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How To Get Back Deleted Pinterest Board

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A Bunch Of My Pins Randomly Just Got Deleted

How To Delete Pinterest Boards

Im positive it is not an issue with my browser or devices, Im pretty sure it is an issue on their part, but what exactly is going on? Im actually sort of panicking considering the time and effort I put in to putting these boards together. Every pin serves a purpose and I have each and every one of them for a reason.

Should I just wait it out in hopes that they reappear? And is this happening or has this happened to anybody else?

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Finally, fr th case tht ur group board rrdd n ur rfil all of a sudden dird, u huld rliz that it’ ithr in light of th fact that u left th group board r they wr expelled b the gthring brd mkr.

Search for a Crashed Dulit

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How Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Recycle Bin After Empty Windows 10

Restore Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10 for Free from a File History BackupOpen the Start menu.Type restore files and hit Enter on your keyboard.Look for the folder where you deleted files were stored.Select the Restore button in the middle to undelete Windows 10 files to their original location.

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Get Your Group Board Back

If you had joined a group board and now you cant find the board anymore on your dashboard, then the group admin must have removed you or you must have removed yourself. You can request the admin to add you again so that you can find the group board.

Heres how you can:

  • Find the board that youd like to join.
  • Tap on the Request to join button.
  • Once your request gets approved, youll receive a push notification.
  • Now you can access the group board.

Final Words:

If none of these methods work, then try searching for a cached copy. Your last resort is the data recovery software. They may or may not work, but theres nothing wrong with giving these software applications a try.

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A New Three Section Layout:

How to Recover Deleted Pinterest Board

The first section is your showcase Featured Boards which we talked about above.

The second section is your Latest Pins. This section contains all the pins youve recently saved on Pinterest.

The third section is your Latest Boards. This section contains the boards that youve recently saved to on Pinterest.


If you have any questions leave them in the comments below!

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Remove Individual Pins On Desktop

On your desktop computer, open your preferred web browser and launch the site. Sign in to your account on the site.

On your profile page, select the board containing the pin you want to delete. If your pin is saved in a section, then choose that section.

On the board page, click the pin.

Your pins window will open. At the top of this window, click the three horizontal dots.

In the menu that opens, click Edit Pin.

You will see an Edit This Pin window. In the bottom-left corner, click Delete.

Warning: Make sure you really want to delete your pin as you cant restore it once it is deleted.

Your selected pin is now gone from your board. Enjoy!

Remove Bulk Pins On Mobile

At the bottom of the app, tap your profile icon.

On the profile page, tap the board in which your pins are saved.

At the top of the board page, tap Organize.

Your pins are now selectable. Tap the pins that youd like to remove. To select all your pins, tap Select All in the top-right corner.

Then, at the bottom of the page, tap Delete .

In the Are You Sure prompt that opens, tap Delete.

Warning: Pinterest doesnt allow restoring deleted pins, so make sure you only delete the pins you do not need.

And thats all.

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What Happens When You Delete A Board

If you no longer want to see a Board, you can delete it. To remove a Board, open it and tap or click on the Edit Board icon. Then from the pop-up box, choose Delete. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Tap/click on Delete.

Deleting a Board is a permanent step, and it removes all your pins too. Further, you will also lose all the followers of that particular Board. However, the users who follow your account, you will not lose them.

Also, note that the deleted Boards cannot be retrieved.

Instead of deleting the Board, you can make it a Secret Board. This way the Board will not be visible on your public profile and in case you ever want to retrieve it back, its easy. Plus, you will not lose the Boards followers as well.

Can You Save Pins To Your Camera Roll

Pinterest Tutorial: How to Delete Board on Pinterest 2021?

When you see a picture you want to save on the app, tap it to open it in a closeup view. Then, tap the menu button, represented with three dots. Tap Download Image to save the photo to your tablet or phone. You can then access it through the Gallery app just as you can access other photos youve saved or taken.

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What Happens When You Archive A Board

When you archive a Board, it will disappear from your public profile. You will still be able to access it under Archived Boards section. Pinterest makes it similar to Secret Boards. However, both are different.

