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How To Get My Twitter Url

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How Do I Change My Tiktok Url

How to Find My Twitter URL

To change your TikTok URL, you need to change your username.

After youve changed your username, your TikTok URL will be changed as well.

Firstly, navigate to your TikTok profile and tap on Edit profile.

Then, tap on the Username field.

Lastly, change your username to a new one.

Keep in mind that you can only change your TikTok username after 30 days.

Hence, before changing your username, make sure that youve carefully considered it first.

Options For Changing Usernames

Once youre ready to transition to your new username, there are two ways to carry out the change without losing your followers:

Option 1: Update your username within your existing account. The easiest way to change your Twitter username is simply to edit it in the settings of your existing account.

  • Log in to your Twitter account, click on your profile picture, and select Settings and privacy.

  • Enter your desired username in the corresponding field. If the username is not taken, Available! will appear.

  • Save your changes to confirm your new username.

  • Send a tweet to let your followers know youve changed your username, and resume tweeting as usual!

  • Option 2: Create a new account to squat on your existing username. This second, more complex option is useful if you prefer to squat on your current username so no one can claim it in the future. But doing so and probably isnt necessary unless you have specific concerns, such as that another user might take over your old conversation history.

  • Log out of the new account, then log in to your existing Twitter account, click your profile picture, and select Settings and privacy.

  • Log back in to the @TemporaryUsername account and select Settings and privacy. Update the username to your @OldUsername and save your changes.

  • Send a tweet from this account to let visitors know you have a new username. Pin the tweet and log out.

  • Finding Your Twitter Url On Pc

    Open the Twitter website on any browser on your PC and click on the Profile option in the sidebar menu. Your profile page will open and the URL you see in the address bar at the top is your Twitters profile URL.

    You can copy the URL and share it with your friends to help them get to your Twitter profile directly.

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    Be Exact With The Location In Your Bio

    Ive seen a lot of clever, original ways that people have used their location field in the Twitter bio. At Buffer, since were a fully remote team, we list our location as Worldwide.

    Other people have chosen a humorous path. My all-time favorite is Location: Spaceship earth. ? ?

    Its very possible that the location field doesnt matter much. I didnt want to take any chances.

    My location was listed as Idaho, which I always thought was specific enough since not too many people know specific cities within my sparsely populated state. However, just to play it safe, I went ahead and added the city: Boise, Idaho.

    How To Find A Moments Url

    • In the Twitter for iOS or Twitter for Android app:Â;Tap the icon then tap Tweet this Moment to see the URL in the Tweet compose view. From this menu pop-up you also have the option to copy the URL link.
    • On the web:Â;Click on the Moment and find its URL in the address bar of your web browser,Â;or open the menu on the top right of the Moment, and click Copy link to this.

    Tap theÂ;shareÂ;icon Â;on iOS then tapÂ;Tweet this MomentÂ;to see the URL in the Tweet compose view. From this menu pop-up you also have the option to copy the URL link.

    Tap theÂ;shareÂ;icon then tapÂ;Tweet this MomentÂ;to see the URL in the Tweet compose view. From this menu pop-up you also have the option to copy the URL link.

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    Viewing Your Broadcasts On Twitter

    Where can I see broadcast captions?When a broadcast with captions, or subtitles, is viewed on Twitter, the captions will appear as an overlay atop the broadcast. By default, captions appear when the broadcastâs sound is not playing, and will be hidden when sound is playing. Some users may have captions enabled within their deviceâs accessibility settingsâif this is the case, then captions will always show, regardless of whether audio is on or if full-screen view is in use.Â;

    Why canât viewers of my live broadcast use the chat functionality?The current limit for having an active chat is 5000 concurrent viewers watching; once that threshold is crossed, chat is temporarily turned off. If concurrent viewers drop below 5000, the functionality will return.

    Where is the title of my broadcast shown on Twitter?Â;Once Tweeted, the title of your broadcast will appear on the Tweet details page under the broadcast player. It will not appear when the Tweet is viewed on the timeline.

    Can I embed a broadcast on a site outside Twitter?Â;No, we do not allow embedding of broadcasts outside Twitter. However a Tweet can be embedded, but the video will not automatically playâwhen the play button is clicked, the viewer will be directed back to Twitter to view the broadcast.Â;

    Live Video Specifications For Rtmp And Hls

    Please follow the stream specifications recommendations below for the best experience.

    RTMP & HLS Audio Video Specifications

    Video codec: H.264/AVC

    • 24 fbs = Keyframe interval of 72 frames
    • 30 fbs = Keyframe interval of 90 frames
    • 50 fbs = Keyframe interval of 150 frames
    • 60 fbs = Keyframe interval of 180 framesÂ;

    Note: Additional HLS requirements and specifications can be found here.

