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How To Get To Settings On Pinterest

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How To Save A Pin From The Web

How to edit your profile or settings on Pinterest
  • From your Pinterest home page, select the plus sign in the lower-right corner of the page.

  • Select Get our browser button or Create a Pin.

    To use the browser button, you need to use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

  • If you selected Get our browser button, select Got it from the next screen.

  • You’ll see a plus sign on the browser toolbar. Select it and then select Install to install the browser extension.

  • Open the website with an image you want to Pin, hover the cursor over the image, and select .

  • Choose a board and select Save.

  • If you don’t want to install a browser button extension, select the plus sign and then select Create a Pin.

  • Select Save from site.

  • Enter the website URL and select the arrow to continue.

  • Select an image and then choose Add to Pin.

  • Add a title, select a board from the drop-down menu, then select Save.

  • Pins With Many Saves Feature Reactions Comments And Photos

    Of January 2021 Pins earning over 5,000 saves, 89% of them had some combination of reactions , comments, and photos. Are they getting more reactions, comments, and photos because they have been saved so many times? Or are those other signals helping increase distributions and therefore, saves?

    Action Items

    Make your Pins worth reacting to or worth a comment or photo! The Pins were seeing with this kind of engagement are for the most part how-to videos or beautiful travel and fashion photos. Show your product in use in unconventional ways and invite people to try it and share their results.

    The #1 most-shared Pin is a how-to craft video with 20,000 reactions, 25 photos, and 45 comments! Not every industry can expect comments and photo uploads on their Pins. Recipes, fashion, and beauty images are the most prevalent in this group.

    Navigate Your Account Options

  • Select the drop-down arrow from the upper-right menu to see more options. You’ll go through each of these options in the next several steps to see where each takes you.

  • Add another account takes you to a screen where you can create a new Pinterest account and switch between accounts.

  • Add a free business account helps you set up a business account, so you can run ads, access analytics, and more.

  • Settings brings you to a screen where you can edit your account profile, add a photo, change account settings, choose notification settings, see and change privacy settings, turn on two-factor authentication, and more.

  • Tune your home feed brings you to a screen where you can edit your preferences and interests.

  • Install the app allows you to install an app that lets a Pinterest tab run in the background when you’re using a Pinterest-optimized browser.

  • GetHelp brings up the Pinterest Help Center.

  • See terms and privacy brings up the Pinterest privacy policy.

  • Selecting Log out will log you out of Pinterest.

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    Try Different Pin Formats

    Mix it up! Pin a video encouraging Pinners to shop at your e-commerce store or try adding multiple photos to a Pin to create a carousel.

    For example, Nike uses video to promote its products:

    And carousels to show a variety of products in one Pin:

    But even though 80% of Pinners discover a new brand or product on Pinterest, think beyond shopping and explicitly promoting your brand.

    For example, Nespresso pins step-by-step content to engage Pinners with its brand:

    Change Your Font And Use Less Ink

    3 step quick guide to set up

    Heres something I bet you never thought about: The font that you pick for your documents determines how much ink or toner is consumed when printing.

    Lets start with the worst font: Arial. It gobbles up over 20% more of your ink than other fonts. Unfortunately, its probably the most common font used on web pages.

    Now, the best font to use when printing is Times New Roman. You’ll get almost 30% more pages printed using Times New Roman over Arial. Coming in a close second is Calibri. The problem with this font is that it doesn’t come across as professional. Instead, you can use Century Gothic as an ink-saving font.

    Bonus tip: Its a fact of life. Websites have tons of ads. That can get annoying when you want to print something to save for later. Tap or click here for the trick to print a webpage without any ads or other junk.

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    Which Boards Should You Pin To

    When you have your title, description, and Pins ready, theres one last thing to think about.

    What board to Save it to!

    currently recommend Saving to the most relevant, keyworded board first. This sends the algorithm helpful signals so your Pin will be shown to the most interested audience.

    Go with either the most relevant board, or a top performer if you like. You can experiment with trying both of these to see which gets the best results.

    You can also Save your Pin to more than one board. Tailwinds Smart Guide recommends no more than 10 boards, but this isnt a rule, just guidance.

    Space out the Pins going to different boards, so your feed isnt full of the same Pin repeatedly. Tailwind interval pinning helps you do this quickly and easily.

    When Pinning to the first board, consider Pinning related content around the same time. This is called board co-occurrence.

    Carefully Plan Your Boards

    As , your brands boards can help reach new Pinners interested in specific topics or learning specific things.

    For example, Oreos boards include Pins with inspiration for upcoming seasonal holidays like its Spooky Sweet Halloween board and Holidays with Oreo board as well as recipe ideas, like its Oreo Cupcakes and Oreo Cookie Balls board.

