liked the tweet.

    So, in this column, we will help you discover how to to ensure your privacy.

    Guide: Hide Likes On Twitter Guide

    Need to be familiar with How to Hide Twitter Likes? So, at that point, read this full article here. I clarify each of the related subtleties and rules how to hide likes on twitter. So if its not too much of a problem, read this full article for definitive data. In fact, there is no such choice by which you can hide your Twitter preferences, however, until you can follow some of the ways in which you can undoubtedly solve this problem.

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    The Easiest Way: Remove Your Likes On Twitter With An App

    Yep, theres an app for that. Youd be surprised how many people want to perform this operation.

    We found a great app that will help you do this quickly and easily, without worrying about coding, tedious manual processes, or even really thinking about it.

    You just click a few buttons and its done.

    The two ways you can use this app to unlike all your Twitter likes are as follows:

    Bulk Remove Twitter Likes

    Using this secret, under-the-radar app we found, you can now automatically have all of your likes removed in one fell swoop using this bulk delete twitter likes tool.

    Say you wanted to remove all twitter likes between May 2017 and June 2018.

    With this easy to use app, you can select that date range, then Unlike All. The app will then unlike all the likes you made on your account in that date range.

    Thats super convenient and we highly recommend trying this out first before you waste a lot of your time trying to accomplish it manually.

    To remove all Twitter likes manually is to be an inefficient social media user.

    Search, Filter, then Delete Likes on Twitter One-By-One

    Alternatively, you can use the same app we mentioned above to search and filter delete all likes on Twitter that youre not happy with.

    If you want to keep a lot of your likes and do a thorough review, this is the correct approach.

    This way, you can still maintain your accounts authenticity, while only unliking twitter likes that you feel are inappropriate.

    Option : Hide Likes On Twitter In Bulk

    Dont Like Replies On Your Tweets? Twitter Gives You An ...

    In just a few clicks, Circleboom allows you to delete all of your Twitter likes. To discover how to remove your Twitter likes, simply follow the steps below.

    Step #1: Log in to Circleboom.

    If you don’t have a Circleboom account yet, you can create one with few clicks. After you sign in, you can connect your Twitter account to Circleboom’s dashboard.

    Step #2: Open the left-hand menu and click “My Tweets.”

    Once you click it, a dropdown menu will open. Select “Unlike” to hide favorites on Twitter.

    Step #3: The “Unlike All” option is located at the top of the list. You can’t reverse what you’ve done after you’ve tapped it.

    So, make sure that you take a screenshot before starting the process so that you can still see what you have liked before.

    If you don’t want to delete all your likes on Twitter, you can also cherry-pick the unwanted ones by using the filtering options Circleboom provides. You can continue with the guide below to learn how to filter your likes with a free-text search.

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    What Happens When You Like A Tweet On Twitter:

  • The person who made the post will get instantly notified of your action on their post
  • If the original post contains account mentions and tags, Twitter will also inform those people of your like action
  • If you like a retweeted post, the person who initially retweeted Twitter will also notify the post of your like action
  • Methods on how to hide likes on Twitter:

    What Is The Turn

    The turn-off twitter option is for the principal of avoiding false contact in your account in the presence of observation because the people are following you are some of important but some of the contacts are not related to your account then you cannot ignore them and neither can check on individually bases then this option can help you to show or ignore those contacts which are only necessary to you.

    Here is some method to do this properly:

    • Open the list of people you follow, go down further expands the list keep going down until full list shown , just keep pressing end button on your keyboard
    • Press on the three dots in chromes top right corner to open the main page, go to more tools from here choose Developer tools you can also press ctrl +shift I.
    • At the end line add the following line and press enter:
    • If you upgrade your mind with some of Amazing Technology you must seen Our topic Startosfera Aquatica.These Wheel bot can fly or swim on the same time towards to the world with in few time as well. documents ) a.forEach method )

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    Option #: Use Twitter Archive Eraser To Delete All Likes

    The next method involves a third-party app designed for managing and deleting tweets, likes, and favorites. is one of the free options. It allows you to bulk-delete likes and is easy and straightforward to use. Heres how it works.

  • Install and launch the app.
  • You will see two checkboxes. Tick the first one, but not the other one.
  • Click the Sign In button.
  • Next, type in your user name and password.
  • Select .
  • You will then get a PIN code. Paste the code into the app.
  • After that, the app will show you the selection screen. Choose Delete Favorites.
  • The app will show you the likes count and the query limitation on top of the page.
  • Click Start to gather all Twitter likes.
  • Once the process is complete, click Next.
  • The app will show you the likes it gathered. All likes are selected by default, though the application does permit filtering.
  • When youre ready, click Erase selected tweets.
  • Click OK to confirm.
  • Once the process ends, the application will display a success notification.
  • You should, however, bear in mind that this application also has limits. First off, the app may not work with all Favorites/likes. There is a known issue with Twitters API that causes some likes to be inaccessible to the program.

    Second, the app has a four-tiered pricing program, ranging from free to premium. Each tier grants new access and functionality. For example, the FREE version only lets you delete up to 1,000 likes, which are less than two years old.

    Hide Likes On Twitter Desktop

    How To Make Your Twitter Likes Private
    • Go to and login with your creditionals.
    • Click on More then Select the Setting and privacy option.
    • Click on Privacy and safety.
    • Now Under Your Twitter activity and select the Audience and tagging option.
    • Check the box Protect your Tweets option.
    • As you enable this feature, the protect on the account will start montering everything, if someone wants to follows you will receive request to approve or deny it.
    • Note: Those account that follow you before you made your account detected, will still be able to interact with your tweets and see your likes unless you block them completely.

    Your followers will not be able to use the Retweet feature to retweet the comment. Also, third-party search engines will not be able to index your tweets.

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    Remove A Tweet From Your Favorites

    Although not the most useful method, you can simply unlike or unfavorite a Tweet if you really dont want others to see that youve liked it.

  • Log in to Twitter and go to your profile page.
  • Look for the Tweet that you want to remove from your favorites list. Hover over it with your cursor and click on the Favorited link. Its located next to the tweet.
  • To make sure youve unfavorited the Tweet, refresh the page. The action was successful if its not on the list anymore.
  • Spread Some Love Twitter

    If you really cannot stop yourself from liking tweets but want to keep your profile squeaky clean, try using Twitter Reactions. According to sources, Twitter is testing Facebook-style emoticons to react to a tweet. Once they become available on the platform, you can use them to show your love instead of Liking a tweet. Apparently, there will be six emoticons in the first phase. Now, we cant wait for the new feature to roll out.

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    Mask Your Twitter Likes From Other Eyes For Private Social Media Usage

    Social Media is inevitable in everyones life, and Twitter is one of the top four social media apps. Twitter is a place to share your thoughts, views, ideas on various topics. It is home to all official updates from any organization, celebrities, players, teams, politicians, and many more. You can get the tweets liked by the person that you are following in your Timeline. The same way your followers can able to see the tweets you have likes on their Timeline. It feels more like exposing your favorites in the social profile. We must find a way to hide likes on Twitter, and lets see how to accomplish it in the below section.

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