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How To Get Free Knitting Patterns From Pinterest

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Free Hat Knitting Pattern Roundups:

How To Download Free Patterns From Product Pages

More than 20+ free cabled hat knitting patterns you will absolutely love knitting and wearing for the cold winter months. See the cold season in with style!

20+ Free Slouchy Hat Knitting Patterns to Download Now! Simple and easy slouch beanie patterns to keep you warm in the cooler months!

12+ Easy Knitted Beanie Pattern you will love to make up quickly for everyone in the family.

Bulky yarn hat patterns are the best project to whip up warm and cozy hats that are super quick to knit for the Winter months!

With 50;free easy hat knitting patterns for winter you will be kept very busy and your head and ear will be very cozy and warm. Simple hat knitting patterns in stockinette stitch, rib and garter stitch, bulky yarn chunky knit hats, slouchy beanies, berets, normal beanies and more.

Free Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

In this post, you will see a collection of 15 free baby blanket knitting patterns.

There is nothing more heartwarming and fulfilling if you are a maker than creating your own unique handmade baby gifts for your friends and family.;

There is an abundance of baby things you knit or crochet for our little friends from adorable baby clothes, tiny baby booties, soft squishy toys, and most importantly baby blankets.;

Because there is nothing more adorable than a baby wrapped in its tiny baby blanket.;

Tips To Use This Knitting Pattern For Gnomes

  • As with all knitting, its best if you use a stitch marker, especially if youre going to be distracted at times, from the knitting pattern for gnomes. If you dont have something, you can always just use twisty-ties or a piece of string. Personally, though, I love these little ball of yarn stitch markerstheyre so cute I almost want to knit just so I can use them. But I really like knitting, so maybe thats it?
  • Skills youre going to need:
  • The small gnome finished height is approximately 7 tall, and the larger version is approximately 9 tall.
  • Gauge: In stockinette stitch, 5 stitches x 6 rows = 1
  • For free-standing gnomes, please add weight to the base before stuffing with Poly-fill. I use Poly-beads tied up inside a piece of fabric. Note: I have included links to the products I use below.
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    Tips For Knitting A Perfect Cardigan

    First, gauge matters when making a sweater, whether it be a pullover or cardi, so make sure you are getting the gauge called for in the pattern. Im tempted to skip the gauge swatch, too, but please dont do this!

    To ensure your gauge swatch is accurate, knit in the same method and stitch pattern you will be using in the pattern. So if its seed stitch in the round, you will want to work up a swatch that way.

    Second, make sure the cardi you are going to make is something you will actually wear. Hear me out here. I am drawn to bulky and super bulky yarns, but every time I would make a sweater out of these I would hate it on me.

    I finally realized that the sweaters I was buying and wearing all the time were much lighter weight, so take a look at the sweaters that are most worn by the person who is going to wear the cardi. You dont want to spend hours on a cardi only to hate the way it fits or looks.

    Where Can I Find Free Knitting Patterns

    Free Knitting Pattern : Weekender Shawl

    Finding free knitting patterns can be tricky if you dont know where to look for good quality patterns. Here are 4 different places where you can find free knitting patterns for yourself, for gifts, or just to practice with.;


    If youre not yet familiar with Ravelry its been described as Facebook for knitters and crocheters. Your profile on the site is free, as is posting your own projects, being part of groups, and searching and downloading patterns. Basically, you only pay when you start buying patterns.

    Once youre registered on Ravelry, click on patterns in the top left corner. You can then search as specifically as you want down to yarn weight or simply type in scarf, for example. If you look on the menu that opens on the left, youll see all the different categories you can choose from. Find the free button and click it. You will then be shown all the free patterns which are hosted either on the Ravelry site itself or on a third party website. These websites are usually owned by the designer of the pattern.

    All you need to do then is to click download and voila! A PDF file with the pattern is downloaded and you can start knitting!

    Tip: Try to keep the type of knitting projects on separate pin boards from the start – that makes it much easier to find something specific than if you dump everything into one board and have to sift through everything to find that one pattern youre ready to work on.

    Yarn and wool manufacturers and designers’ websites

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    Websites With Free Knitting Patterns

    Once cooler weather starts settling in I get the urge to pick up my yarn and start on a new project. So tell me, where do you go when you need a knitting pattern? While in the past knitters had to search through magazines and books to find patterns for new projects, today we live in a different world. These days there are plenty of websites out there with knitting patterns, and best of all a lot of them are free. Yes, nobody likes to pay for a knitting pattern, and luckily for us we dont have to. Today Im sharing 20 websites where you can find not only free knitting patterns, but tutorials, too! Ready to save some money and find a great, new knitting project? Lets go!