For starters, you can save Pins to Secret Boards, but it is not possible with Archived Boards. To save a Pin, you need to unarchive the Board. Dont get confused by the interface and learn the difference between Pin and Board.

Further, once you archive a Board, you will not get recommendations related to that particular Board. Archiving a Board isnt a permanent step. You can always unarchive Boards, and they will start functioning normally.

Heres how you can unarchive a board.

Logistics Of How To Arrange Your Boards And Pins

  • You can create new pinboards like I showed you in this post.
  • You can rename existing pinboards. To do so, click on your name in the upper right corner to see all your boards. Click on the board you want to rename. Then click on Edit Board below the title. There you can change the title and the description.
  • From what I understand, if someone has followed you and you create a new board, they are following that board as well.
  • You can move a pin, although its cumbersome. Go to the pin and hover your mouse over it, and then click the edit button.
    Youll come to a screen like this where you can change the board that it is pinned to:

After changing the board, make sure you click on Save Pin.

  • If you delete a pin altogether, it will still be there on the boards of those who repinned it. You wont mess anything up for them.
  • I mentioned this earlier but the set up of your boards on your profile defaults to the order they were created, I believe. You can rearrange these boards however you would like. I arranged mine mostly in alphabetical order, except my most popular boards are at the very top and my group boards are at the bottom.Here some examples of pinners with well organized boards for inspiration:
    She is really, really into rubber stamping and card making, so she has tons of boards with card examples. I like how she started each of those boards with a number . Thats another way to control how how they show up in the dropdown menu when you pin.

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A New Following Feed:

This is a new feed that Pinterest has introduced! Well actually its an old feed Its the feed from the old days which only displays pins f!

It differs from your SmartFeed which contains pins that are recommended to you based on your interests, what you are pinning, what you are searching and other factors.

To see your Following feed:

  • With the new followers button, you can now see all the content from the accounts you follow in real time!
  • Id love for you to so that your Follower feed will be filled with my home decor ideas, recipes and fun DIY projects!

Remove Individual Pins On Mobile

How To Delete A Board On Pinterest?

In the bottom bar of the app, tap your profile icon.

On the profile page, tap the board in which your pin is saved.

Select the pin to delete.

In the top-right corner of the pin page, tap the three horizontal dots.

From the menu that opens, select Edit Pin.

Scroll down the Edit Pin page. Then tap Delete This Pin.

In the Delete Pin prompt that opens, tap Delete to confirm your choice.

Warning: Once your pin is deleted, you cant restore it. Make sure youre okay with that.

Your selected pin is now deleted. You are all set.

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Click The Delete Board Button And Then Click Delete Board


  • Deleting pins is a permanent action you can’t recover deleted pins.


  • Although you can’t recover deleted pins, you can re-pin specific pictures and videos at any time.


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Difference Between Archiving Pins/boards And Deleting Them

Archiving pins will make them invisible to your audience and you will not get notifications or recommendations for saved pins and boards. Plus point, if you change your mind later, you can always unarchive them and they will be back on your profile like before.

On the other hand, deleting pins or boards would literally mean getting rid of them for good. Once you delete a piece of content, you will never be able to retrieve it. So, make a choice wisely and only if you are very sure of doing it especially when you are using

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Merge Board On Mobile Apps

Merging two Boards on Pinterest mobile apps isnt a straightforward process since you dont get a dedicated button. You can and upload them again, but that will be cumbersome.

A native option requires you to manually select and move the Pins from one Board to another to merge them.

Here are the steps:

Are There Ways To Recover Missing Boards

How to Delete Pinterest Boards

More than learning the reasons why your boards are not showing, you are definitely mre interested to know if you could still get your missing boards back. Luckily, it is still possible to recover your missing boards depending on the reason they are not showing up. If any of these cause your missing boards, sad to say, retrieving them is nearly impossible.

  • The creator deleted it
  • Your account was hacked

But if the reason of your boards deletion is none of these, then there is hope. Here are some of the troubleshooting steps that may help you restore your boards.

1. Restoring a board from a group you left

If you have left a group whether by an accident or for a reason, one way you can get back is asking them to invite you again or send another request for them to let you join the group again. All you have to do is look for the board that you wish to join and press the Request to Join button which you can see next to Follow button.

