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How To Grow On Pinterest

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Create More Than One Pin Per Page When It Makes Sense

How to Grow on Pinterest in 2022 // From ZERO to 10 MILLION Views!

When youâre just starting out, you may not have a lot of content to share.

No one says that you have to stop at just one pin for a given page on your site. If you have a complex article that offers lots of different information and answers multiple user questions, create a pin to showcase each answer or type of information.

For example: We write a lot of articles for our Cup & Leaf blog that are geared toward sharing a holistic view of a particular type of tea. The article might contain a history of the teaâs use, how the tea is cultivated and dried for drinking, and a recipe to make the tea properly.

That translates into the potential for three different pins:

  • âThe complete history of green teaâ
  • âEverything you need to know about growing green tea â
  • âHow to make the perfect cup of green teaâ
  • Three times the number of pins for a post means three times the potential visibility, repins, and traffic to your site!

    Set Up Your Shop And Catalog

    Before you can start sharing your products and pins, you need to set up your product catalog and a Shop tab:

    • Tap your brand profile picture or placeholder to open your business dashboard. This is usually located in the launcher bar at the bottom-right of your screen.
    • Tap the burger menu in the top-right of your screen to navigate to Settings, copy your profile link to share with customers, or edit your cover image.

    You can set up a Shop tab for your brands business account by creating a catalog that relies on your data source.

    This is a file that contains your product listings and their details.

    Click HERE to check if the Shop and Catalog feature is available in your region.

    What Is The Best Wood Stripping Method

    After working with Citrus Stripper, Varnish Gel Stripper, and Easy Off Oven Cleaner, I would say it depends on the project you are working on.

    All three methods work very well but they each have their pros and cons.

    Regardless of the method you use, be sure to use a mask as all three methods have an odor and work in a well-ventilated area.

    To me, the oven cleaner method is easier, but it gets messy and Im not a fan of the run-off if you choose to hose it off. I avoided that minimized runoff by working on a large tarp and cleaning it up as I go.

    I washed the piece down with a good scrubber brush and wiped it down as I went to avoid hosing it down.

    If you use Citrus Strip or Varnish Gel, its still messy but much easier to contain than the oven cleaner you wash off.

    Ive also heard that the chemicals in the oven cleaner create some off-gassing. But Ive found the same to be the case using any kind of stripper.

    If you have an opinion about this, Id love to hear about it so leave me a comment below and let me know!

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    Schedule Pins Ahead Of Time

    As weve seen, Pinterest now has its own scheduling capabilities if you create a Pin on their website. However, you can also easily schedule Pins with a tool such as Sprout Social, all while also scheduling your other social media content. This makes managing all your social profiles, , even more streamlined.

    Engage To Build Relationships And Gain New Followers

    How to Grow and Harvest Oregano

    As we all know, more reach = more success.

    Knowing what users look for when following other accounts will allow you to give them what they want and, in turn, grow your following. A little mind-reading never hurt anyone.

    found that the three main factors that Pinterest users take into consideration in the should-I-follow-or-not decision-making process are:

    • how many accounts you are following/are following you
    • how many pins you have
    • how many boards you have

    To be on top of those factors and build relationships to grow your reach, you need to:

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    How To Strip Wood With Oven Cleaner

    Looking to strip wood stain from a piece? If youve got wood furniture or a piece that you want to refinish, follow these tips to clean it up and strip it down!

    Since we moved, Ive been thrifting like a fiend at the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Manville, New Jersey. They get some great stuff!

    We have a lot of rooms to furnish too, so we are searching for wood furniture pieces with character and purpose.

    I recently found a wood mantel that we dont need for a fireplace, but bought it for the dining room.

    There is a blank wall that could use some love. Because we want to keep the space clear so its easier to move about the dining room, we decided a mantel would be a great way to warm up and decorate the space.

    Its not super old or anything but cost next to nothing and if I refinish it, would add a lot of character to our newly renovated dining room.

    Ive seen a lot of friends, including my good friend Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill, lately stripping wood furniture with Oven Cleaner so I decided to give it a try with this fireplace mantel.

    I could strip it using a wood stripper like Citrus Strip, but decided to do something different to see if the process is any easier.

    And heres how it went!

    Develop A Powerful Content Strategy

    Once you have your goals set up, youll be able to start developing a content strategy geared toward those goals. What type of content will help you fulfill your purpose? And what kind of content does your audience expect from you?

