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How To Get Fake Number For Whatsapp

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How to use Whatsapp with a fake USA number|100% free

Want to use a number starting with +63, this method is especially for you. Yes! It can be done by using the Talk2PH App.

However, if the App shows error invalidating the phone number on Whatsapp, then you need to apply the VPN as some of the Apps are restricted to open in your area.

Probably, you no need to signup on this third party number generator App. Instead, the number is found in the Menu of this Application. Only, you need to verify this fake number for Whatsapp and then forget the name.

How To Change Whatsapp Number Without Verification

Just like setting up a new WhatsApp account, you can change your WhatsApp number too. You donât have to skip the verification process here but can enter any other temporary number to complete the process. If you are lucky, you would be able to switch numbers on WhatsApp without sharing your number the following way.

  • Install the TextNow app on your device and get a virtual number listed from here beforehand.
  • Now, launch WhatsApp and go to its Settings > Accounts > Change Number feature to switch your phone number.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and enter your existing as well as the new phone number.
  • To proceed, you would get a message on the new number. Let the SMS verification fail and choose to get a call instead. Now, launch the TextNow app, accept the call, and use the shared verification code to change your number.
  • Obtaining A Fake Virtual Number To Use Whatsapp

    We will be using a third-party app to obtain a fake virtual number to run our fake WhatsApp account. This app comes by the name 2nd Line and has plenty of fake phone numbers that you can use. Virtual numbers are basically the phone numbers that you can obtain online using some third-party apps and you dont need to purchase a SIM card to use them. Almost all the apps provide virtual numbers for a cost but some apps allow you to use them for free by earning credits that you get by watching ads, referring to friends, and so on. You can also use the app for free for once on a trial basis.

  • Open the Play Store app on your phone and search for the 2nd Line app.
  • Now tap on the Get Your Number option that you see at the bottom.
  • This will take you to the page where you need to fill any US area code from where you want your number to be. Tap on Continue after that to proceed further.
  • The list of a few virtual phone numbers will appear on the screen now and you can choose any of them.
  • To try out the number for free, tap on the Skip option that appears at the bottom and then select the Try for Free option. To buy the number instead of trying for free, simply tap on Confirm.
  • After getting your virtual phone number you are ready to set up your fake WhatsApp account.

    Other apps that provide fake numbers

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    How To Use Whatsapp Without Number Anonymously

    If you want to use WhatsApp without number or anonymously, this tutorial will be handy for you. No matter whether you want to hide your original contact number or register a new number on WhatsApp, you can do that with the help of this tutorial. As it is very straightforward to hide your phone number on WhatsApp, you dont have to spend much time on it.

    Fake Number For Whatsapp Using Numero Esim

    How To Create Whatsapp Account With Fake Number ...

    Numero eSIM is a great application available on Android Google Playstore and Apple App Store which provides us afree virtual or fake number to verify security codes.

    You can make from this application. Its paid plan is very cheap rather thanother applications.

    Now, I will tell you that how you can Create Fake WhatsApp Account with this application.

    Just follow thesesteps.

    Step no 1: First of Numero eSIM from Playstore or Apple store.

    Step no 2: After installing that application open it. Register on this app and createaccount. Verify it with your mobile number.

    Step no 3: Whenyou successfully register login to youraccount. Now you will see the option to activate trial number. Go for thecountry you want to choose number.

    This is the USA number which I obtain from that application.

    Once you got the fake number now go to the WhatsApp and startregistration process.

    If you want to create a WhatsAppaccount you must need a mobile number. But its your choice to choose fakenumber or personal number for the WhatsApp account.

    This post was to that Howto create fake WhatsApp account with US, UK, Canada Number. That was theeasiest method for this purpose.

    If this helped you kindly provide your feedback and share it.

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    Install Spoof Messages App

    Now WhatsApp cant send you its code now WhatsApp will prompt you to choose alternate methods to verify your number. After it you need to choose Check through SMS and enter your email address. Now you need to do this step very carefully, click send button and then instantly click Cancel button. This is required to terminate authorization process. Now you need to Install Spoof Messages app in your mobile.

    If you are android device user you can install Spoof Text Message by search in google play store. Now go to the outbox and copy the message details. Spoofer Application & send it to spoofed verification i.e. false verification. Now you can Use given details in Spoofed Message: To: +44 from Message: Your Email Address. If you have done these task a message will be sent to the spoofed number and then you will be able to use this number to connect with friends in whatsapp.

