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How To Get More Impressions On Pinterest

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Appeal To Users Preferences

The EASY way to get more impressions on your Pinterest Pin

Its important to find out what your specific audiences interests are so you can better tailor your content to them. Check out your to see your best-performing pins and boards and discover their other interests.

Identify Top Content

Choose Analytics > Profile to view engagement metrics for your Pinterest content. Youll see your top pins and boards from the past 30 days and how many impressions, clicks, repins, likes and either pin type or numbers of pins on the board.

Do You Have A Constant Stream Of Good Images Coming Through Or Do You Have The Resources To Create Them

Creating images centered around your brand takes time, focus, and a lot of thought. If youre a one-person brand currently focusing on sales and strategy, it may not be the right time for you to be putting all that effort into creating original images.

Does your company have the resources to create a constant stream of images or the funds to hire out this part of the process? If not, it might be a better idea to wait until you do.

Heres a handy list we put together of 23 tools and resources that will help you create images for social media.

Connect Your Social Networks

to attract your Facebook and Twitter friends and followers to your Pinterest account.

You can easily tweet your pins so your Twitter followers can see them and . Choose the different types of activity youd like people to see, and with a simple click they can visit your pins, check them out and follow you on Pinterest.

To help attract followers, you can also .

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Use Relevant Keywords In Your Board Names

The best way to increase the odds of your pins showing up in the Picked for You and on the interest feeds on Pinterest is to ensure that your board has a relevant title. If youre trying to reach people who want to travel, then naming your board Travel or Travel Tips will inform Pinterest of the topic. If you try to get clever and name your board Great Adventures of Willy Wonka your chances of showing up are less.

Can You Get The Same Results Manually

How to Get More Pinterest Impressions for New Bloggers in ...

Some people are able to get great results on Pinterest by pinning manually, but Im not aware of anyone thats getting the same results by manual pinning as the Tailwind users are getting. People using Tailwind are having exponential growth because theyre given more insight, more detailed analytics, and optimized publishing times.

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Follow Your Competitors Followers

If youre sitting around waiting for followers to flock to you, youll be waiting a long time.

A powerful tactic to generate followers is strategically following your competitors followers.

Since you both have the same target audiences, chances are, if they followed your competitor theyll follow you, too.

A quick way to find competitors:

  • Search for terms that may be on your competitors profiles in the search bar. For example, if your content is about blogging, you might search for blogging tips.
  • Youll see four different options click on People.
  • Anyone who has blog, blogging, or a related term in their profile will show up under People:

    Begin looking through your competitors profiles, one by one. From there you can start following their followers, and youll begin to see many of them will happily follow you back. Easy-peasy!

    You Are Pinning A Lot To Group Boards That Are Not Quality Ones Or Spammy Boards

    However, group boards come in all shapes and sizes. Some will be great for your account and traffic, others will be just spammy and not useful.

    If you pin to lots of low quality group boards, your account might start decreasing slowly.

    How can you tell if a group board is good?

    A good group board to pin to will be a niche one and it will contain quality pins from real bloggers, it wont be full of spammy pins.

    When you open the group board and browse through the pins you will likely be able to tell if its got quality pins or if its a random unhelpful one.

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    Is Web 30 On Your Radar

    If not, it should be. This IS the new frontier for marketing AND business.Tune into the Crypto Business podcast with Michael Stelzner to discover how to use Web 3.0 to grow your business in ways you never thought possiblewithout the confusing jargon. Youll learn about using NFTs, social tokens, decentralized autonomous organizations , and more.

    Use Milotree To Create Customizable Pop

    67K FOLLOWERS ON PINTEREST: How to Get More Followers on Pinterest 2022 – 3 Ways to Pinterest Growth

    This will boost your website traffic and generate leads, which increases your sales.

    To increase your traffic, use a smart pop-up builder like MiloTree to convert your blog traffic to followers across social media and your email list.

    An easy-to-use pop-up customizer, MiloTree lets you change backgrounds, text, and button colors.

    You can customize the display position on your blog and when it appears .

    MiloTree is available as a WordPress plugin or can be added to any other site with a short line of javascript code to install the popup.

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    The Power Of Scheduling And Tracking Analytics With Social Champ

    At Social Champ, we believe in results and not empty promises, which is why we experimented. We used the to schedule our pins for a month, and we started seeing results in less than a month.

    We witnessed our monthly views increase from 137 to 5.7 thousand within a month, which is a considerable feat. Not only this, but our clicks went from 0 to 65 and saves to 167 per month. Our Pinterest impressions were also around 58.3k!

