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How To Get People To Follow You On Twitter

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Why Should Anyone Follow Your Business On Twitter

How to Get People to Follow You on Twitter

If you own a business, you probably have heard how you have to do social media if you want to get ahead. Create a Facebook page, a Twitter account and start amassing likes and followers and somehow the money will start rolling in.

But did you ever stop and think, why? Why would somebody want to follow my business?

A good way to answer is to turn the question around on yourself. Why would you follow a business on Twitter?

According to this infographic, the main reasons people follow businesses is to stay informed about product updates and company activities, and to receive special offers and discounts. But we know Twitter users dont want a steady barrage of product promotion.

So how do you build up a Twitter following, engage those followers, and ultimately give them what they want? You cant only tweet when you have a sale or product update, because how often is that? The first thing many avid Twitter users do before following an account is check to see when their last tweet was and how active they are. A tweet every two months, for instance, says that youre not serious about this whole Twitter thing and probably cant be counted on for much of value. On the other hand, tweeting about your product all the time says that youre not really interested in engaging with your followers, you just want to sell sell sell.

Here are some reminders that you should keep in mind as you use Twitter to engage with your current and potential customers:

Engage In Conversations With People

Social media is all about talking with other people. Engaging with people is a HUGE part of what Twitter is about.

Youre not there to sell all the time to people.

Youre there to make valuable connections and exchange information. If you happen to get sales as a result, fantastic!

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Be Aware Of When You Tweet

There are hardcore social media professionals that analyze their Twitter data and dive into the hour and day of the week in which their content receives the most engagement. You can really crunch the numbers if you’d like.

But you don’t have to do that. Being aware of how society functions doesn’t require you to be a big data person.

If you’re growing a following on the West Coast, it probably doesn’t make sense to fire off your best tweets at 8 a.m. ET. If you’re running an account tweeting out business tips, you probably don’t want your quality material debuting on Labor Day.

Obviously, there are plenty of niches that are evergreen, meaning you can tweet whenever you’d like and find engagement. Just don’t be surprised when those 3 a.m. tweets you’re blasting out on a Sunday night from NYC mostly get replies from a bunch of Australians passing the time at the end of the work day.

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Seeing Who Youre Following

The main factor that determines the popularity of your account is your number of followers. It works like on other following-based social media platforms. Taking a look at how many people youre following is as simple as navigating to your profile. On the mobile/tablet app, swipe from the left. On desktop, navigate to the Profile tab.

From here, youll be able to see how many people youre following and how many people are following you. Click/tap Following. This will bring up a list of all the profiles that youre following.

From this screen, you can unfollow people. Click or tap the Following button to the right of each profile on the list. Confirm, and youve successfully unfollowed the profile in question. You can follow them back by clicking/tapping Follow.

Pin Your Best Stuff To Your Profile

How to Use Twitter for iPad: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

If youve got something to share that can be valuable to your audience, try pinning it to your profile.

Whenever someone visits your Twitter profile, they will see this pinned tweet which is a great opportunity to give your followers something great.

I tried this recently to promote one of my resource posts and in doing so I have tripled the engagement that the tweet originally received:

Including an image is an important part of this and ensuring that what youre sharing vibes with your target audience.

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Find Ways To Help And Add Value First Before Selling

In marketing, theres an 80-20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle. This means that 80-percent of the time, you will publish content to your social channels that are not promotional. The rest is to be used for promotional material.

Sure, youre a business and your Twitter profile clearly states that, but remember when users follow you, your tweets go through their newsfeed. If youre constantly bombarding people with selling, it becomes like spam.

As for the non-promotional 80-percent, make sure that youre helpful, entertaining and add value. This attracts more people that are willing to interact with your business.

Know Which Hashtags Your Target Audience Use

It pays to do a little research.

Find out which hashtags your niche is using.

The easiest way to do this is to start typing some hashtags into the twitter search bar.

A drop-down will appear with suggested hashtags that are popular.

Use these hashtags appropriately and new people may stumble across your tweets.

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Link Out To Influencers In Your Blog Posts And Let Them Know About It

There are people in your niche/industry who have direct influence over your target audience. They have large audiences of their own and you can tap into them.

The next time you publish a blog post, try linking out to some influencers and letting them know about it.

You can notify them via Twitter, Google+ or email I tend to find Twitter can work quite well.

