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How To Hide Email Recipients In Gmail

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The Start Of Automating Your Mass Emails

How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients from Gmail

In order to start automating your mass emails you will need the following:


This list contains all the email addresses of the recipients that will receive your mass email

A spreadsheet with additional information

The spreadsheet contains one or multiple additional columns which contain personal details such as first name, last name and company details

An overview of the number of emails you want to send

If you want to build a well-performing outreach campaign, its often useful to send multiple emails such as reminders

A unique copy for every single email

Every email you send out requires unique content. You can write different versions for every email to learn which type of content will improve your results

How Do I Send An Email To Multiple Recipients Without Them Knowing

To hide the email addresses from recipients:

  • Enter addresses into Bcc.
  • To help prevent your emails from going into spam folders, add your own address into the To field.
  • Note the number of contacts before sending an email.
  • Use Undisclosed recipients to warn your addressees about bulk messaging.
  • Are There Any Downsides

    There are downsides with everything, right? Here are the cons of using BCC.

  • When someone accidentally presses the reply-all button. This does happen, and as soon as it does, their response will be shared with every email in the BCC section of the email. Not only can this cause issues with people seeing messages that were not intended for them, but its technically an unintentional breach of security for that sender. It also means that there could be loads of unrelated emails flooding other peoples inboxes and who has time to deal with that?
  • Its not that professional. Undisclosed recipients still know they are on a list with other people, and they have no idea who. Thats when the human brain kicks into overdrive. Who are they? Why dont I know who they are? Is somebody trying to hide something from me? You dont want to arouse suspicion and have people questioning why you used BCC.
  • There is no way to personalize the email. Here at Right Inbox, were passionate about personalization . BCC doesnt allow for any personalization at all. Why? The answer is pretty simple. If there were personalized parts of the email, people would receive the information you are trying to hide. Why BCC if youre going to mention peoples names in the email?
  • And there you have it sending to undisclosed recipients isnt always recommended, but its simple to do if you ever need to.


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    Can A Recipient In The Bcc Reply To All

    You may be wondering what happens if one of the undisclosed recipients hits “Reply all“.

    When you mouse over the Reply All option in Outlook, the screen tip tells you that Reply All will Reply to the sender and all other recipients of this message.

    Microsoft’s answer to this question is that Reply All will only reply to the original Sender and the e-mail addresses in the To and Cc fields, not the Bcc fields.

    Gmail Help tells us the same. Undisclosed recipients can only reply to who they can “see”. Blind Carbon Copy is designed to hide all recipients except those in To: or Cc:, so Reply All would only go to those, plus the original sender.

    Send To Individual Email Addresses

    How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients from Gmail ...

    In the Mail app on your Mac, do one of the following:

    • In an address field of your message, type names or email addresses.

      As you type, Mail shows addresses that you previously used in Mail or that it finds in the Contacts app. If youre connected to network serverssay at work or schoolit also shows addresses found on those servers.

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    How Do You Cc Someone In A Text Message

    Tap the field labeled Cc/Bcc, From.Enter the names or e-mail addresses of the recipients in one of the following ways:

  • Type the names or e-mail addresses of the recipients in the To field.
  • Tap the microphone icon on the virtual keyboard to dictate the names or e-mail addresses of the recipients in the To field.
  • Use An Undisclosed Recipients Contact For Mass Email Hide Recipients

    When you create a contact called Undisclosed Recipients, you can put it in the To field instead of leaving it blank. It is also a way for the recipients to understand that other users are also receiving the same message, as well as, the email ids are concealed. Such a contact name can be considered to be a courtesy.

    Any recipient who gets the message can just see Undisclosed Recipients in the To field of their email. However, Outlook does not treat it as a special entity. Instead, it is simply another contact, which is attached to your email address.

    Also, you may give any name to the contact but this particular name has now become a type of accepted tradition. To cut it short, recipients can be alerted by the sender that the email is being sent to many other email ids by using this feature called Undisclosed recipients.

    Steps to send a mass email hide recipients with Undisclosed Recipients feature in Microsoft Outlook:

    Step 1: Go to the Outlook Navigation menu and choose People.

    Step 2: Select Contacts, click on Home. And then click on New Contact.

    Step 3: Type in the name Undisclosed recipient for the email address to be used for sending mass emails as sender.

    You need to now save your changes. Next time onwards, whenever you want to send an email to several recipients at one shot, simply choose this created contact. Thereafter, insert it into the To field. The other steps are more or less the same as the ones described above.

