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How To Get Deleted Messages Back On Instagram

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Proven Ways To Recover Deleted Instagram Messages On Android/iphone

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Instagram in 2021 – Instagram DMs

Did you deleted your Instagram Direct Messages by mistake or accidentally?

Looking for any methods that can help you on how to recover deleted Instagram messages on Android?

If yes then do read this blog carefully.

Today in this blog,

You will come to know about some of the best ways to recover deleted Instagram messages.

But before doing Instagram message recovery, let us know few things about Instagram.

Free Download Android Data Recovery Software

Recover Deleted Instagram Messages Through Connected Facebook Account

When Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, it connected Instagrams operations to itself as well. So, when you have accidentally deleted or lost some important Instagram messages, you can take help from Facebook. Follow these steps in order to know what you need to do.

Note: You must have connected your Facebook account to your Instagram account beforehand in order to use this method.

  • Step-1: Go to your browser and visit Facebooks webpage. Dont use the Facebook app or Facebook lite app here. You must use their website.
  • Step-2: Log in with your account that is linked with your Instagram account.
  • Step-3: Now go to your Facebook inbox.
  • Step-4: Move the cursor to the left pane and click on the Instagram Direct icon.
  • Step-5: Go through these and you can find all your Instagram DMs here.

Thats it.

How To Recover Your Own Deleted Instagram Messages

If you were the one to delete a message and youve forgotten what it said, the process is much, much easier to do. The message will only be deleted for both people in the first few minutes it is sent. It also only works if the recipient hasnt read the message yet.

That means that if the person has read the message or if its been a while since it was sent, the most likely thing is that it was only deleted on your end. If that is the case, the simplest solution is to just ask that the person copies and pastes the message in the chat for you!

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Is It Possible To See Deleted Posts And Messages On Instagram

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone
  • Go to the Profile section and tap on the menu, which is there in the top right corner
  • Select the option Settings and further click on the option Account
  • There, you will see a Recently Deleted section
  • Go to the option and select the deleted reels, videos, photos, stories, and IGTV videos
  • Now, tap on the option Restore so that all your deleted files get restored
  • Can I recover deleted messages on Instagram?While you cannot get back the message you sent to people on Instagram in the app, you can recover them and send it to your email address to view them.Here is how you can recover your deleted messages to your email-
  • Open Instagram
  • Tap on settings
  • Search for Download data from the search bar on top in your settings page
  • Enter the email address you want your instagram data to be shared to
  • Enter your Instagram password when prompted
  • Check your email and save the downloaded data on your laptop or phone
  • How do you look at someone’s archive on Instagram?No you cannot look at someone elses archived posts on Instagram but here is how to see yours-To access the archive, tap on the three dots present on the right side of the post you have chosen. A menu will appear, there you can select the option archive that makes the post visible to you.
  • What is vanish mode on Instagram?The Vanish mode on Instagram lets you send messages that disappear once they have been read.
  • Proven Ways To Recover Deleted Instagram Messages In 2021

    How to View Deleted Messages (Unsend) on Instagram in 2020 ...

    As we all know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platform for sharing special moments through photos, videos, and stories. It is used by millions of users worldwide to connect with friends, family, and colleagues.

    Instagram is constantly changing, updating algorithms, and adding new features for a better user experience. In December 2013, the platform introduced the Direct Messages feature that allows users to send private messages, photos, and videos.

    Also, keep in mind that the platform was never designed to provide a direct messages service. Thats why it doesnt allow users to backup messages directly from the app.

    But, we have all accidentally delete something and then needed it. Unfortunately, sometimes this happens to our Instagram messages. Deleting important messages by mistake from Instagram can seem like a disaster if you know it will be challenging to recover them.

    Relax! Here you can find the complete guide on how to recover deleted Instagram messages in 2021.

    So if you want to recover Instagram direct messages or restore Old Instagram DMs, youll love this guide.

    Sounds good? Lets get started.

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    How To Get Back Deleted Instagram Photos And Videos On Iphone

    The purpose that people want to get back deleted Instagram account is to recover photo and video posts. Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery can help you to recover deleted Instagram photos and videos without getting back permanently deleted Instagram account.

    • , photos and videos on iPhone with a single click.
    • Preview your photos and videos for performing selective recovery.
    • Keep the deleted photos and videos in the original conditions.
    • Not interrupt existing data on your iPhone during file recovery.
    • Available to iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6/6s or earlier, iPad and iPod Touch.

    Way : Get Back Your Instagram Dm From User You Have Sent

    This is also an important option that helps you to recover DM on Instagram. When any chats or messages are deleted then they are only gone from your side but not from that person whom you have sent.

    That means you can take help from others and request them to send those messages to you again. This is the easiest way to get back deleted Instagram direct messages only when they have not deleted those messages from their account.

