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How To Hide Company Name In Linkedin

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Hiding Your Profile Changes

How do I remove the old company name from the top of my LinkedIn Profile?

You can easily hide changes you make to your profile. This is especially helpful when you start applying for a new job, or you simply dont want to spam your connections with random updates. To do hide your profile activity, follow these steps:

  • Open LinkedIn and sign-in if needed.
  • Next, click on your profile in the upper right-hand corner and select Settings & Privacy.
  • Now, in the menu on the left-side of the screen, click on Visibility.
  • Then, directly underneath, select Visibility of your LinkedIn Activity.
  • Navigate to the section.
  • Click on the Toggle switch to select No.
  • Turning off these activity updates only includes some of the activity you may be up to. Fortunately, there is another way to turn off your activity as well.

  • Go ahead and start updating a section, your work history, education, or something along those lines.
  • Before you click the option to Save toggle off the switch to Share with Network. If you want to keep your activities private, this switch ensures that you are successful.
  • You Can Build Your Brand

    Just like companies build their brands, it’s important for you to build your professional brand online. How do you stand out from others in your industry? What makes you marketable? Why should someone pay you six figures?

    Personal websites are great for this, but they often come with extra costs and hours and hours of building and finessing. LinkedIn is a simple way to put your name on the professional map. Upload a professional profile picture and that emphasizes your strengths and showcases your personality. When recruiters, employers, co-workers, and managers peruse your profile, they should be able to gain a strong understanding of who you are and what skills you bring to the table.

    What Are The Main Features Of Linkedin

    The main features of LinkedIn are:

    • My network: For managing your connections
    • Jobs: For finding and posting new job opportunities
    • Groups: To gather communities for niche-specific discussions
    • In-mail and Messaging: To communicate with your connection and their connections
    • LinkedIn pages: For posting company-related information and announcements

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    How To Block On Linkedin: 2021 Guide With 10+ Examples

    How to block someone in LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn is the best place for professionals, students, job-seekers to network with other people and builds connections in the industry.

    However, this doesnt mean this platform is free from cringe-content, disturbing people, and harassment. Often you come across people on LinkedIn whom you want to block immediately.

    Thankfully, LinkedIn can block people without them even realizing it quickly.

    This article will guide you through how to block someone in LinkedIn from a web browser and your mobile.

    This article will talk about:

    With ~740 million members in 20 countries, LinkedIn is the best professional networking site in the world.

    However, LinkedIn is also full of spammers and scammers like any other networking platform. And you may find the need to completely block a person on LinkedIn to cut off communication with them.

    The best part is, LinkedIn members do not get any notifications if you block them. That means you can block them easily without feeling guilty.

    Here are a couple of reasons why you should block someone on LinkedIn:

    When Would One Want To Hide Their Linkedin Profile

    How To Hide Your LinkedIn Profile From Google

    Now that we know how to hide LinkedIn profiles let’s look at some reasons why people might want to hide their profiles in the first place.

    Growing one’s network

    When someone has recently joined Linkedin, chances are their profile isn’t completely optimized yet. They are more likely to check other Linkedin profiles such as their friends, professors, colleagues, managers, etc. Private mode is ideal in such a scenario.

    Lead Generation on LinkedIn

    When undertaking lead generation activities, it is best to turn on LinkedIn private mode as it is better not to give away the fact that you will reach out to a particular person.

    However, when doing outreach, the private mode is best turned off as you can easily break the ice with the person you are reaching out to. This helps in crafting a warm introductory message.

    Recruiting on LinkedIn

    As a recruiter, you might go through hundreds of profiles on LinkedIn, and some of those people might want to add you back, which may not be to your liking. Hence the private mode is preferred for recruiting through LinkedIn.

    Software Testing

    Several automation and analytics tools look at LinkedIn data. Consequently, there are developers opening thousands of profiles. If you are one of their test subjects, your profile will get hits from many random people. Operating LinkedIn in private mode is helpful here.

    Competitor Research

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    How To Control What Parts Of Your Linkedin Profile Are Visible To The Public

    If you want your profile to be found in search engines and by non-LinkedIn users, but want to limit what they have access to viewing, you can do that through your profile as well. Here’s how:

  • Login to LinkedIn
  • Go back to the area marked “Your profile’s public visibility.”
  • You will see a series of categories that you can make public or private. If the item is visible, it will be marked “Show” and the button will be blue. To turn it off, click on the button to hide it. The button will turn gray.
  • To see what your profile now looks like to the public, click “View My Public Profile” as others see it link.
  • You can also customize who sees your profile photoyour connections, your network, all LinkedIn members or the public through search engines.

    Remember, the controls offered here are designed to limit access to people who are not a part of the LinkedIn community. Your connections and other LinkedIn members will be privy to information you provide.

