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How To Hide Online Status On Whatsapp

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Whatsapp Online Status: Hide While Chatting Show Offline

How To Hide Online Status On WhatsApp

Either youre on your iPhone or Android there are a few ways that you can use to hide the online status of your WhatsApp profile.

That may include a third-party app on your mobile or the use of WhatsApp settings both can work in an effective way.

But the problem is with WhatsApps settings is that youll be missing your friends online timestamp as well.

Also, I found these apps can hide the online status of your WhatsApp. My story is a little different from this as whenever someone has messaged me and I did not reply back, they ask for the reason for not checking the message.

You can try the ways to know if someone spies that I got good results with. WhatsApp has such a feature that will help you to hide your online status from anyone you want and use your WhatsApp privately.

This no doubt sends a wrong impression to that person if youre online and cannot reply to messages.

The default settings can help you hide your last seen status from showing to such people who are not on your contact list.

To hide the online status while youre chatting with someone, first install WhatsApp ++ on your mobile and create a last seen that is one day before. Now when you chat with the person that will display an old date instead of showing Online.

The simple method to hide your Online status while chatting, follow these steps:

  • Open your WhatsApp and tap on the three-dots icon on the top right corner.
  • Now go to settings, there youve to go to and tap on Account.
  • Using A Secondary Account To Hide Your Activity

    Finally, if youre absolutely worried about people being able to see your online activity on WhatsApp, your best bet is to simply switch to an alternate account, using a number you only give out to certain specific users. WhatsApp relies on your phone number to add and message contacts on the service, but the app doesnt use your standard phone numberit relies on you giving the service your phone number to activate the account. By using an alternate phone number we can disguise your accounts activity and you can keep your standard account offline while simultaneously massaging your best friends in a group chat.

    The first thing we need is an alternate phone number. Plenty of applications exist to give you new or temporary phone numbers, and our personal favorite is Google Voice. When you sign up with your Google account, youll be given a new number based on your location. Unfortunately, Google Voice can only be registered from the United States right now. There are guides online to helping you gain access to Google Voice numbers outside the United States, as well as popular alternate number services that are based around your country of origin. If youre outside the United States and do not have the ability to use VPN and IP masking to sign up for Google Voice, feel free to select your favorite secondary number service from any reputable site online.

    Got any other great ideas for protecting privacy on WhatsApp? Share them with us in the comments below!

    Hide Last Seen Profile Photo & About In Whatsapp

    Step 1 Open WhatsApp in your smartphone and go to Settings. On Android tap on 3 dots and select Settings while on iPhone simply tap on the Settings tab.

    Step 2 Inside Settings, select Account and then Privacy.

    Step 3 Here is the place where you can manage your Last Seen, Profile Photo, Status and About.

    Hiding Last Seen On Selecting Last Seen you will have 3 options i.e. Everyone, My contacts, and Nobody to choose from.

    As it is clear from their names depending on the option you choose Last Seen will be shown to those group of people. If you want to hide it from people who are not in your Contact List then Select the option My Contacts then only the people in your Contact List will be able to view your Last Seen. In case you want to hide Last Seen from people in your Contact List too then you may choose Nobody then your Last Seen wont be shown to anyone.

    Note: You too will not be able to view their Last Seen if you are hiding yours.

    Hiding Profile Photo In Privacy if you select Profile Photo you will get the same 3 options you got for Last Seen. You can select the option depending on the group of people with whom you want to share your picture.

    Hiding About For Hiding About you need to select About in Privacy and go on selecting the desired option as in Hiding Profile Photo or Last Seen.

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    How To Hide Typing Status In Iphone

    You can hide your last use, active status but what if you have people still can see your typing? You may not be aware of this tweak but you can hide the WhatsApp typing on the iPhone.

    Basically there are two ways. The number one is the to achieve this:

    • Turn off your internet connection.
    • Send your message.
    • Instead of tick bugs, youll get a clock icon.
    • Now, turn on your internet connection.

    As soon as you turn it on, your message will be sent and someone can see you typing.

    IPhone WhatsApp usage 5. Hide online status ++,

    You can install WhatsApp ++ on your device, you have your iPhone. You just need to jailbreak your iPhone to install WhatsApp ++, which will restore your online status.

    Follow the easy online steps that will hide the status of the iPhone:

    1.Jailbreak your iPhone to install WhatsApp ++ on your device.

    2.Now, download WhatsApp ++, IPA app and install it on your iOS device.

    3.Now tap the status to make some changes.WhatsApp ++, settings

    Path: Go to Settings> Privacy> Tap Writing Status and there you go, you can hide the typing stamp for WhatsApp on your iPhone.

    Use The Reply Feature From Mobile Or Wearable Notifications

    Working Ways To Hide Online Status on WhatsApp?

