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How To Get More Engagement On Twitter

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How to increase engagement and get more followers on Twitter | Twitter Trending Hashtag Tips

The popularity of using Twitter for business is SKYROCKETING.

Think about it:

More than 300 MILLION people use Twitter every single month.

What does that mean for your business?

Using Twitter to promote your business is no longer an option its the new standard.

This post will explore 15 ways to use Twitter to grow your business, traffic, and sales.

We’ll also show you how to cut your Twitter time commitment in half!

You’ll learn:

Experiment With Video Content

I would really recommend that you experiment with Twitter video now, Keith Keller of Global Social Media Coaching says. Its a very cost-effective way to extend your reach and generate more conversations with potential clients.

Jeff Rizzo of RIZKNOWS agrees: The best tip we have for getting leads with Twitter is to exclusively post tweets with a videoand that video should have subtitles included.

We find that tweets with a video get 26% higher engagement than those without a video. Even more, with subtitles included, a video on Twitter will get nearly 4% more clicks than a video without them.

This makes a lot of sense if you think about the success of Instagram relative to Twitter. The major difference is a focus on graphic content rather than written content, Rizzo continues.

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The Key To Keeping Your Twitter Engagement High

If you havent guessed already, in this article, were delving into what Twitter engagement is all about and how it works. So, lets get started.

No matter whats going on in the world today, its sure to be trending on Twitter. Whether its political upheaval in a small nation, a star-studded event in Hollywood, a natural disaster near the tropics, or simply a well-marketed event like a TED talk or the launch of a new Apple product, youre sure to hear about it on Twitter. It is most definitely the place for users to share and discover all sorts of content related to recent events. If youre in the dark about whats happening in the world around you, all you need to do is hop on the social platform to find out. And of course, you can find out about a lot more on Twitter too, not just whats happening. are great for this purpose.

If you havent guessed already, in this article, were delving into what Twitter engagement is all about and how it works. So, lets get started.

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Include Call To Actions In Your Captions

Including a CTA, more specifically, a direct question, in your caption is a sure way to get more Instagram engagement:

But remember to ask a genuine question.

You don’t want your audience to think it’s simply an engagement tactic. That’s a big no-no.

For example, if you share a selfie asking your followers what their favorite food is, it can look like youre on the hunt for comments and comments alone.

Whereas if you share a genuine anecdote and follow it up with a relevant question, your community is more likely to respond in your comments.

You can be creative with your questions. You can ask for advice, recommendations , or what type of content they want to see from you.

Another way to drive engagement with CTAs is by encouraging your audience to click the link in your Instagram bio.

Since you cant include direct links in your Instagram feed post captions, using a link in bio tool, like Laters, is a great way to combat this.

With by Later, you can build a clickable version of your Instagram feed, along with the option to add customizable button links:

When your followers click the link in your bio, theyll be able to tap on any image or button and be directed straight to the links youve added.

This can be a landing page for a product launch, a blog post, your YouTube channel, and so much more.

Ready to drive more traffic from Instagram? Join Later today to turn your Instagram feed into a clickable landing page!

How The Twitter Algorithm Works In 2021

How To Get More Twitter Followers With Engagement ...

All social algorithms use machine learning to sort content based on different ranking signals.

The truth is, the fact that its machine learning means not even Twitter knows exactly what its algorithms will surface. Thats why Twitter is currently involved in analyzing the results of its algorithms as part of its responsible machine learning initiative.

This initiative has identified Twitter algorithm bias issues, including:

Twitter algorithm change is not taken lightly. Especially since the algorithms first appearance on the platform made #RIPTwitter a trending hashtag. But Twitter has formed a Machine Learning Ethics, Transparency, and Accountability team to address inequities, which will likely lead to changes in the algorithm over time.

For instance, to address the image-cropping issue, Twitter changed the way it shows images. Now, Twitter presents single images without cropping and shows users a true preview of what images will look like when cropped.

As far as right-leaning political content, thats a work in progress. Twitter says, Further root cause analysis is required in order to determine what, if any, changes are required to reduce adverse impacts by our Home timeline algorithm.

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Hashtags Are Your Best Friends

Hashtags are a key component when it comes to getting your content discovered. Using hashtags could not only get new users finding your content it could also encourage others to engage with your tweet.

According to a survey, Tweets that have one hashtag are 69% more likely to be retweeted than tweets with more hashtags.