    A Lackluster Introductory ‘headline’

    This title appears right below your photo and name, making it one of the first things people see. Think of this field as your answer to, “What do you do?”

    Your brief reply might be, “I’m the vice president of manufacturing for .” Or you might say, “I bring next-generation products from design into the marketplace.” Both are correct. But which is more effective for you? The answer is, it depends.

    Here are two things to consider:

    • When your title and company say it all: If you work for the leader in your field a Fortune 100 company, the hot digital startup, a top-tier institution you may want to showcase your official job title as the introductory headline.
    • When a few descriptive words broadcast a better message: The other school of thought says to use a short description to convey not only what you do, but how you do it .

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    We Explain How To Remove Your Linkedin Profile From Google Searches

    LinkedIn is a professional networking tool, so there are some advantages to keeping your LinkedIn profile visible to search engines.

    However, if you prefer to keep your social media presence to a minimum or would like to remain discreet when someone tries to look you up, you can adjust your profile’s public visibility to ensure that your LinkedIn profile does not appear in Google search results.

    Even if you remove your profile from Google, recruiters will still be able to find you on the platform.

    Create An Engaging Linkedin About Page

    Changing the Company Name in your LinkedIn Profile

    The About page is the first thing a person sees when they click on your companys profile on LinkedIn.

    You need to do three things in it:

    #1 Tell Your Story

    Remember how back in high school youd memorize dates for a history test and then forget them the second you walked out of the classroom? Memorizing those dates was hard because humans arent wired to remember facts, we are wired to remember stories.

    But what does this have to do with your LinkedIn page? Well, if you present your company page visitors with a set of facts, their eyes will glaze over and they wont remember much once they leave the page.

    On the other hand, if you tell a story and do it well, people will remember it for a long time. And they will remember your company as well.

    #2 Sell Your Products or Services

    No, I dont mean literally asking people for money in exchange for a product. I mean conveying the value of the product/service youre selling.

    Here its important to understand the difference between the features and the benefits:

    • A feature is a characteristic of a product .
    • A benefit is the value your customer will get from that product .

    Theres a saying in copywriting: Features tell, but benefits sell.

    Its important to understand that while listing the main features of a product can be useful, you must always sell on benefits.

    Dont just tell people what your product does, tell them how it will make their life better.

    #3 Provide Social Proof

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    Hiding A Linkedin Profile

    When hiding your LinkedIn profile, take note that search engines may take some time to detect changes and refresh. This process is out of LinkedIns control. Also worth noting is the fact that even if a profile is set to public, sometimes people who arent members of LinkedIn may be prompted to sign up or sign in to LinkedIn before they could view your public profile.

    In LinkedIn, a users public profile is displayed in search results. Public profiles appear when people search for you using a public search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. LinkedIn public profiles may also appear on affiliate and approved third-party services such as Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Samsung phones mail app, etc.

    When displaying your public profile, you can set limits on just how much information is displayed. LinkedIn allows you to customize the information that is made public, so use this to your advantage in order to make more connections and generate leads.

    While LinkedIn does not currently allow its members to hide their profiles from everyone, users at least have the ability to hide their public profiles from those who are not members of LinkedIn.

    Useful Linkedin Features You Might Not Know About

    LinkedIn is a thriving place for leaders worldwide.

    It is the ultimate destination for job seekers, experts, executives, mentors, and more from businesses of all ranges.

    LinkedIn has mellowed down the corporate stiffness for a crowd of 772 million users by aiding them in professional engagement. And over a few months, creators were introduced to some of the coolest LinkedIn features, based on the changing trends in communication, marketing, business sector, etc.

    Most LinkedIn features focus on securing your privacy, saving time, expanding your network, driving your business goals, and letting people know how to pronounce your name right.

    Excited already? Lets learn how to use these and many more features that you probably didnt know about!

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    How To Create A Company Page On Linkedin

    Do you use LinkedIn? Chances are you have a personal profile on it but, if you arent actively looking for your next career opportunity, then you probably dont use it that much.

    Sleep better at night with Kinstas premium WordPress hosting

    In a minute, Ill tell you why you need to create a company page on LinkedIn and how to do it but first, let me tell you this: if you dont regularly check LinkedIn, you are not alone. . Its easy to neglect this social network.

    Note: This Post How To Correctly Link To Your Companys Linkedin Company Page Was Originally Published In January 2016

    How To Hide Your LinkedIn Profile From Google

    Many LinkedIn users personal profiles are NOT correctly linked to the LinkedIn Company Pages of the companies they work for. You may list a company in the experience section of your profile but if you are not linked correctly, clicking on the company name will not take you to the LinkedIn Company Page. Nor will you be displayed, on the company page, as an employee of the company. Here is a quick tutorial on how to correctly link to your companys LinkedIn Company Page.

