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How To Give Photo Credit On Instagram

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Pro Tips To Give Photo Credits On Instagram Perfectly

How to Give Photo Credit (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

There are some tips that will be helpful for you to give credits in an accurate way.

  • Keep in mind that you dont have automatic permission to post a photographers photo unless you have shared consent. So, it is better to take permission before posting it on Instagram.
  • Dont use a filter or some additional effects and stickers. Just post the original photo given by the creator.
  • If you are tagging them in your Insta story then add their username at the prominent place in your story.
  • While giving credits in your caption, dont give long space periods.
  • It looks good when you use similar emojis in your caption. For Example, use camera emoji after photography.
  • You can also appreciate the creator in the comments. The audience will get attracted.
  • Make your captions attractive, aesthetic, and satisfied with appreciating phrases. Moreover, dont forget to tag other vendors.

Adding Links To Artists Work

This way is suitable to give photo credit on Instagram if you have taken the picture from other socials. You can also use this method when the picture was initiated from the photographers different social media profiles .

You can give credits by these two steps if you wish to link to the artists work.

  • Copy the link to the picture uploaded on other platforms.
  • Mention the artist in the caption .
  • Add the link in the comment section .
  • This way, the artist will be notified that youve given photo credit along with their work. All these methods can help you give credit on Instagram in the right way.

    Please note: If you happen to have used someones picture. Also, if you have not credited the rightful owner, then you better do as you may have to face a copyright strike. If Instagram notices the violation itself or the artists themselves report your post.

    Under such circumstances, your post may disappear. Additionally, you can lose Instagrams certain features too.

    Benefits Of Giving Photo Credit On Instagram

    One of the biggest benefits of giving photo credit on Instagram is because of networking.

    Instagram is a platform built for sharing and a sense of community.

    With all the cat videos and memes that have flooded our feeds, I believe it is easy to forget this!

    This is especially true if you were the subject in a photograph taken by a photographer.

    You tag them, the photographer will tag you back and maybe even give you a shout out on their Instagram story.

    Your followers will see the photographer and the photographers followers will see you.

    This could open up new connections and new followers that you may have never realized! Its a win-win for all.

    Instagram is a community.

    Continue to add to that sense of community that you fell in love with the one that made you download Instagram in the first place.

    I hope all these tips and reasons behind why its important and how to give photo credit on Instagram helped you!

    If you prefer video format, we also recommend watching the video we made on this subject:

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    It’s An Unspoken Rule

    The second reason why giving photo attribution on Instagram is vital is because it is an unwritten rule. Within the creator/artist community, we like sharing each other’s work. We share each other’s work because we like it or because it has inspired us so much that we feel compelled to share that inspiration with others who haven’t seen it yet.

    When we share one another’s work, however, we make an effort to make sure that our audience understands that it is not our work.

    How To Give Photo Credit On Instagram Automatically

    How To Give Photo Credit on Instagram The Right Way

    Wondering how to give photo credit on Instagram properly? Then better read this article in which we highlight all the relevant notes about reposting and using other accounts content.

    Undoubtedly, Instagram has one of the largest communities among all social media. Because of this, Instagrammers share a sheer volume of creative content among each other.

    If you run a page on IG, you probably share other accounts posts once in a while. Dont worry its totally fine. Actually, some pages publish nothing except for other pages posts and user-generated content. Reposting is a common action on Instagram, but still, you need to know every little thing about giving credit to an original post to avoid any issues regarding copyright law.

    In this article, were going to talk about giving photo credit on Instagram and tell you some tips that will help you to do it in the best way. So, stay tuned!

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    How To Style Your Credits

    There are many ways to type out the credits to a photo, but I recommend creating your own crediting style to match your brandand have fun with it. That way, when each of your posts uses the same format, your followers will get used to the information being shared and value it.

    For my wedding blog, my crediting looks like this in every post:

    But there are many different ways to write the same thing:

    Or, consider using emojis to identify the wedding professionals specialty, like the bouquet emoji for the florist or the camera emoji for the photographer. No matter how you choose to credit photos on Instagram, everyone involved will appreciate you taking the time to showcase their work.

    What Is A Photo Credit And How To Give It

    It is a basic manner to give credit to someone when they do something using their intellectual property. When photographers take photos, they own the copyright for their work. It is a recognition of their job to give them credits if you use their pictures.

    Giving photo credits is not just acknowledging the creativity of the artists but also appreciating their services, as the photos could not have come out the way they did if their helping hands were not there.