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    Gmail & Undisclosed Recipients

    Emailing has become the most prominent way of official communication these days. Every second, many millions of emails are sent, and that explains how popular this technology is. Sending an email is a pretty simple process. Even a beginner-level user can learn how to send and receive emails within a couple of minutes. The process is much simpler when it comes to a highly user-friendly email service like Gmail.

    There is no shortage of instances where we send emails to multiple recipients simultaneously. Gmail allow you to send emails to multiple recipients at once. To send such an email, all you need is to include the addresses of the recipients in the To line. However, when you do so, there is one issue. That means every recipient will be able to see your message .

    The problem is that every recipient will be able to see the other email addresses as well. If you have sent an email to 20 recipients, every recipient will see the other 19 email addresses. So, there is hardly any privacy in this method. However, to overcome this issue easily, you can use the BCC feature. BCC is an abbreviation that represents the term Blind Carbon Copy. If you type the recipients addresses in the BCC field, the email addresses will be hidden from the others. So, no one knows who else has received the same email. In the context of privacy, BCC is a very decent feature.

    How To Make An Email Group In Gmail

    How to hide email recipients using BCC

    If you frequently send messages to the same group of recipients, consider creating an email group in Gmail:

  • and check the box beside each contact you want to include in the group.

  • Press the label button above the list, then select Create Label in the sidebar.

  • Enter a name for the new group and select Save.

  • To add more contacts to a group, select the contact, then select the Label icon and choose the group.

  • A check mark will appear next to the group name. Select Apply to add the contact to the group.

  • When composing an email, type the name of the new group in the Bcc field. Gmail will populate the field with the complete name, and no one in the group will be able to see the addresses of any other recipients.

    If you want all recipients to know who else is receiving the message, add a note at the beginning that lists all recipients minus their email addresses.

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    Improper For Formal Conversations

    Remember, even if your undisclosed recipients cant see the details of other recipients on the BCC list, theyll know that they werent the only ones added. This can create a bad impression or even a sense of suspicion among your undisclosed recipients.


    Theyll be busy wondering about the identities of the other undisclosed recipients instead of focusing on your mail! You should avoid using this for formal conversations, as it could lead to decreased trust in your correspondence.

    How To Send Multiple Emails To Undisclosed Recipients Using Mailbird

    Mailbird is a powerful email management platform that enables users to sync and manage all their emails in one place, thereby facilitating a healthy email relationship. As a highly useful tool for organizing your emails, Mailbird also allows you to send messages to undisclosed recipients. Below are the simple steps to get things rolling.

    Step 1: Create a new message.Get theMailbird App and enable the Contacts App integration, if youre yet to do so. This is one of the defining features of the app. To do this, go to Apps in the left sidebar and select ON under contacts. Next, hit the Add Contacts button.

    Step 2: Type Undisclosed in the first name field Type Recipients in the last name field Click Add email and type in your email address .

    Step 3: Click Add Bcc and type in all the desired recipients of the email into the Bcc field. You may also click the pointed triangle in front of To: to add all the recipients to BCC. Also, be sure to separate each recipients address with a comma.

    Step 4: Next, type the subject of your email, compose the body of your email, and click Send.

    Step 5: For good measure, check the email youve just sent. Navigate to your inbox and open the mail.

    Try Out the Best Email App for Business and Professionals.

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    How To Automate Your Mass Emails

    Now that youve learned how to create great mass emails while not showing the addresses, its time to look at how you can automate this process in order to save time. When it comes to sending emails in the B2B space, you will often send out the same emails to different people at specific times. To avoid having to copy and paste your email copy to create new mass emails, its often more efficient to simply automate this process.

    For example, when youre sending out a specific email to every new user that signed up for your product last week, you want to avoid having to send a mass email containing every new user. You will have to schedule this task every week and in the end, it will just be a time-consuming task. Instead, you should start automating these mass emails so you will be able to spend your time on other tasks.

    Following Are The List Of Steps You Should Follow To Make An Email Group

    How to Send Email to Undisclosed Recipients From Gmail

    1) As the first step, you should launch Google Contacts.

    2) Then, next to each contact, you will find a box. Just mark this box if you need to add that respective contact to be in the group.

    3) Now, click on the option called Create New Label. This is located in the sidebar.4) Enter the name of your desire for the new group. You should do this in the provided space.5) Now, it is a matter of clicking OK to create the new group. This group contains only the contacts you have just selected.

