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How To Get An Inactive Twitter Handle

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How To Report An Inactive Account On Twitter

Can You Get A Taken Twitter Username? – Can u get an inactive twitter handle?

If the problem is that if the profile has your brands name or your pseudonym that was copyrighted, you can contact the support group and try to manage that question with them.

In other conditions reporting such a page is useless, as this social media website does nothing to ghost accounts unless these are logged out of the system for more than 6 months.

Trademark Or Copyright The Name

You can go through the process of getting a patent online. Once the patent gets obtained, you can report the inactive account to Instagram. Although this may take time and an additional expense, this is an option for you.

Many users have reported success by asking Instagram to transfer an account. When you hold a trademark on a name, you can argue that your customers existing accounts are confusing. Copyright infringement can be an effective way to obtain your Instagram username.

If you hold such a trademark or copyright, you can file a copyright/trademark violation report and attempt to claim the name as your own.

If the account is active and frequently used, you may have difficulty succeeding with this method.

Getting a new trademark is a complicated and expensive process, but getting copyright protection is reasonably straightforward. Any time you create anything original, you have implicit copyright you can file an official copyright registration to cement your legal claim, but the claim is made by referencing the work, not by the act of filing the claim. In other words, you must use the name consistently and prove the damages it could incorporate if someone else uses it.

Of course, you can also report a copyright issue directly to Instagram too. Head over to.

Option : Filing A Trademark Dispute

The second method and the only one officially allowed by Twitter is the trademark dispute.

This is easiest if you happen to already have the trademark for your brand and youre legitimately working to build that brand. The longer youve had that brand and the more established it is, the better off youll be.

Twitter has an official page on trademark violations and policies. When you report a trademark violation, Twitter might take no action if they decide you dont have a strong enough case. If they decide you have a case, they may allow the account to change its information, which may or may not include the username. They might also just suspend the account.

If you do think you have a trademark case, you can fill out the support form for it here.

You might notice that none of the options that Twitter takes is give you the account. IF Twitter decides to force the account to change its information, and IF that account has to change its username, you MIGHT be able to swoop in and register it for yourself. Or you might not. Its always up in the air.

The reason is that a lot of people started exploiting this method to try to claim accounts. Articles like this one would show you how to do it:

This technique worked for a while, but there are other people posting that theyve tried the same thing and that Twitter now seems wise to the scheme.

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S To Claim An Inactive Twitter Account

Can you claim an or username? The answer is yes and no.

Trying to claim an inactive Twitter account requires multiple trials and attempts, with some succeeding and some failing.

An inactive Twitter account is a Twitter account that has not been put to use for six months or more. However, there’s a difference between a Twitter account with no activity and inactive Twitter account.

If the user logs in to their Twitter account without performing any activity, its still counted as an active account. Its only an inactive account if theres no login attempt as well on that Twitter account.

In this article, we will look at some of the steps you can follow if you perceive an account to be inactive.

If you want to be sure of an account to be inactive, you can use Circleboom to find inactive users. Follow the account and then you can check using Circleboom if the account is inactive or not.

Wait For A Twitter Purge

How to Claim an Inactive Twitter Username

If the account has been inactive for a long time, there is a chance that Twitter might remove it from the platform automatically without you having to do any heavy lifting.

So, keep checking their account to see if it has been removed. Until then, you can use a slightly changed username. However, this method doesnt guarantee anything. There is also a chance the account will remain inactive on Twitter for years.

Final Words:

The first prerequisite for you before you claim an inactive account is to read on Twitters policy. That will give you an idea of what is planned for the future and what options do you have now.

The success ratio of claiming inactive Twitter accounts is getting lower each year. You can always access the Inactive Account Policy on the official website.

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Can You Close An Inactive Twitter Accounts

Only if you will be able to prove that this page is actually impersonating you or someone you know. In other words, you have to prove that this username is your copyright and that youre the only person who can use this username on social media.

Otherwise, Twitter will do nothing and this account will remain if it is logging into this social media net regularly, at least once in 6 months.

Wait For An Instagram Purge

If the account you want is genuinely inactive and doesnt have much or any content on it, there is an excellent chance that it will eventually get purged from the Instagram database. Its no guarantee, but the inactive account you want may get dropped, and the username will become available again.

