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How To Get On Linkedin

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Contact And Connect With Other Linkedin Users

How To Get STARTED On LinkedIn in 2021 – (Step-By-Step For BEGINNERS)

LinkedIn enables you to network with people and professional organizations in your industry. This is a great way to stay up to date with the latest developments, and to share information with others in your field.

You can invite anyone to connect , but they must have their own LinkedIn account to use the site.

LinkedIn saves the connections that you make to a list called My Network. When you make a new connection, you gain access not only to that person’s profile, but to their publicly available connections, too. These become your “second-degree connections.” This opens up even more networking opportunities , as you can then invite them to connect directly with you.

You can also introduce any two LinkedIn connections who haven’t yet connected to one another, but who might benefit from doing so.


The number of connections that you have affects your search ranking on LinkedIn. It’s a good idea to aim for at least 50 “first-degree” connections.

Tip 3: Create A Close Supporting Network

Build real relationships on LinkedIn.

What I mean by that is being proactive about building your network.

Choosing people you want to connect with carefully.

People, where you feel there might be an overlap in your audiences.

There might be some way how you might be able to collaborate.

And then build a relationship.

Check out their LinkedIn profile.

Learn something about them.

What would be a specific opportunity for you to collaborate? And then talk to them.

Mention what you discovered on their profile.

Mention something specific, you learned about them.

Maybe you checked out their website.

Maybe you found their YouTube channel.

Talk to them. Build a real relationship.

Keep the momentum going.

This way you can find more and more people who have very similar audiences and you can grow together.

Our 5 Step Process For Finding High

Since I wrote this guide with web designers in mind I thought Id include my web design leads newsletter as an option for you in finding clients. The steps below outline exactly how we find web design and other leads for our exclusive leads newsletter sent out every week. If youre a web designer, you can actually save hours each week and just get the best leads on LinkedIn sent to you automatically by signing up below.

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Find People Through Search And Advanced Search

LinkedIn search is your gateway to future connections. Search for people by name, company, or skills.

But you can go much deeper.

LinkedIn’s advanced search helps you find people by job title, school, relationship, location, industry, current/past company, profile language, and nonprofit interests–with additional search options for Premium members.

What Is Intercultural Competence And Why Is It Important

How to Get Clients on LinkedIn in 2020

Intercultural competence is basically the skill of understanding other cultures in such a way so that you are able to communicate more effectively with them. The key word here is EFFECTIVELY as it is not enough to simply speak or employ the same language.

For me, it is a deep dive into cultures so as to better understand what makes people tick and how they process communication of all sorts.

When digging deeper into these cultures, we readily identify:

  • Political, socio-economic, and religious filters
  • Historical oppression of certain groups and its impact on their behavior
  • Geo-political relationships between countries and even ethnic minorities in each country
  • As diverse and overwhelming as this may sound, there is a way to achieve intercultural competence with the proper amount of study and, of course, an open mindset.

    In my lengthy experience as a career expat in the oil & gas industry, I have seen how companies have fallen short on this important topic, even for cultures that were not so different than that of the home office in Houston.

    Our already internationally connected world has become so interdependent today that companies can no longer ignore this issue as they risk serious misstepping which can have disastrous consequences when damage control has to be implemented due to an “international incident.”

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    Using The Linkedin Mobile App

    The features include searching and viewing profiles, inviting new connections, accessing LinkedIn answers, and actionable network updates. You can send and receive messages, look up user or company profiles, and even upload your resume to apply for job openings. Use the app to keep your job search moving forward when you’re on the road.

    Include Most If Not All Of Your Licenses And Certifications

    If you have certifications that are highly relevant for your role , you should include them on your LinkedIn profile.

    To do this, go to your profile, hit add profile section, and pick licenses and certifications.

    Pro Tip

    Have a language certificate or two ? You can include them too!

    Whether you use the language in your job or not, knowing foreign languages is always a plus.

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    Ready To Amp Up Your Linkedin Marketing Strategy In 2022

    Which one of the 50 tips did you like the most?

    Did you have any success with them? Maybe you can check back in a couple of months and tell me how it went.

    If you want to learn more on how to put this into action, attract high quality clients who both have the budget and the authority to sign off on projects, check out that teaches you exactly how to do this step by step.

    There are already 6+ hours of content, tons of worksheets and training materials.

    And I am constantly adding and improving the entire course to keep it up to date with all the new developments and all the new algorithm changes so you know exactly how to do this.

    Allternatively if you require a tailored LinkedIn marketing strategy, contact me to find out how I can help you fill up your sales pipeline with high quality leads.

    Good luck in 2022!

    Tip 2: Cross Promote Your Linkedin Profile On Your Other Social Media Channels

    LinkedIn Tutorial For Beginners – How to Get Started On LinkedIn Step by Step

    Promote your LinkedIn profile on other social media channels.

    That’s related to tip number 22.

    But you can tell people this, in way more creative ways.

    For example, share a specific piece of content on your personal LinkedIn profile.

