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How To Get Linkedin Leads

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Provide Free Value Consistently

How To Generate Leads on LinkedIn – LinkedIn Lead Generation Tutorial

For the purposes of growing your audience and building your brand on LinkedIn, if I could only tell you to do one thing this would be it:

Consistently create free value for people.

This means thoughtfully commenting on other peoples posts

It means sharing your own original ideas, opinions, and expertise

It means sharing other peoples content

It means telling compelling stories

It means responding to messages and it means joining relevant LinkedIn groups where you can provide free value for people in your target market

We recommend setting aside 30 minutes per day to provide value for people on LinkedIn you can use all of the above strategies to do so.

Doing this consistently over months will have a massive impact on how people see you and your business.

Theyll start to see you as someone whos genuinely interested in helping others, theyll visit your profile, theyll opt-in to your sales funnel, and theyll even tell their friends about you.

And remember: doing a little bit every day for years is more impactful than doing a lot right now.

When youre scrolling through your LinkedIn feed, focus on giving not getting.

What Are You Doing To Generate Leads On Linkedin

Its true that LinkedIn is experiencing a B2B boom.

And the platform is unique in that you can approach leads directly and publish content that pushes people directly to your promotions.

But that doesnt mean youre guaranteed leads by virtue of just being on the platform.

Scoring leads from LinkedIn requires a strategy. The tips above can poise your profile and company pages to maximize their visibility and help make your brand more recognizable to your target audience. And if youre looking for more resources to evaluate your LinkedIn lead gen efforts, consider using our social media toolkit to inspire you.

We want to hear from you, though! What does your LinkedIn lead generation strategy look like? Does the platform result in high-quality leads for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Similarities And Differences In Linkedin Marketing Campaigns

All of the campaigns originating on LinkedIn are self-service programs run through LinkedIns campaign manager. On campaign manager, the person in charge of the campaign names it, sets a budget and a target audience and gets it going.

To use campaign manager, a person needs to have a LinkedIn account and a credit card.

The main differences between the advertising programs are how the advertising content is delivered and its marketing purpose. Heres a quick run-down:

The advertising programs differ from the target/retarget tools, too. The target/retarget tools simply match databases so that LinkedIn campaigns can be targeted more effectively.

Display ads can be run on LinkedIn, but these have to be set up through an outside advertising source.

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Utilize Linkedin Pulse For Lead Generation

LinkedIn Pulse is a news platform integrated with LinkedIn and it is available as a separate app as well.

Why does that matter to you?

You can post articles there and get discovered by a much larger audience than you can reach via your own blog.

Think of this as guest posting, but on a platform with a massive audience base and instant publishing without requiring approval from editors. Posting your articles on LinkedIn Pulse can help you reach a large and relevant audience and help establish you as an industry expert.

And, as this is essentially like a news platform, it is best to publish articles on the latest industry trends and happenings.

Here are some tips to help you use LinkedIn Pulse for lead generation and get the best results out of it:

Linkedin Lead Generation: How To Get Leads And Boost Revenue

5 Ways to Get More LinkedIn Leads : Social Media Examiner

Heres one critical point to know about LinkedIn lead generation:

The 690 million monthly users on the network are not your ideal customers. In reality, only a few thousands of them are.

For up-to-date numbers, check out these .

For example, if youre an agency or a consultant, there are companies you cant work with because your team doesnt have resources, know-how, or services to handle their projects.

And there are other companies/industries that you have the capacity to serve really well those are the ones you need to go after and convert into leads.

So how do you do this? Here are two key strategies to get quality leads on LinkedIn:

Strategy #1: Build an engaged following and get leads for free

Strategy #2: Run LinkedIn lead generation ads targeted at your ideal customers

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Engage With Your Followers

As you build connections with other LinkedIn users, youll have the opportunity to start conversations that can convert them into leads. This is a great way to find leads on LinkedIn.

In most cases, this is the point in the process where youll encourage them to get in touch with you or a member of your sales team to learn more about your business and what you can offer to them. After youve talked about specific services or products that you offer, you can then have a conversation about how your business will benefit them.

Strategy #: Build An Engaged Following To Get Leads For Free

The more engagement your LinkedIn posts get, the more opportunities you have to get leads from the platform.

And LinkedIn engagement is hot right now.

Each of your posts can reach thousands of potential customers within a few hours or days of posting.

For example

But its not always easy to get this type of engagement.

For example, Dailius in the screenshot above has over 150,000 followers and these followers are the reason he gets a lot of engagements per post.

Building this type of audience takes time and effort. But its not impossible either.

To build an audience of potential customers, you need to be doing two things at the same time:

  • Build targeted connections every day
  • Post daily or at least three times per week
  • Lets dig deeper into these two:

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    Instantly Collect Complete And Accurate Leads

    Once members click your ad, theyll see a form thats pre-filled with accurate professional information from their LinkedIn profile, such as their name, contact info, company name, seniority, job title, and location. With a single click on the formand without having to type anything by handmembers can instantly send you their info, creating leads for your business.