    The easiest way to appear offline on WhatsApp when sending a message is to reply from your Android or iOS notifications alert, and this method even works on KaiOS. In order to do that, it is necessary that message notifications are activated via the operating system’s settings:

  • On your smartphone, access Settings .
  • Navigate to Applications and select WhatsApp.
  • Select Notifications and enable all notifications.
  • Upon doing so, each time you receive a message notification, click on the drop-down menu to reply to the message via the “Reply” button without having to launch WhatsApp itself. It is there where you can type out your reply and send it without appearing online or affecting your Last seen status.

    If you are using a wearable device that synchronizes to your WhatsApp account, whether it is a smartwatch or fitness bracelet, you can also do the same when sending a reply via your wearable device without appearing online in the messenger.

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    Other Whatsapp Privacy Measures:

    WhatsApp allows many other privacy measures that you can take in order to maintain your privacy.

    You can restrict the access to your Profile picture, WhatsApp Status as well as the About page. Not only this you can also disable the read receipts and limit yourself being added to unwanted groups and put a Fingerprint lock for added security.

    This article adds some sort of security to the users privacy, however, there may be instances when users may want to add an extra layer of security to WhatsApp. For this, you can choose apps available on Play Store. But my personal favorite has always been Locker for Whats Chat App.

    This amazing app, secure users private and group chat by simply setting a PIN. Plus, using it user can lock entire WhatsApp chat with a single PIN.

    Install today and secure your private and group chats. Make WhatsApp secure!!

    How To Hide Whatsapp Status From Someone On Iphone

    While it is true that everybody likes to share memories and pictures, they still want to keep their stuff private and will not like to share it with everyone. Lets walk through the steps to see how to hide WhatsApp status from someone if you own an iPhone:

    1. Launch the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone.

    2. From the bottom right screen, tap on the Settings icon.

    3. From the Settings window, click on Account.

    4. The account window shows an option named Privacy, tap that.

    5. Here, click on Status.

    6. The next screen that follows, tap on My Contacts Except.

    7. Here, select the Contacts that you wish to hide WhatsApp status Updates from and then tap on Done.

    Once you have finished doing all the above-mentioned steps, your WhatsApp Status Updates will be hidden from selected Contacts.

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    How To Hide Your Online Status In Whatsapp From A Pc

    If you use WhatsApp on your PC, youre probably on the WhatsApp Web version. This version doesnt allow tweaking online status through the settings page as with the smartphone.

    Instead, you need to install plugins for your browser. Assuming you use Chrome, there are two plugins you can use. Just follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to Google Chromes Web Store and search for the WAIncognito extension.
  • Install the extension to use WhatsApp without appearing online.
  • Tap on the extension to tweak the settings. You can check the box next to the Dont send Last Seen updates option to hide your online status.
  • You can also install a plugin called WA Web Plus. Just add the plugin to your Chrome, access the WhatsApp Web as usual, and follow the steps below:

  • With the WhatsApp Web open, tap on the WA Web Plus plugin.
  • Check the box next to Hide online to hide your online status from your contacts.
  • If the changes dont apply right away, simply reload the WhatsApp Web app.
  • How To Hide Online Status On Whatsapp: Step

    How to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp

    WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging platform with over two billion monthly active users. As such everyone and their social circle are on the app. WhatsApp lets its users see when their contacts were last online, next to their name. While this feature is intended to make communication more transparent, it might feel like privacy invasion to some and they must have wondered how to hide online status on WhatsApp.

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    There could be many reasons for this, for example, someone might be on a vacation and wouldnt want their colleagues to know when they are online lest they get bombarded with work-related messages. In order to avoid such situation, WhatsApp lets users hide their online status from their contacts. In case you would like to hide your online status as well, heres a step-by-step guide for you.

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    How To Hide Whatsapp Status

    Nowadays, privacy is the most important for everyone. Everyone uses social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and now Whatsapp messenger is the most popular messenger in the world. So many people upload their pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp also. So, you need to hide your photos from unknown peoples. Here is How to Hide Whatsapp status. You can hide text and photo status in Whatsapp. This is necessary because of privacy.

    Earlier, you could only share Text status in Whatsapp. But, now Whatsapp introduced a new feature in which you can share your pictures in Whatsapp Status. Thats why Whatsapp also introduced new privacy features for its users. Because everyone shares their personal pictures in Whatsapp status. So, you can also hide your status photos from specific contacts.

    You need to hide your status photos from unknown people. You can Still set Text status in Whatsapp. Here is How To Set And Change Whatsapp Text Status.


  • 3 Final Words
  • Why Should You Need To Hide Status In Whatsapp ?

    There are many reasons to hide Status in Whatsapp. Because nobody wants to share their pictures with everyone. If you want to share your Status Photos only with family members then you can do this with new privacy options.

