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How To Get Twitter Notifications

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How To Turn On Twitter Notifications For A Specific Person

How to stop Twitter mobile notifications

Suppose you dont want to crowd the lock screen with Twitter Notifications. In that case, Twitter App lets you decide and allow notifications from particular Twitter Accounts when they Tweet and starts Live Video.

  • Open the Twitter App.
  • Search or open the Twitter Account for which you want to receive push notifications.
  • Tap on the Bell icon followed by the Following button.
  • Select your preference from Tweets and Live Videos.
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    Twitter Notifications Only On Wi

    Without Twitter Notifications, its hard to stay updated, with daily Tweets, Mentions, Lives, Retweets, and other activities happening across your profile and the entire world. There are plenty of Twitter users who have raised the issue about the same. Unfortunately, there are few things to keep in mind when you face this type of problem.

    Solution 1: Disable Data Saving Mode

    Data saver mode on Android and iPhone saves a lot of data, which many applications consume in the background to update the information regularly. It might be possible that the data saving mode is preventing the notifications of Twitter.

    • On iPhone: Settings app > Cellular> Cellular Data Options> Data Mode> Disable Low Data Mode.
    • On Android: Settings app > Connections> Data Usage> Data Saver> Disable it.

    How To Change Twitter Notifications

    With a mobile device connected to your Twitter account, you can receive notifications from the service for certain conditions, such as receiving a new direct message or when you gain a new follower. Your Twitter settings enable you to customize the conditions for when you receive a notification for example, you may want to receive notifications for direct messages but for no other aspect of the service. You can change your Twitter notifications from the Twitter website using your computer’s Web browser.


    Open the Settings screen by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of your Twitter account and selecting “Settings” from the drop-down menu.



    Check or uncheck the boxes that correspond to the mobile settings you want active on your account in the Mobile Notifications section. Placing a check in a box means Twitter will send you mobile notifications for that action while removing the check has the opposite effect.



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    Clear App Cache And Data

    You can clear the cache and data for the Twitter app to get rid of corrupt files and potentially fix the notification error on your device.

    On Android devices

    Listed below are the steps to clear the cache and data files for the Twitter app on your Android phone:

    1. Open Settings and go to Apps.

    2. Then, tap on Manage apps, as shown.

    3. Locate and open from the given list. Tap on Clear data from the bottom of the screen.

    4. Finally, tap on Clear cache, as highlighted below.

    On iOS devices

    However, in case you use an iPhone, you need to clear the Media and web storage instead. Follow these steps to do so:

    1. In the app, tap on your profile icon from the top left corner of the screen.

    2. Now tap on Settings and privacy from the menu.

    3. Tap on Data usage.

    4. Now, tap on Web Storage under the Storage section.

    5. Under Web storage, tap on Clear web page storage and Clear all web storage.

    6. Similarly, clear the storage for MediaStorage as well.

    Accessing Twitter Notification Settings

    How to Get Push Notifications for a Users Tweets on ...

    The options you have for your Twitter notifications are currently identical across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The only difference between the apps for these devices and the is that you can also tailor your push notifications on mobile or Mac. Obviously, the website doesnt offer this.

    To access your Twitter notification settings on iPhone, youll tap your profile photo and choose Settings and privacy.

    On iPad, Mac, and the web, youll pick the More button from the left and pick Settings and privacy.

    Once youre in the Settings area, select Notifications. Then read on below for your notification options.

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    How To Customize Your Twitter Notifications On Ios Mac And The Web

    Social media notifications can be both really helpful and really annoying at the same time. Of course, you want to be notified of things that interest you or you can take action on. But most times, this doesnt include every single notification offered by the service.

    Here, well help you customize your Twitter notifications for only those things you want to see.

