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How To Get Story Pins On Pinterest

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How To Create Story Pins On Pinterest

While a user cant click a link on a story pin, they can save the pin.

In reality, the vanity metric on story pins is the number of views. The metrics you should really be interested in are saves and follows. When Erin digs into her , she can see that six out of 10 saves come from story pins.


So, if the day comes when Pinterest adds link clicks to story pins, Erin hopes to be one of the first to get that option on her story pins. That alone makes it worth it to feed the story pin beast for now.

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Create Story Pins On Mobile

Open the Pinterest app and tap the + symbol at the bottom of the screen, then click Story Pin. Select images or videos from your phone to upload to Pinterest. Make sure to switch the toggle at the bottom to the right if you want each piece of content to be a new page.

If it’s toggled to the left, all the images will appear as a slideshow on one page. Click Next, then you have options to rearrange, duplicate, and delete content. When you’re ready, click Design to begin customizing.

In this example, I changed the background color using the Color Tool to match my video and added text. You can add a voice over, trim a video, create a filter, and add music to make a dynamic visual story! Static images on a single page do not have the option to add music or voice overs. A third party app like Kapwing is a great resource to create images with audio.

When you’re finished, click Next to choose a title, board, and details like ingredients and supplies. You can add tags here as well. Click Publish and your Pinterest story is live!

Want To Reach More People Create A Micro Campaign

In addition, you can go back and edit the Story Pin as your pin gets traction and comments. That means you can add a step that would be helpful, clarify confusion or even engage with your audience.

Some versions of the Story Pin also allow you to include a link for each of the 2 to 20 pages. That means if you get that feature, you can link back to your blog, website page or some other helpful resource.

Whichever version you have, Story Pins allows you to engage with your ideal prospects in some novel ways.

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How To Create Idea Pins

  • To create Idea Pins on the app: on the top of your screen, you should see your profile picture alongside a row of other creators, alongside a plus sign and the word Create.

  • From here, you can take a photo or video here and now, or you can upload existing content for your first panel.

  • After uploading or creating your first panel, click Done to move to create your second panel in exactly the same way.

  • When youve finished adding panels to your Pin, fill out the detail fields – title, cover image, board, tags, and lists. Be sure to turn comments on!

  • Hit Publish!

  • Create Shareable Story Pins

    Pinterest führt Story Pins und neue Analytic Tools ein

    Story Pins offer you the chance to take your content from one visual to a set of related ones. This gives you the chance to create even more connections with your audience and gives them the chance to share your awesome content with their friends.

    So, the key here is to create content your viewers will want to save and share so that your message reaches more people.

    Viral or commonly shared content is often helpful, interesting, helpful, and high-value content that people are excited about or that they think the people they know will be excited about.

    So dont be afraid to spend some time asking your audience questions in order to figure out what theyre really craving. It could be the best way to create content that they cant help but share with friends and followers.

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    What Is An Idea Pin

    An idea pin is a swipeable pin with several pages that a pinner flips through.

    Unlike standard pins that would just be a teaser to click through to a creators website, idea pins dont have a link built-in, and the pinner is supposed to get all of the information they need from it.

    Avoid adding links in your copy. By keeping your idea pin link-free, you will drive on-platform engagement and grow your audience on Pinterest and beyond.*

    How To Create A Story Pin: A Step

    If youre interested in becoming a creator on Pinterest and using Story Pins, you can sign up here.

    Step #1: Log into your and click Create Story Pin.

    Step #2: Click Create Story Pin and click the downwards arrow and choose 1 or up to 20 images or videos from your computer, or drag and drop to add the images or videos.

    Step #3: Use the tools on the right side of the screen to design your pages.

    • Layout: Click Layout to choose a layout for your page and Select or change the background color

    • Adjust: Click Image or Video to adjust and resize your image or video

    • Text: Click Text to add text and select your font, font size, alignment, color or highlight

    Step #4: Click the plus icon on the top-left side to add more images or videos. To change your font, layout or background on multiple pages, hold down shift on your keyboard and select the pages you want to edit.

    Step #5: Click Next and select a details theme from the dropdown menu and add details to your Pin.

    Step #6: Next, fill out the information about your Pin:

    • Story Pin title: Add a title for your Pin

    • Board selector: Choose a public board to save your Story Pin to from the drop-down menu

    • Tags: Search and add up to 10 tag topics to add to your Story Pin to reach people searching for similar ideas

    Step #7: Click Published, and youre all set!

    Did you know: You can plan, schedule and automatically for free!

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    Story Idea Pins And How To Use Them To Grow Your Blog

    But still, Im not a fan of Idea Pins.

    But ultimately, your goal should be to help your target audience by offering them inspiration and helpful information with your pins.