Looking at Twitter specifically, there are a number of ways you can structure your tweets. Heres a great example by Brian from Okay Marketing:

One of the reasons this works so well is purely because of how flattering it is I immediately headed over to the post and scheduled a retweet.

To find influencers to connect with, check out my post on influencer research tools.

Avoid Spam Posting And Excessive Tweets

How to get people to follow you on Twitter

Twitter has limits on the amount of posts allowed per day, but these limits are quite generous and any reputable Twitter user should never come close to exhausting that daily limit. Occasionally a live Tweeting session during an important event will require many Tweets, but care should be taken to avoid spamming because such behavior will result in a loss of followers.

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Put Your Twitter Handle Where Its Easily Seen On Your Website

If youre on Twitter, you should be linking to it on your website. Try adding it to your blogs sidebar, contact page, front page or even your about page.

Choose spots wisely, as you dont want it to be too excessive.

Additionally, make sure they can be seen. If they are too small, then some people wont see them at all.

How To Get Followers On Twitter

It’s the age-old social media question: How do I get more followers on Twitter?

The truth is, there is no simple answer.

Some people stumble upon making a post that just happens to go insanely viral and gain a slew of followers that way. Others happen to be somewhere offline at the right time and catch something incredible on camera for their 15 minutes of fame, which drives a large number of people to hit the follow button.

But that’s like hitting the social media lottery. You really can’t plan or schedule a tweet that you can guarantee will go viral.

So, what can you do? Let’s go through some simple tips to grow your following on Twitter.

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Dress Up Your Twitter Profile

Twitter is best experienced as a conversation. The first thing you do in a conversation with strangers is introduce yourself. Your profile does that for you on Twitter. Put up an interesting photo for a profile picture and fill out your bio.

To customize your profile on the web:

To customize your profile on a mobile app:

Tap your current profile picture in the top left

  • Select Profile
  • Tap the Edit Profile button on the top right

From there, you can upload a photo of yourself from your photo gallery, input your name and a bio, fill out your location field, provide the URL for a website, and / or enter your date of birth. Most of these fields are optional in particular, if you dont want to tell Twitter your date of birth, you dont need to.

Size matters here: your Twitter profile photo should be square, at least 400 x 400 pixels. A selfie from your phone will do fine. The banner which is the big, rectangular image at the top of your profile page is bigger at about 1500 x 500 pixels. And the bio can be up to 160 characters.

Have some fun. Fill in whatever you want for your name and bio within the bounds of nonabusive behavior and the law and change them regularly if you want. On Facebook, youre required to use your real name, but on Twitter, you can use a pseudonym to protect your privacy. Its not perfect protection people can hunt you down if theyre determined and have the resources but its good enough for everyday purposes.

Find Your Audience And Follow People

Twitter Adds Ability to Share Tweets via Direct Message ...

You should follow people, but make sure not to follow everyone. Follow people in your target audience that may actually be interested in what you have to say.

For example, if you have a company selling a healthy childrens snack, youre probably going to want to target parents .

If you are looking for a certain group of people, you can search for a word or phrase they might be using. Twitter will pull up a list of who has been talking about that subject and you can either jump in and engage with that crowd or follow them or add them to a list for future marketing campaigns.

Aside from normal search terms, you can also search for hashtag terms. All of the tweets that use a particular hashtag are grouped together, making it easy to find everyone who is commenting on that topic.


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Monitor And Respond To Keywords In Your Niche

Even if you havent been directly tagged. But please, whatever you do, dont do this by hand. There are many social media monitoring tools that can help you.

Theres a reason its called live-tweeting: this is one of those Twitter-specific things that no other platform has been able to replicate. Capitalize on it.

Drive Traffic From Other Sources

To get more followers on Twitter, you can use other sources where you are already getting traffic and direct that to Twitter.

Adding a follow button for your Twitter account on your website and blog can direct that traffic to Twitter and help you win more followers. This is a simple, yet effective strategy that really works and can help you get more followers than you could get just by posting on Twitter.

You can also include a link to your Twitter account on other social media platforms that youre active on. If someone follows you on one channel, chances are that they will follow you on others as well.

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Do A Webinar And Take Questions On Twitter

Don’t take questions on another social media platform.

Take them on twitter instead.

Direct your audience to post questions to your .

Chances are they’ll follow you if they are not already following.

Tip: Get them to put your @username at the end of the question and their followers will see their tweet too.

