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How To Get Followers On Pinterest

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Schedule Your Pins With Tailwind

How To Get Followers On Pinterest

Scheduling your Pins can save you a lot of time and can help you to post on a consistent basis, regardless of what else happens during your week or what timezone youre in.

I usually keep my schedule topped up about two weeks in advance, so it is regularly saving 15-30 Pins over a day for me its like having a virtual assistant!

Im based in Australia, so I also want to make sure Im pinning content when my key audience in the United States are awake which is often the middle of the night for me. Scheduling makes this easy.

My tool of choice for this is Tailwind. With Tailwind you can schedule your Pins to multiple boards over time , discover new content, measure your results through detailed analytics, and join Tailwind Tribes to expand your reach and collaborate with other Pinners within your niche.

I also like that you can add Pins to Tailwind just as easily as you can save them to Pinterest, thanks to the free Tailwind browser plugin. I usually save a bulk of ideas into my drafts then come back and add the descriptions and scheduling later.

Tailwind also has useful analytics that provide more detail than Pinterests built-in analytics, including your new followers, Pins, repins and likes over the past week, plus some useful board insights to help you identify which boards are performing the best:

Tailwind offers a free trial with no time limit

Attract Followers With Every Pin

. Use search behavior to get more followers, too!

Every Pin you share is a reflection of you as a Pinner. So, aim for quality over quantity. Looking at a Pin closeup here, we can see that Sandra Roggow saved this Pin to her Public Speaking board.

If I really like her Pin, I might check out her profile, or her board. If I follow her, Sandra has a new follower who is likely to engage with her Pins, which, as youll recall,

This may or may not be a Pin from Sandras site. If it doesnt, our following and engaging doesnt give her more website traffic directly, BUT, it does mean we are now going to see Pins of her OWN content that end up on that board as well. Thats where the traffic comes in.

So, make sure you are only Pinning great content and spend some time on the descriptions and hashtags. Is it OK to change a Pin description, though? Sure it is! A well-written description will get more exposure for this Pin, more engagement, leading to more traffic for the content author.

When it comes to your own Pins, create beautiful, actionable Pins that inspire engagement. As you and others share them, Pinners will get to your website where they should find many other opportunities to follow you.

While there are many ways to grow your Pinterest followers, what you Pin and when may be the most important. ,

Add #hashtags In Description

Hashtag shows what about this post and now #hastags are more trending in a post than a long description. power of hashtag is not ignorable, by clicking on hashtags a user can reach all type of post that is attached to a similar hashtag.


Last time I added til 25 #HashTag in my saved pin.

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Use Tailwind Tribes To Increase Your Reach

It used to be that getting on group boards was the best strategy here.

I still think that group boards are a GREAT way to increase your reach and get your content in front of more people, but high-quality group boards that are easy to get on are few and far between these days.

You can find group boards using tools like PinGoupie and PinSprout, but its hard to find GOOD group boards that are still accepting contributors.

The best way to join group boards is to network with other bloggers in your niche and get on a couple of their group boards .

But if youre just getting started with Pinterest traffic, an even better route is to use Tailwind Tribes to give your content a boost .

Tailwind is a software that provides the following services for your Pinterest account:

  • Content scheduling
  • Tracking and Analytics
  • Collaboration

If you dont have this software yet, Im here to tell you its theYou need it. Like yesterday.

You can sign up for a free trial and also get a $30 credit with our affiliate link.

Lets talk about tribes.

Tribes are simply a collaboration tool that allows you to get your content shared by others in your niche. Its essentially a

For every pin that you upload to a tribe, you have to share 1 in return. Some tribes have slightly different rules, but thats how it works for most tribes.

Its not a guarantee that your content will be shared but if you create great content, it will be shared more often!

Reach Out To People Who Pinned From Your Website

How to Get More Pinterest Followers
  • Save

These people have pinned from your website, which means they like your content and when you leave a comment and follow them they will be highly likely to follow you back.

  • Save

If you want to find people who pin very regularly from your website you should visit the People you reach section of your analytics and then go to the Interests tab.

If you scroll down a bit you will see the Boards with lots of your pins. Check out what these boards are and who owns them. These people clearly like you or your company. They are probably already following you. If they arent you should take steps to get them to.