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    When Previews Don’t Display

    Here are some reasons your link may not expand to show a preview:

    • The link contains no preview data.;If the web page doesn’t include the necessary embedded data, the preview won’t expand.
    • You linked to a private page or file.;For example,;you won’t see a preview of password-protected YouTube or Vimeo videos.
    • It was recently posted by another member of your workspace.;No attachment will expand if that link was shared in the same conversation within the past hour.
    • You havent added the Twitter app yet.;If Twitter URLs dont expand to show the full tweet, to your workspace.
    • It links to audio or video hosted by a service we haven’t not added to our allowlist.;We’re working to approve more services in future.
    • http:// was not included.;Try adding http:// and your link should expand.
    • Your message contains more than five links. If more than five links are included, they won’t expand.

    Tweet A Link With A Preview Image On Twitter Using A Twitter Website Card

    How to find my Twitter URL on the app and on desktop

    You can create a Twitter website card in the Twitter ad platform. It is necessary to enter a payment method to access the ad platform, but you dont ever actually have to pay for an ad. You can create and tweet website cards without promoting them.

    To access the ad platform, click on the small profile pic icon in the top right of Twitter and choose the Twitter Ads option:

    If you dont have a Twitter Ads account yet, youll land on a page where you can choose the Promote Mode or Twitter Ads option and you want to choose Twitter Ads then set your country and time zone.

    That will direct you to a page with campaign objectives. You dont need to choose one of those. Instead, go to the top right of the screen to access the drop down menu by clicking your name. Then choose the Add new payment method option.

    Add a credit card and then you can access the Creatives section to start making your Twitter website cards.

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    How To Find Twitter Url And Share It With Others

    Posted by Admin | Aug 25, 2021 | Social, | 0

    Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. If you are joining Twitter or you created a new Twitter page to promote your business, you need to share your Twitter profile URL with your friends and ask them to follow you. For that, you need to find your Twitter URL and copy-paste them on all other platforms.

    We all know that Twitter has both a smartphone app and a website. On the website, the URL will be displayed on top of the browser, and you can easily copy-paste the URL. But in smartphones, there will be no URL available. You need to follow some specific steps to get things right.

    Viewing And Understanding Your Broadcast Analytics

    What kind of HLS streams are supported?Producer in Media Studio accepts HLS streams in the form of .m3u8 or .m3u URLs. When specifying an HLS stream URL in Twitterâs Media Studio, you are specifying a URL to a playlist. We accept both types — so-called âmaster playlistsâ and âmedia playlistsâ.Â;

    What kind of broadcast analytics are shown in Producer in Media Studio?All broadcast analytics for Media Studio are specific to Twitter platforms, including and the iOS and Android applications, and exclude all Periscope platforms, like the Periscope website and the iOS and Android applications

    The following metrics can be found within Producer in Media Studio: minutes watched , views , live viewers, maximum concurrent live viewers, viewership percentage by device type, and viewership percentage by country.

    Why do my broadcast analytics show 0 for all metrics?Check that you have not used the âhideâ functionality within the Periscope app. Unhide your broadcast via the app again to show broadcast analytics in Media Studio. If you do need your broadcast hidden from replay view, please use the âMake broadcast replay unavailableâ functionality in Media Studio.Â;

    Why do my Periscope broadcast analytics not match what I see in Producer in Media Studio?There are many reasons why the data across the two sources will not match:Â;

    There are no spam and normalization filters for Periscope data, so you may see much higher Periscope metrics for your broadcasts.

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    How To Find My Twitter Profile Url On The Twitter App

    • In your Twitter app, tap your profile pic in the top-left and tap Profile.
    • Choose any of your tweets on your profile feed and tap share icon.
    • Next, tap Copy link to tweet.
    • Copy & paste the link and delete the part before your Twitter username.
    • The URL of your Twitter profile link is just

    How To Change Twitter Handle

    How to change my URL and account
  • Go to ‘Settings and Privacy’ from your profile icon drop-down menu.
  • Next, select ‘Account Information.’
  • Select the ‘Username’ tab.
  • In the text box, type in your new username. If the username is taken, Twitter will prompt you to make a new one and offer some suggestions. If the username is available, you’ll see a green checkmark.
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    Finding Your Social Media Link

    Each social media username and account name can be found in similar locations. Type the appropriate username / accounts into the correct section.

    Your Twitter username is your @twitterusername. For example, Carmen twitter username is CarmenOSU.

    Your facebook username can be found in the URL of your profile page. On the profile page that you want to link to, copy and paste after the

    For example, The Ohio State University facebook page username is osu.

    NOTE: Copy and pasting the ? and everything after will still work, but is not necessary.

    To find your YouTube account information, login to YouTube. Then, do the following:

  • Select My Channel.
  • Copy the URL after example, OhioStateLT is the account name for the Ohio State Learning Technology YouTube channel. Image
  • Paste your username into the Social Media Links section of U.OSU.
  • To find your Vimeo account information, login to Vimeo. Then, do the following:

  • Hover over the Me link. A submenu appears.
  • Click My Profile.
  • From your profile page, copy the URL after example, unless you customize your settings your account will start with user and then a series of numbers Image
  • In the Instagram account field, type your Instagram username.

