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How To Get More Story Views On Instagram

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Be A Great Instagram User


This last point might be a little vague but it nicely wraps up many of the points above.

Social media algorithms are built to encourage genuine, positive behaviors on the platforms such as sharing, showing appreciation, quick replies, and more. Often, they would also try to discourage abuse or hacks.

My gut feeling here is that being a great Instagram user will help you grow your organic reach over time. That includes:

  • Posting quality content that is relevant to your followers
  • Answering questions on your posts quickly
  • Thanking people for commenting on your posts
  • Exploring other peoples profiles, engaging with their posts, and building a relationship with them

Share Posts From Other Popular Accounts

Who doesnt love a good shoutout!

Sharing others content is a great way to keep your stories interesting and you might even get a reshare in the process.

Tag the creator and write a little blurb about why this account inspires you or how you relate to that post chances are, the creator will love it enough to feature you in their stories and their audience will want to check you out too!

And there you have it! Six of the most simple yet powerful ways you can increase Instagram stories views:

  • Always tag your locations
  • Strive for a 50/50 rule
  • Run polls semi-often
  • Spread your new posts throughout the day
  • Post every single day
  • How To Use Instagram Reels To Get Instagram Reels Views Free

    Only if you use Instagram reels well, you can get thousands of Instagram reels views increase and Instagram 5000 reels likes free. Lets move on to the basic use of Instagram Reels. If you are familiar with Instagram Stories or TikTok, using Instagram reels is not difficult for you. Here are 4 steps you can use.

    Step 1: Open the Instagram application and click Story camera and swipe left, then youll see REELS.

    Step 2: Press the video button to record material or choose a video from your camera roll.

    Step 3: Use editing tools to decorate your video. You can select your favorite music as the background music.

    Step 4: When you finish recording, you can share the reel to Stories, Explore Feed on your profile.

    As you can see, its easy to use Instagram reels. After you share your reels, your Instagram will have chances to make Instagram reels views increase, and if your followers are interested in your Instagram reels, they are more likely to give Instagram reels likes free. However, at the early stage, you may find it difficult to get more attention. So, its time to know the ways of getting and likes free.

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    Why Impressions And Reach Are Different Metrics

    The difference comes from the fact that a single person can view your story multiple times. So if they view the story 5 times you will get 5 more impressions.

    And when it comes to the reach metric, it represents the number of unique people who viewed the story, regarding the number of times they viewed the story.

    What Is The Instagram Story Viewers Order

    Get More Instagram Story Views In 2021  Social Tipster

    Have you ever wondered how Instagram chooses which stories to show first? Well, there are a lot of theories and speculations about it but the truth is, it is still a mystery.

    Some believe that Instagram Stories are viewed chronologically, which is partly correct, but not until a certain Story gathers a lot of views.

    But then, other people say that whoever views your profile the most ranks the highest in your Instagram Story, which means profile lurkers and stalkers should be at the top of your list.

    So, to see if its based on research, some have put it to the test by creating fake Instagram accounts to stalk or visit a specific profile for a few days without leaving a comment, hitting the like heart button, or interacting with anything.

    And guess what happened? Viola! These fake accounts started to show up at the top of their Instagram Story viewers order.

    Do you think this is a coincidence?

    Whatever it is, it only shows that the Instagram story viewers order list doesnt have any connection with public interaction such as likes, tags, and comments.

    Similar to the feed, the story displayed is based on how interested you are in a certain profile, post, and content, or simply your relationship with the person who shared the stories.

    These criteria help Instagram to provide effective connections between the creator and the viewers.

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    How To Measure Traffic From Instagram Stories

    Compared to most social networks, Instagram doesnt offer a lot of places to refer traffic outside of the app. Brands were stuck with link in bio call-to-actions until Instagram rolled out the Swipe Up feature for Stories.

    Its tricky to measure how many people Swipe Up. The best way to do it is to add UTM parameters. These are short codes you add to URLs so you can track website visitors and traffic sources.

    Tip: Highlight Stories with links so people can keep swiping outside the 24-hour window.

    You can also track Website Visits. This measures how many people visit the link in your bio after seeing your story.

    The Swipe Up feature is only available to accounts with 10K+ followers. if you need help hitting that number.

    Download your free pack of 72 customizable Instagram Stories templates now. Save time and look professional while promoting your brand in style.

    Ask The Right Questions Using The Instagram Story Question Box

    Third thing that you can do to get more views on your Instagram Stories is to ask good questions. So a lot of you will know that create feature where you could ask me a question.

    What I found is a lot of people use those incorrectly, or they use them in a way that doesnt necessarily foster engagement.

    People like to talk about themselves.

