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How To Get Archived Emails In Gmail

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What Is Archive In Gmail

How to find Archived emails on Gmail

When it comes to keeping your inbox clean and organized, you have a few options. Gmail gives you a nice feature to sort your messages into categories such as primary, promotions, social and more. This feature is helpful as it keeps those pesky promotional and social media notifications off of your primary inbox. This already goes a long way to organizing your inbox.

This feature helps keep things more organized, but even with it enabled, your inbox may still fill up quite quickly and start looking a little chaotic. In this case, you might also want to start using the delete and archive functions to move emails youve attended away from your inbox.

By archiving an email, you still keep a copy of the email, but its not shown on your primary inbox anymore. This email will be safely filed away and can be found if you ever need it again. Also, when someone sends you another email on that same thread you archived, it will still appear in your inbox. So you dont have to worry that youll miss something or have to monitor multiple accounts or folders for activity.

Archive Emails On Mobile Devices

You can archive emails from your mobile devices too. The process is very similar to the one above, and it works for both iOS and Android devices. Here is what you have to do:

  • Open the Gmail App on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Select the emails you want to move to the archive and tap the Archive icon at the top.
  • The emails you have selected are now moved to the All Mail folder.

    How To Recover Archived Email With Mobile Gmail App

  • You have to open the Gmail app on your smartphone. When doing that, you have to ensure that you are signed in to your Gmail account so that you can gain access to it through the said app.
  • Use the search box to search for the archived message. In the same way with using the Gmail website, you can obtain search results for archived emails as long as you input the sender, part of the message body, subject, or any other parts of the message. Tap the magnifying glass to proceed with the search.
  • Labels are appearing in the Gmail app as well. You simply have to look into the labels. Do not forget to tap the MENU button found in the upper-left part of the screen. Scroll down to ALL MAIL. Once the message is found, you can then decide whether or not you want to put it back to your Inbox folder. To put it back to your Inbox folder, tap the MENU button again. Choices will appear. All you have to do is choose the MOVE TO INBOX option. Once selected, the archived message will then be moved back to the Inbox folder.
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    How To Move Archived Messages Back To Your Inbox In Gmail Through Ios

    Make sure you’ve downloaded the Gmail app:

    Step1: Open the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad.

    Step 2: In the top left, tap on Menu and then on All mail.

    Step 3: On the left, tap on the sender’s profile image next to the message you want to move.

    Step 4: In the top right, tap on More and then on Move to Inbox. If you don’t see this, tap on Move to and then Primary.

    How To Retrieve Archived Emails In Gmail In 4 Steps

    How to Find Archived Mails on Gmail app

    Email inboxes can quickly get cluttered with the many emails we receive each day. In Gmail, the archive folder is a safe place where you can store messages and important attachments without filling up your inbox. When you want to access them later, simply retrieve the email from the archive. In this article, we define archived emails in Gmail, explain how to retrieve them and offer tips for using Gmail archives effectively.

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    Keeping Your Inbox Clean

    If you don’t want the hassle of manually selecting emails for the archive, use Gmail’s filter feature to get it automatically done. This especially useful for receipts that you don’t need to see but must keep.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing this:

  • Open the email you want automatically archived.
  • On the top menu, select the three-button sub-menu.
  • Choose Filter messages like these.
  • A filter with appear from the search barâclick on Create filter.
  • Put a tick on the Skip the Inbox check box.
  • If you want these messages opened automatically, tick the option.
  • To archive existing messages, tick the Also apply filter to # matching conversations.
  • Click on Create filter.
  • Store Important Emails For The Future

    Some emails are more important than others, so its only natural that you want to save them for future use. We explained how you could do that on both PC and mobile devices. You are now ready to manage your emails, and you wont have to worry about an overflowing inbox.

    What type of emails do you keep, and why? Did this article help you out? Tell us what you think in the comment section.

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    S To Archive Emails On Desktop

    Below are the step-by-step demonstrations to achieve an email on a computer:

    STEP 1: Open the Gmail official website

    • Open the Google Gmail application on your web browser, or you can directly visit the URL: . Login to your Gmail account by entering the email address and password in the respective fields.
    • You will arrive in your Gmail Inbox window.

    STEP 2: Look for the email that you want to archive.

    • Search for the mail that you want to archive. Either you can scroll down and directly look for your email. Else you can type in the subject, initials of sender account or content keywords in the Gmail search bar, placed at the top of the webpage.

    NOTE: You can look for all your mails received from a particular sender by typing in the from field: .

    STEP 3: Select your email.

    • Select the email that you wish to archive. Point your cursor on the mail.
    • You will notice a checkbox on the left side of the selected mail. Click on the box.