    6) If you need to add contacts to the new group, click on the Tag icon. This icon is located in the upper right corner when the contacts are selected.7) After that, you should click on the tag to which you should add contacts. Now, you will see a checkmark.

    8) When it comes to sending a new email, you should start typing the new groups name. Now, Gmail will populate the field using the name you have entered previously.

    Besides, if you face the Gmail not sending emails issue, here are the best solutions.

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    How To Send An Email Without Showing Recipients Email Addresses

    In this post I’m going to share with you how to send an email to multiple recipients without them knowing so you don’t upset anyone by sharing their private information with all of the recipients of your email.

    I hear way too often from people telling me that they’ve failed to hide email addresses and they’ve upset a few people, and I don’t want it to be you!

    Reasons To Use Undisclosed Recipients In Your Emails

    There are several reasons you may want to use BCC. Here are the most common:

    • Sending a newsletter when you dont have access to email marketing software. Not every company has a need for software like Mailchimp. If you only send the odd email, you probably cant justify the price. In that case, using undisclosed recipients and BCC is an excellent free alternative.
    • Sending PR pitches. Its important to send personalized pitches to journalists in this day and age, but there are times when that just isnt feasible. Maybe its a last-minute pitch, for example. Well, nothing is going to annoy a journalist more than knowing its been sent to several people at the same time. In that situation, use BCC.

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    How Do I Use Cc And Bcc In Gmail

    How to CC in Gmail

  • Log in to your Gmail account and click Compose to open up the Gmail compose window.
  • In the To address box, type your primary recipients email address.
  • Enter the email address of recipients wholl receive a copy of the email in the CC field.
  • Compose your email subject and message.
  • Benefits Of Using Mailtrack Over Bcc In Gmail

    How to hide recipients in gmail

    A little more personal

    BCC is very impersonal. Knowing how to send an email to multiple recipients individually in Gmail with BCC is fine. But, when people receive an email and see themselves listed as a BCC recipient, its usually pretty clear to them that theyre just part of a mass emailing campaign. Sending them an email where theyre the only recipient makes the communication feel just a little more personal.

    Individual email tracking

    When sending mass emails through Mailtrack campaigns, each email is tracked individually. This means knowing who from your contact list is opening your emails, and who is ignoring them. Mailtrack can also give users notifications to let them know when their email recipients open the message.


    If youre sending emails that are urgent, then making sure everyone has read it can be crucial. Mailtrack provides reminders to let you know when emails havent been opened after a certain time. This lets users take that list of non-reading recipients and send them a second email to prompt them to start reading.

    Be careful about doing this. There is often a very fine line between sending a helpful follow-up and nagging or spamming people. However, if youre reminding people about something important, such as an imminent event being abruptly canceled, then go for it.

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    Create A Contact Group

    Only do this step if you plan on mass emailing the same group of people again. If not, skip to Step 2.

    Go to and click Create Label on the sidebar:

    The label will be the name of your distribution group, so keep it simple but memorable. This is for your internal reference onlyyour recipients wont see this label.

    Set up as many labels as you like. Its going to make your life a lot easier the more you can simplify the process of emailing different groups of people you interact with:

    Once youve created a label, go to your Contacts list. Select all the recipients you want to tag with the label:

    Then, click on the Manage Labels button at the top of your contact list .

    If you have more than one label created, choose the one you want to add the selected recipients to:

    If you want to make sure this was done correctly , open the label from the sidebar to see who’s under it:

    If at any time you need to remove someone from a distribution list or move them to a different one, hover over their name and click on the More actions button to the right :

    Now that you know how to create a distribution group using your Contacts list and Labels, lets walk through what you need to do to actually email them.


    Does It Really Matter

    Yes, in order to protect your email subscribers and customers, you want to take every precaution to keep their personal information safe.

    And the best way to do this is with a legitimate email service provider. Heres why:

    • You can save time by having a saved list so you dont have to copy and paste for every send.
    • An email platform lets you create html emails that look beautiful and draw more attention.
    • You can gauge engagement metrics over time for an audience.
    • You can legally comply to data privacy and email laws like CAN-SPAM by providing an unsubscribe option within your campaign.

    If youre still sending customer or prospect communications out with a platform like Gmail, its time to make your program legitimate. Try out Campaign Monitor for free and see how it makes sendingincluding sending to hidden email addresseseasy with every campaign.

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