Instagram does not announce the schedule for its purges, so you wont get a heads up to alert you to start trying to grab any usernames on your list. The best way to detect a purge is to follow one of the perennially popular Instagram accounts with a relatively stable follower list and check their follower count daily.

If they have thousands of followers, then at least some of those followers are undoubtedly spam accounts or bots, and a purge will cut their follower list by some non-trivial quantity of users. If your monitored account goes from 9,341 followers to 9,102 followers overnight , the odds are good that Instagram did a purge, and some usernames are now up for grabs.

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Best Practices For Twitter Names

Before we get into specific methods for coming up with a new Twitter name when yours is taken, its important to go over some best practices for social media usernames in general.

Your social media usernames are reflective of your brand, whether thats your personal brand, blog brand, or a business brand. Your usernames make an impression, whether good or bad.

Just like anything else having to do with branding, you want your usernames to be consistent and memorable:

How To Claim A Twitter Account That Is Already Taken

How To Get A Taken Twitter Username in 2018 | Get A Inactive Twitter Username

If youre just getting into Twitter marketing, or youre starting a new brand and want to pick up a relevant twitter account, youre fairly likely to run into some issues. Twitter is one of those sites where so many people have been using it for so long that it can be difficult to register a username you want.

Now, say your new brand is The Blog Wanderer. You might do some research and decide that you really want @wanderer. Unfortunately, when you look, that account already exists. It hasnt posted since 2011, but it exists and is not suspended. You could decide to add numbers to it, but something like also exists though it hasnt tweeted before and besides, the numbers make your branding look unprofessional. Going with the full name, , also exists, though its in French and is much more active.

How can you go about trying to claim one of these URLs as your own?

First of all, you probably wont be able to.

Theres a persistent myth on the internet that you can kind of just go in and claim an account thats not active. The fact is, its very rare. The reason articles about it are so popular is because the few success stories are rare and unique.

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Can Twitter Remove The Usernames Of Inactive Twitter Accounts

Only if the person who has copyrighted the username will prove that it is in fact his or hers, or if this page will be logged out for more than 6 months. Only after that time span technicians might delete this inactive profile. But it still has a chance to restore all the data for 30 days after the moment of deletion.

How To Get Abandoned Twitter Usernames It Still Works

Inactive Accounts. Leave a Twitter account inactive for a period of six months and you risk losing it to dormancy. Simply logging in may be enough to forestall

Can you get an inactive twitter handle? Does twitter delete inactive accounts 2021? How long until Twitter deletes an account? Can you recover a deleted Twitter

Jul 17, 2021 They have to deactivate the twitter handle before letting the domain expire, if they dont want their followers and data obtained by someone

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How To Get Your Twitter Username If Its Already Taken

You look up your desired username on Twitter and its taken. Trust me I can feel your pain. Been there, done that. When I first looked up my desired Twitter username couple years ago, I saw a long abandoned profile with almost no content, followers and followings. So I had to settle for an underscore, which has been annoying me all this time. Till I finally got rid of it and got my handle. Maybe my story will inspire you to get yours.

Twitterwas going to release inactive usernames, but the plan was put on hold. It is not clear when exactly the company intends to proceed with the initial plan to delete inactive accounts, so you can either wait for that or try to get your handle in the meantime.

Ive read A LOT on claiming inactive usernames alas, 99% of what Ive managed to find, was pretty much useless. Those were general advice repeating Twitters policy on inactive accounts and encouraging you to settle for an underscore or numbers. So here are few actual steps, which will increase your chances of getting your desired handle.

How To Choose A Strong Twitter Username

How to get that inactive Twitter handle you really want ...

When it comes to securing a new username, you should make sure youre doing it wisely, because its not easy to repeat the process regularly. Plus, you cant take the risk of losing your followers.

Try the following tips when transitioning to a new Twitter handle:

  • Be consistent: Using the same username on all social media platforms helps your friends spot you and keep track of your activities.
  • Be original: If you want others to find your Twitter profile, you should pick your real name and not a fake one. If its not a personal account, you should still find a relevant name that speaks for you.
  • Be memorable: Think of a short, lovely, and easy-to-remember handle. This way, others are more likely to mention you in their tweets.
  • Be futuristic: Ask yourself what made you want to change your username. And what factors you should consider to avoid that happening again in the future. Make sure that five years later, itll still be useful for your account.