Also check out the group boards that are providing the highest levels of engagement for pins from your website. Contact the contributors or the owners of the boards and get invited to join them.

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Follow Other Pinners In Your Niche

Like most social media platforms, a good way to grow your following on Pinterest is to follow other people in your niche.

Follow Pinners that you are genuinely interested in or that Pin about your topic. If youve , youll find that a number of them will follow you back.

The added bonus is that your home feed will include their content, which can help you to find valuable Pins for your own boards.

If you can, Id recommend to try to find 10-20 Pinners in your niche each day , but dont worry if you dont find the time every day in my first two months, I probably only did this for 1-2 weeks. Now, I try to set aside a few minutes every few weeks to find new accounts, but its not a huge priority on my list.

Keep An Eye Out For Popular Boards

Heres an example of one.

As you can see, the board on the left features a small circle at the bottom that shows more than one profile photo. This means the board has multiple contributors.

The best thing about joining a group board is youll get exposure to new followers. Post something that stands out on the board, and theyll surely be curious about you.

Tip: Dont join boards with only a few followers. To make your time and talent worthwhile, look for those with over a thousand followers.

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Contribute To Popular Group Boards

Pinterest Tutorial 2021: How to Get Followers on Pinterest?

Another way to take advantage of group boards is by contributing to popular group boards that already have many group pinners. You can connect with these people, build relationships, and grow your following.

To find group boards, you can use a tool like Pingroupie.

Just search a keyword, set the filters, and hit search. Itll show you the most relevant boards and the number of followers and collaborators they have. You can check out the boards and pick the ones you like most and contact the owners.

Some board owners share their email address in the board description like 007 Marketing did here.

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Create A Cohesive Brand For Recognition On The Platform

According to Forbes, color improves brand recognition by up to 80%, and consistent brand presentation across platforms increases revenue by up to 23%. The big take-away is that a consistent brand identity is paramount to increasing ROI for your Pinterest marketing efforts. By building a brand identity, your target audience will start to recognize you in the niche, which is the first step to building trust.

Make The Necessary Connections

Thats why you should connect it to your website, social media accounts, or online shop.

When you do this, Pins from these accounts get attributed to you.

Tip: To claim your website and social media accounts, click on the three dots at the top right toolbar of your account. Click Edit Settings.

On the left toolbar, click Claim. You can then fill in your information to claim your site, shop, or social media account.

Following other Pinners gives you two benefits:

  • Many of those you follow will follow you back.

Tip: Its a good idea to follow Pinners within your niche. When you do, the content you get will be relevant to re-pin to your boards.

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Use Social Share Buttons

Social Share buttons are one of the best ways to encourage your readers to share your content. They may want to forward it to someone else or save it for later.

They are more likely to share if the buttons are right in front of them reminding them to do so. There are a plethora of free plugins available that will automatically apply these to all of your articles.

Add them to the top or bottom of your main website tab, as well.

These sharing buttons are already included in most themes.

Create Quality Content To Pin

How to get more traffic, followers and repins on Pinterest

Now that Ive been using Pinterest a little longer, I understand that Pinterest looks at the quality of your Pins and will show your content to more people if you regularly save popular content So my whole strategy had to change.

I spent the next few weeks going through old boards, cleaning up bad descriptions, removing unpopular Pins or Pins with broken links and to be honest, I wish I had done it correctly the first time. Quality always beats quantity.

Instead of repeating my mistakes, read my guide on how to find and create quality Pins to fill your account that will result in higher repins and more exposure.

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Follow Other Pinners And Engage With Their Pins

An easy way to get people to check out your account is by engaging with their pins. Very few people do this, so it can help you stand out. Reserve about 15 to 30 minutes a day for finding people who could potentially buy your products or sign up and save their pins, comment on them, and follow them.

Some of these people will get curious about your account, check it out, and follow you. You can continue following the ones who follow you back and unfollow the ones who dont. This is a simple activity you can do even on a mobile device while youre on the go.

If you use this tactic, only unfollow those who dont follow you back. Never unfollow people who follow you back.

Pin Good Quality Images

A good way to is to find good and high-quality images and then pinning them to your board in order to attract more people. Remember maximum horizontal width for any image on Pinterest is 554Px, so if you are creating images just for Pinterest, keep that in mind. Though there is no limit on vertical size limit, but dont make it too lengthy.