    STEP 4: Archive your Mail

    • Right-click on your selected mail. A window will be prompted .
    • Scroll down and click on the Archive option .
    • As soon as you click the button, the selected mail will be archived and removed from your inbox!

    Archive Emails From Multiple Accounts

    How to retrieve archived emails from Gmail app

    The great thing about Gmail is it allows you to check, archive and complete other actions to these emails all in one place. Though, your alternate email providers must support secure connections and have POP access for you to be able to link these accounts to your Gmail.

    So, the first thing you need to do is enable POP access in the other account. Then add these accounts to Gmail:

    Step 1. Go to Settings and click the Accounts and import tab.

    Step 2. Find the section that says Check mail from other accounts and click Add a mail account.

    Step 3. Type in the email address for your alternate account and click Next.

    Step 4. Here you can choose to either link accounts using Gmailify or import emails from your other account.

    Step 5. Sign in to your other account.

    Step 6. Its recommended that you check the following boxes: Always use a secure connection when retrieving mail and Label incoming messages.

    Step 7. Click Add Account.

    Now emails from the other account will appear in your Gmail account. And you can archive them as you would a Gmail email.

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    Recover A Deleted Email From Gmail

    Now that we’ve found our missing email, it’s time to get itout of the Trash folder. To do that,click the checkbox to the right of the email to select it. Your screen shouldlook like this:

    Trash Move to Inbox

    Click the Move toInbox button above the message. Your email is moved from the Trash folder to your Gmail Inbox. You’ve just learned how toretrieve deleted emails from Gmail.

    How Can I Search For Archived Emails In Gmail

    Frustratingly, Gmail doesnt have a specific Archived label, so you dont have the option to scroll through the left hand menu to find where all your archived emails are stored.

    Instead, you have two options for locating your archived Gmail messages:

    1. Type in the relevant information into the Gmail search bar.

    2. Scroll to the All Mail label to locate every single email in your Gmail account .

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    How To Archive Everything In Gmail

    If you want to start from a clean slate and archive all Gmail messages, you can use Gmail’s filter function. You can also use other commands to refine your filter further.

  • In the search bar, input the following: in:inbox. This returns all emails in your inbox.
  • If you want to refine the filter, write before:yyyy/mm/dd to include all emails before a specific date. You can also use after:yyyy/mm/dd if you want to archive a particular period only.
  • When the search has return results, click on the tick box at the upper menu.
  • A notification saying All 100 conversations on this page are selected. Select all conversations that match this search will appear.
  • Click on Select all conversations that match this search
  • Choose the Archive button
  • A Confirm bulk action window will appear. Choose OK.
  • Depending on how many emails you have, Gmail will take some time with this filter. But after a while, all your emails will disappear from the inbox and be safely stored in the Archive. It’s the simplest step to achieve and maintain inbox zero.

    Why Archive An Email In The First Place

    What exactly happens when you " Archive"  messages in Gmail ...

    There are several reasons why youd want to archive your emails. Thats because doing so:

  • Provides a cleaner, more manageable inbox
  • Ensures important data is never lost
  • Makes important data easy and quick to access
  • Helps your business stay compliant
  • Protects your business from potential litigation
  • This is why, although dealing with emails may take up 28% of your productive time, managing them in an effective manner is still vital. See below how Mailbird can help you do just this.

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    How Do I Retrieve A Message I Accidentally Archived In Gmail

    I was trying to mark an email as “Important” in Gmail and accidentally archived it.

    Now I cannot locate it, since there is no “archive” label anywhere.

    How do I get it back?

    • 5Checking mail on my phone I have archived mails that I didn’t even notice. I have no idea how to search for them. The Archived mail should be labeled with an Archive label so I could always go look at those specific emails and deal with them which could include restoring them or deleting them. Otherwise the Archive label is just a “loose” label and should not exist. Ridiculous that you can store something in a database “somewhere” and have no way to find it. I do know that one of the 2-3 emails I archived by accident was important but I have no idea what it was. user31856Jan 13 ’13 at 18:58
    • 7Over 120k views of this question! Seems like Gmail could use a “recent changes” feature . That would allow one to locate messages in such cases. Archiving an “old” message leads to trouble since it won’t appear at the top of the All Mail list. However, it would appear at the top of a “recent changes” list.Mar 1 ’13 at 16:00
    • For me searching for “in:archived” or just visiting:

    Click on All Mail on the left. When you see the message, open it, and choose the Move to Inbox option to “un-archive” it.

    Alternatively, you can use the search feature to locate the message .

    has:nouserlabels -in:Sent -in:Chat -in:Draft -in:Inbox

    Why Mark As Read Isn’t Enough

    While marking your unread message as read may reduce the annoying numbers, it isn’t as good as archiving. This is because your inbox is still filled with clutter.