    Tip : How To Recognize Pins From Pattern Directory Sites

    Directory sites will share two types of pins. Pins that look similiar to designer pins and pins that are just a photo.

    The best way to determine if the pin leads to a directory site is to know the name of popular directories. The two most popular are Ravelry and .

    If you see these website addresses on the pin image, or when you hover over the pin then the pin will not lead directly to the pattern.

    If you can not seem to find a direct pin to the pattern, directory sites link provide a link to the pattern and it is normally easy to find on the web page.

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    + Free Knit Patterns And Ideas

    With a free account to, you can access 0+ free knitting patterns in styles and skill-levels to suit your needs. There are so many patterns to choose from, you can keep your needles busy all year long. Plus our Free-Knit Pattern Ideas blog features tips and tricks for how to use our patterns for gifting, home decor, and more.

    Become a member and get access to0+ FREE KNITTING PATTERNS!

    Gift A Knitted Baby Blanket

    Get Free Knitting Patterns from Studio Knit

    baby blanket is a very thoughtful and sweet gift you can give to an expecting mother.

    And as a maker, there are a hundred ways you can go with this, you can let your creativity flow and make a unique piece.;

    Have a think about yarn choices by looking at all of the soft baby yarns on offer from Caron, Bernat,Lion Brand, Debbie Bliss, Red Heart, and Paintbox yarns.

    Also, when gifting a blanket, think about the parents, do they love bright colors? or pastel colors? would they want gender based pinks or blues for baby? or something more neutral?

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    Tip : How To Recognize Pins From Pattern Share Sites

    Pattern share sites will create a page for a designers pattern and provide a link to the pattern. Designers do not submit patterns to these sites.

    Every pattern share site is different, but several of them have a large number of ads on they web page and sometimes the link can be very hard to find.

    They will often recommend other related patterns to you and you may click on the wrong link when looking for the pattern.

    Lets take a look at a couple typical Share site Pins:

    Since we are looking to avoid pins that lead do not lead directly to the pattern. Here are some ways to tell if a pin is from a share site.

  • The pin uses words like: Designed by, Verified By, Pattern and Photo By, Pattern Source, and Photo and Source. These are all terms that give credit someone elses content and indicate that it is share site and not the original site.
  • There may be two brand names on the image. This image include and Winding Road Crochet. .
  • The person the photos credited to or the pattern is designed by is not the name of the website listed when you hover over the image. Nor is it the name of the Original Pinner when you look click on the pin to get more information.
  • A Quick Guide How To Download And Use Your Knitting Pattern

    Its really convenient that you can get your knitting pattern instantly. Click pay and an email drops into your inbox with a link to your pattern. Great.

    This quick guide should help you to get the best from your online knitting pattern and should help with any pitfalls that you may fall into when using it.

    Checking you have the right software

    All Knitting by Post downloads are in PDF format. This is a widely used file type for documents on the internet. A PDF file cannot be shown by itself and needs some reader software to make the file appear on your computer or device.

    You may already have some software on your computer that allows you to read PDF documents as most devices come with a reader installed. If so, thats great, you dont need to install any other software.

    Adobe is a software company and they originally created the PDF file format. If you cannot read your knitting pattern, it may be that you dont have the right software. You can get a reader for your computer or device by downloading it from by using the link below. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the reader that will be most reliable and give you the best results.

    You will also receive two emails after you purchase, one is the email to confirm your order and you will also receive an email with your download details on them.

    Check the second email that you receive. You will see something like this

    Click on the link under the column and your download will begin.

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    Use This Free Gnome Knitting Pattern To Make A Christmas Gnome

    Posted on Published: July 28

    You are here:Home / Gnomes / Use This Free Gnome Knitting Pattern to Make a Christmas Gnome

    This free gnome knitting pattern is so simple but makes the cutest knitted gnomes. I love everything gnome but when I realized I could make you a knitting pattern for gnomes, I jumped right on it!

    Best Knitting Websites That Share All Free Patterns Online

    Reversible Scarf Knitting Patterns

    Do you love knitting but hate to pay for knitting patterns? Who doesnt, right? As a creator and maker myself, let me just say that it is very important to support the indie pattern designers. Having said that though, I do also enjoy trying out fun patterns for free. The last few years, I have expanded my knitting projects but I still mostly knit socks. This is my absolute favorite Sock Yarn. Also, Wool of Andes makes a super affordableworsted yarn.

    Have you noticed? Knitting is all the rage again. No longer seen just as Grandmas hobby, knitting has gone mainstream and become a chic fiber art no matter what your age or walk of life. These days, you will even seen men knitting in public, which is really awesome.

