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How To Get Patterns From Pinterest

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Where Can I Find Free Knitting Patterns

How To Download Free Patterns From Product Pages

Finding free knitting patterns can be tricky if you dont know where to look for good quality patterns. Here are 4 different places where you can find free knitting patterns for yourself, for gifts, or just to practice with.;


If youre not yet familiar with Ravelry its been described as Facebook for knitters and crocheters. Your profile on the site is free, as is posting your own projects, being part of groups, and searching and downloading patterns. Basically, you only pay when you start buying patterns.

Once youre registered on Ravelry, click on patterns in the top left corner. You can then search as specifically as you want down to yarn weight or simply type in scarf, for example. If you look on the menu that opens on the left, youll see all the different categories you can choose from. Find the free button and click it. You will then be shown all the free patterns which are hosted either on the Ravelry site itself or on a third party website. These websites are usually owned by the designer of the pattern.

All you need to do then is to click download and voila! A PDF file with the pattern is downloaded and you can start knitting!

Tip: Try to keep the type of knitting projects on separate pin boards from the start – that makes it much easier to find something specific than if you dump everything into one board and have to sift through everything to find that one pattern youre ready to work on.

Yarn and wool manufacturers and designers’ websites

Save Try And Share Pins

If you click through the Pin, you can visit the website to learn how to make it or where to buy it. As you discover Pins you love, click the red Save button to save them to your boards.

When you try a Pin, you can show people on Pinterest how it went. Tried the perfect birthday cake recipe? Add a photo of your cake to the Pin, to tell people how it went or add helpful tips.

Sometimes you’ll find a Pin that you know a friend will love. Click the share icon to send Pins directly to a friend or a group in a message to pass the inspiration around. You can also use messages to chat with your friends. You can see your messages by clicking the speech ellipsis icon on your computer or tapping the bell icon followed by Chats on your mobile device.

Ask Insights For Information

I saved the best for last!

You will get a graph that shows you over a six-month period what your busiest days were.

Check it out! Saturday is actually my worst day.

The only downside with this one is that it only shows for 24 hours. But you could check it once a day for a week or two to get a better snapshot.

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Decide On A Primary Fabric And A Dominant Colour

‘We start with a favourite colour and theme, such as blue and floral, and look for a multi-hued pattern that incorporates them. Make the dominant colour in the pattern the dominant colour in the room by painting the walls or cornicing in a similar shade. Then use your primary pattern in a big way, on something that will be noticed as soon as you walk through the door – for example the largest sofa, or the curtains.’

How To Get The Freebies

Shielagh Tacey

Welcome to Coral + Co!;Join the free newsletter;here;to get access to all the FREE PATTERNS & TEMPLATES located in the Blog Freebie Resource Library!

Join the free mailing list to get a weekly newsletter and full access to ALL our subscriber-exclusive patterns and printables. Freebies are located in the;Blog Freebie Resource LIBRARY.

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Do The Work Include The Meta Data

If you are creating a pin to promote a product; include all the relevant, keyword rich information in the meta data that a potential customer would like to know. Or, some info about the image and you, the creator. The meta data will show up when other people pin an image from your site, and n that way you ensure that the caption will be captivating.

Highlighting The Core Design Patterns That Help Add User

The app holds strong in its simplistic use of basic design patterns. It doesnt get overly caught up with an exuberated number of features like a lot of apps tend to do.

Pinterests charm is actually deep within its learnability capabilities and how they incorporate design patterns to create a seemingly smooth user flow. Its just so darn simple and basic how pinning things can be. You search for something, get results, choose a board, pin it, and thats it, youre done! Why cant going to the DMV be just as easy? *Sigh*

Its highly interactive design has been put to the test over the many years by becoming an industry standard in its search and save features. You go in expecting to always take the same action. Its practically stress-free. And for new comers? My mother learned how to use it in 10 minutes without me having to even explain anything when she first downloaded it. Now thats, impressive.

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Cta = Call To Action = Motivate Your Visitors To Act

And the activities you do to for each step to make your audience go to the next phase is something that in marketing language is called a CTA – a Call To Action. A CTA can be a button, a link or a form for example, that can be tracked and measured for every click or interaction. The ultimate CTA is when someone presses place order.

How To Edit Cricut Patterns

How To Use Pinterest For Beginners A 2017 Tutorial

Click the word Filter first. This allows you to choose a color family and then it will only show you that family. Its nice when you are only looking for one color.