    Something you are not sharing anywhere else.

    Then go on Instagram and record a short story.

    Telling them about a special resource that you shared on your LinkedIn profile.

    The link is in your bio.

    If they want to have it.

    They have to head over to LinkedIn.

    To your profile.

    Or to get the link.

    Encourage them to follow you there.

    So then don’t miss out on any of your high-value content.

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    Tip 2: Connect With Your Biggest Fans

    This is important.

    You will notice that after a while.

    Some people will consistently show up for every single post.

    They will leave comments.

    They are your biggest fans.

    Connect with them and take the relationship to the next level.

    This will make the bond even stronger and encourage them to continue doing this, and to keep the engagement up.

    Once you are connected to a certain person, it makes it more likely that they will see more of your content.

    Tip 2: Create A Paid Linkedin Advertising Campaign

    Run a paid ad campaign to promote your LinkedIn profile.

    That’s an advanced approach.

    You can do a lot of things wrong.

    But if get it right, you can quickly drive relevant traffic to your LinkedIn profile.

    Especially, if your LinkedIn profile is optimized from top to bottom and it’s clear and easy for people to understand.

    What’s your value proposition you are offering? A specific problem that you can help them solve.

    Instead of sending them to your website.

    You might send them to your LinkedIn profile.

    If you have the opportunity to run ads at a very small budget at a small cost per click, you can quickly get people to follow you for a specific topic.

    Once you have a certain amount of people on your audiences.

    LinkedIn is often recommending you to other similar people.

    This is another way how you can grow your audience on LinkedIn.

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    Leverage Keywords In Your Profile

    Similar to optimizing your website or copy for SEO, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to attract profile visitors based on the words you choose, so every word counts. Use common variations of your job title and duties to ensure that semantics dont make you invisible.

    For example, is your job title Content Manager? You likely have many roles including copywriter, website editor, creative writer, communications specialist, blogger, and more. Someone may be more likely to search connections who perform specific functions rather than search by their formal titles. Give your role some thought and break out the different functions to appeal to different possible target audiences.

    Add Your Location And Industry

    How To Get Your LinkedIn Vanity URL

    It is important to specify your industry and location as these are two of the most important filters recruiters use. Click here to open up the “Edit Intro” window

    Now select your industry and type in your location. As per below.

    Location is one of the top 5 fields that LinkedIn prioritizes when doing a key-word search. In case you are curious the 5 fields are: Name, Headline, Location, Summary and Experience.

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    Direct Benefits Of Deib Initiatives

    Right away, I can think of three direct benefits of implementing a robust DEIB program:

    1. Innovation

    From diverse cultures come a myriad of interpretations and ideas which take brainstorming sessions to a whole new level. Many issues previously hidden from sight as well as new, innovative ways of solving organizational problems or mitigating risk tend to surface under such dynamic conditions.

    For example, when developing a new global communications app, ensure you include a cross section of people from the BRICS countries so as to truly understand their communication preferences based on infrastructure cultural influences. This could include naming conventions on the menu so as to avoid potentially offensive language or too complex of a layout which could ward off potential users.

    2. Morale

    Globally, the pandemic has affected different countries in different ways and some would argue that many of the emerging economies may have had a less traumatic experience due to the economic hardships they have endured for many years. As such, targeted efforts to improve morale in these countries need to be implemented based on a detailed review and understanding of the pain points in each case.

    Even before the pandemic, most larger companies suffered from steadily declining morale for a whole host of reasons. When companies demonstrate a commitment and openness to be inclusive, the direct impact on morale can be extremely positive at all levels of the organization.

    Sending Messages And Invitations

    Once you sign up for LinkedIn and create a profile, you can start to build a network of contacts, including people with whom you connect on a professional basis, an educational basis, or based on another common interest.

    Send contact invitations to people who meet one or more of these objectives. When you message people within or outside of your network, keep it professional. You’ll increase your response rate if you keep your messages on point.

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    Tip : Endorse Your Network’s Skills

    If you know someone who is an expert in a specific area.

    Go on their profile.

    If they added the perfect skill.

    Endorse them for that.

    Especially if it’s your expertise.

    Every time you are endorsing someone and you are an expert for this specific skill yourself.

    Say you have 99 endorsements yourself.

    For any endorsements, you give for this particular skill.

    You will stand out on that profile.

    LinkedIn will tell other people that they were endorsed by someone who is an expert in this field.

    This is how you’re getting a bookmark on someone else’s LinkedIn profile.

    This can help you to grow your LinkedIn network organically.

    Optimize Your Linkedin Profile

    How to make connections | LinkedIn

    There are 2factors to consider when you optimize your LinkedIn page.

    First, tailoryour profile to your ideal client. The point of LinkedIn is to market yourselfas a quality employee. Create a client persona and answer the followingquestions:

    What skills areimportant to my employer? How much experience do they want to see? Whatkeywords will stand out to them?

    Keep theseanswers handy as you optimize your profile.