    Social Champ enables you to track your results from the analytics in addition to the ones provided by Pinterest Analytics. All these metrics combined will allow you to create a winning marketing strategy just like we did.

    Want to check out the other benefits of using Social Champ and using it? Check this out:

    Add The Profile Widget

    Similar to the Follow button, the profile widget also leads your website visitors to your Pinterest page. But you may find the profile widget more effective than the Follow button because its bigger and can display up to 30 of your latest pins, as seen here on

    Again, you can create your profile widget by using the default setting on the widget builder or you can create a custom sized widget by selecting Create your own.

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    Join As Many Relevant Group Boards As You Can

    Step 5 is where we enter the pro-tips. You might have heard this tip before, but when youre first getting started, it seems impossible to get accepted to any group boards.

    It can also be difficult to FIND relevant group boards to join.

    Say what they will, but Im very new to this game and saw group boards as a crucial part of my growth strategy.

    Here are my tips

    • Using the search bar, search for keywords related to your niche.
    • Change all pins to people.
    • Look for people who have a similar audience size to younot the largest profiles, but not necessarily the smallest either. Aim for 300-3,000 followers. These people are growing their accounts
    • If there is one in your niche, read the instructions for joining, and then reach out to the board owner.

    Activity From Your Account

    How To Get More Impressions On Pinterest

    In this section, we find subsections for Impressions, Repins, Clicks, Original Pins, All-time and Pin It button.

    Obviously, Pinterest Analytics recommends you to use a Pin It button on your website. This goes for all social media websites: if you want shares, likes or whatever from your own website, make it as easy as possible by using social buttons.

    Tables below that chart mentioned above show the Top Pin impressions from the last 30 days. For, one Pin tops everything: Anatomy of a WordPress Theme. That one originated in this post from 2011. Pinterest is your to-go-to spot for infographics as well 🙂

    Furthermore, the second table on that page tells us that this board by Kim Winters is a large source for the Pins on that image as well. It led to 36 repins already and that board only has about 150 followers. Nice to know and it might help you find content related to your top pins .

    In our case, the Repins page in this section looks almost the same as the impressions page. The more impressions, the more repins, so that makes perfect sense. The same goes for Clicks, although this page tells us that WordPress SEO: The definitive guide to higher rankings for WordPress sites also drove extra traffic to Pinterest. Its definitely worth checking all pages and comparing the data on these pages.

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    Engage With Whats Popular

    Take a look at whats already performing well on Pinterest by browsing the Popular feed. Take notes, evaluate commonalities, and consider how you could apply these ideas to your own content.

    But dont overdo it. Too many comments may be flagged as spam. Instead, focus on writing a few sincere comments that go beyond one- or two-word remarks like Cool! or Thats awesome.

    Install Plugins On Your Website

    To increase your Pinterest following and connect with your target audience, youll want to make it as easy as possible for users to pin content from your site. The best way to do that is to provide Pin It buttons. When users click on a Pin It button, a window pops up allowing them to create the pin and post it to Pinterest. Its a simple and effective way to encourage pinning.

    : If you want to , this is a great tool to have. Its a plugin thats quick and easy to install. With one click, users can follow you on Pinterest.

    : This widget lets you display thumbnails of your latest pins on your website. This can be useful to highlight recent pins and boost engagement. You can , instead of just hoping they pin content from your site.

    : This tool comes in both Lite and Pro versions. The basic premise is that when the user hovers over an image, a Pin It button appears. If the user clicks the button, it automatically creates a pin. With either version, you can preselect the image users will pin , and place Pin It buttons anywhere using shortcodes.

    After you install a Pin It button on your website, make sure you test the button. Youll want to see where and how the tool creates the text descriptions for the pin. For example, the tool I chose uses the alternative text for the image. Since many pinners dont change or add the description themselves, you can have a coherent, appealing and keyword-centric description preloaded.

    Final Thoughts

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    Have Conversations And Say ‘thank You’

    paper airplane iconPositionly

    • Reach out to fans who have liked a product offering them assistance in purchasing the item.
    • Offer thanks to followers through a personalized message for re-pinning one of your pins.
    • Send out personalized coupons or gift cards to star re-pinners and get them to transact on your site.
    • Set up group conversations with like-minded followers. Help them connect with each other and your brand on topics of mutual interest.
    • Find the Pin you want to comment on.
    • Click on the bottom left corner of the Pin.
    • Type your ‘thank you’ message and click the red comment button.