Now click Edit Pattern to the left of the word Filter. This is what you will see.

Use the slide bar to scale your image up or down. I dont use the Horizontal or Vertical much, but I do use the rotate and flip. You can rotate your Cricut pattern so it looks a bit different.

It edits the pattern in real time, so once you are happy with it just click the X in the top right corner to get out of there. You can go back and edit it as much as you want.

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+ Free Knit Patterns And Ideas

With a free account to, you can access 0+ free knitting patterns in styles and skill-levels to suit your needs. There are so many patterns to choose from, you can keep your needles busy all year long. Plus our Free-Knit Pattern Ideas blog features tips and tricks for how to use our patterns for gifting, home decor, and more.

Become a member and get access to0+ FREE KNITTING PATTERNS!

You Can Also Join These Groups

Did you know that Facebook groups are a great place to find free crochet patterns? These groups have a nice community atmosphere. These groups are all run by crochet bloggers. Some of these groups are on private settings so you may have to ask to join. I havent joined all of these groups myself but I do know the people that run them.

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Social Media For Knitters And Crocheters


Facebook Groups

make sure to read the group’s rules and comply to them

Google+ Groups

Group Boards

The Principles Of A Great Pin

15 Crochet Pumpkin Patterns to Get You Ready for Fall

All Great Pins Are Vertical

So why vertical pins? Well, when you make pins that are short, they easily get lost in the plethora of vertical pins around it. If you want your pins to stand out, vertical images are the way to go.

All Great Pins Use Great Images

The images are the main draw when it comes to pins, so make sure you have an image that draws the eye.

If you are looking for high-quality images that are free to use, I really love the Pexels website.

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All Great Pins Are Legible

Some niches dont require words . However, if you arent a fashion blogger, youll want to make sure your pins are easy to read.

If you are working with a very light image and want to use light text then be sure to put an overlay over the image to help darken the background up a bit.

If you want to create great Pinterest images, I highly recommend using PicMonkey. They have plenty of fonts, templates, and effects to help you create your graphics.

All Great Pins Have a Good Headline

Successful bloggers understand the importance of a great headline. Sometimes it can make or break your blog post. If your headline is dull, theres a good chance that less people will bother visiting. However, if your headline is enticing, that alone can make a post go viral.

  • How To
  • 10 Ways
  • Why You
  • Recommended Resource: I used the MiloTree pop-up to increase my Pinterest profile to over 10,000 followers.;Try a risk-free 30 day trial.

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    How To Use The Print Friendly Button

    First, you need to find the Print Friendly button. Its at the bottom of each post on Moogly even the ones you wouldnt necessarily want to print. Heres where to find it on a recent free pattern. Its below the social share buttons, and above the related posts.

    Now you have several options. Look at the bar across the top you can Print, create a PDF, Email it to someone, change the Text size, Remove all the images, or Undo .

    Also, notice how there is a section thats highlighted in yellow and says Click to delete? Thats a great way to pare down the pages that you want to print. A lot of times there are chatty bits, extra photos, step by step guides, or other parts of the blog post that you wont want to print. Just click on the parts you dont want to print out, and use the Undo button if you click on something you meant to keep.

    Once youve got it looking the way you want it, you can hit the Print button!;What shows up next will depend on your computer, operating system, and browser. But it should be easy to print from there! No ads, no comments, just the parts of the pattern you want.

    Ta-da! The PDF is ready to download. Click on the button and it will download straight to your computer! Where it will actually be on your computer depends on how you have your computer set up. Most likely its in your Downloads file. Check your Recent Downloads if you cant seem to find it its there somewhere!

    Build Up Secondary Patterns And Colours

    ‘Find patterns that pull together the dominant colour and a couple of other colours from the primary fabric. Use these fabrics on secondary pieces in the room, such as rugs, cushions and lamps. Continue to build the scheme until you have represented all of the colours from the dominant fabric somewhere in the room.

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    The Right Message For Each Situation

    For every step of the funnel you can create optimized messages to communicate with your target audience in a way that speaks to them according to the state of mind they’re in at that stage of the process, or the place theyre at – and usher them forward to the next step until they reach your end goal, to sell something to them.

    The message in every step of the funnel has it’s own purpuse; to make the consumer move to the next one.

