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How To Get Pinterest Account Unsuspended

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The Final Part Of The Suspended Account Saga

How to create Pinterest account (2020)

At 17:12 I received this mail.

My first thoughts? Wow and Pristine is a really lovely name.

However, taking a positive view, I only had a small account Id been working on for a few months and I managed to get my account unsuspended within 10 hours. Ive heard of cases where people have lost their accounts after many years building them up. Some have lost thousands of followers and pins in the process.

How would you feel about that? Knowing how I felt when as site I worked on suffered a and the devastation that caused Id feel completely floored.

  • Only pinning my own images.
  • Joining a group board where perhaps someone or something has been penalized?

Donotpay Provides Solutions To Any Ban Or Suspension

Our app is the perfect solution if you have a suspended or banned account on any shopping, gaming, or social media platform. We can help you get unsuspended from other wireless service providers, such as Verizon and Metro by T-Mobile.

DoNotPay can help you create a demand letter that will make any company pay attention to your appeal. Knowing how frustrating it can be to figure out all of the rules, we prepared these helpful guides on how to lift a suspension or get your account unbanned:

At&t Suspended Accountthe At&t Use Policy Violation

Any misuse of AT&T services and actions that go against the AT&T Acceptable Use Policy are reasons for an AT&T account suspension. Here are some examples of what that encompasses:

  • Abuse and threats directed towards customer representatives or employees
  • Fraud and illegal use of AT&T services
  • Inaccurate or misleading user credit information
  • Violation of intellectual property rights
  • Violation of privacy policy
  • Failure to make the required payments

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Explore Everything Donotpay Has To Offer

Day-to-day tasks you must deal with dont have to be a burden or rocket science. Signing up for DoNotPay is your ticket to performing them the easy way! We offer a wide selection of products that dont cost an arm and a leg but do excellent work when it comes to solving your administrative issues!

Our services will help you:

Who To Contact And How To Communicate

How to reactivate a suspended Pinterest account

The quickest and most effective way to get in touch with Pinterest is through

Heres a thorough template for the specific details I included in each of my emails:

  • mention if you have an account with Tailwind and that youve already been in touch with them
  • talk about the impact this has had on you
  • describe your websites content and ask them to have a look to confirm that it is in fact, not spam
  • mention that youve read their guidelines
  • advise them that you never received a warning prior to your account suspension and talk about EXACTLY what you were doing at the time you were flagged
  • apologize in case you have unknowingly made a mistake and mention that youll be more careful in the future should your account be reactivated
  • mention that you are an original content creator and that you have read and followed guidelines
  • write a summary of the points you have just made
  • mention your handle, website name, and sign your correspondence

Every one of my emails was thorough and mentioned anything that I thought could have gotten my account flagged.

  • pinning too many items
  • repinning too many old pins
  • creating too many new pins for revised content I also asked if there was a limit for this and learned that there is not
  • setting my Tailwind auto pinning too high I currently have it on 30 pins a day and learned that nothing done through Tailwind would result in my account being flagged
  • changing too many private boards to public boards at once

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Donotpay Can Also Help You Get Unbanned From These Platforms

If your accounts are banned or suspended from other online platforms, you can take comfort in knowing that DoNotPay is here to help. You can use the Unban My Account feature to help appeal the ban or suspension on your other accounts anytime. Check out our guides on getting unbanned from other platforms:

eBay Account Suspended

Bulk Following Or Unfollowing Other Users & Boards

This seems to come from any social media platform that allows you to follow people.

The follow for follow game is 9 times out of 10, a complete waste of time.


If they are writing on the same topics that you are, and are relevant to what your audience may be interested in.

Then you should definitely follow them.

So that you can find more relevant and high-quality content to add to your own boards to break up pinning your own content.

But you shouldnt be doing this in massive amounts. Even though its super easy to do.

The same is also true for following boards.

Basically you only want to follow people or boards as and when you find them.

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Why Is Your Amazon Account Suspended

Amazon may suspend your account for various reasons, all of which are related to the platforms terms of service violations. The suspension could also happen due to an unusual profile activity or possible hacking of your account.

Here are the common reasons for an Amazon account suspension:

  • Selling inauthentic or fake products
  • Refusing to verify your account data
  • Forging or manipulating documentation
  • Using your account for illegal activity
  • Suspecting your accounts security was compromised
  • Mass Commenting On Pins

    How to Delete Your Pinterest Account

    The same is also true for bulk commenting on pins. Especially if its the same message over and over again.

    Getting comments on your pins can be good for engagement.

    In cases like this, you can end up writing lots of comments in a short space of time. That are closely similar, like thanks for sharing!.

    It only knows you are adding the same message to a bunch of pins close together.

    In addition, keep in mind that when spammers actually comment on peoples pins they usually try to link to a URL too.