Tweet Often But In Increments

How to get people to follow you when you first start out on Twitter

Tweeters want to feel your presence, but they want to feel it sparingly â regularly, but not too intensely. If you send out 8 tweets, one after the other, then others will feel that you are bombarding them, spamming them. Users would rather read your tweets throughout the day. This way they donât feel overwhelmed by your presence and at the same time are happy to have your company.

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Engage With Other Peoples Mentions And Retweets

One of the essential steps for cultivating strong relationships and growing your follower count on Twitter is engaging with other peoples content.

A straightforward way of engaging audiences is retweeting their content. When other Twitter users mention you in a comment or tag you in their post, be sure to respond. This reinforces their engagement and makes other users more inclined to follow and engage with you in the future.

In the snapshot below, Walmart engages with users that mention their brand:

While it might be impossible to respond to every mention, putting some time to engage with other users will yield tangible results in the long run.

+ Amazing Ways To Get People Follow You On Twitter

In the article, I will be going over some tips on how to get more people to follow you on Twitter. As you well know, Twitter is an excellent social media platform and one of the best places to promote your business.

However, for your use of Twitter to be effective, you must have an audience. In short, your audience is your followers.

Without further ado, let’s get into my list of 25 tips to increase your Twitter audience.

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How Does Scheduling Tweets Keep Twitter Followers Long

Consistent posting separates you from others in your niche.

You want your followers to expect tweets from you at specific times and days.


If theyre looking for your tweets, theyre in a better position to engage with and retweet them.

Your followers see your tweets when they’re online.

Scheduling your tweets to post during those peak hours makes the most use of your and your followers time.

Locate Famous People Who Arent Massively Famous Just Yet

How to Get More Followers on Twitter (with Cheat Sheet)

A celebrity that has 10 million followers will have a lot of activity and hashtag Tweets associated with their account. This means that trying to get noticed by that person might be impossible. Celebrities with something around a hundred thousand followers offer a much better chance for interaction and following. There are websites to help track this.

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Ways To Build Your Business Presence

1. Promote Your Twitter Profile on Your Website When you created your account, you gave it a name . It should look something like this: . Add this link to your business website and promote it from within.

TIP: Place your Twitter link in a prominent location. The more people that see it on your business site, the faster your following will grow.

2. Follow Others When you find other Twitter users you find interesting, click the little follow button under their name to become one of their followers. In the spirit of reciprocity, most people you follow will in turn follow you.

TIP: Use the search box to look for targeted prospects for your business and follow them. They may choose to follow you back and in time decide for themselves that they need your products or services.

3. Promote Your Twitter Profile in Your Store If you have a store, promote your Twitter profile at the point of sale. Ask them to send you a message on Twitter once they have followed you for a special promotion you have created specifically for this purpose.

TIP: If you can customize your receipts, add something like Follow us on Twitter at for exclusive discounts.

4. Promote Your Twitter Profile on Your Business Cards Twitter is just as good at communicating with your customers as the phone and email, and in certain aspects, even better. Include your Twitter link on your business cards with your other communication details

Share Your Twitter Profile

Don’t build a Twitter account and expect people to start following you in droves.

That just doesn’t happen.

Youll gain followers at a trickles pace that way.

If you want to compete, your business needs more velocity than that.

Instead, find creative ways to share your page so that others follow you .

  • Snapchat
  • Tiktok
  • Email
  • Reddit
  • QR code on shirts and signage
  • Requiring people to follow your Twitter account to register for an event youre hosting

Don’t overdo it, but dont neglect to promote your Twitter account either!

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Dont Overdo It With The Hashtags

Hashtags are meant to be used in a way that others will be able to look up tweets belonging to a topic or category. Many use them because they think itâs funny. It may have been funny when they first became popular, but now itâs just annoying. If you are going to tweet and use hashtags then try to keep them to a minimum. According to Hutto, “They’re a good way to put what you’re saying into context. But if you use more than one in a tweet, hashtags become annoying.”

Avoid A Rock Star Syndrome

How To Get People To Follow You On Twitter (MacMost Now 235)

If youre a zombie aficionado, a Web marketing guru or a social media evangelist, you may be doing Twitter wrong, states Doug Gross from CNN.

Not only that. The only people who call themselves social media gurus almost certainly arent, so dont use this awful expression. The same goes for maven, expert, or ninja., says Amy-Mae Elliott.

So better find other ways to describe yourself, and you will find that more people want to follow you.

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