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    Recover Deleted Instagram Dm From Your Iphone Or Android

    For viewing and recovering deleted Instagram direct messages, it is better to use one data recovery program compared with using iTunes/iCloud. The reason is that restoring Instagram Direct messages from iTunes or iCloud backup needs many conditions, like you have backed up iPhone before, you have perfect network connection, etc.

    So you need to find the best data recovery software. Here, the messages recovery software – FoneLab, is the best choice to help you view and recover deleted data from iPhone . It also has Android version FoneLab for Android. Next, let’s see how to recover deleted Instagram messages step by step.

    Is It Possible To Recover A Deleted Chat On Instagram

    How to RECOVER Deleted Messages On Instagram – Get Back Deleted DMs EASILY!

    Recovering a deleted message or chat is possible. If you want to completely recover your deleted information or chats, you will have to take into account several factors. They are the following:

    • Deleted data policy: each messaging app or social network has its own policy for recovering deleted data. For example, WhatsApp gives you the option to reestablish your deleted chat by accessing the backup, but it is deleted after seven days. In the case of the social network Facebook, however, it is not possible to recover a deleted chat unless it is archived. On Instagram, for its part, everything depends on the backup you have made.
    • Type of mobile device: the mobile you use is also important to determine how you will recover your messages, since each device has a specific way to create a backup depending on its operating system.
    • Backup copies: before changing your mobile phone, we recommend that you always make a backup copy of all the messages you want to keep, since otherwise it will be very difficult to rescue them. However, you have to bear in mind that if you switch from one operating system to another it will be practically impossible to recover your messages.
    • Installation of external programs: although some are unreliable and ineffective, downloading an external application to recover your deleted messages or data is definitely another option.

    You may also be interested in our article about .

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    Recover Deleted Instagram Messages On Android

    For Android users,

    Android Data Recovery is one of the reliable solutions that helps you to get back lost Instagram messages or chats on Android phones.

    Its the most suggested tool for Android users whenever any kind of data loss happens.

    This powerful tool helps to recover deleted Instagram direct messages on Android.

    And not only this, but other data are also recovered like , contacts, , text messages, videos, documents, WhatsApp messages, audio files, notes, and several others.

    No matter for whatever reasons the messages are deleted, the software scans the entire device effectively to find out all lost chats from Instagram.

    The software works on every Android phone brand like Samsung, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Huawei, HTC, and others.

    This is easy to use without any technical skills required, so just program and restore deleted Instagram direct messages from Android phone.

    The best and effective tool to recover lost, deleted, inaccessible data from Android phones. Some unique features include:

    • Directly recover several data types like photos, contacts, SMS, videos, WhatsApp, call logs, documents, notes, etc.
    • Recover lost data in any critical situation like a broken screen, accidental, unintentional, factory reset, formatting, virus attack or other reasons
    • Provides one-click option to “Recover” deleted files without backup

    Can You Recover Deleted Instagram Messages From Facebook

    You will come across many articles on the net claiming that you can recover Instagram direct messages from your connected Facebook accounts inbox. It seems like this was a convenient way to view your deleted chats previously, but unfortunately, its no longer possible.

    With the latest update to Facebook, I couldnt find any way of viewing deleted Instagram messages on my connected Facebook account as it also delete DMs from FB inbox. So, this method no longer works.

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    Workable Ways To Restore Deleted Instagram Direct Messages

    How can I recover deleted Instagram direct messages? I deleted them by mistake when I was editing an Instagram photo, trying to upload and share it with my friend on my iPhone. I appreciate any solution.

    Many people know Instagram, a popular photo sharing application on an iOS device. But few of us knows Instagram Direct.


    Instagram Direct is for messages sending which also has an inbox just like Facebook and Messenger. Instagram doesnt allow users to backup messages or data. Some users might be used to to save data.

    Guide List

    So if you mistakenly delete your messages, you are not able to get them back through Instagram, unless you use an online Instagram message recovery to make it happen.

    Another Way: Recover Deleted Instagram Messages With Online Program

    3 Workable Ways to Restore Deleted Instagram Direct ...

    It is believed that this Instagram Message Recovery tool allows users to recover deleted messages online. However, you find it difficult to complete the human verification process. And if you still want to continue, please see how it works.

    Step 1. Go to Instagram Message Recovery online site.Step 2. Enter your Instagram username, email, or profile URL.Step 3. Tap on Recover Messages after logging into your account.Step 4. Complete the human verification process and then you can restore the deleted messages back on Instagram.

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    Faqs About Instagram Messages

    Can a blocked person still be able to see past conversations?

    Blocked users cannot send messages to you but both sides can see past conversations. If you dont want to see them, you have to delete them manually.

    When you jump into the online world of business, one factor that you must consider to develop a business is

    How do you hide a conversation on Instagram?

    There is no hiding direct messages feature on Instagram DMs but you can mute other users. To do that, go to your DM section, tap and hold on the account you want to mute, tap on Mute Messages.

    What happens to Instagram messages when you block someone?