    Most often, the best way to do that is to link to your website from each pin. That way, people can easily find the information they are looking for, and read more about the topic.

    But since Idea Pins dont allow us to link to external URLs, I wouldnt invest too much time and effort in them.

    Remember: Idea Pins are best used for step-by-step instructions, how-to tutorials, and recipes. You can easily offer your followers more detailed tips, ideas, and inspiration than with regular pins.

    With that said, if you dont have access to Idea Pins yet, dont worry. You can request access using this form.

    Now I want to hear from you! Have you been using Story Pins or Idea Pins yet?

    How have your results been? Did you notice a performance difference compared to your regular pins?

    If you dont have access to Idea Pins yet, what do you think about the whole thing? Do you think you will use it actively? What type of content would you share with Story Pins?

    Please drop me a line in the comments below! I cant wait to hear your thoughts!

    To get started with Pinterest, head over to my previous post on how to create an . Its packed with practical tips you can use right now to drive traffic to your blog faster than you think. Ill see you there!

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    Idea Pins Vs Regular Pins

    Pinterest – How to Create Story Pins with Video and Images | Pinterest Marketing Tips


    • Idea Pins can be commented on, shared, and Pinned to boards like other Pins.

    • Idea Pins appear in search results and main feeds.


    • Idea Pins contain more than one image or video.

    • Idea Pins give you access to more tools – music, text, and more.

    • Regular Pins link back to an external website. Idea Pins dont.

    • Idea Pins have a List space instead of a Description – its designed for notes, directions, lists, or recipes for the user to copy and paste.

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    My Honest Opinion About Idea Pins: Should You Use Idea Pins

    Now, should you start creating Idea Pins like crazy?

    I get this question a lot and heres my honest opinion:

    Im not a fan.

    Seriously, I was expecting more from this feature.

    When users search for something on the platform, they expect to find the information they are looking for.

    That information is, most often, more than we can jam into a single Idea Pin. This is why we want to link to a blog post with more details, for example.

    Clearly, this isnt helping the users.

    But if they really want to find out something that we cant offer with Idea Pins, they will leave the platform and head over to another search engine.

    So, should you use Idea Pins, then?

    It depends on your goals:

    • If you want to generate website traffic and clicks, do NOT use Idea Pins. Instead, spend your time on creating regular pins.

    Create Your First Idea Pin Draft

    Lets see how you can create an Idea Pin on your computer.

    I know you may want to use your smartphone instead and thats perfectly OK. But since the desktop app looks identical to everyone, lets stick to that for simplicitys sake.

    Head over to the top left menu on Pinterest. Select Create > Create Idea Pin to get started:

    On the next page, you will see all your Idea Pin drafts. Of course, if you are new to the feature, your drafts page will be empty.

    You can simply click on Create new to get started with your first draft:

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    Get The Most From Idea Pins With These Tips

    Hello and welcome to our guide to getting the most from our newest Pin format, Idea Pins! We hope this will help serve as a guide to creating best in class Idea Pin content. By educating yourself on these best practices you can create content that offers inspiration to Pinners.

    To start creating Idea Pins, go here.


    • Thats it. Thats the tip. Heres why: Videos great for telling a story, showing how to do something or talking to your viewers. Start with a video on the first pageit will stand out. But make sure any videos in your Idea Pin have text since sound-off is the default.

    Go for more pages

    • Idea Pins help you share an idea, recipe, outfit, travel guideyou name it. Pinners like swiping through content. So use the space you need to tell a great story.

    Explain your ideareally

    Create it yourself

    Actually tell a story

    • Great Idea Pins are helpful, inspiring, or different. People can act on them. So, plan yours out like you would a real story. Aim for a beginning, middle, and end. Avoid adding links or making it look like an obvious ad.

    Make it human

    • Idea Pins are a way for people to get to know the creator behind the idea. Dont be afraid to narrate your idea or show us your face. It helps Pinners connect with and discover new creators to follow.

    Quick quality check

    For more Idea Pin inspiration, check out this board!

    Idea Pins updates:

    To Link Or Not To Link

    Pinterest Introduces Story Pins And Other New Features For Creators

    When idea pins were first released, creators actually had the option of adding to link to every single page. What a dream! Then, it was limited to one link per entire idea pin.

    And now, the link section has been removed completely.

    However, it is possible to add a link within the description section.

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    How To Create Scheduled Pins

    • You can schedule fresh Pins to publish them later.
    • To do this, you need to access your account.
    • Add an image or video from your computer into the uploader.
    • Add a catchy title, alt text, description, and destination link.
    • To make your Pins accessible and perform better, you can use keywords in your title and alternative text.
    • Choose the board you want to publish your Pin.
    • Select the date and time to publish your Pin to gain maximum exposure.
    • You can schedule all pins whether you directly upload them or save them from external sources.