    And so instead of having people ask you questions about yourself, Ive actually seen more success when I use those boxes, that question box, to ask people questions about themselves. Like, why did you start your business? Or, what are your goals for 2021? Or describe yourself in one word?

    I have seen much greater engagement when I make it about them.And I think thats just a general principle of engagement is if youre struggling to get engagement anywhere, if youre struggling to get views anywhere, make sure that youre making it about other people, not about you.

    Its an old quote from Dale Carnegie, but he says something like, Im paraphrasing, but its something like, youll worked so much harder trying to get people interested in you. Be interested in them first.

    Its kind of like our mom would say, if you want a friend, be a friend.

    And so if you want engagement, if you want people to pay attention to you, if you want more views on your Stories, give people an opportunity to talk about themselves.

    So use that question box. Youll get more views on your story.

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    How To Use Instagram Stories

    Since Insta Stories are becoming as popular as Instagram posts, as a business, you should consider including them in your social media marketing strategy.

    IG stories are a cool feature that allows Instagram users to share a temporary story with their followers, in a highly immerse format.

    To create an IG Story tap on your profile picture in the top left corner at the top of your screen. You can take photos and videos directly from the app or you can upload them from your camera roll.

    After you decide on your story, you can adjust it in any way you like. For example, you can take a boomerang video, insert a selfie as an image overlay, display it on full-screen, or resize the creative. Just swipe left of the screen to view more layout options.

    To make the story more engaging and appealing there are many decorations and functionalities you can add to your story, like stickers, gifs , hashtags, emojis, use different fonts, question stickers, hashtag stickers, poll stickers, add links, and you can also tag people.

    Also, theres another cool feature called that allows you to keep your favorite stories on your account for more than 24 hours. Highlights are permanently on your profile and can be updated at any time.

    Ways To Expand Your Reach With Instagram Story Viewers

    How to get more Instagram Story views 2021: 6 tips to increase views on Instagram Stories

    Make the most of your Stories by using the following features. Theyll help to expand your reach AND engage your followers.

    • #1: Add Hashtags To Your Stories To Get Seen In More Feeds

    Use relevant hashtags to place your Stories into search feeds, so more viewers will notice you. Hashtags work best when you dont spam them, but instead research and choose them carefully.

    You dont need a lot of hashtags to increase viewers. Target a niche audience by selecting hashtags that potential viewers or buyers will be typing in the search boxes.

    • #2: Use Location Stickers And Geotagging To Get More Viewers And Boost Your In-person Traffic.

    Location stickers and geotagging are powerful ways to increase your following and drive users to your physical location.

    If you have a brick and mortar location, events, or popups, be sure to add location stickers into your Stories!

    • #3: Use Questions And Polls Stickers To Engage Your Audience.

    Questions and polls help you engage and connect with your audience.

    Use question and poll stickers to spark conversation with audience members and keep them browsing your Stories for more.

    • #4: Use Instagram Influencers To Dramatically Increase Your Viewers And Engagement.

    Are you looking for a massive amount of new viewers? Hire an influencer to promote your brand!

    No matter what size your business is, there are influencers to fit your budget and help you expand your viewership.

    • #6: Use Instagram Live To Give Your Brand A Boost In The Newsfeed.

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    Why Should You Care About Instagram Story

    Just because Instagram Story views went down doesnt mean its value has depreciated too. They still play a key role in .

    Instagram stories are a great way to make real, candid connections with your audience beyond just meeting your social media goals as an Instagram influencer. Sharing snippets of your life, behind-the-scenes, and sometimes just whats in your heart can help your audience see you as a person just like them. The best part is stories dont stick around for more than 24 hours, which means its a blank canvas again the next day!

    Figure 1: High Instagram story views turn your stories into a powerful platform for marketing, according to statistics. Source: aischedul

    Only Post 6 Stories A Day

    Tip number four is to keep your story short. The ideal amount of Stories, you know how you have those little bars at the top, the ideal amount of Stories is six per day, no more. And if you think about it logically, it makes sense.

    When you go to somebody, some content creator, and we see that they have just so many Stories, we kind of get overwhelmed and we click through it really fast or we exit. But if people only have a few, up to six of those little bars, well put it on the screen so you know what Im talking about.

    If they have six, the rumor is that people will actually go through it and theyll finish watching all your Stories.

    And thats really good.

    That tells Instagram that this content creator, people consume all the Stories they create, theyre really popular.

    So the more simple way of thinking about this is dont have too many Stories on your Instagram story.

    Its just too much people get overwhelmed and theyll click away and thats really bad for your stats with the algorithm.