    Report The Notifications Issue At The Twitter Help Center

    Maybe youve been suffering from Twitter notifications not working properly for a few silent days . Then, we suggest getting in touch with the Twitter Help Center to get an answer for this notification issue ASAP. Through this, you can arrive at a conclusion by identifying the true cause for this error. Plus, they could help you identify any account-related problems that might be causing this as well.

    So, to report this notifications error to the Twitter Help Center:

  • First, from the Twitter app, tap the menu button at the top-left,and select Help Center.
  • Next, scroll down and under Contact us, select File a report.
  • Here, choose View all support topics, and for this case, select Features and settings.
  • Next, choose the topics that best describe your issue, or you can follow ours. Then, briefly explain your Twitter notifications problem.
  • Finally, tap Submit.
  • With that done, youll have to sit back and wait for an answer from Twitter.

    The only downside is it might take a while for Twitter to get back to you, as theyre catering to numerous other users too. However, its best to raise this issue to Twitter so they can address any platform errors in the next update. The more people reporting, the faster this Twitter notifications not working error gets noticed.

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    How To Get Push Notifications For A User’s Tweets On Twitter For Iphone

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 221,881 times.Learn more…

    Sometimes, just getting notifications of your own retweets and mentions just aren’t enough on Twitter, to get a really good feel of the service. If you really enjoy reading someone else’s tweets, and own an iPhone, try this article to get the tweets of another user.

    Twitter Notifications Sound Not Working

    Twitter Notifications: How To Setup Twitter Notifications [The Right Way]

    Twitter wont send push notifications or sound not working for notifications on Twitter whatever the issue is, well first check and try to change the notification sound for Tweets.

  • Go to the Settings app on the iPhone.
  • Tap Sounds.
  • Under Sound and Vibration Patterns, tap on Tweet and change the sound from there.
  • Solution 1: Restart iPhone

    Rebooting the iPhone will deal with minor bugs running on the iPhone affecting various functionalities of the iPhone like this.

    For iPhone 8 or Later,

    • Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
    • Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
    • Press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears.

    For iPhone 7, 7Plus,

    • Press and hold Volume Down and Power button for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo shows up.

    For iPhone 6S, 6SPlus, or Earlier,

    • Press and hold the Home button and Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo displays.

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    Factory Reset Your Device

    We do not recommend this method as it will delete all data saved on your phone and you need to create a backup for all your data before you proceed with this method. However, if continue facing this issue with Twitter and none of the methods mentioned above are working for you, then you can factory reset your device to return to default settings.

    On Android devices

    Lets see how to Factory Reset your phone to fix Twitter notifications not working issue.

    1. Open Settings of your device and go to the About phone section, as shown.

    2. Tap on Backup and reset, as depicted.

    3. Scroll down and tap Erase all data option.

    4. Next, tap on Reset Phone from the bottom of the screen.

    5. Type your PIN or Password on the next screen to confirm and initiate the factory reset.

    On iOS devices

    If you are an iOS user, follow the given steps to Factory Reset your device and fix all issues or glitches with your iPhone.

    1. Open Settings and go to General settings.

    2. Scroll down and tap on Reset.

    3. Finally, tap Erase All Content and Settings. Refer to pic below for clarity.

    4. Enter your PIN to confirm and proceed further.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Why are my notifications not showing up on Twitter?

    Q2. Why am I not getting any of my notifications?

    If you are not getting any notifications on your device, then you may have to enable push notifications from your device settings. Here is how to do it:

  • Head to the Settings of your device.
  • Go to Notifications.
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    Enabling Twitter Push Notifications