    Add Story Pins To Your Content Calendar And Game Plan

    Speaking of plans, while these Pins arent blogs, they can give Story Pin viewers a taste of what you cover on your website, blog, or other social channels.

    One surefire way to make this happen is to add Story Pins to your content calendar.

    Adding Story Pins to your content calendar means that you can try out different ways of sharing insight on similar topics. For example, if youre covering all things interior design on your blog this month you can create Story Pin videos sharing a how-to on creating your own color palettes, highlight links to your favorite furniture stores, or share the story of the interior design expert on your team.

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    How To Create A Story Pin On Mobile

    Create on iPhone:

    • Choose a cover image and title for your Story Pin

    • Add image or video, text and link to each of your Story Pin pages. You can add up to 20 Story Pin pages.

    • To resize an image to your page use the crop icon. To add a link box press the link icon when adding text.

    • To publish press Next and choose the board youd like your Story Pin saved to. Done!

    How To Request Access To Story Pins:

    How To Create Pinterest Story Pins on Desktop
    • Tap on the + button.
    • Tap on the Story Pins button.
    • Tap on the Apply for Access.

    During the same day, you should be able to see a Story Pin on top of your feed that will introduce this feature.

    After that, you may need to restart your app and tap on the + button to start creating Story Pins.

    For every Story, you will be able to see detailed stat and they will also appear on top of your profile page. You can check an example on page.

    It seems that this feature is getting rolled out region by region and it might happen that it is still not yet available. Recently it started rolling out in Germany in the “Early Access” mode.

    Did anybody receive this option outside of Germany?

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    How To Create Your First Story Pin

    First thing first.

    In case you dont, first, or, upgrade your current Pinterest account.

    Here are 5 steps you need to follow to create your Story Pin:

  • Choose an image or video for your Story Pin draft
  • Select a cover image and write a title
  • Pick up to 20 pages of content
  • Double-check your content and hit the Publish button
  • Edit the Story pin pages if necessary
  • Before you start following the steps, please take a look at the required technical specifications:

    Story pin file size:

    Desktop: maximum 32mb for images and 50mb for videos

    Android and iOS: 16mb

    Story pin file type:

    Image: .BMP, .GIF, .JPEG, .PNG, .TIFF, .WEBP

    Video: .MP4, .MOV, .M4V

    Story pin file resolution:

    Image: 300×500 pixel size minimum, 1200×1800 pixel size recommended, 2000×3000 pixel size maximum

    Video: 1080p maximum

    Note: There is no maximum pixel size on the Web.

    Video length: between 2-20 seconds

    Aspect ratio: No restrictions for image or video

    Character length:

    Desktop: up to 100 characters

    Android and iOS: up to 42 characters

    Encoding: H.264 or H.265

    Lets go step by step, on how to post your first story pin:

    Use Keywords So The Right People Find You

    While youre not always going to use a ton of text in your Story Pins, when youre adding things like the title, you want to make every word count.

    Consider creating a keyword list for the different types of Story Pins you plan to create so that you can simply begin using those keyword lists as you draft the titles for each one.

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    Always Consider Your Audience

    While this is our advice every time you create content for your business, when it comes to Story Pins, its essential.

    Story Pins are extremely versatile and you could use them to create everything from brief meditations to 5-minute dinner recipe How-Tos.

    So before you start using this amazing new Pinterest feature, give yourself some space to think about what insight you can offer your audience, what things they might like to sell, and what tips would be helpful for them.

    You dont always have to match your Story Pins directly to what your company or brand offers, but your content should be something that your audience will resonate with and something theyd share with a friend.

    Use Third Party Tools Such As Embedstories

    10 Ideas for Using Pinterest Story Pins

    Or, instead of manually adding your Story pins, you can automate this time-consuming process with third-party tools like EmbedStories.

    Use this unique feature to upload your Story Pins and display them on your website in the form of engaging widgets.

    You have the flexibility to combine the best of both worlds and create a stunning combo widget from your Instagram Stories and Story Pins.

    Here is how to use EmbedStories to create your . It will take you just a few minutes to create it .

    Here are the steps:

  • Open your EmbedStories account
  • Once you are in, from the menu on the left side, choose All Stories
  • Navigate to the Upload Story button
  • In the empty field upload or just drag and drop as many images and videos you need
  • Once you have uploaded the posts you need, click Save
  • A dashboard will open where you can customize and modify your widget the way you want or even add a CTA button to inspire action
  • When done, just copy the code from your left side and paste it into the HTML section of your website builder
  • Here is how the widget will look like in WordPress:

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