    With any marketing, with any tips like this, the key thing is take it and try it. I know tons and tons of creators that have tons and tons of content.

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    Reason #6 Lack Of Reciprocation

    Do not be that person who just wants someone to share or view your stories. People find this type of person very annoying and will soon stop following you for someone who does engage and share. Community reciprocation is like social karma. The more content you meaningfully engage with the more others will engage with you as well.

    How To Track Instagram Stories You Are Tagged In

    Want to Learn how to Get More Views on Instagram Stories?

    Instagram recently made it easier for creator and business accounts to track story mentions.

    Now you can see any story that mentions you at the top of the Activity tab. To access Stories About You, tap the heart icon, then Mentions under Stories About You. From there you can look at each post, add them to your own Stories, or simply thank them for the love.

    Source: @

    This includes when people use the Support Small Businesses sticker. Right now, Stories that use this sticker are added to a larger story that appears at the top of feeds. If you run a small business, be sure to benefit from the added exposure.

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    Reason #2 Stale Or Status Quo Content

    If your content is stagnant in the sense that its not evolving, keeping up with the trends in your niche, or hitting the right mark with your followers you may need to switch your creative strategy up. This may be one of the big reasons your Instagram story views dropped in 2020.

    If youre struggling to come up with creative or trending content in your niche simple search whats trending on the explore page provided that you are following similar accounts in your niche. Alternatively, you can also search for trending stories using location tags or hashtags on your IG.

    To say it plainly, find out what content is working now, and shift your creative strategy. Research is your friend, not your enemy.

    Reason #3 Neglecting Your Story Hashtags

    Hashtags make your content more discoverable. Neglecting hashtags can be the culprit of declining story views. Keep in mind you can use 10 hashtags in each story. This includes 1 sticker hashtag, text hashtags, and a geo-hashtag.

    Is There Specific Content I Should Post To Appeal To Most Users

    The truth is you cant appeal to every single person on Instagram, so its not worth wasting your time on creating generic content.

    Instead, you should focus on a certain niche or topic that the Instagram community can benefit from. And most importantly, find something that you are passionate about.

    Even if your idea isnt completely original, you can still find ways to make it personal and unique to attract a devoted following and audience base.

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    Get The Dimensions Right

    The dimensions of an Instagram Story are 1080 x 1920 pixels to form an aspect ratio of 9:16. In other words, your content should be 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels in length. While you might be more concerned about the numbers involving your views, paying attention to these numbers are just as important. The platform is very strict about its dimensions and if the content that you upload doesnt adhere to these set dimensions, your video will get cropped. So, get it wrong and that call to action could get lost and so too your clicks.

    Use The Type Mode Feature For A Balanced Ig Story

    How I get 4000 views on my stories | How to Get More Views on Instagram Stories 2021

    Good typography can be quite visually appealing when it comes to readability and delivering a simple and effective message.

    Instagram stories and posts can be used to disseminate information. Despite the fact that the platform is usually used for visuals, it can help your marketing strategy if you post only text content from time to time.

    Create Cultivate is a great example in this case, and so are their text-based Stories.

    In order to make your Stories slides look better when you post text-based messages, it is important to add to their readability. And, the easiest way to do so is by using the text alignment feature available on Instagram.

    Heres what you need to do, according to the official help file:

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    How To See When Your Audience Is Most Active

    Instagram Stories are only live for 24 hours, unless you add them to your highlights. Post them when your followers are most active to ensure they dont go unseen.

    Follow these steps to see when your audience is online:

  • From the Instagram app, open Insights.
  • Click on the audience tab. Scroll down to Followers.
  • Toggle between hours and days. See if there are any noticeable peaks.
  • Can You Add Music To An Instagram Story

    Yes, you can. This feature was introduced a few years ago. To add music to a story, you need to click on the stickers icon and select the music screen. Youll be redirected to a new screen where you can search for a song. If you dont already have a song in mind, you can search by mood or genre or choose one of the most popular songs.

    Over 30.000 marketing professionals rely on us for their news. Shouldnt you?

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    Why Brands Want To See Instagram Story Views

    The thing about your Instagram story views is that youve got to get your engagement rate right.

    We mentioned this briefly in the introduction, and its still as relevant today as it was a couple of years ago.

    Engagement rate is a hot new topic when it comes to Instagram, especially as far as social media marketing goes.

    Back in the day, brands just looked at peoples follower count, and if they thought that this was good enough, they reached out and requested a collaboration.

    However, these days, brands are more likely to look at your engagement rate, which is how many Story views you receive based on how many followers you have.

    If you have lots of followers, but hardly anyone looking at your stories, then youre definitely not going to be able to connect with the brands that you want.

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