2. Accidentally deleted accounts

2. Restore a cached copy.

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Create Add And Manage

There are multiple ways to create a pin. They include:

  • Using a Pin button in your browser.
  • Except for where you start, the process to create a Pin is the same.

    • To create a Pin on the Pinterest site, click on the red + sign at the top right-hand corner of the Pinterest home page.
    • Click Create Pin. Add your title, description, and destination link.
    • Drag and drop or click to upload images or videos.
    • Click on Save from site if you want to upload an image from your website and enter the URL. You also have an option to publish the Pin immediately or later.
    • Select the board you want to post the Pin on by clicking the Select drop-down menu next to the Publish button.
    • To create a board, click on your profile, and then click Boards. Look for the red checkmark in the box over Create board and click on it.
    • Give your board a name and put a checkmark in the box next to Visibility if you want to keep it secret.

    To manage and organize your pins, put them on the boards that fit the category. You can reorder saved Pins by dragging and dropping them.

    How To Search For Boards

    Step 1: Once youve logged into Pinterest, enter a topic in the search bar on your Home screen. Press enter on your keyboard.

    Step 2: A dropdown menu will give you a selection of more specific board topics. Click the one that appeals to you.

    Step 3: You can choose to follow the board title by clicking Follow or you can click on individual Pins and Save.

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    Remove Bulk Pins On Desktop

    To remove several pins at once, open a web browser on your computer and launch the site. Log in to your account on the site.

    On the profile page, click the board in which your pins are located.

    On the board page, right below the board name, click Organize.

    You can now select the pins you want to delete. To select all pins, then at the top of the pins, click the Select All button. To delete the selected pins, then at the bottom of your browser screen, click the Delete option .

    In the Delete These Pins prompt, click Delete.

    Warning: Your deleted pins cant be restored. Make sure you really dont want the pins you are deleting.

    And thats all. Your chosen pins are now deleted.

    # 2 Save Links That You’ve Shared In Your Email Social Network

    How To Delete A Board On Pinterest?

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    3. Why cannot the recovered files be opened?

    A file is saved as 2 parts on the storage device: directory info and data content.

    If the files with original file names and folder structures cannot be opened, one possible reason is the corrupted directory info. There is still a chance to recover the data content with the RAW Recovery method in our software.

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    How To Restore Files From Local Disk With Anyrecover

    Step 1. Choose th Recovery Mode

    On AnRvr nd pick th “All-Round Rvr” mode.

    Step 2. Pik a Ltin t Search

    When u ik the “All-Round Recovery” md, choose a location frm whr u m have lost ur files – a folder n your PC, a hrd driv, r n external storage gdgt. Clik n “Nxt” t proceed.

    Step 3. Pik th Fil T

    Slt th kind f file u r rhing fr and hit th “Scan” button t trt the scanning rdur.

    Step 4. Scan th Lt Fil

    It will urrntl scan and lt th miing infrmtin among th documents n ur PC r n utid storage gdgt. It takes mr time t finish th scanning rdur.

    Step 5. Preview and Recover Lt Data

    Whn th scanning i done, u n with btwn th Tr viw r File view modes on the lft-id brd t discover th infrmtin u need and see h rrd b dubl clicking. Whn u’v fund th miing record, hit th “Rcover” button t rvr it.

    Valuable Metrics To Track

    Impressions are the number of times users see your content in category feeds, search results, and their own feed. Look for which keywords and categories get the most impressions.

    : To know if your content is driving traffic to your website, look at the number of clicks. How many clicks your Pins receive is a more important metric than impressions because it involves an action.

    Repins: Like Twitter retweets, repins refer to the number of times a user saves your pin to one of their own boards. They are more valuable than impressions because they involve an action taken by someone interested in your Pin.

    Top Pins: To determine your best content on Pinterest over time, look at your Top Pins. You can analyze your top pins based on:

    When a person saves one of your Pins, it means they are interested in your content. Saves increase the reach of your Pins. They may also mean that the user plans on coming back to further engage with your content later.

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