    Because of this, if you use a URL when you comment on a pin. Its even more likely it will get flagged as spam.

    This is not to say that you cant comment on pins. Just do it in moderation.

    And, absolutely avoid using URLs if you can.

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    Donotpay Helps You Get Access To Your At&t Account In A Trice

    Our app can make sure AT&T takes your appeal seriously. We will do that by drafting a demand letter and sending it to AT&T on your behalf. In this letter, we will request AT&T to take a look at your appeal and reconsider its decision. All you have to do is:

  • Locate the Unban My Account feature
  • Provide our chatbot with information such as:
  • Name of the platform that suspended your account
  • Suspension date
  • Reason for your suspension
  • Type of service and whether you want a refund or not
  • When you answer all of our questions, verify your signature and hit Submit.

    DoNotPay will then create a personalized demand letter within minutes, and we will send it to AT&T right away. The letter will include a two-week deadline for AT&T to respond.

    Are Suspended Accounts Deleted

    Suspended accounts will remain there and aren t deleted.

    However you will not be able to access the account either to delete anything.

    Deactivated accounts are purged forever after 30 days.

    If your , don t panic. It is most likely an update that caused this issue.

    Check your email and respond to the message that you have probably been sent. It s likely that your account will be back up and running within 24 hours and that this was just a blip in the system.

    If this is not the case, then you will need to , go to their helpdesk and complete the appeals form.

    Keep following up every 2-3 days, it can take up to 10 days to get your site restored.

    If all else fails, try emailing for support and advice.

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    The Right Way To Grow Your Online Business

    Im a bit salty after this experience but Im also grateful because I learned A LOT in going through it.

    Can you imagine how much time I had during that one week away from both platforms? Wow!;

    Heres what I used to do:

    • Design two to four pins a day for new and old posts
    • Posted those pins to my own boards and a couple of Group Boards
    • Posted said pins to Tailwind
    • Reshare revised articles on LinkedIn
    • Designed 5 to 10 Instagram stories a day
    • Organized Instagram posts for the month and week ahead
    • Post to Instagram
    • Reshare said post to Facebook and Twitter

    Spoiler alert:Starting a blog isnt as simple as buying hosting and watching the money roll in you need to make an effort daily.;

    Sometimes its a grind and other times you can take breaks to reap the rewards of a viral pin or awesome .

    I dont know about you ladies and gents but for me, designing pins takes a lot of time.

    Even with amazing design tools like Canva or feminine stock photos, text overlays and adding your name and details to protect pins takes plenty of creative thinking and time its also a necessity!

    Some of my pins have literally taken hours to create!;

    So, what did I spend my extra hours doing during my semi-planned/semi-unplanned social media hiatus? To name a few:;

    • Writing this post ;
    • Creating new content for the blog
    • Using Squirrly to SEO all of my old blog posts
    • Improving my Google SERPs and CTRs with the above
    • Spending time with my family
    • Working out daily
    • Getting enough sleep

    What To Do If You Get Your At&t U

    How to Unsuspend Your Twitter account?

    In case you are using AT&T U-verse TV services, your account may get suspended if you:

    • Fail to pay monthly fees
    • Exceed your service limitations
    • Violate the terms of service
    • Engage in illegal or fraudulent actions

    If you get suspended for any of these reasons, you will have two options:

  • Follow the reactivation procedure for non-payment suspensions
  • Contact AT&T customer support
  • Sometimes, these actions will not be enough. You may pay your past-due balance and even contact customer service to file an appeal and not get unsuspended.

    To make sure AT&T representatives notice you and process your appeal faster, and let our app draft you a demand letter!

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    Were You Spamming Be Humble And Helpful

    However, if you were in the wrong, and in fact, you WERE engaging in spammy behavior on your account, just admit that you were not in compliance with . Let them know that it was an accident and explain how you plan to avoid this happening in the future.

    Humility goes a long way.;

    Remember, this person has the power to get your account back up and running for you. Make sure youre respectful and helpful as theyre trying to help you.;

    Dont take it personally if your account is suspended. Its almost always an accident caused by a bot. It can be scary, especially if youre ad-monetized.

    This is a good wake-up call to look for ways to diversify your traffic sources and your site monetization strategy.;

    Make sure you bookmark this blog post and share it with anyone else so that if their account is suspended, they will know what to do.

    For Further Listening/Reading:

    Pinning Old Content Pins Over & Over

    With Pinterests push for new fresh content. Where fresh content is considered a new image never before added to Pinterest

    This means that pinning your old content, over and over again is only going to be more detrimental to your account, going forward.

    Gone are the days where you could pin the same pins over and over again to get lots of traffic.

    You can check this link on the best ways to create new pins quickly. If youre concerned, it will take too much time to do this.