    And not only has it become fashionable, but we are now knitting more than just scarves and sweaters. Have you seen some of the extreme knits using giant knitting needles? An afghan knitted with huge needles is definitely on my to-do list.Not to mention, with all of this knitting comes the need for lots and lots of patterns. Fortunately, there are a bunch of craft, fiber art and knitting websites offering free knitting patterns online for just about every project imaginable.

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    Tip : How To Find Designer Pins

    When you go to Pinterest, the first page you see if called your feed. You will see several pins that Pinterest thinks you will be interested in. When you find a designer you like and follow them, their pins will show up more in your feed.

    Another great tip is to go to the designers site and sign up for their emails. This way you will get new pattern notifications directly to your inbox!

    You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or join Facebook groups to find more patterns.

    While you are here check out all the Free Crochet Patterns at Winding Road Crochet and follow me on , , , or join the Facebook Group, Our Crochet Journey.

    It is easiest to find out if pins are direct links when you are browsing on a desktop computer.

    Lets take a look at a Designer Pin in the feed:

    The photo on the left is what the pin will look like in your feed. I have circled the Winding Road Crochet logo. Most pins will either have a logo on them or their website.

    The second photo, is of the same pin but with the mouse hovering above it. In the bottom left hand corner part of the web address will be shown. If the logo or the web address on the photo matches the web address when you hover over the image, then there is a very high chance that it will take you directly to the pattern.

    Another way to know if the pin is a direct link is to click on the pin to see a more information.

  • We see the original Pinner.
  • We see who repinned it.
  • We see the website address for the pattern.
  • Tanks Tees And Sleeveless Tops

    Free knitting patterns for ladies Summer tops, halter neck tops, tanks tops, blouses and tees.

    Over 200+ free tops knitting patterns. Knitting is not just about heavy winter garments to keep you warm, knitting can also be great for creating beautiful summer and spring tops, tees and tanks out of cool materials such as cotton! These types of garments are also a great opportunity to play with your lace knitting abilities. Eyelet and lace knitting stitches make light and breezy textiles that are perfect for the warmer months.

    Create wonderful looks with sleeveless, short sleeved and spaghetti/thin strap garments with these beautiful all free knitting patterns!

    Browse by category:

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    Modern Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

    There are so many modern baby blanket knitting patterns online you can find for free and make a beautiful blanket.

    Even if you are a beginner maker and wanted to give blanket patterns a go, a knitted baby blanket is a good project to start as it is a bigger project but not as big as an adult-sized blanket.

    And it will be an excellent knitting exercise as the repetitive action will help you practice your stitches.;

    Featured Baby Knitting Pattern Collections


    More amazing baby knitting patterns!

    50+ New Baby Knitting Patterns Free for 2020. To make things easy we have compiled all the latest free knitting patterns for babies and toddlers in the one post. Here you will be able to find fresh and new patterns for hat, blanket, cardigans, sweaters and everything baby related!

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    Free Knit Cardigan Patterns For Everyday Wear

    This post may contain affiliate links, view our disclosure policy for details. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Help support free patterns – click to share!

    • Pin

    Want the absolute best free knit cardigan patterns on the net? Find them here youre sure to find something you love!

    Cardigans are a girls best friend! Theyre cute. Theyre cozy. And they go well with everything! Keep one in your car, or keep one right by the door to grab on your way out. You can wear a knit cardigan all year round. Theyre so nice to have on hand for any weather. And the best part is that you get to say, I made it myself! You can make one for yourself with one of the amazing free knitted cardigan patterns in this free knitting pattern round-up. Yay!

    So, how do you knit a cardigan anyway? Its really not as hard as you might think. Seriously, a lot of these free knitting patterns are well-suited to beginner knitters! Choose from knit cropped cardigan patterns, knit boyfriend cardigan patterns, knit button cardigan patterns, knit long cardigan patterns and so much more! If you dont think that you can knit a cardigan, just scroll down and see for yourself.

    Latest Free Knitting Pattern Roundups

    See the latest compilations of free knitting patterns for babies, children, women and men. We aim to add all the best free patterns, at times the project designers will remove some of their patterns which they no longer want to offer for free.

    Free baby knitting patterns, here is an amazing comprehensive set of baby patterns for everything you can think of.

    Most popular knitting patterns on our site is that of the baby cardigan! See over 50 free baby cardigan knitting patterns.

    Versatile and great knitting patterns for easy ladies cardigans, download more than 25 free patterns. See easy cardigan knitting patterns for women.

    See More Free Knitting!

    Childrens cardigans are a very popular item to knit. Here are more than a handful of free cardigan knit patterns for kids that you can download now!

    The classic cabled sweaters are a wardrobe staple. Let your creativity thrive with these stylish free patterns. Free cabled sweater knitting patterns.

    We are constantly adding more and more new knitting patterns that are all free. We love knitting baby clothes and warm cardigans, sweaters and blankets for everyone in the family!

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