    Secondly, allowyour personality to shine on your LinkedIn page. While clients look for certaincriteria on your profile, they also want to hire someone who brings somethingunique to the table.

    Do you have past experience that stands out from other candidates? Does your header express yourself? How can you write a professional profile using your own voice?

    Think throughthese answers as they will help you accurately represent your brand on yourpage.

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    Tip 1: Create A Viral Post On Linkedin

    Go viral.

    That’s not something you can control.

    But you can do the right actions every day that are required for a viral post.

    And if you have a bit of luck, and the timing is right, and the right people are online at the right time, you can eventually turn one of your posts into a viral post.

    A viral post is happening when you are quickly getting reactions faster than on average.

    LinkedIn will perceive this as a very valuable post.

    And will quickly expand the reach of your post.

    And show this to more and more people.

    If the momentum keeps up and those people are also equally reacting favorably to your post.

    Giving you likes above average.

    Giving you more than the above-average number of comments.

    And more than above-average shares.

    The post will eventually go viral.

    And can easily reach 1000, 10000, 100000 views.

    In my case, I have reached a post with almost 4 million views.

    So make sure that you learn the qualities on how to go viral.

    You can check out my viral checklist: ?

    Make sure that you check out this checklist to learn about how to consistently write posts.

    And how to publish content the right way.

    That eventually makes it possible for you to go viral.

    Include Your Linkedin Profile Address On Your Resume

    makes it easy for prospective employers to visit LinkedIn to learn more about you and your skills and qualifications. LinkedIn will assign you a URL unless you create a custom one.

    • On the right-hand side of the page, click “Edit public profile & URL.”
    • If possible, try using your first and last name. If that is taken, try a middle initial or your full middle name.

    Make sure that your profile is up to date before including a link to it on your resume.

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    How To Endorse Someone On Linkedin

    The experts have weighed in, and its clear that one of the most effective ways of getting a LinkedIn endorsement is to give a LinkedIn endorsement. That doesnt mean you should go on an endorsement rampage, giving everyone youve ever met credit for skills they may or may not have. Keep your endorsements honest. After all, when you endorse friends and colleagues, it ultimately affects your reputation.

    Endorsing someone on LinkedIn is easy:

    1. Scroll to the endorsement section of the profile for the person youd like to endorse.

    2. Click the plus sign beside the skill youd like to endorse the user for.

    3. Fill out the form that pops up

    + Essential Linkedin Profile Tips For Job

    How to get a link?

    LinkedIn is still the hottest place for job-search in 2021:

  • Recruiters and hiring managers come to YOU instead of vice versa. You can sit back and just wait for all the job offers to pour in without lifting a finger, saving you A LOT of time and effort
  • You get A TON of offers, LinkedIn is full of recruiters spending their entire day on the platform looking for candidates just like you
  • The job offers youre getting are always relevant to your experience and preferences
  • If you personally havent been contacted by potential employers, though, you might be wondering whats wrong

    Well, thats because you havent properly optimized your LinkedIn profile.

    Want to know how?

    Read on & follow our essential tips to turning your LinkedIn profile into a lean, mean, job-offer generating machine!

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    Tip : Craft Short Bite

    Text posts are usually short stories.

    You can use up to 1,300 characters or roughly about 200 words to tell something that you have learned in business or life.

    Those posts often help people to get a taste of who you are.

    What are your experiences? What are you expertises? What could you potentially help them with? If you’re sharing quality advice in your text posts, you will get people to follow you.

    To learn more about you and to get future updates.

    This is how you can grow an audience quickly on LinkedIn.

    Encourage Other Users To Mention Your Page

    Besides tagging relevant people in your LinkedIn posts, you can also ask other people to tag you in their updates. Think about important figures in your industry and ask them to talk about your brand and link to your page.

    These people could be:

    • Current or past employees you have a good relationship with
    • Partners that work with your company
    • Existing customers who love what you do
    • Loyal brand advocates and influencers

    When these people talk about you on LinkedIn, it can help drive more traffic and followers to your page.

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    Write And Publish Articles

    Its common practice to share blog posts your company and others have written that you feel will resonate with your audience by posting an update on LinkedIn and sharing the URL. When those insights are your own, its even more important to put them out in front of people. Publishing articles as native content on your LinkedIn profile is one of the best ways to establish your personal brand and share your expertise in a given industry.

    The great thing about native content is that your network is notified every time you publish an article, increasing your chances of engagement and brand exposure. This also points to the importance of not publishing articles every day, or your followers may start to tune out. While a simple call-to-action to get in touch or check out additional resources is usually acceptable at the end of the article, nothing will turn off readers faster than an article that ends up being nothing more than click bait or a sales pitch. So only write on topics that truly provide value to readers.

    Getting to 500+ LinkedIn connections wont happen overnight, and if you already have 500+ connections, dont stop there. LinkedIn is the easiest and most powerful networking tool of our time, putting you one quick click away from meeting nearly anyone all without leaving your couch.

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