    The Copy In Your Linkedin Posting Script Must Be Written Correctly

    How to Generate B2B Leads on LinkedIn // LinkedIn Lead Generation for FREE

    There is a science to creating a LinkedIn post that will engage followers. The posting has to be written correctly. I cover the four basic components of a good in other blogs.

    The goal of the posting should be to get people to engage. However, if you are asking questions, the copy has to be written in a way that will get them to answer. Financial advisors do a lousy job with coming up with the right questions and presenting them correctly.

    Example of a bad LinkedIn posting question:

    • Who knows the top tax bracket for 2021?
    • Have you ever considered taking a loan from your insurance policy?

    Nobody is going to answer back because nobody really wants to talk about this stuff. Make the question easy, light-hearted, and cool. People want to have fun doing this or they wont do it.

    In addition, you have to present the copy correctly in the post. No block text, no technical jargon, no direct links in the body of the posting (remember that LinkedIn. See frame 16:06 in the podcast for more information on this.

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    How To Get Leads By Engaging In Linkedin Groups

    We cannot always target people by role or job title on #LinkedIn, sometimes we have to go by interest.

    LinkedIn makes it really easy for us to do exactly that. There are literally thousands of groups on LinkedIn on any imaginable theme and topic.

    Naturally, you can join relevant groups that are more likely to attract your ideal customer type and then engage in group activities.

  • Engage in discussions
  • How To Create A Linkedin Account

    On the landing page, there are two optionsyou can sign in, or you can create an account to get started.

    Those who already have accounts can sign in using the toolbar at the top of the page.

    If youre just getting started, fill out the short questionnaire box in the middle of the page. Theres a space for your first name, last name, and e-mail address. In the final box, create a password of six or more characters. When youre finished, hit the join now button at the bottom of the box.

    On the next screen that pulls up, enter your name and where you work, and then click create profile . After entering some basic information, youll enter information and click through several different screens as you complete the profile. There are five basic areas of information to fill out: experience, education, photo, skills and expertise, and details.

    Keep in mind that this will be the first impression that many people will have of you, so you need to make it stand out in all the best ways.

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    Tap Into Linkedin Marketing Partners To Supercharge Your Campaigns

    Not only can LinkedIn partners help you create world-class content, they can also help you reach and nurture the right audience. Using LinkedIns data integration partners helps you create tailored audience segments to target your ads. And lead form integration partners can help you use your own contact lists in your CRM, making it easier for you to manage your pipeline and messaging with consistency.

    Join & Interact With Relevant Linkedin Groups

    The Essential âHow Toâ? Guide For B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation

    , just like Facebook groups, are an opportunity to get in touch with a smaller, niche audience that is a better target for your products or services. But, before you go in and start pitching right away, take time to contribute valuable information and content first.

    Better yet, start a group that doesnt already exist.

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    How To Write Your Summary

    Write your summary in first person and in simple language. Make it personable, but keep it professional. Busy professionals skimming through your profile should feel like theyve met someone they could carry on a great conversation with.

    While you write, keep your target audience in mind. As a B2B tech leader, youll want to appeal to people in technology and in business management positions. What kinds of things would you talk about with them if they sat across the table from you? If you can, phrase your summary the same way you would when talking with them face to face.

    Include around six of your biggest achievements that relate to your abilities as a tech leader.

    Once your profile is complete, you can edit it as you go along, adding more sections or details as needed.

    Strategy #: Run Linkedin Lead Generation Ads Targeted At Your Ideal Customers

    This one is pretty straightforward: run ads, get leads. Period.

    Its not that simple, of course. But its how LinkedIn ads work.

    And for the most part when it comes to getting leads, LinkedIn ads are a shortcut to everything weve covered in strategy #1 above.

    You dont have to wait till you have engaged followers to start generating quality leads. Simply create ads and target your ideal customers, enticing them with offers they wont want to refuse.

    But again, its not that simple. For best results with your LinkedIn lead generation ads, you need to first:

  • nail your ideal customer profile
  • know the right offers to present them, and
  • know which ad creatives to use.
  • These three important factors will determine how successful your LinkedIn lead generation ad would be. Lets address them one after the other:

  • Nailing your ideal customer profile :
  • Your ideal customers are businesses or people who are a perfect fit for your product/service and can afford it.Once you nail your ICP, everything else is relatively easy youll be able to determine the right offers to present them and which ad creatives will get their attention.

    This worksheet from Terminus shows what an ICP looks like:

    Once youve nailed your ICP, sign in to your LinkedIn Ads dashboard, create your campaign, targeting the people who match your ICP.

    And more than any other advertising platform, LinkedIn excels at providing audience targeting options that help to make sure your ads reach the right people.

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    The Perfect Prospecting System

    This is LinkedIn’s superpower! Specificity!

    You aren’t just marketing to people who live in specific cities or countries instead, you’re targeting professionals from particular industries, specific job titles, and even specific companies within these regions.

    Its because LinkedIn has become an ideal platform for highly targeted prospecting efforts targeting micro demographics with better prospects for success.

    You can now search LinkedIn with added precision using the following filters:

    • Keywords
    • Current company
    • Groups Member

    For example, if you want to find the CEO of a Software company based in Mumbai that attended an Ivy League school you can. Thats the power of LinkedIn.