    If you block someone and you are in the same group with him/her you can still see their messages but if that person tries to contact you in DM, it is not possible.

    How long do Instagram messages stay?

    Theres no expiration date for Instagram messages unless you delete them manually, or the person youre talking to blocks you, the messages stay.

    Does Instagram keep deleted messages?

    Instagram does not store users messages after the user deletes them.

    Way : Recover Instagram Direct Messages Online With Instagram Message Recovery

    The Instagram Message Recovery is said to be developed by a former Instagram employee, which is allowing you to recover deleted Instagram messages online. You should enter your username or profile URL on the Instagram Message Recovery online website. Here are the steps to recover deleted or lost Instagram direct messages online by using Instagram Message Recovery.

    • Step 1. Go to , and enter your username or profile URL.
    • Step 2. Click “RECOVER MESSAGES” after logging into your account.
    • Step 3. Finish the human verification and then you can get deleted messages back on Instagram online. All recovered Instagram messages will be downloaded in the ZIP format.

    Notes: Instagram Message Recover tool is a free online service, and it has a lot of bugs when you use it. Like website can’t open, the human verification always failed to verify, the whole process take a long time to extract Instagram data, and sometimes there is no data in ZIP files. If you are looking for a faster and more efficient way to recover Instagram direct messages on iPhone or Android devices, please continue reading below fast and efficient iPhone Instagram message recovery solution and Android Instagram message recovery solution.

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    Can I Recover Deleted Instagram Messages Via Facebook

    No. You cannot recover your deleted messages on Instagram via Facebook. Both Facebook and Instagram do sync your account data in real-time. So, it does not make sense that you would go to your Facebook inbox and find those deleted Instagram messages there. In short, it is not possible to get back those deleted chats or DMs via Facebook. Stop wasting your time.

    Way 3 Recover Instagram Chats Through Instagram Data

    How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages – 2021 Updated

    If you havent connect Facebook with your Instagram account, take it easy, there is another chance to recover deleted Instagram messages through Instagram Data. Your deleted Instagram messages will no longer available on your iPhone/Android device, but they are still saved on Instagrams server. And youre allowed to download all the data you shared on Instagram, including direct messages, photos, videos, comments, etc.

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    Can You Get Back Deleted Messages On Instagram

    Yes. You can get back deleted messages on Instagram without using any third-party tools or software or paying anyone. If you have accidentally trashed an important conversation and trying to retrieve it. You are here are the right place. I am going to show the legit and safe method to see and restore deleted messages on the platform.

    But you should be doing this very quickly. Because, including your photos, settings, videos, and direct messages, etc from time to time. If you have just deleted a chat, there is a 99% possibility that you will get those messages back when you follow the below method immediately. If you are reading this late after 24 hours, or a week, still you can give it a try but it may not work.

    Reasons For Deletion Of Instagram Direct Messages

    Well, as you know that there are always few reasons behind data deletion from Android phone so here also implies the same thing. Few reasons are:

    • Accidentally or unintentionally pressing the delete option and all unwanted messages and other data are wiped away
    • Previously infected files may damage the other files including Instagram DM
    • Due to virus infection
    • Doing a factory reset on an Android phone

    Maybe there are other reasons also that can lead to the deletion of Instagram direct messages.

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    Why Would Someone Need To Recover Instagram Direct Messages

    Unlike the text messages that are stored in your iPhone data, Instagram DMs are stored within your Instagram account, off your iPhone.

    There are many different reasons why you might want to recover Instagram messages:

    • you accidentally deleted an important message thread
    • someone removed their reply to you and you need to have a copy of it
    • your Instagram crashed and you lost your messages
    • you have deleted Instagram direct messages that contain important information
    • they contain valuable information and for privacy and security reasons, you need them back

    How To Recover Deleted Instagram Messages Through Download Data

    How to Get Back Instagram Account Deleted Accidentally or ...

    Instagram is a famous social media application used for photos, videos, and direct messages. Users can send messages from their accounts to other users by using the direct message feature on Instagram. However, some users delete their messages by mistake or intentionally and look for a method to recover them. In this article, we will show you how to recover deleted Instagram messages and is it possible or not.

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    How To Retrieve Deleted Messages On Instagram Via Receiver

    The previous method is not always useful, so you can try to recover deleted messages from Instagram itself using this method. Please note that this method requires the fan account you are contacting, which may involve privacy and you need to patiently communicate with him/her.

    1. Log into the recipient account.

    2. Open the appropriate chat box for your account.

    3. Copy the deleted messages to your account

    After trying, you may find that neither of the above methods is yours, you can’t recover deleted Instagram messages. At this point, you might consider using iCloud / iTunes Backup. However, the conditions for applying both methods must be met:

    1. You must have the habit of backing up, enabling the iCloud button or syncing iTunes regularly.

    2. Make sure deleted messages on Instagram are in backup.

    3. You don’t mind using backups to overwrite existing data.

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