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How To Get Us Number For Whatsapp

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How To Get USA WhatsApp Number | How To Create Free US Number 2022 Update

Whether it is creating us accounts for Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other social media platforms, it is effortless and straightforward now. We have shared How to Use Whatsapp with Us Number through a lot of methods, and we hope you can use any of them easily.

It is often difficult to distinguish between real and us WhatsApp numbers, which sometimes get you into trouble. We are going to share the following signs that allow you to easily discover your Whatsapp us number so your family and friends cannot prank you.

Get A Foreign Number Using Text Plus

This is practically the best method to get a foreign number for yahoo for free. It is simply the best because you dont need to pay to get a number, so its easy to just download the application and start using your number straight away. Here are the steps

Download the App using the android link or IOS link.

Text Plus IOS Download

  • Install the application and sign-up with your username and password
  • Select an area code from the available list of states on the application
  • You will be assigned a brand new number that is only applicable to you.
  • You can then use the number to verify your WhatsApp or Telegram, or any other application that requires you to have a United States number.

What Else Can You Do With This Number

This number can not only be used at WhatsApp but also on any other Online Websites or Apps. You can use this number to verify your account on Facebook, Hike, Snapchat or any other platform to create a free account with US Number.

The named Primo also has some great advantages that you dont know. Primo is not only for generating US numbers, but you can also use this Number within the Primo App as well. You can use Primo App to make a Free Phone call to any number with this US Number or Send unlimited SMS to any number you like. I use this awesome App to prank my friends. Since my friends cant find the actual person behind the number, I can prank them until I wish. Even TrueCaller is not able to detect this Number.

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Benefits Of Using Whatsapp With Usa Country Number

  • Prank your Friends by sending message with U.S country number.
  • Use International number with country code.
  • Get secure by hiding your Original number.
  • Use Whatsapp with Temporary Spoof Number.
  • Be smart in front of your Friend by messaging them by +1 code number.
  • Totally free trick.

These were some benefits of Using Whatsapp with USA number trick. Well, there is a plenty of features of using Whatsapp with USA country number but I shared only some main benefits.

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How To Register A Whatsapp Account In Nigeria For Free Using Your Free Us Number

how to get free us number for whatsapp verification
  • Change country code to +1 which is USA country code number
  • Now go to 2nd line and copy your USA number
  • Input the copied usa number and hit the Register button
  • Wait for about 59 seconds and once you get notified for 6 digit code sent to the USA number, simply minimize and go back to 2nd line, swipe left on the app and you should see a message from whatsapp with your 6 digit code
  • Copy the whatsapp verification code and input it into the OTP section on whatsapp and boom you have successfully created a whatsapp account using a US number.

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How To Get A Virtual Phone Number Free 2022

There are plenty of web pages providing online temporary phone numbers for bypassing signups on any app or website. By using temporary phone numbers you will be able to hide your real mobile number & stay anon from other people. Ill provide some best temporary phone number providers. here are the fake number providers list for whatsapp verification.

How To Get Us Whatsapp Us Whatsapp Number For Free

  • To get US whatsapp number for free you need to install and open an app called vpnify.
  • After installing this app open and sign up with your google account.
  • Next select the server to United States or United Kingdom vpn server
  • After connecting VPN to US server just minimize the app and Move on to the nex steps.

How to get fake number for whatsapp for free?

To get fake number for whatsapp installTextMeUp App. This app is providing free virtual number for whatsapp messenger. Just follow the instructionnsprovidded.

  • After installing TextMeUp App Create an accoung with google.
  • Select Get a phone number! option to claim a free virtual number.
  • Select the areas randomly whatever you want!

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How To Send Whatsapp Message With A Us Number Whatsapp

Just like sending anonymous text messages, sending anonymous Whatsapp messages can use for multiple different purposes.

Some people may want to prank friends and family by sending us WhatsApp messages or friendly jokes.

Others may want to let someones life know their feelings about them anonymously.

Some services have emerged that allow you to send anonymous WhatsApp messages, and please check the essential suggestions below!

  • Wassame App: is the first service that will enable users to send anonymous WhatsApp messages to each other globally. The Wassame app does have some restrictions, such as you can only submit one WhatsApp message per person per day, and you have to wait for 2nd message till the next day.
  • You can also use the WhatsApp application itself through services . Just create a new account on WhatsApp and select the SMS verification option, then use one of the services to receive the verification text! If you are an existing customer, you can use the change number option in the settings.

