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How To Grow Connections On Linkedin

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Promote Your Linkedin Profile Url

How to Grow Your LinkedIn Network

Social media systems along with Twitter and Instagram usually come up with an area for a bio. Use the ones bio areas as a LinkedIn connection-riding system via way of means of encouraging contacts there to discover you and join on LinkedIn, too mainly when you have a sizable following on the alternative platform.

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram typically give you space for a bio. Use those bio spaces as a LinkedIn connection-driving machine by encouraging contacts there to find you and connect on LinkedIn, too especially if you have a significant following on the other platform.

Dont be afraid to promote your LinkedIn profile by posting the link in a status update, tweet, pin, video, photo, etc. This is another great way to take advantage of your presence on other social platforms. Just be sure to claim your vanity url so its easy to remember and includes important identity information or keywords.

While its not a social channel, dont forget the simplicity and outright importance of adding your LinkedIn profile link to your email signature,

Write And Publish Articles

Its common practice to share blog posts your company and others have written that you feel will resonate with your audience by posting an update on LinkedIn and sharing the URL. When those insights are your own, its even more important to put them out in front of people. Publishing articles as native content on your LinkedIn profile is one of the best ways to establish your personal brand and share your expertise in a given industry.

The great thing about native content is that your network is notified every time you publish an article, increasing your chances of engagement and brand exposure. This also points to the importance of not publishing articles every day, or your followers may start to tune out. While a simple call-to-action to get in touch or check out additional resources is usually acceptable at the end of the article, nothing will turn off readers faster than an article that ends up being nothing more than click bait or a sales pitch. So only write on topics that truly provide value to readers.

What You Need To Do To Get People To Want To Connect With You

Want to increase the chances that youll actually compel people to connect with you? Do these two things:

1. Build out your profile

Fill in as much information as you can that will help people understand who you are and what you have to offer. Think about it. If you go to someones LinkedIn profile and they have very little information there, you may not want to connect with them.

A fully fleshed out profile helps draw more people to it, and to you. More people viewing your profile means more people likely to invite you to connect. Youll find tips to build out your profile in my article, .

2. Position yourself as a subject matter expert

Demonstrate your knowledge in LinkedIn updates, commenting on and reacting to others updates, publishing articles on LinkedIn, and joining in discussions in LinkedIn Groups.

The most common ways to increase your connections include:

Thinking of everyone you know professionally and personally and sending them an invitation to connect. This method works well and should be done by everyone.

Passively waiting for others to invite YOU to connect. Unless you’re an influencer or otherwise well-known, this can be a very slow process. But you do want unsolicited invitations to keep coming in.

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Protect Your Connections Contact Information

Nobody feels special when they get a message that was sent to a bunch of other people. Worse, your connections may be offended when you share their email addresses with recipients they arent connected to.

If you send messages to more than one person at a time, be sure to unselect the option that says, Allow recipients to see each others names and email addresses.

If you forget to uncheck the box, rectify the situation quickly and honestly. Send a message to those same recipients and explain that you made a mistake and that you wont let it happen again.

Over to You

If youre ever in doubt as to what you should do on LinkedIn, think of it as a networking event. Think about how you would present yourself, what you would do or how you would act when interacting with a person at a live event.

If you wouldnt do it in person, dont do it on LinkedIn!

What do you think? What mistakes have you made or seen on LinkedIn? What suggestions can you offer on how to use LinkedIn professionally? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

Sharing Content Does More Than Drive Traffic

How to Grow your Network on LinkedIn (Best Way)

Building a bigger network should be one of your main goals, but there are a few others as well.

For one, you want to use LinkedIn to build relationships with your followers and turn them into leads/customers when the time is right.

One thing you need to be doing is sharing content on LinkedIn.

When you make a post on LinkedIn, it will be shown to anyone following you or connected with you.

Unlike other social networks that have way too much content as it is, LinkedIn will actually send notifications to your followers when you make a new post so that they dont miss it.

What and when you should post: Dont worry much about the specific time when you post. Although there is an optimal time, it doesnt make as big of a difference as it does on other networks.

The most important thing in regards to when you should post is that you post consistently. Ive adopted a once a week schedule, but you could try posting more if you have the time.

Another important question is: what to post?

While you can post personal status updates about your job, you want to post about things that your target audience is interested in. This is one aspect where LinkedIn marketing is the same as marketing on any other social network.

