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How To Get Accomplishments On Linkedin

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Brag About Your Skills

Adding Accomplishments to your LinkedIn Profile to build a stronger brand online

Members who list skills on their profiles receive 13 times more profile views on average than those who donât, according to LinkedIn. âYouâve worked hard to build your Rolodex of skillsâhere is your chance to show them off, with as much detail as possible,â says Fisher. Donât limit your bragging to computer languages and software programs, either. When the National Association of Colleges and Employers surveyed hiring managers about the skills they planned to prioritize when recruiting, soft skillsâlike the ability to work in a team or give a killer presentationâtopped the list.

What Classifies As What You Did Well

You may have Key Performance Indicators that you achieved in a short space of time or you may have exceeded your KPI’s before they were due to be completed.

You may have been recognised by fellow workers, peers, managers, customers, clients or stakeholders for your work and perhaps even received formal recognition for your efforts .

You may have found better ways to complete your existing tasks and save time, money or effort.

You may have collaborated effectively with other employees and provided recommendations for the future.

To identify these achievements, run through the list of tasks you are required to do for the job and reflect on what you did well.

Include A Current Job Entry Even When Unemployed

If you’ve only listed the past positions youve held in the experience section but show nothing current, youll probably get missed in most searches. Why? Because most recruiting professionals exclusively use the current title box to search for candidates otherwise theyd have to sort through thousands of candidates who held a certain role as far back as 20 or more years ago. The simple workaround, if youre unemployed, is to create a dummy job listing in the current section that includes the job title you’re targetingFull-Time Student/Financial Analyst in Trainingfollowed by a phrase like In Transition or Seeking New Opportunity in the Company Name box.”

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What Tense Should You Use For Achievements

Achievements are usually written in the past tense as they have been achieved.

Your tasks can be written in the present tense, even if they are past roles. This makes your content appear more up to date and present-focused.

The Description for the enterprise can be written in the third person. I usually start with ‘Established in XXXX, XYZ company does A for B and C and is based in D location.

Show Off Your Expertise Or Best Work In The Features Section

3 Simple LinkedIn Profile Tips To Attract Recruiters

Just below the About section is the Featured sections, which allows you to showcase media, links, and LinkedIn articles and posts at the top of your profile. Sharing the work or mentions that are most relevant to your personal brand and LinkedIn goals is a great opportunity to show your skills in action, Wasserman says. If you have an online portfolio, the Featured section is a great, highly visible spot to link to it.

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Get Ahead By Linkedin News

Promotions arent just handed out. Landing one takes effort and a game plan. In this post, we delve into how to get a promotion, including what to do to get noticed for a promotion, how to ask your boss for one, and more.

You work hard, go above and beyond, and feel ready for a promotion. So, how do you get one?

It takes more than just believing you deserve a promotion. Landing one can happen easier when you have a solid strategy.

Getting a promotion is an exciting thing, but sometimes, you have to be your own best advocate, Storeyline Resumes CEO Robynn Storey said. Work with your manager to clearly set expectations, goals and outcomes. Every person should keep running documentation of goals achieved.

As for how long you should wait to ask for a promotion, every situation is different, but Storey recommended one to two years and not waiting to move on if needed.

Promotions could happen at any time, but I recommend that young professionals in their 20s change jobs every 12 to 18 months , and in their 30’s, every 2 to 3 years for best career results, Storey said.

I chatted with Storey, career coach and creative recruiter Kristina Cappuccilli and Briefcase Coach founder Sarah Johnston to find out more about how to get a promotion.

What Should You Not Include In A Linkedin Profile

Heres a look at some guidelines to follow when it comes to content you should avoid posting on LinkedIn: Dont post complaints about your current or former boss, colleagues, or company. Never post anything with spelling mistakes. Dont publicize your job search. Anything unrelated to jobs is better left off LinkedIn.

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Linkedin Profile: How To Optimize It

To have a greater presence on LinkedIn, improving your profile is one of the essential keys.

The social network likes you more when you participate in their ecosystem of contacts or fill out your personal profile 100%. In this way, you will get other users to find you quickly and continue to build connections.

Here you can find a few tips to put into practice and have your profile ready.

Some Extra Linkedin Tips For You

How to add Honors and Awards to your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIns algorithm rewards those users who have made an extra effort. So make sure to complete your profile to increase your chances of showing up in search results.

Put most of your efforts into the top part of your LinkedIn profile such as your headline, LinkedIn summary, most recent experience, profile picture and cover photo. Profile picture and headline are the most important because these elements are what people see even before they click on your profile.

