Friday, February 3, 2023

How To Group Friends On Facebook

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Can My Friends See What I Post In A Public Group On Facebook

How to organize friends into different lists in Facebook

The content shared in Public groups is visible to anyone on and off Facebook, and the member list is visible to anyone on Facebook. With these changes, it is more likely that more people will see, and may interact with, the content posted to Public Groups. This includes people who may not be members of the group.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Post Even If They Are Not Members Of The Group

Yes, groups under a 250 membership still has the log showing who has viewed the posts or the group as a whole but since that date Facebook removed the ability of the group knowing whether or not a non member visited any public group.. Therefore you as a non member could enter a public group , view whatever you wish and

Are Facebook Private Groups Really Private

A Group can be more private than a Page since the creator has the option to make it closed. When a Group is closed, only those who have been invited to the Group can see the content and information shared within it. Still, all information is shared only with those within the Group once its made closed.

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How Do I Hide What I Post In A Group On Facebook

Once on the News Feed page, you can disable postings in your news feed from any friend or group by clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of the Facebook group name in the News Feed list, and then clicking the âUnsubscribe from GroupName,â where GroupName is the Facebook Group whose notifications you want to disable

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