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How To Gain Twitter Followers Fast

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Pick The Right Tweet To Pin To Your Profile

How to gain thousands of Twitter followers FAST!

Pinning a tweet is like putting a spotlight on that tweet, calling the attention of anyone who visits your Twitter profile.

There are a couple of ways you can approach choosing the right tweet to pin to your profile.

The first strategy is to pin a tweet that has performed particularly well.

If it gained lots of attention from your followers when you initially posted it, the tweet will probably appeal to others who are visiting your profile.

It will certainly get more views and is likely to get more likes, comments, and shares as well.

Since new tweets push older tweets further down in your timeline, your newer followers are unlikely to ever see your best ones.

Pinning a tweet that was well-received by your followers will ensure that profile visitors and potential followers get to see it, too.

Its also common to pin a tweet that highlights a temporary promotion or an upcoming event that your business is involved with.

When the promotion or event is over, you simply unpin the tweet and pin a new tweet for your next one.

Another strategy for choosing the right tweet to pin is to pick a tweet that promotes your business or brand.

For example, if you tweeted a link to an interview you participated in.

In effect, its actually someone elses promotion of your brand or business, but youre pinning it to highlight the value that others have placed on what your brand offers.

Live Tweet During Key Events Related To Your Niche

Tweeting during live events is a BRILLIANT way to leverage a highly charged moment.

Think about tweeting during the following activities:

  • Major political events
  • Sports events and games
  • Television shows and movies
  • News broadcasts

Think about the events your audience is probably interested in and SHOW UP on Twitter for them!

People tuning into those events are primed for engagement.

Theyll be happy to follow you if your tweets reflect their opinions.

Live-tweeting brings a sense of community to an event that people may be witnessing alone.

It’s best to live-tweet a popular event to get the most out of trending hashtags.

For example, you’ll get more engagement tweeting about the season premiere of a popular show than live-tweeting about an old movie you’re watching.

How To Grow Your Account To 100 Followers

The first thing you need to do is get that 0 off your scoreboard man. No one wants to be the first to follow you. The easiest way to gain followers is to . Mention your Twitter handle and follow back people.

I dont recommend you do this above 100 followers. This is just to get something on the scoreboard. This probably wont get you a lot of engagement. But it will make it easier for people on Twitter to follow you because you already have a following.

Dont expect these followers to stick. Theyll leave you just like that. If you want them to stick around YOU have to invest in the relationship. I encourage you to do so if you find matching profiles. Comment on their tweets. Like them, retweet them. But you wont gain any followers for it. Youll just gain a follower base that will stay loyal.

This process should take you about a week. Dont follow 100 accounts in a day. Twitter will ban you.

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How Igface Lets You Get Free Followers On Twitter

IgFace is an online service provider that utilizes dependable techniques for Twitter users to increase their follower base. We are safe for your account and allow you to witness fast effects at zero risks. Do you want more YouTube views, Instagram likes, free Facebook followers, and more? At IgFace, we can help!

Moreover, we offer trial service if you want to buy more than 50 Twitter followers. If you are fully decided to use our free service, you are on your way to Twitter stardom! Trust us because we surely deliver our promises.

Here are the three ways on how you can get 50 or more new followers on your Twitter account via IgFace:

  • Click the “Select” button.
  • Key in your e-mail address.
  • Click the “Get Free Twitter Followers” button.
  • As you can see, it is surely not difficult to get thousands of Twitter Free followers. You merely need to trust the right service provider that can help you know how to get free followers on Twitter and achieve your goal, which is none other than us at IgFace!

    Use Images While Tweeting

    How To Gain Twitter Followers Fast

    We have all heard the phrase an image is worth a thousand words.

    Its true even when it comes to quickly increasing twitter followers. Did you know that tweets that include images within them get more retweets, likes, comments and engagement from other users?

    Yes, tweets that include images usually get a ton of engagement. According to a study, tweets that include images within them get more than 150% engagement than those tweets without images. People like tweets with images. So make sure to use images while tweeting.

    Takeaway: Use twitters image upload feature while tweeting. Add a compelling image. You can use free tools like Pablo from Buffer or Canva to create royalty free images to boost your engagement and followers.

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    Optimize Your Profile For New Followers

    Beyond your content and engagement strategies, there are a few subtle steps to make your friendlier to new followers.

    Optimizing your profile involves three straightforward steps:

    • A clean profile photo. For personal accounts, this means an unobstructed facial photo .
    • Relevant tags, industry keywords and location information. In short, your profile should be complete by describing what you do, your title, what companies you work with and where you operate.
    • A taste of your personality. Giving your audience a taste of your human side is key to attracting followers.

    Simply put, fine-tuning these pieces of your profile helps guarantee a positive first impression with people whove never interacted with you before.

    Should You Buy Twitter Followers

    If you search How to buy Twitter followers, youre likely to find a ton of sites willing to sell you hundreds or even thousands of Twitter followers.