    In other words, the brand skillfully mixes useful, engaging and inspiring content boards with boards that are more promotional:

    And Aveeno has boards for their own products, like Aveeno Body and Sun Care boards:

    But the brand also has other boards, like the Earth Day board that includes Pins indirectly showcasing the brand while showing an understanding of what their audience values and supports.

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    Virginia Woman Gets 12 Years In Prison For One Of The Biggest Coupon Scams In Us History

    A Virginia Beach woman was sentenced to 12 years in prison for running one of biggest coupon counterfeiting rings in U.S. history that led to more than $31.8 million in retail loss, authorities said.

    Lori Ann Talens, 41, ran the scheme from April 2017 through May 2020, and pleaded guilty to mail fraud, wire fraud and health care fraud before she was sentenced Tuesday by a federal judge in Norfolk.

    Her husband, 43-year-old Pacifico Talens Jr., previously pleaded guilty for his role in supporting the scam and was sentenced to seven years behind bars.

    This massive counterfeit coupon scheme harmed consumers, retailers, and manufacturers nationwide, and the economy at large,” Acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia Raj Parekh said in a statement.

    While most coupon campaigns have a unique bar code, the individual pieces of paper shoppers might clip from a newspaper are not distinctive, according to Bud Miller, executive director of the industry group Coupon Information Center, which looks out for fake vouchers.

    Unlike, for example, tickets to a major sports event, it’s virtually impossible for organizers of a coupon campaign to print hundreds of thousands or millions of vouchers, each with a unique bar code.

    And that level of uniformity opens the door for skilled counterfeiters like Talens with a background in graphic arts and marketing to recreate coupons, according to Miller.

    Top Tips For Staying Safe

    How To Set Up A Pinterest Account for your Business in 2020

    We would recommend making sure location sharing is switched off and hiding their account from search engines, like Google and Bing. Explore these features together and talk about what to keep private.;;

    You can visit Pinterest for specific information on;account privacy.;

    Help your child think about what they share online and who sees it. Compare it to what they would be happy to share offline.

    Use examples that are easy for them to understand: You shouldn’t give your number to somebody you don’t know on the street. Is somebody online you don’t know any different?

    Listen to their answers. And be positive and encouraging.

    Remind them that they shouldnt share private things, such as:

    • personal information, like names, emails, phone numbers, location and school names
    • other people’s personal information
    • links to join private group chats

    And remember to let your child know that they can always talk to you about worrying things they see online.;

    1) From your profile, select Boards2) Select the pen icon on the board you want to make secretSelect ‘Keep this board secret’3) Select Save.

    Remind your child to never invite anyone to a board without checking with you first.

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    Signing Up With A Facebook Account

    For this option you must have a Facebook account. If you do not have, you need to create one before sign up. If you already have a Facebook account, just follow the steps below

    • You are redirected to Facebook login.
    • Facebook asks for your Email or phone and password.
    • You are asked to download Pin it button. You can skip this step it if you want.

    Hide Your Pins From Other People

    While you cant completely hide your active account, you can use secret boards to keep all of your Pins hidden from other people. Only you can view your own secret boards .

    For extra privacy, you can change your name or use secret boards to keep your Pins hidden from others. Your secret boards can only be viewed by you and anyone you choose to invite to the board.

    You can turn a public board into a secret board at any time. You can also move or copy a Pin to a secret board.

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    Claiming Your Website & Other Accounts

    You have the option to establish an RSS feed with a particular website. I dont recommend this. When I tried it a while back, it didnt work properly and it pulled in some funky images.;

    Within this settings sub-menu, you can also claim an Etsy store and a Youtube Channel if you have one.

    Auto-Publish Instagram Posts Pinterest gives you the option to auto-publish your latest Instagram posts to a specific Pinterest board. You can decide whether you want to enable auto-publishing Instagram posts on your Pinterest account, based on what you post on Instagram and how it would fit with your Pinterest marketing.;

    Create Dedicated Pin Images

    Pinterest Finally Rolls Out Business Accounts: How to Set ...
    • Save

    Which ones are you most drawn to?;

    And which ones are you most likely to click on?;

    The data tells me these ones get the highest click-throughs

    • Save

    The key reasons why these get the most clicks:

    • Portrait orientation they take up more space in the feed, increasing the likelihood of being seen.
    • High-quality photo blurry images and poor quality images get down-voted and less likely to be seen and who would want to click on a bad image
    • Text on the image this shows that if you click through there are more information or more photos that you may like this hugely increases the click-through rate
    • No faces data suggests that images without faces get up to 23% more clicks than those with faces.

    So for every blog post you write, make sure you create at least 1 dedicated pin image for the post.

    You can make pins using any design app you like. If you are just getting started, I recommend using Canva, it comes with hundreds of templates that you can quickly edit and download.