    For example, if you were to login to Instagram via the webpage, you would login with your username and password. The username you would use to login, is what U.OSU uses.

    For example,

    Can I Still Use A Url Shortener To Shorten Links

    If you want to shorten links to share with others, please see this help page onÂ;how to post linksÂ;on Twitter. You can continue to use a URL shortener to shorten links, and tracking metrics will continue to work as they did previously. The link service at is only used on links posted on Twitter and is not available as a general shortening service on other apps or sites.

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    How To Open A Terminal

    Before you begin installing things, you should familiarise yourself with how to open a terminal. This is the command line interface you use to send Twitter API calls:

    If youre using a Mac, you can open the terminal by going to Finder>Applications>Utilities>Terminal. Or you can press CMD + Space to open Spotlight and search for terminal.

    If youre using a Windows 10 machine, select Start and search for cmd to open the Command Prompt. For Windows 7 and older, select Start > All Programs> Accessories >Command Prompt.

    How Do You Turn Your Tweets Into Instagram

    How to find your Twitter account URL ?

    Turn tweets into beautiful images you can share on Instagram. Twimmage quickly turns tweets into sharable images. Select a twitter user; choose a tweet; add either a creative background, custom color, or custom background; then share the image to Instagram/other social media. Or share directly from twitter on Android.

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    Make The Right Call On Your New Username

    If youve decided its in your best interest to change your username, youll want to keep a few best practices in mind. Think about what an ideal username would be not just today, but for years into the future; this will help you avoid having to go through the renaming process again.

    If the username you want is taken but no longer active, try reaching out to the account owner directly to ask if they will allow you to use it. Usually, you can find a way to contact the person through a simple Google search. Twitter has a strict rule against paying for usernames, so if the account owner wants you to pay, be aware that doing so puts you at risk of being kicked off the platform.

    If youre unable to secure the username you want, an alternative is to modify it slightly to find something thats available yet still memorable and relevant. For example, you could add a location or an underscore or hyphen . But be mindful of length, as your username contributes to the character count for any tweet in which its mentioned.

    Getting Started With Producer In Media Studio

    To get the best out of your experience with Producer in Media Studio, here are some terms to know:

    • Video Source: a way to ingest live video into Producer via RTMP or HLS
    • Broadcast: How live video is seen on TwitterÂ; Â;Â;

    Video Sources

    A videoÂ; needs to be created before you are able to ingest video and broadcast live on Twitter. There is no limit to the number of sources that can be created, but we recommend reusing one or more sources in your account to simplify your broadcasting experience.

    If you have previously created a source within Periscope Producer, you may see it within your Media Studio source list.

    Note: Content created with the intent to be viewed as a scheduled broadcast requires a source that is created from Media Studio Producer.


    Broadcasts are how most people on Twitter will be viewing your live video. Once a source has been made, you can create broadcasts, which are how people on Twitter will view your live video. You can broadcast live right away or schedule a broadcast to happen in the future. You can also create private broadcasts to use for creating clips within LiveCut.

    To go live via Producer in Media Studio, we support RTMP and HLS. Follow each of the instructions below to create a source and begin broadcasting live on Twitter.

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    Aim For Consistency Across All Platforms

    Let the updating begin! With the new username established, remember to update any references to your Twitter account, such as your website, other social media pages, email signature, business cards, and marketing materials. And keep this exercise in mind anytime your messaging or brand needs to shift direction. The content and tone of your messaging, across the many interactions you have with your clients and prospects, should always match up.

    Editors note:;This post was originally published in October 2018,but weve updated it to bring you more relevant and timely information.

    Going Live On Twitter Using Rtmp

    How do I get the feed file URL?  Channable

    If you have previously used Periscope Producer, you may already see sources listed in this view.

  • Click on the tab.
  • Click Create source.
  • For source type, choose RTMP.
  • Enter the required fields:
  • Region .
  • Click Create.
  • RTMP Stream Key.
  • Tip: If preferred, you can use the RTMPS URL provided here, along with the RTMP stream key.
  • Using the above information, update your hardware or software encoder to push video to your source.
  • In order to test your video, follow the instructions to create a broadcast.
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    How To Get Your Tiktok Profile Url

    If you want to share your TikTok with someone, you can either tell them your username or send them your URL.

    Telling someone your username requires them to search for it on TikTok.

    However, if your username is common, the person might not be able to find your profile as there are too many similar usernames.

    If thats the case, you can send them your TikTok profile URL instead by copying and pasting it.

    Sending your TikTok URL makes it easier for the person to visit your profile.

    All they have to do is to visit the link to go to your profile.

    In this guide, youll learn what is your TikTok URL, how to get it, and how to change it.

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