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Work On Preparing Your Account

You need to have some preparation to brush up on your existing account. Consider using your real name, complete your bio, upload profile as well as background pictures, add your website, all other required information, and ensure that you are active on the platform.

This will clearly showcase that you will actively use the handle you are claiming instead of abandoning it.

There is a possibility that you could get that inactive username in a couple of days. But it is also possible that it could take a couple of years. Initially, you will receive an auto-reply. It could take a while until you receive the glorious email! Therefore, be persistent and keep submitting those reports!

Find User’s Who Haven’t Tweeted Since

You could be following people who haven’t posted a tweet in ages. Using the search by date option, you can quickly locate user’s whose last tweet was after a selected time. Select from days, weeks, months or years.

Here’s a quick overview of the tool and its features

  • Search if the last tweet posted was longer than a set time period
  • Search for accounts that don’t follow anyone
  • Search for accounts with no profile image
  • Search for verified accounts only
  • Find tweet-less accounts zero tweets
  • Unfollow up to 100 accounts per day for free
  • Scan your friend’s list of up to 75000 users

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How Much Do You Care

Its hard to argue against the importance of Instagram handles. You can dismiss such concerns as trivial, but for a lot of people, it makes them easier to find online and directs more traffic to their accounts. And if youre looking to build a business online or just have a well-known internet persona, having the handle you want is huge.

And even though you cant actually buy a handle directly from Instagram, you might get lucky going down a different route. Also, you can probably come up with something new and catchy anyway. Ultimately, its the content that separates you from the rest.

Let us know what you think about taking over an inactive Instagram handle in the comments section below.

How to Fix Instagram Zooming In

How To Check Inactive Twitter Accounts

Get an Inactive Twitter Username! How To Have Consistent Social Media Branding

If you need to check these pages, you can use such services as Circleboom, Untweeps, Crowdfire, and Manageflitter.

Or you can do it by hand, checking all your follows and followers for the date of the last tweet. Purging steady profiles is helpful for managing your follows and followers ratio and working with your statistics.

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How To Hack Inactive Twitter Accounts

Hacking inactive Twitter profiles is for sure something that people think about when they cant get a much-needed username and want to obtain it no matter what but the truth is that it will be easier to not figure out how to hack into inactive Twitter accounts, but actually .

Its very possible that you will be able to find a username that will suit your needs more or less, and paying to get a profile at your service is way easier and more stable than trying to find a hacker or figure things out by yourself.

Moreover, buying pages might be helpful in many other ways: for example, youre seeking some safe and quick ways to spread information. So why dont you double it? Triple it?

Easy as that: if you need to promote or develop something, the best appetizer would be exactly this. Taking a piece of information and spreading it all around, making sure that different circles of people will see it and will consider it interesting and appealing enough. Bought pages can really come in handy in such cases.

Govt Examining Whatsapp’s User Policy Changes Amid Privacy Debate

Micro-blogging platform has started removing blue verification badges from inactive and incomplete accounts and will begin the new verification process for its users in few weeks.

Twitter, which paused its public verification process or that elusive Blue Badge three years ago, in November announced to relaunch verification, including a new public application process, in early 2021.

“Last call! As part of our new verification policy, we’ll remove verification badges from inactive and incomplete accounts,”Safety said in a tweet.

The company is reading out directly to users who have issues with their accounts.

“We’ve reached out directly to those who need to take action to stay verified,” it added.

had said it would relaunch verification, including a new public application process, in early 2021.

Verified accounts on Twitter will have a blue check next to the display name throughout the app.

“When we relaunch the public application process in early 2021, there will be a link to the application in the Twitter apps and on”.

Over three years ago, the platform paused the public verification programme after hearing feedback that it felt arbitrary and confusing to many people.

A year later, the company deprioritised this work further to focus on protecting the integrity of the public conversation around critical moments like the 2020 US election.

Twitter had admitted that there are many verified accounts on its platform that should not be there.



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