    • You dont want to share status with everyone.
    • You want to share status only with your contacts.
    • You want to share status only with family members.
    • You want to share status only with one person.

    How To Hide Online Status On Whatsapp

    When it comes to hiding online status on WhatsApp, one of the most common and widely used methods is to hide last seen in WhatsApp. Do note though that if you disable your last seen status for others, you wont be able to see anyone elses last seen status either.

    Heres how to hide last seen in WhatsApp in order to hide your online status on WhatsApp application while chatting:

    • At first, open the WhatsApp messenger app.
    • Tap on the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner.
    • Now from the list of options, tap on the Settings.
    • Next, tap on the Account> Privacy.
    • Finally, tap on the Last Seen option and then select Nobody.

    Once you have changed your WhatsApp last seen from Everyone to Nobody at all, now no one will be able to know about your online status on WhatsApp.

    If you dont save someones number and set the option of last seen in WhatsApp to only My contacts then they wont be able to see your online status as well.

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    Hide Whatsapp Status From Specific Contacts

    As WhatsApp Status is shown to all your contacts by default, what if you only want to show it to particular people or hide it from certain contacts.

    There are 2 ways with which you can achieve it. One from the WhatsApp Settings and another way is under the Status tab on Android and iOS apps.

    Way 1:

    • For the first method, you need to follow the same steps in the section above WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy > Status.
    • Now, it makes sense to choose My Contacts Except if there are only a few contacts from whom you want to hide your status updates and select Only Share With if there are only a few people whom you wish to show your WhatsApp status update.
    • After making the desired selection, select the Contacts from the list and tap Done.

    That is all there is to it! You can always unhide them whenever desired by going to the same location and unchecking those contacts and saving the changes by tapping Done.

    Important: Please note that the changes you make in the WhatsApp Status privacy settings wont affect the Status updates you have posted already i.e. they will still be seen by all the contacts or according to privacy setting you had while posting that update. It will apply from the point of time you save the setting.

    Way 2:

    • Open WhatsApp and select Status tab.
    • Android users need to tap on the three vertical dots at the top right corner and select Status privacy. Phone/iPad users can tap on Privacy at the top left corner.

    How To Hide Online Status On Whatsapp By Changing The Settings

    How To Hide Online Status On WhatsApp

    Apart from the hiding last seen in WhatsApp application, there are multiple ways through which you can hide your online status on WhatsApp messenger. Some methods require you to go completely offline in order to hide WhatsApp online status.

    So, now lets have a look at some of the most popular quick ways and learn how to hide online status on WhatsApp by changing the settings:

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    How To Hide Your Online Status In Whatsapp On An Android Device

    People often want to hide their online status to keep a bit of privacy for themselves. If youre better off texting on WhatsApp incognito, you can do so on your Android device. Just follow the steps below.

  • Launch WhatsApp on your Android device.
  • Tap on the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Select Settings and navigate to the Account section.
  • Go to Privacy.
  • Tap on Last seen and select Nobody if you want to hide your online status completely. Tap My contacts if you only want your contacts to see your online status.
  • How To Hide Whatsapp Status From Someone On Android Phone

    1. Launch WhatsApp on your Android Phone.

    2. Click on Status.

    3. In the Status option window, click on the three vertical dots and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

    4. Here select Status Privacy.

    5. The next screen that follows, tap on My Contacts Except.

    6. Here, select the Contacts that you wish to hide WhatsApp status from someone and then click on the green tick option from the bottom right corner.

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    How To Hide Online Status On Whatsapp To Protect Privacy

    • You can hide your WhatsApp online status if you don’t want others to see when you’re online.
    • WhatsApp normally allows everyone to view your online status, but it’s easy to change in the app’s settings.
    • If you hide your online status on WhatsApp, you also won’t be able to see other people’s online status.

    If you use WhatsApp regularly, chances are you’ve spotted the login status next to the name of some of your contacts. Though WhatsApp makes your online status visible to everyone by default, you can easily change it.

    Tip: Hide 5 Whatsapp Android And Iphone Typing

    Hide Online Status on Whatsapp iPhone (Last Seen)

    When you type a message on Whatsapp for somebody, the user can see your status as typing. If you do not want to show the status of the typing mode, then you can enable the above mentioned aircraft. Also, the settings whatsapp privacy options you can hide from the typing status.

    There are also some third-party hoyatasaaayapa client on your smartphone, you can chat with your original account can use WhatsApp. These clients offer a little more flexibility and special customizations.

    If youve been using Android devices, its time to chat with anyone to hide your online status, you can use GBWhatsApp app. There are many more features to the app.

    If youre an iPhone user, you hide your online status, you can use the app WhatsApp ++.

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