    Fake Whatsapp Number 2021

    Fake WhatsApp Number 2021 | How to get the fake number for whatsapp for free 100% working, Nowadays many people want to make their chats private because WhatsApp comes with new privacy policy guidelines to their customers so they feel they are not secured to chat in WhatsApp messenger with their original personal numbers. They need a fake whatsapp account to do their chats anonymously without showing their original identity to WhatsApp or Facebook.

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    How To Get Whatsapp Virtual Number

    Are you looking for ways to get a virtual number? In this guide, we will show you how to get a WhatsApp virtual number for your business step-by-step.

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services and allows you to send texts or call anyone who uses the app. Additionally, you can also send and receive voice messages, images, videos, and even make video calls.

    WhatsApp has also been successful in promoting users businesses and helping them with a dedicated app called WhatsApp Business. This tool is designed to help you connect with your customers and answer their questions. On top of that, it allows you to create a catalog to promote your products and services and automate responses.

    To start using this service, you should get a WhatsApp virtual number first, so in this guide, well show how to do it. Before we have a look at the process, lets understand what a WhatsApp virtual number is and its benefits.

    No : Using Free Phone Apps

    How to Get Free US Number & How to Create a Fake Whatsapp Account Without Number

    The third and most commonly used method is through using a free app. These applications have a privacy policy to secure your mobile number. Among so many best free apps, we have the top recommendation of “Phoner”.

    Phoner is the best application that you can use for an anonymous number for WhatsApp.

    It allows you to use as many phone numbers anonymously. By using this app, you can conveniently protect your privacy and also hide your caller id.

    It gives countless unknown phone numbers and allows verification codes from various apps or services, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Twitter or Uber etc. This application’s changer also gives you chances to change as many phone numbers for temporary used.

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    Create Whatsapp With Fake Number

    So to Create Whatsappp Account with Virtual number you obviously need a Virtual number and to get that you need to Download app. So To proceed with the method to Create whatsapp profile with fake number you need to follow this guide till the end. Also before you start reading this guide, Just make sure that you responsibly follow all the Given steps and use the number responsibly.

    Use Fake Us Number To Operate Whatsapp Pros & Cons

    Numbers from the USA are the most in-demand and commonly used numbers for the promotion and marketing of products and services online. The country code for numbers from the US is number. Thus, if there is any number with next to it, it is from the US. You can use numbers to receive the WhatsApp verification code if you are using free numbers available online.

    If you are planning to register on Whatsapp by using a fake US number then you should choose a number starting with from the free websites. You will only need the verification code for a successful Whatsapp registration. The verification code comes to the online site itself.

    There are multiple US numbers available online. You can use them to register on Whatsapp without any SIM or phone number. Simply buy a new virtual number from any online virtual number provider apps. You will have multiple options with affordable plans.

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    How To Create Fake Whatsapp Number For Fake Whatsapp Account In 2022

    The popularity of WhatsApp is increasing day by day as the number of its users is increasing day by day.

    As we all know well there are many tips and tricks on WhatsApp through which you can do a lot.

    Today we will show you a few updated methods to create a fake WhatsApp number for free to verify fake WhatsApp account.

    How To Get A Code For Whatsapp

    how to Create any country number WhatsApp Account

    Follow these steps to get a WhatsApp Code to your Whats SIM:

  • Add a Whats SIM number to your account
  • Open WhatsApp and enter the number you added. Take care to selected the right country of your Whats SIM and enter the correct number
  • First try to receive your WhatsApp Code with a SMS. Please check if you get a verification Code via SMS to your Whats SIM
  • If you don’t get a WhatsApp code via SMS, don’t worry! Wait until you can click on the “call me” button. We automatically record any call to your Whats SIM and you can listen to it after we recorded your WhatsApp verification code
  • Enter the Code you received as SMS or call
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    Perks Of Faking Whatsapp Account With Us Uk Canada Number

    Faking your WhatsApp Account using US, UK, Canada number can be fruitful to you in many ways. With creating such an account, you get to own:

    • A Virtual WhatsApp number
    • Fake Whatsapp Number
    • Fake Whatsapp Account

    Lets get to business and see what you need to create a fake whatsapp account using US, UK, or Canada number.

    Things youll need

    • Download the apps 2ndLine or TextNow from the play store, and register on one of the apps using your email account.

    Method 1

    Why Do You Want To Use Whatsapp Anonymously Without Phone Number

    There might have multiple reasons why someone wants to use WhatsApp without phone number. We have consolidated some of the best reasons that might be identical to your reasons.

    First, lets assume that you want to send someone a message without letting him/her know about you. At such a moment, if you send a WhatsApp message from your original contact number, it wont make sense.