Using the tips mentioned earlier, you can use WhatsApp as an anonymous user without revealing your actual phone number to anyone. For the reasons discussed above, this is an excellent way to make your mobile number private. Remember, like anonymous text messages, and you should not use these techniques for the wrong reasons.

Requirements To Create Whatsapp Account With Usa Country Number


There is nothing big requirements for creating Whatsapp account with fake number. You just need some minimum requirements as followed below.

So guys, these are some basic requirements for this tutorial which you must have to complete. I hope you already have an Android phone so now you just need to download two apps as listed above and I also mentioned download links for both the apps.

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How To Create Whatsapp Account With Usa Number

Create Whatsapp Account With U.S +1 Number, is this possible? I think this one is your question. So, let me answer YES it is possible and it sounds interesting that this is very easy task. Anyone can do this easily. Nowadays, many people wants to use Whatsapp account with U.S country number. So, in this tutorial, I will show you How to create Whatsapp account with USA number. If you are also one from that peoples, this guide will teach you everything you have to learn to make Whatsapp with US number that starts from +1.

Some people thinks, is it possible to use their Social account with any other countrys number. And the answer is: Yes!! Its not a hard task for anyone. You can simply make account on any app or website with other country number like I am going to show you how to create a fake Whatsapp account with USA spoofed number. If you are Whatsapp addicted then you will also like to check best Whatsapp Group Names.

So do you want to learn how to get free US number for Whatsapp verification? Here, I am writing full step by step tutorial to by which you can create Fake Whatsapp account with spoof number on Android mobile. By this method, you will get your own USA number and no need to use any public mobile number for your Whatsapp. You can receive text messages on that number from anyone and from any country.

Create Us Whatsapp Number With 2nd

To create a WhatsApp us number, you have to download and install an app from the Google play store called 2ndline.

If you belong to that country where the 2ndline app doesnt work or country restriction, then you must download this app from Google. Follow the below steps to get 2ndline application from Google.

  • Search on Google 2ndline app free download
  • You can see the download button and press it.
  • After downloading the app, you must install the application.

After successful installation of the 2ndline app, you have to perform the following instructions:

1. Click and Get started.

Now you have to register area code. Use can use area code of any country, I will recommend you to use the code of the United States. You can freely enter the 715. If it does not work, you can also try to use these codes 715, 347, or you can search for the desired area code with the help of Google.

After that click Continue. Now, the 2ndline app will give you a choice to select a contact number from five numbers, and you can choose any number of your choice, this is free to choose any number, and to use this app, now again click to continue.

Finally, you got the contact number of the US, just copy your US number and open your WhatsApp, then select the country code of the United States and paste the copied number and again click Next.

Now you have your us number for WhatsApp verification, dont worry, you just have to wait for a minute and then click to call me.

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How To Get Fake Number For Whatsapp For Free 2021

To get fake number for whatsapp there are many apps in the play store they will provide free foreign virtual numbers for whatsapp fake account. by using their services we can get fake numbers for whatsapp accounts. One of the best app called TextMeUp this app is providing eligible whatsapp numbers for free within some countries so by connecting VPN to other country servers we can also claim a free us number for whatsapp.

How To Get Usa Number For Whatsapp Free 2022

How To Get US Number For WhatsApp In Nigeria
  • First, to get things done you will need a verified USA textNow account, which textnow is designed and available mostly for USA and Canadian.
  • VPN can be used to bypass the text account creation respectively by following the below steps.
  • Usage mod WhatsApp to create an account with the Textnow USA number obtained from the app to avoid WhatsApp ban issue of the USA number.
  • Lastly, follow all steps carefully to get everything done.

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You Can Use The Numbers To Sign Up Or Verify For Any Services Like Telegram Facebook Google Gmail Whatsapp Viber Line Wechat Kakaotalk Etc

Free virtual number for whatsapp 2021. If you dont have a mobile number that you can use to verify for whatsapp, or youre unwilling to enter your mobile number to be used for this app, you can use virtual numbers for this purpose. Create an account with callhippo. Choose a south african city/state for your south africa phone number.

All calls and messages to this virtual number can be viewed in your notring dashboard for free!! Buy cheap virtual phone numbers and useful phone services, which allow you to manage calls, sms and fax around the world. Make a call or send a text.

Make sure that you have sufficient internet connection since phoner works over the internet. It helps you to protect your personal number and identity. It is a virtual phone number forwarding service.

I checked that application again and found it was not working with whatsapp. Try our virtual number for free! Another way to register on whatsapp without disclosing your real number is via a temporary or virtual number.