    You should create at least one pin for each post on your blog. To start with you will need to go back in and create pins for all your existing blog posts. Once you have done that, you can just create a new pin each time you create a new blog post.

    Here are some more examples of pin images for inspiration

    • Save

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    Heres the catch: Amazon Warehouse products are used. Check the quality ratings, like Renewed and the four levels of used: Like new, Very good, Good and Acceptable.

    Now, be careful on that last one because your definition of Acceptable might differ from the sellers. Pay attention to the return period, too.

    Bonus Tip: Disinformation: How social media lies change history

    Check out my podcast Kim Komando Explains on Apple, , or your favorite podcast player.

    Keeping you ignorant is profitable, which is why companies, governments and terrorist groups manufacture fake social media posts. Fall for them, and youre letting strangers inject their lies into your brain. In this episode, I sit down with disinformation experts Kristy Roschke and Emerson Brooking on the scary new shadow industry designed to keep us ignorant, compliant and powerless.

    Listen to the podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts. Just search for my last name, Komando.

    The views and opinions expressed in this column are the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of USA TODAY.

    Hint: Make This Change On Your Blog Posts To Amplify Their Reach

    • how to create an account
    • how to pin and repin images
    • what kinds of images work best
    • how to get followers

    But theres one really easy way to get even more out of your pins.

    You can use a WordPress plugin to automatically add a Pin it button to all of your blog images, which will show up any time someone hovers over them with their mouse.

    With the button, a reader can pin the image with just a few clicks.

    Once youve installed the plugin, go to its settings to make sure everything is configured correctly:

    The most important setting is the Show Pin It Button On Image Hover option along with the color and size of the button.

    You want to pick a color that makes it stand out from most of your images and website.

    Getting extra pins from your blog readers will help increase the longevity of your pins even more.

    Every time an old picture gets pinned again, it will be shown to the pinners followers as well as at the top of any relevant searches.

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    Have Spare Time How To Get Thousands Of Followers Naturally

    Social media is all about connecting to other people and brands.

    In order to get people to follow you, you need to make some sort of connection with them.

    It could be through;commenting on their pins or sharing their pins, but the simplest and most scalable option is to follow other users.

    When you follow another user, they get a notification. Most of the time, they will check out your profile.

    If they like your profile and like the content you post on your boards , theyll follow you back.

    Depending on how good your profile is and how well you pick the people you follow, 1-10% of them will follow you back.

    But there are limits.;In order to prevent spammers, Pinterest imposed;limits on the number of people you can follow within an hour. Its currently at;300 people per hour.

    If you go over this limit, youll risk getting your account suspended or banned.

    It takes about 5-15 minutes to follow this many people, and it will get you anywhere from 3 to 30 new followers.

    Although;that sounds like a lot of work, imagine if you did that just twice a day. Even with mediocre results, lets say 10 new followers, youd pick up 600 new followers in a month, and 7,200 in a year.

    Thats a pretty large following.

    If you also consider that your following will grow from getting repins and likes, you can multiply;that total by 2, 3, or more.

    Yes, youll have to be dedicated, but this simple math shows that this strategy can work.

    This will bring up all pins relevant to those keywords.

    Prevent Your Website Content From Being Pinned

    Get Started on Pinterest | Quick Guide to setting up Pinterest for your blog.

    Theres another handy privacy feature that accomplishes the opposite, too!

    Worrying about copyright infringement, or just want more control over your social media marketing channels, use the !

    Adding this code to your website protects your website content from the Pin-It web extension.

    If you want to allow;some items from your website to be pinned, install the Save button on a certain image.

    You now control both the image and the description being pinned from your site because it typically picks up the alternate text you enter on the image.

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    How To Drive Insane Referral Traffic With Pins

    Heres the basic idea:

  • Pin attractive images from your blog content
  • Put URL of the blog post as the link
  • Repeat steps 1-3 over and over again
  • Watch referral traffic grow exponentially
  • Therere obviously a few finer details in each of the steps, but thats what the rest of this post covers.

    Creating a pin the right way: The one part of using Pinterest that we havent covered yet is actually making a pin.

    Depending on the popularity of your blog, you might find that your readers are already creating tons of pins for you.

    You can check by going to:

    Replace quicksprout with your domain name.

    On top of those pins, youll want to regularly make pins of your own to add to your boards.

    Unlike with most networks, you can get away, for the most part, with posting only your own content, but its still a good idea to repin content from other Pinterest users as well.

    To make your own pin, look at the top left of any of your boards. Youll see a grey add a pin button in the top left.

    If you only put in a picture, your pin will look very plain, like this:

    If you click the pin , it will bring up the full pin.

    This will bring up a pop-up that allows you to edit the key information.

    You can choose the board where the pin should live;as well as enter a description plus the URL that it should point to:

    After youve set the website address, users viewing your pin will have two different links that will point to that address:

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