Bonus: To see if your efforts with optimizing your LinkedIn profile has paid off head on over to LinkedIns Social Selling Index and check out your score. All profiles get a score which is based on profile optimization, networking and content. All you have to do is click the Get your score free button.

LinkedIn is an excellent tool to help you increase your network and is thus invaluable in your job search. We recommend you add a link for your LinkedIn profile on all your resumes so that recruiters and employers can easily find you.

Create a tailored resume today and find out how a professional resume template can help you land your next job.

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Include Accomplishments And Interests

Any element that allows users to know more about you is welcome on LinkedIn. Keeping an active profile will help you to be found easily.


Customize your achievement section, where you can add different skills and accomplishments and get endorsed.

Your interests show what you follow on LinkedIn to keep up with all their news and updates.

What Should Be Included In Linkedin

9 Things Employers Look For in a LinkedIn Profile Build an All-Star LinkedIn profile. A professional headshot. Descriptions of professional accomplishments. A friendly, to-the-point summary. Detailed descriptions of your education. A compelling headline. Plenty of connections. An active LinkedIn profile.

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Keep Your Job Search Under Wraps

Many people don’t realize that LinkedIn does have privacy settingsfor a reason. When you’re out looking for a new job, and are actively engaged in your current job, you want to be discreet, Williams explains. A telltale sign to an employer that youre leaving is that you overhaul your profile, connect with recruiters, and have an influx of new people. You can tailor your settings so that your boss doesnt see that youre looking for opportunities. The privacy settings are easy to find: Just sign in, and then select settings from the drop-down menu, where your name appears in the upper right-hand corner.

The 31 Best Linkedin Profile Tips For Job Seekers

9 LinkedIn Profile Tips That Help Prospects Choose You

When youre not looking for a job, it can be easy to ignore your LinkedIn profile. Sure, you add people you meet at networking events as contacts and accept requests as they come in, but everything else? Eh, youll get to it when you need to.

While we definitely dont recommend this approach , we get that there are times you need a total LinkedIn profile overhaul. And for those times? Weve got you covered!

Here, weve compiled everything you need to know about tricking out your LinkedIn profilefrom crafting a stunning summary to selling your accomplishments, projects, and skillsin one place. Read on for expert-backed ways to make your profile seriously shineand start getting noticed by recruiters.

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How To Showcase Your Value In Your Experience Section On Linkedin

To determine what is relevant to showcase you need to start with understanding what your intention is with LinkedIn and who you want to attract to your profile. That can help guide you with the level of detail and the nature of that detail to include, and how you may prioritise this information.

For example, lets say you are an Operations Manager and you have had project management accountabilities in your role. And lets say youre seeking to transition to that type of role for your next career move.

I would suggest that instead of focusing so much on your operations management responsibilities, that you prioritise the projects you have managed as your contributions or achievements.

There is no law on LinkedIn or on your resume either that states you need to include every small detail of your career. So keep the idea of audience relevance in mind when you put fingers to keyboard.

As I said before, to lift your profile above the thousands of other profiles out there, you need to not just list the responsibilities you have but you need to show how you have made a contribution with these.

Now that LinkedIn does not display the summary section in full , I focus on showcasing someones contributions in the experience section. I do this because LinkedIn now displays the first 5 roles in full, before people need to click down to read more.

So here we go.

For each achievement write down your answers to these questions:

  • What steps did you take in resolving that problem?
  • Now You See It Now You Dont

    When LinkedIn changes happen right before your eyes! Went in to add an organisation to my profile. The organisation still looked like the languages. Something Something Something. A bulleted list in one line. IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when I went to add something and I could add a role I held, what job this is associated with, dates, description!

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    Turn Off Linkedin Activity Broadcasts When You’re Job Hunting

    You don’t need to advertise the fact that you are job hunting, especially when you’re employed. When you are job searching and don’t want your employer to know that you’re updating your LinkedIn profile, it’s a good idea to turn off your activity broadcasts. Here’s how to set your account, so your updates don’t show in your feed:

    • Settings
    • Scroll down to the section, How others see your LinkedIn activity.
    • on Share job changes, education changes, and work anniversaries from profile.
    • Move the button from yes to no.

    Examine all the other viewing features on this page to see if you feel that any other privacy features apply.

    Add Links And Media To Your Work Experience

    Adding Projects to LinkedIn

    You can add links, images, videos, and files to the entries in your Experience section as well as your Featured section. So use this to your advantage: Link to your company websites, projects youve worked on, articles or reports youve published, or anything else that can let recruiters see the work youre writing about with their own eyes.