    Dont do it.

    Heres why:

    First, Twitter keeps an eye out for bot accounts and deletes them occasionally. This means you might spend a few hundred bucks on followers just to see them disappear a few weeks later.

    Second, buying Twitter followers doesnt actually work in the long term. Those followers wont engage with your content and they definitely arent going to purchase your products or hire you.

    Sure, it might feel good to see your follower number bump up for a few days, but it wont actually help you reach your Twitter marketing goals.

    Rather than wasting money on buying Twitter followers, use the strategies below to get more real Twitter followers.

    Dont have the time to grow your Twitter followers on your own? Lets talk about how my team can help.

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    Increase Engagement On Your Tweets

    Most people wont think about this. But people who are serious about Twitter want to be taken seriously too.

    Just in real life, you need to build relationships. Comment on other peoples tweets, like their stuff. Etc. Show a real interest in them and they will be more likely to amplify your message. Amplifying your message is the number one goal you have in order to grow your Twitter account organically.

    If you have less than 1000 followers youll get the occasional like and retweet. Once youre above that growth is just like compound interest. All the followers you already have will amplify you and increase your organic growth rate.

    Tweet At The Right Times

    How to gain twitter followers FAST – Part 2 – different websites

    Use Fanboosters optimal time posting tool to schedule your tweets at the right time. Our optimal time feature looks at your last three months of Twitter engagement, and finds when your tweets have been most interacted with in the past.

    In the Fanbooster scheduler, just click the Optimal Time button in the Advanced Settings screen. Then, select which day youd like to post your tweet, and well handle the timing.

    Since your tweets will have more interactions, youre more likely to get more followers from your tweets. Remember, interaction means retweets, favorites, and other things that put your tweets in front of new people.

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    Find Your Top Performing Tweets And Post Them Again

    Some of your social posts are 10x and 100x as engaging as the others. They get exponentially more likes, shares and comments, so these posts are 100x more effective at making your account visible.

    If youre actively watching the streams, you know which posts get engagement.

    If you schedule your tweets using a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer, check the analytics.

    We dont really care about clicks or traffic here. Were just looking for visibility and follower growth.

    Youll probably find that a lot of the most engaging posts dont even include links. They are sometimes just little tips or inspirational quotes

    Keep tweeting these. Keep em in rotation. And pin the best one to the top of your stream.

    Why Do Twitter Followers Matter

    Sure, Facebook is the biggest social network with the most monthly active users.

    However, you shouldnt underestimate Twitters importance.

    Its a global powerhouse.

    Even though regularly, much of Twitters user base is international users.

    This means that Twitter allows you to connect with a global audience.

    There are other factors to consider, too.

    Such as how Twitters millennial and Gen Z audience is a coveted one from a marketing perspective.

    In fact, 42 percent of Twitter users are between the ages of 18 and 29, and 27 percent are between the ages of 30 and 49.

    Not only are there tons of millennials on Twitter, millennials more frequently use social media as a tool for discovering new brands.

    Statistically speaking, millennials and Gen Z are an ideal target demographic for many companies because they make up a huge market.

    Millennials eat out more, love trying new products, and theyre always looking for unique experiences with brands and companies.

    In fact, the rise of the millennial generation has forever changed the world of marketing, from the strong focus on video to the rise of influencer marketing, and the emphasis on emotional connection.

    Theres another reason why Twitter is so popular with marketers people actually want to follow brands.

    According to recent research, 74 percent of people who follow small and medium businesses on Twitter are following these businesses because they want updates on future products.

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    When Are Twitter Followers Most Active

    If you knock at the door of an empty house, no one will answer.

    Social media works a lot like that.

    Publish tweets when no ones watching, and youll get a whole lot of nothing.

    So post when your audience is ACTIVE to increase engagement and followers.

    The best times to tweet are Monday-Thursday between 1 & 3 pm.

    These numbers are just an average, so consider your OWN analytics.

    Your followers may have a different peak time of engagement.

    Test out different times to narrow down the windows that work for your audience.

    Blog About Your Twitter Account


    If you have a blog audience, convert them on twitter.

    It doesn’t even have to be a blog, any kind of online presence can be leveraged immediately.

    Just telling your audience about your twitter account will likely attract some follows.

    You can take it a step further and offer incentives, run contests, etc.

    Incorporate this into all your blog content.

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    Ask Yourself: Why Do You Want A Big Following Anyway

    Would the world be a better place if you have 100k followers? Would it really help your business? Your career? Your personal life?

    Probably not.

    Large Twitter followings are not usually very engaged audiences. And remember, organic reach in social media is low .

    A large following in Twitter is worth less than other platforms. Here is the cost-per-post in paid influencer marketing. Only Facebook is lower.

    Actually Set Up Your Account

    Change your avatar to something unique to you, even if you don’t want to use your own photo. Add a header image while you’re at it.

    Also, fill out that bio. No, really, fill out that bio. Include information that will inform people about what they’ll get from this account, what your experience is in.