    While there are a ton of options, the following types of images should form the cornerstones of the for your business:

    Eye-catching imagery

    Instructional content

    Educational content is the life force of Pinterest. In fact, 85% of Pinners say they go to Pinterest to start new projects. So make sure your content strategy includes instructional visual content that helps people learn how to do something such as how-tos, tips and DIYs.Real Simple regularly shares recipes and tips to help its followers learn new things at a glance with visually appealing infographics.

    Content that inspires

    Informational content

    Informational content is another way for you to engage your Pinterest audience. Create infographics and factoids that will help people learn new facts and figures relevant to your industry, products or services.

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    Pin To Other Relevant Boards At Intervals

    Instead, you want to keep sharing that fresh pin consistently, pinning it to all your relevant boards one by one.

    I use intervals of 1420 days between posting the same pin again.

    If they start clicking, pinning, and sharing my content, thats going to help the next pin perform even better.

    Of course, I was just wasting my time doing that. Luckily, the Tailwind pin scheduling tool comes with a built-in interval tool to automate everything.

    The best part?

    Tailwind offers a forever free plan, so you can give it a try with zero risk.

    When you share a new pin with Tailwind, you can select the boards you want to pin to.

    Then, click the Interval button to set a pinning schedule with some space in between your pins:

    How To Strip Wood Using Citrus Stripper Or Other Wood Stripper

    How to grow your Business on Pinterest in 2022 (10 Step Guide for Beginners)

    Always follow the manufacturers directions, but in general, brush a layer of the stripper on a wood piece and allow it to sit.

    Ive found that the longer you leave it on and even cover it with Glad Press n Seal, the easier it is to get off.

    Remove the plastic wrap and use a scraping tool to remove the finish or paint off the piece. This step can be a bit laborious.

    And you may need to repeat the stripping process a few times until you completely get the finish off.

    When you are finished, clean the piece up with mineral spirits and wash it down with soap and water after.

    And now you are ready to refinish your wood piece!

    Want to see a project where I used this process? Check out this coffee table makeover.

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    Automate Your Pinning Asap

    Now, wouldnt you love to hand off at least some of the work? Especially if its something a machine can do?

    For example, lets say you want to pin about 15-30 times a day. For this, youd want to have about 10-20 pins of your own to share, right?

    Thus, youd be pinning up to 10,000 pins in just one year!

    Now, assuming youll need a minimum of 30 seconds to find and post each pin, youd spend over 90 hours every year just pinning to your boards.

    And were didnt even consider the time youll need to create your pin images!

    Prioritize your time to tasks that matter

    My point is:

    You want to use your time as blogger for stuff that really makes a difference.

    Flooding your boards with new pins is something you can easily automate right now and save dozens of hours of your valuable time.

    Schedule your pins on autopilot to save time

    Instead, you want to use a scheduler tool that automatically finds the best time to pin your content and does it even while youre sleeping.

    Now, there are a few great Pinterest automation tools you can choose from. I can only speak from my experience and recommend Tailwind.

    Its basically a tool that works like this:

  • Create your pinning schedule:Tell Tailwind how many times a day youd want to pin. The tool will find the perfect time slots when your pins will get maximum exposure.
  • Fill your pinning queue:Either upload your pin images directly to Tailwind or pick pins directly from Pinterest.
  • I cant say how much I love it, really!

    Think About The User Experience On Your Website Or Shop

    Get traffic, and the money will flow? No, not so much. That’s not how it works. Beyond the traffic, you do have to provide a good user experience on your website. The user experience is your website’s navigability, the content’s information architecture , and design elements.

    Think about it, if you direct your traffic to a poorly designed website, you likely won’t convert your visitor into a buyer. If your website visitors need a magnifying glass to read your website copy, the same applies. These are all details that matter when it comes to making a sale.

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    Increase Your Repins And Engagement

    A pin that receives 100 repins within 2 days is more likely to outrank a pin that receives 100 repins in 10 days.

    Whats also interesting about higher levels of engagement of pins is that they increase your chances of showing up in multiple interest feeds as well. Lets say that youve named your board Travel Tips and a particular pin receives 200 repins in a short period of time. That pin may show up on the interest feed for travel tips, backpacking Europe or culture travel.

    Schedule Pins In Advance

    How to Grow Moss Indoors (Quick Guide for Beginners)

    Since Pinterest is very often used for planning, its a good idea to stay ahead of the calendar. Pinterest recommends that brands share seasonal content up to 45 days before a holiday or event. Sometimes Pinners even plan three to four months in advance of events.

    Save time by easily scheduling and publishing Pins from Hootsuites dashboard.

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    Start Your Own Group Board

    Group boards are all the rage and can be marketing power-houses if used correctly. And theyre known for increasing website traffic like nobodys business.

    But are you aware of their potential to amplify your followers?