    If you are a business owner and/or if you are managing your companys LinkedIn Company Page, the first step is to correctly NAME YOUR PAGE. Many companies have multiple names, often a full name and a version with initials for example, LisaMarie Dias Designs and LMDD. When this is the case, I would suggest LisaMarie Dias Designs .

    Since I do not usually use the initials, I do not add them to my Company Page but if I DID predominantly use the company initials but was unable to get the initial only version , I could also use the full version above. Or if your firm is only known by its initials, you could use something like WXY& Z Lawyers.

    I highly recommend adding your LOGO to the company page as well, for branding purposes and to get additional visibility for the company on your employees personal profiles.

    NOTE: All the following screen shots are taken on the desktop version of the LinkedIn platform.

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    Check Your Profile Picture

    Take a look at the picture you’re using and decide if it reflects the professional you. If not, consider updating the image you’re using. Your picture is the first thing networking contacts and employers who are sourcing candidates are going to notice, so make sure it’s a good one.

    Consider using the same professional image on all of your work-related social accounts. Being consistent across platforms is a way to boost your personal brand.

    Updating Your Professional Profile

    You can make status updates on your professional profile similar to the way you would on Facebook and Google+. You can share links as well as tag people and companies relevant to your update. Youll find the blank post segment at the top of your home page feed.

    When preparing to make a post you can opt for a general text post or one that includes media or a link, like the example image above. You can also choose to publish an article instead, which will .

    Articles you publish can be featured at the top of your profile next to your activity feed while also promoted out to your connections.

    Theyre also discoverable in LinkedIn search as well as organic search.

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    Using The Default Connection Request

    “Dont use the standard connection request! People think that LinkedIn is like Twitter, where its about quantity over quality, but youre supposed to be building valuable professional relationships to leverage into career opportunities,” Williams explains.

    Even if you’re reaching out to someone you’ve never met, the right move is to do a little research on that person, and tailor your connection request. “Customize your message to make the recipient take notice, like writing, ‘I read this article you wrote . I’m also building a career in , and I would love to be connected to you,'” Williams says.

    “People who are using LinkedIn correctly want to be connected to people who make them look good,” Williams adds. “Employers appreciate your connections. They might even hire you because you know people in the industry, and can make things happen.”

    How To Keep Your Linkedin Connections More Private

    NEW How Do I Delete A Company Page On LinkedIn

    Who you are connected with can be valuable information. Beyond snoopy bosses, there are also snoopy recruiters, and maybe you dont want someone mining your network for potential hires without going through you first. If you want to keep your connections private for either reason, go to your LinkedIn account:

  • Select: How others see your LinkedIn activity.
  • Choose who can see your list of connections and select Only you.
  • Maybe you dont want your current employer to know youve been polishing up your LinkedIn bio. If you want to keep your activity notifications more private from curious employers on LinkedIn:

  • Under Settings & Privacy, select: How others see your LinkedIn activity.
  • Select Share job changes, education changes, and work anniversaries from profile.
  • Choose no when it asks if you want your network to be notified about activity.
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    How To Block People On Linkedin From Mobile Devices

    Step 1: Open the LinkedIn app on your mobile device and sign in to your account.

    Step 2: Search for the persons name you want to block on the LinkedIn search box.

    Step 3: Go to the persons profile and click on the more button.

    Step 4: Scroll down and click on the Report/Block option.

    Step 5: Click on the first option, Block Name, to block the profile.

    Step 6: Confirm that you want to proceed with blocking the profile. Once blocked, you can no longer view or have a conversation with the blocked person.

    Strategies Behind Going Private On Linkedin Or Staying Public

    One key feature on LinkedIn is that you can see who has viewed your profile, depending on their privacy setting. For example, if I click on a hiring managers LinkedIn profile and my profile views are set to public, they can see that I looked up their profile. If youre a job seeker, keeping your profile views public can signal your willingness to be contacted about jobs.

    You can also signal this desire more directly to recruiters. When you set up your profile, you can click Looking for job opportunities, then choose to let either only recruiters or all LinkedIn members know that you are interested in switching jobs, and what kind of jobs you want.

    Ilana Gershon, an anthropology professor at Indiana University and the author of Down and Out in the New Economy: How People Find Work Today, interviewed job seekers who use LinkedIn for her research. If you go fairly public and you have a set of skills that recruiters are often looking for, that is a sign that you are an active-passive seeker, Gershon said. You are interested in having recruiters approach you. You may not necessarily be applying for jobs.

    To choose private mode:

  • Under Settings & Privacy, select: How others see your LinkedIn activity.
  • Select profile viewing options to choose to be public, semiprivate with general details of your industry, or private.
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