You can post content created by others, or you can post links to your own contentit doesnt really matter when it comes to this specific function.

However, it does matter if youre interested in all the benefits you can get from regular posting.

This is awesome.

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Tip #1: Share Plenty Of Video And Visual Content

Make sure your content mix includes plenty of eye-catching visuals. Unique imagery, and especially videos, tend to stand out more on feeds, helping your brand get noticed. In particular, we find that custom image collages drive heightened levels of engagement on the platform, so dont be afraid to upload a series from your latest event or another photo opp!

Start With Connections Then Build Relationships

Understand that LinkedIn is a social network for professionals to connect with other professionals. A business owner can and should connect with prospects, strategic partners, referral partners, and other business owners. And once those connections are made, the business owner can decide how to nurture specific connections to grow the relationship. Charlene Burke, CEO of Search by Burke

Key takeaway: To use LinkedIn for marketing, put your brand out there on the platform and build connections. Provide details about your business in your profile so consumers understand your brand. Be an active participant on LinkedIn, which means joining groups, posting quality content and engaging with your connections.

Some source interviews were conducted for a previous version of this article.

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Send Messages To People You Want To Connect With

Growing your network takes time and effort. It requires more than simply asking people to add you.

You need to show them something of value so theyll want to connect with you.

Its the same as any other relationship you dont just walk up to someone and say, Hey, lets be friends!

And dont forget about your existing connections! Theyre an extremely valuable resource for growing your network if you treat them right.

If you have a small or new business, the best place to start is with people whose trust and respect youve already earned in the real world friends, family members, colleagues, mentors, and former classmates.

See how you can help them, and give your best to provide them value even in private, not just publicly in comments.

No one needs to see that you helped them, but they will appreciate that and they might become your ambassadors.

Write Meaningful Recommendations For Others

How to grow your LinkedIn connections

Another great LinkedIn networking tip is to take the time required to write recommendations for others. This will usually make people feel that they need to write one for you as well. But, the key is not to focus on what youre getting back, but make the recommendation as meaningful as possible for the other person. You can ask them if theres something specific theyd like you to include, but generally giving a summary will give you good pointers about what way you need to go.

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Rules For Making Meaningful Connections

Finally, once you make a new connection, dont forget these three simple rules for starting off on the right foot.

  • ALWAYS personalize your messages. Never use the generic message even though 90% of the people you connect with will. This is a great opportunity stand out! Take some time to do research on your new connection and show youre worth their time.
  • Thank each new connection for reaching out to you. Little things make all the difference.
  • Dont be afraid to ask questions. If youre contacted by someone you dont know or are weary of connecting with try saying something like, Forgive me, Im not sure weve met. How did you find me? or Tell me more about what you do. Do you come to often?

What are your strategies for making better connections on LinkedIn? Let me know in the comments.

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Write Meaningful Comments On Other People’s Posts

If you’re looking for people to follow on LinkedIn, one of the best ways to show your expertise is to leave meaningful comments on other people’s posts.

Avoid self-promotion at all costs and let your knowledge and charm do the talking. You are more likely to gain new followers if you don’t promote yourself.

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Add A Linkedin Follow Button To Your Website

There are several things you can do on your website to grow your LinkedIn Followers. The most obvious is to add a LinkedIn follow button.

There are several ways to do this in WordPress with a social media plugin.

The easiest solution is to add social media icons in your WordPress sidebar, menu, or even your footer area. That way, when someone clicks your LinkedIn icon, they head straight to your profile, where they can follow you.

Join Groups In Whatever You Are Interested In Or Groups That Meet Your Objective

8 Ways to Grow Your LinkedIn Connections

While there are open networking groups that you might be tempted to join, today I stick to the approach of only joining those groups that meet my objective and that I can bring value to. If you do so, you will be more likely to receive invites from serious group members that arent necessarily open networkers.

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Write Linkedin Articles To Establish Your Expertise

You should start writing articles on LinkedIn if you haven’t already.

LinkedIn offers a unique publishing platform with a very affluent audience.

You can attract the right people as followers by writing articles about key issues of your ideal audience.

I recommend writing at least 1,000 to 1,500 words per article. That’s about three to five regular LinkedIn posts.

Using multiple headlines in your article will allow readers to easily determine if they will find the information they’re looking for.

Create A Call To Action In Every Post

You must ask people to follow you if you want to gain LinkedIn followers quickly.