    Create a list of your top 100 prospects using these search filters.

    Visit their profile, gather intelligence about them. Make sure that they are active on LinkedIn.

    Once you are able to confirm from their profile that they are a good prospect for you hit the follow button and not the connect button, yet!

    Once you have done that then hit the bell icon under their banner. Use the new LinkedIn feature to be notified when this prospect posts the next time.

    Lead Gen Prep Work In 7 Steps But Wait Theres More

    How To Find Leads On LinkedIn Leads [Step-by-Step Guide]

    Ok, if youre like me, youre ready to start implementing some stuff, right?

    Well, hold your horses there, pardner

    I strongly advise that you do some preparation steps so you wont go off half cocked. We call this slow down now, in order to speed up later. And I promise you that the benefits of taking the extra time to plan now will far outweigh any quick wins gained from faster execution without a well-thought-out strategy.

    Take it from someone whos been there, done that and got the T-shirt.

    Please, do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

    Okay, okay, Miles. Youve convinced me to slow down. What do I need to do first?

  • Profile setup and optimization: This one may seem obvious, but take time to think about your prospects viewing your profile and make sure you include WIIFT. Then ensure you are using the right keywords to make sure you are found when people are searching LinkedIn.

  • Define your target personas: This will determine what demographic and psychographic markers you target and what you exclude.

  • Define your USP: If you dont know what really sets your companys products/services apart from others, your message will sound like everyone elses.

  • Set campaign goals: What metrics are you going to track and what are your current baseline starting points? Over what timeframe do you expect to improve each of those, and by how much?

  • Start with strategy first, then tactics.

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    Upgrade To Linkedin Sales Navigator: Search & Export Better

    While there are some limited advanced search functions in the free version of LinkedIn, the premium ones that come with either Sales Navigator or Recruiter are quite robust. So, if you are looking to more finely slice your target to get an ultra-targeted niche list, then this is the ticket.

    In addition to having more detailed searching capabilities, you have more options to export contact data at scale than you do with a free account. Then you can perform manual or automated email outreach to those prospects.

    Check Out Lead Recommendations

    As far as lead generation goes, this is the cats pyjamas. This feature offers lead recommendations that are based on your sales preference, your search history, and your interactions with different profiles. These leads are probably, exactly what you are looking for an unlimited source of potential customers for your business.

    The only thing is… you need to be a Sales Navigator user to access it.

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    Target The Decision Makers

    Its imperative you consider the sales cycle when youre generating leads.

    I am referring to the entire process it takes for you to sell a product or a service.

    It includes everything, i.e., generating a lead, nurturing that lead, and eventually making the sale.

    Heres a map of what a typical sales cycle can look like:

    Some of us have the good fortune of being in a niche where it can take as little as a few minutes to close a sale.

    For others, it can take months and even years.

    Whatever camp you fall in, there is a simple solution to shorten the sales cycle.

    Find the decision maker.

    Heres what I mean.

    Unless youre targeting a solopreneur, most businesses have select people who ultimately make the purchasing decisions.

    Wouldnt it be wise to direct your efforts at someone with authority to close the deal?

    Of course, it would!

    Now, the decision maker is not always the CEO. In fact, its rarely the case for most businesses.

    Im not saying you shouldnt target CEOs.

    It depends on what youre selling, what business needs it will serve, and what your goals are.

    Lets say youre a freelance writer looking for new clients.

    The best people to target when prospecting would be marketing managers or someone in that field.

    Anyone else would likely be a waste of your time.

    The decision makers usually have the following positions:

    • HR director
    • Sales director

    These are mainly for B2B leads, but the premise doesnt change when youre targeting individual consumers.

    Boost Your Linkedin Posts With Linkedin Engagement Pods To Reach More People

    How to Get High Quality Leads Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

    LinkedIn has its own algorithm on how they boost posts.

    Im not 100% in this formula, because I dont work for LinkedIn, but from my experience it totally makes sense.

    So what LinkedIn does after your post there:

    Step #1 – LinkedIn shows your content to a small group of people

    Step #2 – If they engaged with your post-LinkedIn starts showing it to all of your 1st connections + to friends of your friends

    Step #3 – If 2d or 3d connections will like or comment on your posts, your content will appear in their network as well.

    So thats why people started creating LinkedIn Engagement Pods. In a few words – LinkedIn engagement pod is a group of people , where everyone is ready to support each other with mutual engagement. So if youre the part of this pod you will need to like others’ posts but at the same time, you will get likes and comments as well.

    Because of LinkedIn Engagement Pods, my posts easily can reach 100k+ views:

    There is a solution that automates the “likes exchange” process. It’s called lempod , and this is the hugest marketplace of LinkedIn engagement pods.

    Once you install lempod Google Chrome extension, you can visit the “Marketplace” page where you can search for new pods by using keywords and tags.

    For example, if you need some “Growth-oriented” pods, just type “Growth” in a search bar and you’ll find relevant pods.

    Once you join pods you can get likes and comments from other lempoders. To do that you need:

  • Go to the lempod and choose the right Pod,
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