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Use The Follow Button

Make following your company easy with the Follow button. Install the button on your website, in newsletters, in email signatures, or really anywhere online that you think you might attract followers.

In other situations, you can also use the to promote your brands profile. Make sure to also link to Pinterest in the bios of your other social accounts.

My Top 3 Tailwind Automation Tips:

How To Get Followers On Pinterest – 2 Easy Steps
  • Set up detailed board lists adding your personal and group boards. Make sure to keep them updated.
  • Use Tailwind Tribes. Find Tribes that are relevant to your niche and add all new pins to your Tribes. Make sure to reciprocate pins related to your content.
  • Keep an eye on your Tailwind insights and specifically board insights. Look at the Virality score and anything under a score of 1 keep an eye on. You want to contribute to boards that have the best performance possible.
  • Not on Tailwind yet? to get 30 days free plus $15 off when you sign up for a Plus account.

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    Dont Forget To Use Hashtags

    Finding the right hashtags to use with your content follows a similar process to keywords. For instance, you can use the search bar to search for relevant hashtags and see what other pinners use.

    If youre on mobile, you can look at trending hashtags in your category. And as you add hashtags to your pins, you can look at the usage stats and hashtag suggestions for more ideas.

    Invite Followers From Other Platforms

    If youve already built a following on another social media platform, tell them about your Pinterest boards and invite them to follow you! You can also promote your Pinterest profile to your website visitors and email list.

    Rather than just telling them to Follow me on Pinterest, Ive found a very effective way to attract followers is to tell them about specific boards they may find interesting.

    Heres an example of one of my recent Facebook posts:

    I also send out email newsletters using MailChimp and include my Pinterest boards when I feel they will add value to my readers. Pinterest also provides some great tools in their Widget builder to include your profile and boards on your website.

    You can add these buttons and widgets into your sidebars, footers or even in a blog post like this one You might as well press Follow while youre here

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    Use Hashtags In Your Pin Descriptions

    Be sure to add a few hashtags to your pin descriptions. Its another avenue for users to come across your fabulous pins and discover your business.

    Use hashtags that have a good amount of pins, but arent so popular that your pin will get buried in minutes.

    Additionally, if a hashtag is too specific, it may not have a lot of users searching for it. Try to strike a balance between popularity and specificity.

    Want to learn all my best Pinterest tips and strategies ? Ive put it all into this handy ebook. Check it out here.

    Create Stunning Pins And Visuals

    How to Get More Followers in Pinterest??

    Do not undervalue your pins.

    If you are not investing money and time into designing quality pins then you are doing it all wrong. Your visuals have to be unique, and attractive. The quality must be nice.

    Even, getting a is a small little investment. You can re-use those templates for new designs every time. My pack of Pinterest templates has 37 clickable pin designs! I have got tremendous response on these templates too.

    Your visuals should stand out among millions of other pins.

    Dont feel scared to use tools to improve your pins.

    For fast and creative designs within seconds, I recommend using Tailwind Create. If you have a lot of content and creating pins for 100 posts is a problem then please use Tailwind Create.

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    Join A Collaborative Board

    You must collaborate with the boards to attract their users on your Pins too, and you must ask the popular boards to send you an invite to their Board. You may request to join and contribute to their Board based on the instructions available on the group description. If the direct Join button is not available and you cannot ask to join, you may also send an email to the group administrator and request them to let you be a part of their Board.

    To convince a popular board owner to allow you to collaborate on their group, you must have engaging content andassure them that you can bring creativity to their Board and add value.

    Increase Your Engagement & Be Consistent

    However, you should be more outgoing to increase your engagement by:

    • Leaving meaningful comments that provide value
    • Mentioning people in comments
    • Reacting to Pins
    • Adding your photos if you tried the Pin

    Itll take time to witness measurable results. So be consistent and stick to a regime for at least a couple of weeks. For example, you can plan to engage with around 20 Pins a day for a month.

    Further, Pinners say the more you post, the better will be the outcome. Although theres no definite number of Pins you should post every day, studies reveal that on average, 9 Pins a day works best for all Pinners.

    Pro Tip: You can also use to study whats the best time and day to post on Pinterest. Further, check out whats the impact of posting a different number of Pins over a period of time.

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