    What Else Can You Tie

    How To Promote Your POD Designs on Pinterest
    • Dish towels: Tie-dying plain dish towels is an easy way to give your kitchen a colorful update and a fun way to test out new tie-dye techniques. Plus, they make a great housewarming gift.
    • Socks: Cotton socks are a budget-friendly way to experiment with different colors, patterns, and dye techniques. Add a pop of color to your outfit with on-trend tie-dye statement socks.;
    • Baby clothes: Whether you’re hosting a baby shower, sending a gift to new parents, or preparing for your own newborn, tie-dyeing baby clothes is a memorable activity that’s great for groups and kids. Plus, it’s a clever trick for hiding stains.
    • Pillows & linens: Dyeing your decor with a single color is a fun, tasteful way to elevate your space on a budget. Try;dyeing curtains, throw pillows, or sheets.;
    • Thrift store finds: If you’re making a day of tie-dyeing, dig through the thrift store. T-shirts , button-downs, and sundresses make great canvases, and they don’t have to just be black or white. Reverse tie-dye darker fabrics and experiment with colors on lighter colored fabrics. Test on an inconspicuous spot to see how your colors will appear. Just make sure your finds are primarily made from natural fibers, like cotton, rayon, and silk.

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    How To Use Pictures As Cricut Patterns

    We are going to upload a pattern just like we did before, but this time we will choose a picture. Name it and save it and then go back to the Cricut Pattern tool and your picture should be there. Choose it and edit it till its perfect for you.

    As you can see, I did edit the pattern and it makes it look like one long creek instead of what the original picture looked like.

    Try this with people pictures too, you might like the result.

    Okthats it! You now know how to upload and use Cricut patterns.

    Happy Crafting!

    Design Bundles

    Using Tools To Find The Best Time To Pin

    I have to be honest, the easiest way to find the best time to Pin is to let someone else work it out for you!

    In this case, that means Tailwind.

    Thats because Tailwind not only schedules your pins for you. it also has something called Smart Schedule. This is a clever feature that works out the best times to post based on your account.

    Even if you have a new account, it can calculate slots based on other Pinners in your niche. You simply tell it how many times a day you want to pin, and itll work out a schedule.

    If you choose 5, you wont get exactly 5 times every day of the week. It might be more on a Saturday if thats a busier day for your niche, but fewer on a Monday when no ones around.

    And the great thing is, you can periodically refresh your Smart Schedule and get up to date information. Just click, and Tailwind will update your time slots. I recommend doing this every 3-6 months for best results.

    To use the Smart Schedule, go into the your schedule area on Tailwind and then to the general queue.

    This is the section of pins thats separate from any Smart Loop Pins you may be running.

    With their new Smart Guide, you will get an average number of timeslots, including any Smart Loop posts. It will warn you if you are going a bit too high on the number of Pins a day too.

    Select to shift previously scheduled pins to newly-created timeslots and then hit the big green button.

    When you start adding Pins, theyll go out at these new optimized times!

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    Create Your Own Group Board

    You can also create a group board yourself, based on a theme or topic and thats relevant to your target group.1. Create a new pinboard on you profile.

    2. Name it something smart and keyword relevant.

    3. In the board description write what type of board it is and also the rules that apply. Typical rules are about what topics to pin, how often you can pin, only tall pins, to repin 1 for every pin, etc. Also include information on how to apply to become a pinner for your board. For example to email you.

    So, that’s it folks.

    Create A Business Account

    free crochet patterns to download

    A business account is essential for accessing analytics and for using promoted pins if you want to. And it makes it possible to use Rich Pins .

    You can create a business account here:


    Other countries: on the page where you register for business account click on Get started in the top menu and select Rich Pins under Tools.

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    Be Specific And Work Cross Categories

    When you set up your range of pinboards, start out by thinking of all kinds of categories that you think your audience could be interested in. And be specific. You can create a lot of boards in different subcategories. Instead of having one single board called Patterns, you can have different boards dedicated to different types of patterns. This way you can include search friendly and optimised keywords into the board names and their description.

    For example: Indian Floral patterns, Toile de Jouy patterns, geometric patterns, abstract patterns and so on. And then you enable yourself to pin the same pins several times, but to different boards, because every pin may be suitable for more than one category/board.

    You can also have different boards for diffferent types of products – why not the categories of products that you sell in your web shop; art prints, pillows, tea towels That way you can pin beautiful and inspiring images from others within this category – and mix it up with images from your webshop. Smart, huh?

    So instead of only having a board named “Printed stuff” you can divide this into more specific sub categories.

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