Add a call to action at the end of every post and give your readers a mini elevator pitch and let them know what themes and topics they can expect when they follow you.

I also recommend adding a similar pitch to your LinkedIn bio and optimizing your LinkedIn headline to clearly communicate the value of your thought leadership content at all times.

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Develop A Strong Contact List

You should constantly develop relationships with business partners to make sure they know you via your personal and professional brand.If you can make strong connections you will already have a higher percentage of gaining new opportunities.

LinkedIn is a great place to reach out and build partnerships, arrange meetings and to discuss plans. Collaboration is your competitive advantage and LinkedIn gives you that edge.

Actively Network Every Day

How to Grow Your LinkedIn Network. Three Strategies to Grow Your LinkedIn Network.

Once you decide to aim for 500+ connections, you have to commit to actively pursuing this goal or it will never happen.

Set aside 15-30 minutes a day for networking. In my personal experience, the mornings were the best time for this since it allowed me the opportunity to follow up and respond to comments during the day. You can also use the updated feature to monitor network updates and stay in touch with contacts you may not interact with often.

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When You Set An Appointment

As soon as you set an appointment, have a conversation trying to set an appointment, or get into any scenario that involves the word appointment, let the person know you are sending an invitation to connect. This is LinkedIn Connecting 101, but I know many sales professionals who dont this. Heres an example of how I send the appointment.

Connect With Your Biggest Fans

Once you publish new content on your LinkedIn profile regularly, you will notice that a few people consistently show up for every post.

  • They will leave comments.
  • They will like it.

These are your biggest fans, who probably already follow your profile.

Connecting with them can take these relationships to the next level, creating an even stronger bond and encouraging future engagement.

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Get To Know Lions To Reach The Magic 500

If youâre like a lot of people, you might be struggling to reach the 500+ club, but weâre here to help you get there.

When it comes to acquiring LinkedIn connections that will help you make a bigger impact on the platform, itâs important to get to know LIONs .

Whatâs a LION? Basically, itâs someone whoâs willing to connect with just about anyone, even if theyâve never worked with someone or if they work in totally different industries.

As you can imagine, a LION will usually have more than 500 connections. Therefore, if you become a LION, you can grow your network and start getting more recognition on the platform.

Also, if you request to connect with more LIONs, it will be easier to get to 500 because theyâll readily accept your request.

A word of caution: While being a LION or adding a lot of LIONs will certainly help you increase the number of connections you have, these may not all be valuable connections. The overall quality of your network might suffer if youâre careless about whoâs in your network. If you take this approach, you should consider weeding out irrelevant connections once your network has grown further.

Why Is It Important To Have 500+ Linkedin Connections

grow your network

One of the features that makes LinkedIn different from other social networking platforms is the fact that, once you exceed 500 connections, only you will be able to tell exactly how many people youâre connected with. Everyone else will see â500+â on your profile. â

Once youâve hit this Magic 500, LinkedIn gives you several nice extras that can help you take your networking game to the next level. â

Why should this be your goal?

  • It’s impressive! With more connections, you’ll have more credibility on the platform. After all, if you have more people in your network, you must be doing something right!
  • The more connections you have, the more likely you are to show up in searches, thanks to mutual connections. This can increase the odds that someone will feel confident hiring or working with you.
  • Youâll get noticed because your posts will show up on more peopleâs feeds. This also means your posts may be shared by more people, further expanding your reach. This can also be beneficial if youâre trying to get more traffic to your website.â

Side note: Thereâs a difference between LinkedIn connections vs. followers. While followers can see your activity, they wonât be in your network. Unlike a 1st degree connection, following isn’t mutual unless you choose to follow back. When we refer to the Magic 500, weâre talking about connections, not followers.

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Network On A Daily Basis

To grow your network you are going to need to dedicate some time to it every day. You need to spend an average of 20-30 minutes every day to find new people youd like to connect with and approach them. Bear in mind that networking does not just mean finding new connections, it also means catching up with old connections and slowly developing relationships.

Personalise Your Connection Requests

The point above leads us nicely into how you should approach your invitations to connect with people. If you know them but theres a chance they might not remember you, include a note in your request to connect giving them a little context about how you met.

If you dont know them, explain why youd like to connect, tell them what you have in common or what you like about their posts, it shows youre a real person seeking genuine connection on the platform.

Dont be afraid to reach out, LinkedIn is generally a friendly place and its all about building networks and connections that could lead to multiple possibilities.

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