    Are you a football fan? Let people know. Will you be sharing your latest original knitting patterns? You have to put that in your bio! You’d be surprised about how much one’s profile determines whether another user will follow them or not.

    A complete profile also helps Twitter accurately place your account within its search results so other users can find you.

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    How On Earth Can I Leverage This And Grow My Twitter Followers

    You may be thinking, Reg, I am not enough in my niche to be on par with these people. How can I use this technique for my own usage?

    I would put this blame into the human nature. A friend of mine told me this before, When you are feeling lost, always follow the crowd.

    Trust me, this makes sense.

    We love to be in groups and not in a one-way-mission-to-something. In this case, a post retweeted by you will be seen by both your followers and the influencers. Indirectly, you are telling the world that you are agreeing to the post and you are doing it loudly.

    This may sound odd but do you know that some of the influencers followers will follow you back simply because you retweeted the post?

    The mentality would be if you retweet that post, theres a high chance that you are interested in the topic. Followers of the influencer will tend to follow you simply because they trust you have the same thoughts as them.

    What do you get when these people follows you?

    You know they are looking for a mutual relationship and you can nurture one!

    Important note: No one will follow you without a reason unless you are an influencer like Lady Gaga or Jeff Bullas!

    By now, the retweeting technique to count tend to makes sense to you. But, retweeting is just one part of it.

    Heres the second part.

    Time Your Tweets To Perfection

    How To Gain Twitter Followers (Fast _ Easy).mp4

    And speaking of timing, blasting your Tweets while your target audience is sleeping wont help you gain new followers.

    According to Sprouts own research on the best times to post on social media, brands typically see the most engagement during weekdays during the mid-morning and early afternoon hours.

    While these numbers might vary depending on your time zone and audience, timing your Tweets can help your account gain some much-needed exposure.

    Figuring out how to get more Twitter followers doesnt mean spending all day to post and respond, either. Ideally, brands should schedule Tweets to hit the times where users are more active and Tweet in real-time at intervals throughout the day as well.

    Not sure of when you should Tweet? Sprouts ViralPost automatically schedules your Tweets to be sent out when your audience is most likely to see and engage with them.

    And with that, we wrap up our guide!

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    Why Am I Telling You This

    If this is so bad, why is it in the guide?

    This is why.

    The truth is that ‘‘ is still the #1 search for growth.

    So feel I have a duty to tell you that…

    …twitter will remove every fake follower you buy.

    It doesn’t work. It’s a terrible strategy.

    But the problem is bigger. You may get tricked into buying followers.

    Take a look.

    If you search for ‘‘ you will get this:

    The very first result is a website selling fake twitter followers.

    The rest are spam follower sites.

    & ast don’t do this & ast

    Ways To Gain More Twitter Followers

    Twitter is one of the most popular and active social media platforms. With one billion registered users and over 386 million active users, Twitter has earned its place as one of the best platforms for building and connecting with large audiences.

    Both individuals and businesses use Twitter as their favorite social networking platform because of its fast-paced feed alongside real-time conversations.

    The massive audience on Twitter provides an opportunity to expand your reach, promote your products or services, increase your social influence, and drive traffic to your blog.

    However, to unlock the full potential of this platform and tap into its unlimited benefits, you must develop an engaged follower base that trusts you. In this article, I talk about eight proven tactics that can boost your Twitter following.

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    Post More Visual Content

    It’s easy to be text-focused when creating tweets.

    But images are some of the BEST ways to grab attention on Twitter.

    Heres a silly example of what we mean:

    Tweets with images get 18% more clicks, 89% more likes, and 150% more retweets.

    Images should be the weapons in your Twitter strategy.

    Twitter users will check out your visuals when visiting your profile.

    Users are more likely to follow you if they find high-quality, engaging visual content on your page.

    Free Ways To Find Reciprocal Followers


    So outside of clicking on users one by one to see what their following ratio is, how do you find relevant followers who are likely to follow you back?

    TwitterCounter keeps a historical track of how many people are following Twitter members, including predictions based on those numbers as to what their following will be the next day and 30 days out.

    If you visit the TwitterCounter search page and search for your topic such as digital marketing, you will get results based on the information in Twitter member profiles . The results show the number of people following each member, the number of people the member follows, and the number of tweets they have sent. If you authorize TwitterCounter to your Twitter account, you can follow people directly from the list by clicking the blue follow link.

    TweepMLTweepML allows members to add lists of Twitter members based on specific criteria. There are several lists of Twitter members who follow back. Some example lists include:

    • Fast Followers 1001-1500
    • Fast Followers 2001-2500
    • Top 500 Follow All Back

    Each list gives the users name and their profile description. Simply use your browsers search feature to highlight particular keywords and check those members to follow. Once you authorize TweepML through your Twitter account, you can follow selected members. Also, remember not to follow too many people every day as you can possibly get banned by Twitter for doing so.

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