    Keep An Eye On Your Analytics

    10 MILLION MONTHLY VIEWERS ON PINTEREST! How to Get More Monthly Viewers on Pinterest?
    • Pins with high impressions are getting seen by a lot of people, but if the other two numbers are low, its not driving them to take action.
    • Pins with high saves are getting repinned by your audience, but if the number of clicks is low, its not driving anyone to your website, where you can convert them.
    • Pins with high clicks are delivering the goods. Theyre getting people to your website, but if theyre not getting impressions, youre missing out on web traffic.

    Heres an example.

    There are two pins youd want to examine further here.

    The first one is the pin with over 1,000 impressions, but only 10 clicks. You could try optimizing the image and the description to increase traffic to your website, and you can look at which boards its on to figure out why its getting so many impressions.

    The second is the pin that got 28 clicks. Take a look at the image, the description, and the headline. This pin is clearly resonating well with your existing audiencehow can you make more like this one, or get more impressions for this pin?

    Beyond just Pinterests tools, you can also make sure that your pins use UTM tagged links, so you can track their performance in your .

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    Promote Your Individual Boards

    Instead of following an entire profile, people prefer following boards on subjects theyre interested in. Work on getting followers for your most popular boards instead of the entire account.

    Go through your brand page and look for your most popular boards and promote them to gain more followers.

    1. Place your popular boards in the top row so people can see them as soon as they visit your brand page.

    Swarovski uses the top row of their Pinterest page to display their most popular board, Wedded Bliss, which now has more than 1.5 million followers.

    2. Use the board widget to display 30 of the latest pins from the selected board and lead viewers to the board by clicking on it. You can build a board widget by visiting the widget builder page.

    3. Invite board contributors to pin to your boards to help attract followers. This can aid you in two ways:

    1) the contributors will share lots of pins, which will increase your boards exposure

    2) the board will be displayed on their profile too thereby converting some of their profile visitors to followers of your boards.

    The above is an example of Better Homes and Gardens Blogger Recipes We Love, a popular board that has a lot of board contributors.

    Make Multiple Pins For Each Post Or Freebie

    I dont just create one pin image for a post and be done with it. When I first started growing my blog, I was creating about 2-3 different pin images for each blog post.

    I now aim to create more, around 5-10 pin images for each post.

    I also go back and create new pin images for old blog posts to bring them back to life. Or to give them a further boost if theyre already doing well.

    This has worked very well for me!

    When I notice a pin is doing well, a blog post is picking up traffic or a freebie is getting lots of email sign ups, I go ahead and create more pins for that piece of content.

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    You Recently Changed Your Niche Or Added Content About Different Topics

    I actually changed up my content a little bit in recent months. I saw my monthly viewer/ engagement decrease in October but I started posting pins about different topics from my usual wedding content in around June.

    So personally, I started posting a lot more content around something completely different from the subjects of weddings and wedding photography.

    My new pins were clustered around topics like SEO, blogging and digital marketing.

    Most of my base followers followed for wedding content. Are they going to want to see a bunch of tips about growing your email list and doing local SEO? I dont think so.

    It makes sense that the account would suffer a little for straying from the niche. If everyone was rewarded for posting all and any off-topic pins, then there would be no need to stick to a niche! More pins on any topic under the sun would equal more reach, so everyone would be doing it.

    If youve done something similar and youve changed your niche or youve expanded or diversified, that may equal a drop in reach.

    Take Advantage Of Promoted Pins

    How to Get More Pinterest Impressions for New Bloggers ...

    If youre already using Pinterest for marketing purposes, you probably already have a business account. Its the first piece of advice Pinterest pros give, for good reason.

    One of the perks of having a business account is being able to promote your pins.

    Ready to start spreading your content far and wide?

    From there, you can create your first promoted pin, and watch your number of followers start to accelerate.

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    Comment On Popular Pins

    The Popular section on Pinterest consists of pins that have been repinned, liked and commented on several times. Take advantage of this and get people to check out your own page by commenting on these pins.

    Have a good look at the pin study the image and the description and write a meaningful comment. You want to write more than a two-word comment like Great Pin or Nice Find! Show people you know and care about this subject by leaving a thoughtful comment. This will make people want to check out your page and follow you.

    Note: Too much commenting is considered spam by Pinterest and can lead to your account being suspended. So limit your comments to two or three times a day.

    In the above pin, which I found in the popular section of Pinterest, Pam Tufts left a very thoughtful comment. This shows she read the description and has some knowledge of the subject. This should get people who are interested in learning more to check out her profile and follow her.

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