    But also think of this from a user perspective.

    If all you see is the same pin image over and over again from the same person.

    Youre going to think they are spamming.

    Also, you are not likely to save the pin again. Once youve saved it the first time, right?

    Meaning you will just ignore this pin once you see it the second, and third time above.

    Unless, its been awhile since you last saw it and forgot you pinned it!

    Just to be clear though.

    This doesnt mean that you cant repin your older pins.

    You simply need to be mindful of the other points I have mentioned to avoid getting flagged for spam.

    As well as focusing on repinning only your best-performing pins from time to time. So that you can show them to your newer followers.

    Or if you have seasonal content from last year. Its well worth resharing these again this year once the time comes back around again.

    SmartLoop is an additional PowerUp for Tailwind users. That lets you automatically reshare your best content at set intervals.

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    Amazon Suspended Accountselling Inauthentic Or Fake Products

    Amazon will suspend your account as soon as they notice you might be selling fake or counterfeit products. To get it back, you will have to present a plan of action that will ensure something like that wont happen in the future.

    Amazon will also ask you to submit information about your invoices for the last year. If you fail to provide this documentation, your .

    Pinning The Same Pin To The Different Board In A Short Span

    How to Get a Free Pinterest Business Account? Pinterest Business Help | Pinterest App

    What if you can pin the same pin again and again But on a different board?;

    You can pin the same pins on different boards with a time interval of at least one or two days.;

    So you have to keep at least one or two days of the interval before pinning the same pins again or one of the best solutions is to make multiple pins for the same blog and pin it.;

    The best practice is to make different pins for the same blog, I create about 5-6 pins for my same blog and use it.

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    Verify To Unsuspend Your Twitter Account

    The first step pertains to those accounts whose violation severity level is low. At the same time, no one knows how severely they violated the terms. Thus, itd be a good idea if you try out the method regardless.;

    Step 1: If youre making use of a browser, run whichever browser youre making use of. After you do that, head to the official Twitter website.

    In the case of mobile phone users, simply run the Twitter app.

    Step 2: Once youre on the domain of Twitter, log in by entering your credentials in the spaces provided.;

    Step 3: When youre done entering your details, tap/click on Login.

    If the interface prompts you to verify your account, thats a really good sign. But in case it doesnt, that means your term violations are more severe.

    Step 4: Users who fall in the former category verify your account by making use of your email ID or number.;

    Follow through all the steps carefully. Youll be able to unsuspend your Twitter account.;

    The Steps To Fixing The Problem

    Since we did not have any other communication apart from the one on the rss feed, our response to Pinterest through their get in touch with us link that was provided on the something went wrong page was:

    Kindly lift the suspension so as to disconnect and connect the website afresh.

    Instantly, Zendesk replied:

    Hi there,

    Our team of experts will review your account. Well send you another email with the results of our review.

    Thus, we waited and decided to reactivate an old account that we had stopped using over one year ago. You can find it when you follow this link here .

    17 hours later, we received a response titled A Note About Your Account

    Hi thextraordinarionly playground for startups, small business & SMM,

    We took a look at your account and decided not to reactivate it because we noticed activity that goes against our spam policy. You wont be able to access your Pins or messages.

    3.; The Actual Reason for the Suspension Our Thoughts

    The worst part of it all that we will not be able to access our Pins or messages Wow! What a lesson!

    Next, we tackled the specific category of suspending our account using the Pinterests guidelines around spam.


    Lets see. Was this the case.

  • Schedule pins on Tailwind
  • Create and set up the Tribe
  • Set up Smart Loop
  • Use appropriate Hashtags, Title, and Description
  • Join the Group Boards
  • Getting Repins
  • Add people to the Tribe
  • Send out messages
  • Tailwind

    5.; Did We Get The Answer?

    We will get through this.

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    Not Happy With The Outcome Of Your Reddit Suspension Sue The Company

    If you feel Reddit treated you unfairly, DoNotPay can help. You can use our app to get justice from any company that does you wrong by suing them in small claims court.

    DoNotPay can save you ample time, money, and effort that you would otherwise spend on getting a lawyer, paying outrageous lawyer fees, gathering paperwork, filing a complaint, and preparing for court appearances.

    Violations Against Guidelines That Could End Up Getting Your Account Suspended

    Gulp... My Pinterest Account Was Suspended for Spam!

    Hey, there still here? Cool!;

    Now, Pinterest is very clear on what they allow and dont allow on their platform. I want to go over the most critical points, in my opinion, but I would love for you also to check out Pinterests Community Guidelines for even more info! Community Guidelines.

    • ;through both automated processes and human review. ;and your account can be suspended:
    • due to single or repeat violations.;

    Violations can occur in the following things:;

    • Pins,;

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