    Second, lets assume that you have multiple bank accounts linked to a single phone number, and you do not want to share that phone number with another company in any way due to some security reasons. At such a moment, you can skip using that phone number and opt for a new one. That is how you can hide your phone number while using a WhatsApp account.

    Third, when you register your number on WhatsApp, some spammers get those numbers, somehow. Following that, the rain of spam messages starts on WhatsApp. If you do not want to spend time deleting those messages one after one, registering your original number seems not to be a good choice.

    There are two different methods to use WhatsApp without SIM or phone number. The first method uses an online fake phone number generator for WhatsApp, whereas the second phone uses a landline number. There are countless online fake mobile number generators that you can use to create your WhatsApp account. A detailed guide helps you do everything on the go.

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    How To Create Fake Whatsapp Account For Free

    To create fake whatsapp account you need to follow the 5 steps are given below and claim whatsapp fake number and create your whatsapp account with a US number.

    • You need to install a VPN called vpnify
    • Connect to United States server
    • Install a free US number for whatsapp provider
    • Claim an eligible Free US Virtual number for whatsapp
    • Finally, create your fake whatsapp account absolutely for free.
    • Watch Video Tutorial in Kannada Language

    Follow These Instructions To Get Your Free Number:

    How to Send Fake WhatsApp Messages From Any Number To Any Number

    1.1 Download Numero eSIM app.

    1.2 Follow the instructions in this tutorial: Get a Free US virtual phone number

    If you would like to save time and effort, you can get a virtual number for social media registration in no time.

    Before talking about purchasing, please note that Numero virtual phone numbers have a starting cost of 2.5 Euros Only! and you can get an 80% discount on your yearly membership.

    From the main page of the app, tap on Buy Phone Number. Make sure the number type is either Offers or Social Media Numbers. And enjoy using these numbers not only for social media registration, but also for making calls, receiving calls, sending messages, receiving messages, and call forwarding.

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    What About Other Services

    For all registrations with third party services, we recommend to use virtual numbers with a service that enables inbound calls and SMS.

    As you may know already, we cannot guarantee a successful verification from third party services with any of our virtual numbers,as we do not have any access to nor information of third party services.

    We recommend to simply change the verification process by third parties from SMS to a phone call.

    Other Ways You Can Avoid Phone Verification

    Research shows that more than 80% of Americans are hesitant about providing personal information online because they are afraid it will lead to spam, unwanted ads, and data leaks. To avoid giving out their phone number, many people find other ways to bypass the phone verification process.

    Purchase Burner Phones These cheaper, out-of-date phones are usually a pay-as-you-go service used to conceal your identity and be untraceable. However, you could be throwing your money away if you purchase a burner for verification purposes, especially if you register multiple accounts in one app.
    Use Google Voice or Get a It enables the users to have a single virtual phone number that connects all their devices. It is free and can be used within the U.S. without buying a separate device. However, you will still need a valid cell phone to sign up for Google Voice.
    Use Someone Else’s Phone It kind of defeats the privacy protection purpose, right? But if your friend doesn’t mind and doesn’t have an account with WhatsApp, this is an option.

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    Installing Two Whatsapp In A Single Phone

    When you are going to make a new account without using a personal number, you are probably wondering that you need a different phone to use that number.

    But you can operate two separate Whatsapp accounts in a single phone by installing GB WhatsApp on your device. Moreover, you can enjoy many features that are not allowed in the official version of Whatsapp.

    There is also another way if you dont want to replace your original WhatsApp. You may try the Parallel space application, that can create a copy of any app present on your smartphone.

    How To Identify A Fake Whatsapp Account

    How to create a Fake WhatsApp account with Spoof Number on ...

    Now, you are ready with a WhatsApp account that you can use for sharing viral content, collecting public numbers and made a list, etc. So, how can you identify if you encounter any false acc?

    Although, it is not easy to distinguish between a real and a fake one. But you may check out some activities that will take you closer to secret such as their DP, Status update, number starting with +1, +44 in India, etc.

    These are some signs that you look for while encountering a new number. In my opinion, stay away from unknown numbers and do not give your number to every person out there.


    It seems like you have done it. Probably TextNow is the easiest way to create a counterfeit WhatsApp account, and it is currently working. There are also other apps such as the Primo app, Voxox app, but they are not working.

    Also, check out How to record Whatsapp calls and other awesome tricks.

    Finally, you have learned something new. Let me know by your quick comments below that which method you are going to use to fool your friends. For more awesome tricks, just like our Facebook page.

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