We offer virtual ip pbx systems and toll free 800 numbers for office telephony organization. You can continue using that virtual mobile number after 30 days by purchasing another doosra plan. Virtual phone number is extra line to your mobile or landline phone, and this number is registered to deliver incoming calls to your existing phone number or on your web dialer.

Create Whatsapp Account With Usa Number 2022

This method uses a third party application named GROOVE IP which helps us to create a virtual US-based mobile number for free. You can make calls and send SMS too using this application. But those features need some money from your packet. Let us discuss what we need to use Whatsapp from US / UK. First of all download the application GROOVE IP from your play store / App store.

This application is available in your App store you wont have security related questions Right? With our long-time usage, we felt this application wont ask you any irrelevant permissions.

After installing GROOVE IP application on your mobile, you need to sign up with your E-mail address.

Now fill up your details and complete your registration.

Thats it. Now you have been prompted to specify an Area code. If you have any particular Area code you can give that here otherwise just select No Specific code and hit next. Now you can select a mobile number from the list of numbers. Select any of the numbers.

Note that number. Its time to create a new WhatsApp account from your US number. Open your WhatsApp and use the mobile number you noted and click on verify button.

Now be patient and wait for some time until the Call Me option gets enabled. Once you see the call me button just click that to hear your OTP.

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Get A Foreign Phone Number For Yahoo Using Numero Esim

So this is a convenient new application that allows you to buy foreign phone numbers with ease. You can easily buy phone numbers for making calls or for receiving calls. You just pay monthly for the phone numbers.

Here are the steps to download and use the application

Select the USA

Select the Foreign Phone Number that Suits your Purpose

Now you can input the number on WhatsApp and confirm your new phone number. You can also use it on telegram to verify your account and convince your client that you are real.

Faqs On Installing Whatsapp Using Numero Virtual Phone Numbers

How to get a US phone number for WhatsApp verification 2021

Can I use Numero eSIM numbers to register in other social media apps like Facebook, Telegram or Viber?

Yes, we provide this eSIM feature in Social Media Numbers category and Special offers. Note that SMS delivery from internet services for this numbers is not guaranteed when registering in social media and app so it is advised to use the call option to receive the registration codes.

for more details

What Should I Do After Verification?

Own your number if you want to continue using it on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a very secure platform. It will ask you for the code if you want to move from your phone to another. When you continue using the number on WhatsApp while you do not have access to it in Numero eSIM, you will be facing trouble especially when anyone else purchases your previous number. As a result, you will lose all of your conversations and history on WhatsApp.

Why are some numbers blocked on WhatsApp?

Your Number or device can be banned by WhatsApp in these cases:

  • When you send spam messages.
  • When Multiple WhatsApp contacts block you.
  • When you try to register with multiple numbers within a short period.
  • What If I Did Not Receive the Verification Code?

    Is My Personal Information Being Shared?

    No, we dont share your information with any third parties. Read more about our privacy policy.

    Are my calls and SMS Messages safe?

    Yes, all of your calls and SMS messages are safe as they are all encrypted.

    Now you know how to get your virtual number for WhatsApp verification.

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    How To Create A Free Us Number For Whatsapp Account And Verification

    How to create a free us number for whatsapp account and verification

    Good day everyone and welcome once more to droidvilla Tech as we will be getting to you in more details step by step procedure on how to get a free US number for whatsapp account OTP verification, calls and text messages all for free.

    Why Should Get A Free Virtual Phone Number For Whatsapp

    The procedure to get a free virtual phone number for WhatsApp is quite simple not to mention its fast functionalities, with this in mind, we would recommend the use of a free virtual phone number for WhatsApp.

    However, as we continue with the setting up of WhatsApp with the virtual phone number procedure, we need you to grasp some benefits that come with a virtual phone number.

  • Verification the general benefit of the virtual phone number is its ability to be equipped with its cyber server to achieve the task of verification. This can be implemented when you desire to sign up for a new service while using your WhatsApp. This doesnt require any means of approaching your default phone number.
  • Convenience Virtual phone number free for WhatsApp is well built to promote your desired purpose as intended with ease. The use of a free virtual phone number for WhatsApp in a rural area or locations with a poor connection to a phone network is quite convenient for verification on the WhatsApp application. Every connection issue can be resolved conveniently through the use of the virtual phone number, especially while making use of the gadget that doesnt have the Sim card port attached to it.
  • Simplicity are your just reading or hearing the word virtual phone number for the first time? It might appear or sound complex to you, but believe me the use of a virtual phone number is straightforward, it has a normal setup and it is as easy as ABC.
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