  • 1Make sure Twitter notifications are enabled for your Android. In order to receive push notifications from Twitter, you must allow them in the Settings menu:
  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap .
  • Tap Notifications.
  • Turn on the “Notifications” switch or checkbox if necessary.
  • 2Open Twitter. Tap the Twitter app icon, which resembles a white bird on a light-blue background. Doing so opens your Twitter homepage if you’re logged in.
  • If you aren’t logged into Twitter, enter your email address and password when prompted to log in.
  • 3Tap your profile icon. It’s in the top-left corner of the screen. Doing so opens a pop-out menu.
  • On some Androids, you may instead tap â° in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • 4Tap Settings and privacy. This option is in the pop-out menu.
  • 5Tap Notifications. It’s near the top of the page.
  • 6Tap Push notifications. This option is near the bottom of the page.
  • 7Tap the grey “Push notifications” switch . It’s in the top-right corner of the screen. Doing so will cause the switch to turn blue , signifying that Twitter notifications are now enabled.
  • If this switch is already blue, notifications are already enabled.
  • 8Tap Tweets. This option is near the top of the page.
  • 9Enable push notifications for user tweets. Tap the grey “Tweets” switch in the top-right corner of the screen to do so. At this point, you can proceed with turning on notifications for a user’s tweets.
  • Again, if the switch here is already blue, notifications are enabled.
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    What Are Twitter Notifications

    Twitter Notifications are updates sent to you on your device alerting you about various topics. It lets you know how other users are interacting with you. You can see the number of likes, replies, and retweets your tweets are getting, who followed or mentioned you. It also shows you the tweets from your favorite accounts for which you have enabled your notifications.

    Free Up Your Devices Internal Storage Space

    How to Get Push Notifications for a User

    When your devices internal storage space is depleting, other system functions, including the push notification service, can be affected. Thus, this might prevent your Twitter notifications from sending or working as well.

    Usually, in such cases, your device will alert you with the infamous Storage Almost Full error message.

    Additionally, certain conflicting apps may cause this Twitter notifications error. Hence, we recommend placing a higher priority on removing RAM booster apps or launcher and wallpaper apps.

    Also, apps that occupy large storage space should be removed, for the time being, to spot any improvements. You can always reinstall them if theyre not the cause.

    Therefore, we placed this step among your last resorts as youll need to filter through your installed apps list. Despite not being as straightforward as the other steps, some users have found this fix useful.

    So, it doesnt hurt to try it out.

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    Get A Notification When Someone Tweets Or Retweets

    Turning on notifications for a particular account will let you get push notifications of their tweets/retweets on a smartphone. This way you can stay on top of the updates from desired accounts.

    The procedure and screenshots used here are from the Twitter iOS app but the method remains the same for Android app too with minute changes.

    1. Launch Twitter app and tap on your profile picture at the top left corner. Select Settings and Privacy from the Menu that pops out.

    2. Now, tap on Notifications.

    3. Select Push notifications under Notifications.

    4. Next, tap on Tweets and toggle Tweets switch to On.

    5. Once you have turned on Tweets in push notifications then head back to the Home screen. Search for the user for which you wish to turn on the notification and visit their profile screen.

    6. Under someones Twitter profile tap on the bell icon and select All Tweets from the options that appear from the bottom.

    In Android app, tap on the notification icon and then check the box for Account notifications to get the All Tweets option.

    With this, you will start receiving push notifications of tweets and retweets from the above account. The users wont come to know if you turn on push notifications for them.

    Push Notifications for Tweet and Retweet from a specific user

    Please note that these are push notifications only for mobile devices so these wont show up in your Twitter account Notifications tab.

    Similarly, you can enable notifications for other special accounts.

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    Check Your Device Notification Settings

    If youre still having issues with Twitter notifications not working, try to visit your devices notification settings. The Twitter app may not have the proper permissions to send push notifications on your system.

    On Android, check out the guide below to enable notifications for the Twitter app.

  • First, open the Settings app from your home screen.
  • Now, tap on Notifications inside your devices settings.
  • After that, find from the list of apps.
  • Finally, tap on the toggle switch besideto turn on its notifications.
  • If you use an iOS device, see the steps below to allow Twitter to send push notifications.