Hashtags can not only help you reach your target audience, it can also lead to a large number of impressions and an increased engagement.

Statistics Show That People Spend Just 3 Minutes Each Day On Twitter

Let that sink in for a moment. Every single day, the average Twitter user spends around 3 and a half minutes on the platform!

We know youre probably thinking Thats basically zero time. People are spending zero time on Twitter!

Or something like this.

The good news is thats actually more time than the average tweeter spent just a few years ago when we first published this article. The bad news is thats still not a lot of time to get your Tweets seen!

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How To Get More Twitter Followers: Definitive Guide

Do you want more Twitter followers but youre not sure how to make the magic happen?

For a long time I struggled to make any progress. But eventually after trying a lot of different tactics I was able to make serious headway.

And I want to show you how to do the same thing.

In this post Ill show you how to setup your account so it stands out, how you can leverage your blog to grow your following and give you actionable tips for smarter tweeting.

All of which will increase your reach, get more eye-balls on your profile and help to grow your own targeted Twitter following.

Are you ready to start growing your Twitter following today?

Ask Users To Retweet Your Content

Twitter Tips: How to Get More Followers and Increase Engagement

One unique marketing strategy that gets results for all industries is call-to-action .

Studies indicate that over 90% of consumers who read a title went ahead and read the call-to-action content.

Further research points out that a single CTA in emails can increase clicks by over 370% and drive sales by more than 1617%. These stats underscore the power of CTAs in your marketing campaigns.

An ideal CTA in your Twitter marketing content will drive significant results. But in this context, your CTA is to ask other users to retweet your content. In other words, your audience can increase your reach and engagement if you ask them to do so.

Image credit:.

Given this, add a phrase like Please Retweet in your tweet. Those two words tell users what they need to do after interacting with your tweets. The please retweet call to action can increase your retweets 4x more than those without the CTA.

Image Source:HubSpot.

However, you can also use the Please RT phrase or RT. But as the survey indicates, those with Please Retweet got 3x more retweets than those with Please RT. Thus, asking people to retweet your content by adding these two words in your tweets can go a long way to drive engagement and reach.

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Answer Questions On Twitter

It works both ways: You need to ask questions to engage your Twitter audience but you also need to be there to answer other peoples questions to get seen and known.

It takes time and you need to be always engaging with Twitter users for this strategy to work but if you do that right, youll see a lot of qualified leads coming your way from these efforts.

To make your life easier, heres a nice trick I am using to monitor questions in my industry:

Twitter supports question operator allowing you to find what people are publicly asking on Twitter: Simply type keyword ? in Twitter search box. Do keep the space between your target keyword and the question mark.

Now, use MavSocial social listening feature to monitor those questions!

Use Twitter Lists To Manage Your Feed

As you follow more people, your timeline might start to get a little crowded.

Use lists to organize the tweets that you really want to see .

A Twitter list is a smaller feed of a select group of people you want to see.

Heres how to make a Twitter list:

  • Go to the Lists tab in your profile.
  • Populate the list by choosing accounts directly from the list of people youre following or by going to individual accounts and clicking, Add to list.
  • You can make these lists public or private.

    You can subscribe to public lists that other users have created.

    Here are a few easy tips for finding lists created by other people:

    • Type in an influencers handle to find their public lists here.
    • Analyze other lists created by those whose lists youve added.
    • Go to any influencers page, then click on View Lists.

    Twitter lists keep you from wasting time scrolling through endless tweets.

    So you’ll be able to better interact with your most valuable mutuals more efficiently.

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    Enrich Your Content With Influencer Content

    Social media influencers have achieved an influential status because of their ability to increase social media engagement. They are excellent content creators, and they know what their audiences want.

    So, how can you leverage them for increased engagement?

    Make the most of their social media influence by getting them to enrich your social media content. This could encourage their followers to engage with your brand and content. It could also provide existing followers with refreshing content that differs from your usual posts.

    How do you do that?

    There are a number of ways to have influencers enrich your social media content.

    For instance, you could host an influencer takeover in which select influencers take over your social media account for a day. This is most popular with Instagram and Snapchat, and can increase social media engagement significantly.

    You could also feature influencer content on your own social media profiles. Or post a video in which you interview influencers.

    Artist Couture, for example, regularly posts Instagram photos in which influencers create a look using their products. The following post shows makeup influencer Kimberly Margarita using the brands diamond glow powder to create a surreal, fairytale look.