    To start a group board, you can do it one of two ways:

    • Start a new board
    • Use a board you already own

    Once you have a board created, click on the plus sign to start adding contributors:

    The key to using your group board to gaining new followers?

    State clearly in your board guidelines that to join they must follow the board and you. This is standard among group board creators, and its one of the quickest ways to accumulate followers quickly.

    Become A Verified Merchant

    To become a verified merchant, youll need:

    Robert Johnson, founder of Sawinery, a one-stop shop for all things woodworking, recommends becoming a verified merchant. Aside from receiving a shiny blue badge that makes your business look credible and legit, youll get a Shop tab in your profile to house products.

    The program is free to join. Apply to become a verified merchant here.

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    Invite Others To Pin On Your Boards With Open Boards

    Another cool board feature for marketing is the Open Board, which allows users to contribute their own pins. All you have to do is give them pinning access by adding their name or email. You, as the creator, of course, have full veto power, and your contributors arent able to change the board name or description.

    This feature is great for marketing because you get your community involved in a personal way.

    Invite your followers and get big authority brownie points if you can get industry experts and leaders to contribute to your boards!

    Post Infographics To Promote Proprietary Data For Your Company

    How To Grow a Pinterest Account From SCRATCH (From Zero To 5 Million Monthly Views)

    Infographics are a perfect mix of data, visual, and written content, making them extremely shareable. For this reason, 40% of marketers reported that infographics were the type of visual content that helped them reach their marketing goals in 2021 according to Venngage.

    Infographics do well on Pinterest, particularly, as it’s a visual platform with the capability of displaying long, vertical images. By creating a custom-branded infographic and sharing it on Pinterest, you’re establishing credibility by educating your audience. It also gives another opportunity for “impressions” to increase your brand recognition if the infographic is branded properly.

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    Follow The Profiles That Follow Your Competitor

    I mean, this point is pretty obvious- you cannot just sit around, marking zero presence, and expecting followers to flock around you.
    One of the best ways to grab audiences attention to your account is by following the people that already follow the people in your niche.Since you and your competitor have the same target audience, chances are, they are going to follow you back.

    How to find your Competitors:

    1. Search for the term around which you are building your profile. For instance, if you want to post your poetry, you can enter the word poetry in your search bar.
    2. Click on the All Pins icon, and you will get five options.Select People.
    You will get a list of all the accounts that have Poetry in their profiles. Follow their followers, and you will start gaining follow-backs soon!

    Do You Have A Constant Stream Of Good Images Coming Through Or Do You Have The Resources To Create Them

    Creating images centered around your brand takes time, focus, and a lot of thought. If youre a one-person brand currently focusing on sales and strategy, it may not be the right time for you to be putting all that effort into creating original images.

    Does your company have the resources to create a constant stream of images or the funds to hire out this part of the process? If not, it might be a better idea to wait until you do.

    Heres a handy list we put together of 23 tools and resources that will help you create images for social media.

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    Add Text To Your Pins When Appropriate

    In that very short period of time, your image needs to catch their eye enough so theyâll stop scrolling and click through. Most images canât do that on their own, at least not in a fraction of a second. Thatâs why, in most cases, itâs best to add some text to further entice the user to click through the pin to your website.

    This is especially helpful with pins that represent processes, such as recipes, meal plans, and workouts.

    But hereâs the thing: if youâre scrolling through a sea of images, and you see a photo of a bowl of white dip with some flecks of black and green in it, what will you think? â

    Is that dip? Iâm having a party and could use some appetizers. But I hate artichokes. Is it artichoke dip? How do I make it? Is it from a mix? I donât have time to make homemade. Do I? How long does it take to make? Do I have to serve it warm?….And so on.

    On the other hand, if you see a photo of dip with the words âDairy Free Homemade Spinach Artichoke Dip: Made in just 15 minutes!â you wonât waste time asking any of those questions. Youâll just click through the pin to the website where it originates.

    So, although there are exceptions, in that fraction of a second, identify that itâs something that theyâre interested, stop, and click through to your website. â

    Avoid Shortening Website Links

    How to Easily Grow Peas

    Its common practice to place links to your website or product pages from a pin. A direct link to your store from a pin can increase website traffic and conversions. Double check that links work and that links arent shortened using a tool like

    Avoid shortening the links in your Pinterest descriptions, says Patrick Crane, founder of Love Sew. Often, when a Pinterest user clicks on a shortened link, theyll receive a spam alert. This creates friction for the user, who is less likely to proceed to your site owing to the perceived security risk.

    Keep your links in their original format to minimize the opportunities for friction and resistance to develop.

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