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    Linkedin Tip #: Choose The Right Keywords

    Just like you use the search bar to look for open positions in your area, recruiters on LinkedIn use theirs to find professionals. They put in the keywords and candidate profiles that have those keywords inside start popping up. If you want to be found and noticed by recruiters, your profile must contain the right keywords. Every bit of text on your LinkedIn profile gets scanned and if your profile matches the keywords entered by recruiters, it will appear in their search.

    What Should I Write In My Linkedin Bio

    Tips 1-7: What to say Describe what makes you tick. Passion is the heart of some of the best summaries. Explain your present role. Put your job title aside and describe what you do in simplest terms. Frame your past. Highlight your successes. Reveal your character. Show life outside of work. Add rich media.

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    Tips For Getting High

    1. Make a list of the people who have best witnessed your professional growth and achievements. Avoid sending out recommendation requests to just anyone.

    2. Approach them with a personalised message and be authentic. In your request, you can talk about your work together and how it has helped your career.

    3. Dont forget to say a sincere Thank You once you receive the recommendation

    Ask For Referrals Comments And Recommendations

    How To Feature Your LinkedIn Accomplishment

    Its always best for graduates to use the full extent of this social media. You still have your connections from a university, so add your professors, classmates, or tutors. Maybe, some of them will even agree to write a letter of recommendation for you! This will serve as an advantage when you are looking for a job.

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    Best Practices For Setting Up Your Linkedin Profile

    Before you start directing potential employers to your LinkedIn page, there are two steps you should take.

    A) Make yourself easy to find

    Like most social media websites, LinkedIn has a variety of different privacy and visibility options. When you go to your LinkedIn profile page, in the top right corner, you will find a button called Edit public profile & URL.

    This is where you will find the options to select what elements of your profile can be viewed by whom, including your LinkedIn contacts, other LinkedIn members, or the general public who may come across your profile through Google searches.

    Here you also have the option to create a short, customized URL for your LinkedIn profile. It will follow the format of Its a good idea to change this from the long, default link.

    Try to select something concise so that its easy for recruiters to remember and that it fits nicely when included on your resume or other social media accounts.

    Creating inbound links to your LinkedIn profile by adding your profile link on your personal social accounts, blog or other websites will provide additional avenues for companies and recruiters to discover you.

    B) Perfect your LinkedIn profile content

    Assume that every recruiter is going to eventually find their way to your LinkedIn profile. With this in mind, you want to put your best foot forward. Like your resume, your LinkedIn profile should stand out in order to make a lasting impression.

    What You Should Be Doing To Get Noticed For A Promotion

    In addition to documenting your work, doing more than asked at work can help you get ahead and prepare for your promotion request.

    When I think about executive clients of mine that have been successful in advocating for a big internal promotion, these professionals are often doing work that is highly visible, has a bottom-line impact , and collaborating cross-functionally with other units or functions, Johnston said.

    Storey echoed those sentiments: Doing your job to the best of your abilities, taking on additional responsibilities, having your hand up first to volunteer for additional projects or special assignments all show the drive, aggression and willingness that you will need to secure a promotion.

    Storey also suggested taking additional courses and training, and showing you are willing to improve your skills.

    is a great way to show that you are willing to put in the time and work to be the best that you can be, Storey said.

    In addition, dont be afraid to take on the messy project Johnston said.

    One of the most interesting studies on career sprinters or leaders that quickly rose through the corporate ranks was done by the CEO Genome Project, Johnston said. Thirty percent of CEOs got fast-tracked to the C-Spot because of their willingness to take on the ugliest assignments and turn them around.

    As you are strengthening your candidacy for a promotion, pay attention to any improvements a manager has asked you to make as well, Cappuccilli said.

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    How To Use Your Linkedin Profile To Complement Your Resume

    A better strategy than simply using your LinkedIn profile as a resume is to use it as the launching point for a position-specific, customized resume.

    One of the luxuries of LinkedIn is that you have almost infinite space for listing all of the great things youve done in past roles, along with other skills and achievements.

    Our advice is to take advantage of this space, especially since your resume space is more constrained.

    Develop your LinkedIn profile to be a robust, comprehensive account of your professional qualifications.

    Then, when it comes to applying for a specific job, you can pull the bits and pieces from your LinkedIn profile that you feel are relevant to the position for which you are applying. Of course, some tweaking may be necessary.

    Once you have a customized resume be sure you include a link to your LinkedIn profile on your resume. That way, you can encourage a recruiter to discover even more about you.

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