    When you archive an email that you don’t need, it leaves your primary email screen. That way, you can focus on more critical messages.

    If you think you’ll need that email in the future, you can still use Gmail’s powerful search function to find it. After all, you wouldn’t want to scroll through hundreds, if not thousands, of emails looking for something.

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    How Archive Is Different Than Deleting An Email

    Youre no doubt familiar with the little trash can icon you use to delete emails.

    To archive an email, hover over it and select the archive icon that appears on the right. Or select multiple emails and click the archive icon in the bar above:

    Archiving an email saves it in your Gmail account indefinitely.

    When you delete an email in Gmail, it goes into your trash for 30 days. After that time period is up, the email is automatically erased forever.

    You can, of course, completely erase emails during the 30-day period by emptying your trash folder.

    Archive Emails In Mail On Icloudcom

    How to Find Archived Messages in Gmail

    The archive feature in Mail on iCloud works like the archive feature of other mail service providers. With only a click of a button, the messages you want to store safely are filed in your Archive folder.

    Here’s the quickest way to archive emails on iCloud when using Mail:

  • Display the Archive folder in the sidebar.
  • Select a message and drag it to this folder.
  • If you don’t see this folder or want a different way to store emails, look for the Archive icon. Another option is to select the Folder icon and choose Archive.

    When you want to view an archived message and move it to your inbox, follow these steps:

  • Display the Archive folder in the sidebar.
  • Select the message you want to move.
  • Drag the message to your inbox.
  • In addition to moving archived mail to your inbox, you can also move messages to a different folder, mark them as junk, or delete them.

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    Use The All Mail Label

    Step 1. Go to the menu on the left and click More.

    Step 2. Select the All Mail label.

    Youll now see a list of all your emails, including archived emails. If you archived something a while ago, it may be difficult to spot in this long list. You could end up scrolling for an eternity. Thus, you may find the next method more useful

    How To Archive Email In Gmail

    If your Gmail inbox is getting a bit too cluttered, there are a couple of options to clean it out. You can delete emails or simply archive them.

    The latter is an exercise in out of sight, out of mind. The email messages and threads will still exist on Googles servers hidden, but accessible if you know where to look. And if somebody revives an email thread with an unexpected message, the thread will pop back into your main inbox, so theres no chance of missing something important.

    Heres how to archive emails in Gmail and where to find the messages if you suddenly need them.

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    What Happens To Archived Emails In Gmail

    As mentioned above, archiving does not delete Emails, it only removes archived Emails from the Inbox and moves them to a dedicated folder within your Gmail Account.

    You can easily access all archived Emails and unarchive Emails at any time by going to the All Mails section of your Gmail Account.

    Archived Emails appear in search results, when you search for Emails using the search bar in Gmail. Another thing to note about Archived Emails is that they come back to the Inbox if Archived Emails happen to get a reply.

    Now that you know about Archiving Emails, let us take a look at the steps to Archive and Unarchive Emails in Gmail.

    How Do I Get Archived Emails In Gmail Back To My Inbox Folder

    How to Archive Emails with Gmail: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

    Follow the step-by-step process for recovering all archived emails in the Gmail app.

  • Open the Gmail account.
  • Select More option on the left of the Gmail app,
  • Click on All Mail and get retrieved emails.
  • Now, check select icon on top and all Gmail archived emails gets selected
  • Go to Move to Inbox icon and all your archived emails in Gmail get moved to the Inbox folder.
  • Now, lets find out how can you archive the entire Gmail mailbox with attachments with the automated solution.

    Please Pay Attention Use BitRecover Software to Save Your Time & EffortsIf you think your data is safe in the Cloud, then my friend you are wrong. Everyday cases of a data breach, hacking makes headlines in the newspaper. So, if you dont want to land in any of such situations use Gmail Backup Tool. It is the easiest solution for taking the complete backup of Gmail mailboxes in other file formats. The tool is direct and easy-to-use to archive Gmail account emails with attachments. It maintains all the attributes, properties, and data integrity during the archive process.

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    Find The Archived Emails Using All Mail Label

    When you archive an email, you remove it from your inbox. But it remains under the All Mail label until you decide to delete it. Heres how to find an archived email:

  • Open Gmail on your iPhone.
  • Press the three lines icon in the top-left corner.
  • Select All Mail.
  • That way, youll see all your emails in one list, including the archived ones. If you have a lot of emails and archived one a long time ago, youll need to scroll until you find it.

    Tip: Archived emails wont have the Inbox label next to them.

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