    Many people steal others work. For this purpose, Instagram has put forward the Copyright Infringement in their support section. Now, artists can honorably claim their work.

    You can also give credit to other artists and not just photographers when using the photo. If youre a public figure, you can give credit to other service providers, such as makeup artists and wardrobe designers.

    Weve created a list of three methods to help you give photo credit on Instagram. Follow all steps, and youll surely get where to land.

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    How To Give Photo Credit On Social Media

    Giving photo credit on social media is straightforward. All you need to do is mention the person who made the photo possible in the description.

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    Whether youre sharing a photo on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform, give credit to the source.

    There are many ways to do it. The following are examples of how you can credit a photographer when sharing a photo on social media:

    • Image credit .
    • : .
    • Thank you for the photo.

    If the photographer has a social media profile, be sure to tag them.

    Its also important to make sure you post the photo without adding filters or altering it.

    It would be disrespectful to the photographer, as they could see it as you saying it wasnt good enough.

    When youre sharing photos that you didnt take, leave them as they are.

    Heres The Wrong Way To Credit A Photographer:

    How To MAKE SURE You Get Photo Credit On Instagram From Celebrities
  • Tagging them in the photo, but Just using a hashtag in your caption.
  • 2. Tagging them in your insta story and making their name hidden or so tiny you cant read it. I hope I dont have to explain this one. Can you even see where the photographer is credited on this bouquet photo below? Brownie points if you can find it.

    The correct Way to credit a photo in your insta story. Its not covered by the send message bar or their name in the top left corner:

    3. Using a million periods to hide the photo credit. Like this:

    Image caption here

    4. Only tagging the photographer in your photo and not mentioning them in your caption. The average person does not tap an image to see vendor credit.

    I dont believe miscrediting is intentional, but I do believe those who miscredit photographers need to be educated on how to properly give photo credit, so if you have friends who need a little guidance, share this with them!

    **Edited to add**

    Tagging other vendors is very important as well. There are no legal consequences if you leave out a vendor however, mentioning them not only makes them appreciate you more, but credits the work and effort they put in, too!

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    How To Give Credit On Instagram

  • To give credit on Instagram, you can either include a credit in the caption of your photo or add it as a comment on the photo.
  • If you include a credit in the caption, make sure to list the photographers name.
  • Or the account handle for the photo source.
  • If you add a credit as a comment on the photo, make sure to list the photographers name.
  • The account handle for the photo source.
  • First Things First Make Sure Its Okay That You Share The Photographers Image

    Bigger Instagram accounts will ask something like is it okay if we share this image with our followers? If yes say #___________

    As shown here:

    Unless you are a bride or groom and have consent to share your photos on social media, you do not have automatic permission to share any photographers image without their consent. I personally encourage people to share my image as long as they give proper photo credit.

    NEVER EVER EVER USE A FILTER and dont edit the photo to your taste.

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    Tag The Owner On Your Post

    To tap the owner, you need to tap on Tag people below the image on the edit page.

    This will take you to a new page, where you will see a + button.

    Tap on the + button to search for the account name.

    On the new page search for the owners Instagram account name tap on it.

    When you are ready to move on, tap on the Done button.

    How To Give Copyright Credit For Images

    How To Give Photo Credit on Instagram The Right Way

    If you are publishing photographs or other images that you dont own the right to, you must give credit to its source or could be held liable for copyright infringement under 17 U.S. Code Section 501 of the United States copyright law. Obtaining permission from the copyright owner is necessary if you dont find a fair-use or public domain image. It is possible for a photo to be in public domain, but the subject itself may be subject to copyright, such as famous works of art, trademarked items or famous people. In this case, you must also obtain permission from the copyright holder.

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    How To Share Photos On Instagram While Giving Proper Photo Credit

    This is a topic that seems to confuse a lot of Instagram users. Ive seen many different forms of photographer credit given in photos, and, unfortunately, its not always correctly given.

    Im not here to call people out, but I want other peeps in the wedding business to understand why and how to give photo credit so they can be team players.

    Using a Photographers photo without permission is copyright infringement. Sharing a photographers photo on Instagram without their permission is copyright infringement.

    Some of this may seem a little ridiculous, but this is serious business. If images are used incorrectly the photographer can take legal action and/or charge for their images to be used.