  • On your home screen, tap on Settings to open it.
  • After that, tap on Notifications.
  • Now, scroll down and tap on .
  • Finally, make sure that notifications are turned on for the app.
  • Once done, ask your friends to mention you on their tweet or send you a direct message to see if you would receive notifications about it.

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    Switch Between Mobile Internet And Wi

    Additionally, some users have reported that their Twitter notifications dont appear when using their cellular or mobile internet. Instead, they only appear when the device is connected to Wi-Fi.

    This could be because of restrictions to the mobile internet, like Low Data Mode. These settings might not allow background activity that requires an internet connection, like Twitter notifications.

    Therefore, try connecting to a Wi-Fi network instead of using your mobile internet to spot any connection issues. You can do this through the Control Centre or the Status Bar .

    So, if you find your mobile internet to be at fault, within the system settings, ensure that Data Saving Mode is disabled:

    For iPhone/iPad: Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options

    For Android: Settings > Network & Internet > Data Saver

    What Are The Early Symptoms Of The Disease

    How to stop Twitter email notifications

    The early symptoms of the disease include – fever, sore throat, skin rashes, nausea, general body aches and pain, headaches and stomach upset etc. As the infection progresses, the disease further weakens the immune system of the individuals and they undergo weight loss and can have diarrhoea and swollen lymph nodes. This makes early detection and treatment extremely important for HIV patients.

    Ways of Transmission

    • Transmission through blood: reusing syringes contaminated with HIV infected samples is a very potent cause of transmission
    • Sexual transmission: unprotected sexual activities with multiple people and exposure of a person to sexual fluids during physical intimacy
    • Perinatal transmission: during pregnancy, childbirth and even breastfeeding, a mother can transmit the infection to her child

    Tips for Prevention

    • Contact with body fluids: by reducing the risk of exposure to contaminated blood, HIV can be prevented. It is as easy as washing that part of the skin thoroughly that u think might have come in contact with contaminated blood/ fluids.
    • Do not share any intravenous drugs : Sharing needles exposed to HIV and other infections can not only cause HIV AIDS but also conditions like hepatitis C.
    • Unprotected sex exposes a person to the risk of contracting STD’s

    Important Stats

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    How To Get Notifications When Your Favorite People Tweet

    Wouldn’t you love to get notified when your favorite people tweet?

    Today I’ll show you 2 awesome tools that can make that happen.

    Once you set them up, you’ll be able to quickly respond to your favorite people’s tweets — and start building relationships with the .

    And after a few exchanges, you’ll probably be emailing them about your awesome product! 🙂

    People are just more likely to respond to you when you quickly reply to their tweets.

    > > < <

    You can also use these tools to track your competition on Twitter — which can be tricky with other tools.

    I once used Twitters iOS app to receive push notifications when somebody tweeted, but the app often notified me of tweets from people I wasn’t interested in hearing from.

    I’ve FINALLY found a solution!

    Can I Filter The Notifications I Receive

    Yes. You can control what you see and who you interact with on Twitter. You have three options located in your notifications settings to filter the notifications you receive: Quality filter, muted words, and advanced filters.

    • Quality filter, when turned on, filters lower-quality content from your notifications, for example, duplicate Tweets or content that appears to be automated â it does not filter notifications from people you follow or accounts youâve recently interacted with. You have the option to turn this on or off in your notifications settings.
    • Mute notifications for particular words and phrases youâd like to avoid seeing in your notifications with muted words. Learn more here. Mute notifications for accounts you’d like to avoid seeing notifications from. This includes muting accounts you follow or don’t know. For muted accounts you follow, replies and mentions by the muted account will still appear in your Notifications tab. Learn more here.
    • Advanced filters allow you to disable notifications from certain types of accounts youâd like to avoid. In addition, if your account receives a lot of sudden attention, we may insert a notification in your Notifications tab inviting you to adjust these filters to give you more control over what you see.

    Note: If you are new to Twitter or re-installed your app, the quality filter setting will be on by default. Instructions on disabling and enabling are listed below.

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