    In addition to this, they occasionally invite relevant influencers to take over their Snapchat, and provide fans with beauty tutorials. They announce the takeover through Instagram, and invite fans to stay tuned.

    Whats Your Favorite Twitter Tip

    How to get more engagement on Twitter (With images)

    As Twitter continues to evolve, its important for marketers to keep up with the changes. While the Twitter timeline might not become fully algorithmic, organic reach will continue to fall as more and more people and businesses tweet. Understanding how the Twitter timeline works can help you increase your reach and engagement.

    Here are six things you could try in 2018 to increase your Twitter reach:

  • Re-use your top posts
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    Quality And Quantity Matters

    Taken from the mouth of co-founder, Leo Quality is key and quantity cant be forgotten. Thus meaning your tweets should be useful to users. Whether theyre informative, entertaining or educational, users should take something away with them after reading your tweet and they should see lots of them too.

    Tip:There is a fine line of giving users lots of great content to spamming them. However, a general rule shows that the more tweets you write, the more followers you’ll have and so, the more engagement you get. But remember, keep the quality high!

    The below image is sourced from Buffer, showing that the greater number of tweets you post, the higher your follower base.

    You can see that a Twitter user with 1 to 1,000 tweets has an average of 51 to 100 followers. A user who has tweeted more than 10,000 times are followed on average by 1,000 to 5,000 users and so on. But why does this work?

    • Lots of tweets shows to users you have lots of activity and so, followers will feel more inclined to connect and build a relationship with you.
    • The more you tweet, the better you get at it. That way, you really learn how to write what users want and it can help you to pick up on tweeting formulas that work.
    • Finally, if youve tweeted a lot, youre spending lots of time on the app. Hence, the wider the door of opportunity to grow your followers.

    Interesting:If you were to post 10,000 updates in a year, you’d have to post 27 times a day.

    Respond When Someone Tweets To You:

    When a user tweets at you, you should always respond in any way. It can go a long way. A response can be powerful if a user has tagged you or tweeted you in a post that can create a conversation.

    Give priority to the criticism or upset customers and respond to them as soon as possible.

    Responding to someone will not only compel them to reply back but also in the future they will engage with your post.

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    Jump In On A Trending Conversation

    It seems like Twitter sees a new viral topic every other day. Your brand can capitalize on this by participating in trending conversations and topics relevant to your industry or your company. This helps you gain visibility with people who have yet to followed you on Twitter, which then paves the way for more engagement.

    For an easy way to discover trending conversations to participate in, click on show more under the Whats happening section at the right-hand side of your screen.

    This will bring up a long list of trending conversations personalized just for you, either by location or interest. But you can also look for trending topics in other industries as well.

    Go through these topics to see whether there are any posts you could join the conversation with a reply or Retweet. Or see if theres any trending hashtag that you could make use of.

    Tag People & Start Conversations

    Twitter Engagement: How to get more NOW

    If you have been joining Twitter chats and actively engaging on Twitter, then you can start creating your conversations with your followers.

    One popular way to do this is to ask about your industry or niche or even just a fun icebreaker and then tag your Twitter friends to answer. This will start a threaded discussion.

    The trick to starting conversations is that you cant do it without building up some rapport with other users first. If people have never interacted with you before, theyre not going to immediately start answering questions.

    Its essential to build up that rapport with other Twitter users so they are familiar with you before you start asking them to join in on conversations.

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    Running Contests To Increase Followers

    This is by far the easiest and most fun way to increase your followers, run a contest. You dont have to invest hundreds of dollars to run contents to increase your followers. You can either giveaway something for free to run the contests. Or you can also find different advertisers who can sponsor your contests, all you have to do is to search for the competitor blogs and find their relevant advertisers.

    I have seen lots of people using contests to get desired actions from their website readers like increasing their RSS Feed subscribers, increasing their fan base on Twitter, increasing more contents on their blogs in the form of guest posts etc. We can use the same thing to increase our Twitter followers.

    We can create some contests to increase our followers base on Twitter. We need to offer exciting gifts to the contest winners so that lots of people get excited to participate in the contest. We can think of promoting our contests through our websites, blogs and through social networks we are active to make contest a real success and to get desired results from it.

    You can expect some quick and targeted followers through contest for your Twitter profile page. Apart from creating your own contests, you should start participating in other contests created around Twitter promotions.

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