    How To Properly Give Credit For Social Media Photos

    Social media posts with images get better engagement. However, it can be difficult to consistently come up with good quality original images. If you need quality images, you have a few options.

    You can:

    • Go out and take pictures
    • Hire a photographer to take pictures for you
    • Use royalty-free stock photos

    The first four options are pretty straightforward so I want to focus on the proper procedure when sharing other people’s photos on social media.

    The first thing you need to know is that it is perfectly fine to use someone else’s social media image on your social media platforms, as long as you give credit to the original photo source. If an account is set to “private” you should not share any of that person’s photos and if you are unsure, you can ask them for permission. Instagram, for example, is a brilliant source with many fantastic images at your disposal.

    shares a detailed and very accurate best practices article on the subject of crediting artists for their work both on social media and elsewhere.

    Please read his blog post for still finer points of giving credit to artists for their work.

    So, what are the procedures to give proper photo credit on social media? There are no strict rules, but some of the commonly accepted procedures related to Instagram are as follows:

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    How To Ask For Photo Credit On Instagram

    To ask for photo credit on Instagram, simply comment on the post by thanking and appreciating the person who posted your photo.

    For example, you can say Thank you for liking my photo and sharing it!.

    Its a method of building a connection and correcting the mistakes of the other side.

    Now if you are the person who needs the permission you can check how to avoid being reported.

    If you comment, and you dont get an answer, try to contact them through Direct Messages.

    So try to stay friendly with the person who posted your photo without your permission.

    Because they may still dont know that they need you to give them the credit for your Instagram photo.

    However, if you dont get any response, you can report their account by filing a copyright infringement.

    To Appreciate The Collaborative Effort

    Credit & Copyright Rules on Instagram

    Being a photographer is not an easy job. Giving cash in hand in return for their services is not enough. Your one photo can take the photographers long time and effort to make it astounding by its creativity. Your outfit can make it more colorful, your shoes make you stand out.

    It is a collaborative effort and you cant ignore their effort as your one photo takes hours in editing. So, if you are giving photo credit then simply you acknowledged the effort of a whole team behind your photography.

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    Dos And Donts When Giving Photo Credit On Instagram

    How to give photo credit on Instagram even more professionally? Consider these:


    1- First, ask for permission. The best way to give photo credit on Instagram is to first ask for permission from the original account. Heres an example:

    But if its not possible for you, the next best way is to both mention and tag the photographer/creator account when reposting the content. Its worth mentioning that it is possible to tag an account while editing your post on AiSchedul.

    2- If possible, in addition to the original account, tag the photographer.

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    1- Do not just mention the account as a hashtag. This way, the original account wont get any notification.

    2- When giving photo credit on a story, dont add the username so small that no one could read or tap on it.

    3- If you asked for permission and the owner said no, respect their choice.

    4- Do not use new filters or crop the original photo. Simply choose the photos that go well with your aesthetic theme.

    Schedule Your Instagram Posts In Advance:

    If you wish to schedule your Instagram posts in advance and mention your caption to make sure it suits your feed, you may use an Instagram planning application. So, you have to schedule your post or photo in advance to credit to your Instagram. Having a reliable Instagram feed not only increase visit, but it permits you to form your brand.

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    Not Crediting Is Stealing Period

    If you dont own the rights to the image and you dont credit the person/brand/blog/website who CREATED the image, youre stealing. This happens to me and my brand Something Turquoise all the time, especially with the regram and repost features. IG users think that using those apps makes it okay to take images they find on other profiles and share them as their own. But all of those images live somewhere, either on websites or blogs, and have been created for a reason. Before you post, take a second to think of your fellow creativesthen be kind, share with permission, and credit.

    If youre looking for an easy way to collect leads through Instagram and funnel them straight into one organized location, consider using a small business management platform. Your business will thank you!

    Why Is It Important To Give Image Credit

    How To Give Photo Credit on Instagram The Right Way

    Giving credit where credit is due could be the simple answer to why giving credit is important. For a more detailed explanation, lets look at the perspective of both the image owner and the image user.

    From the perspective of the image owner:

    • The image owner will feel appreciated for their work
    • Its a way to advertise their work and thus a possible source of new business
    • In some cases it clearly displays the terms of a license, for example with Creative Commons images, and informs other viewers of the possible terms of re-use

    From the perspective of the image user:Its the law-abiding behavior

    • In some cases it makes a use legally compliant with the terms of a license, for example with Creative Commons images, and again, informs other viewers of the possible terms of re-use

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