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How To Gain Followers On Pinterest

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Be Selective Of Your Boards

10K FOLLOWERS ON PINTEREST: How to get more Pinterest followers 2019 | THECONTENTBUG

Its not about the person posting the content, but the content itself and how people relate to it.

Her most popular one? The board on hairstyles.

Joy Chos Hair board has over six million followers. And while girls with long hair might not follow Joy Cho herself, theyll follow her Hair board.

What this says to you is dont waste time promoting all your boards.

Choose the ones that are the most successful and pour all your energy into promoting them.

Tip: As you can see from the above example, the board with the most pins might not be your most popular board. Joys For the Home board has 3,587 pins and four million followers, while her Hair board has only 351 pins but six million followers.

Harness The Potential Of Group Boards

Group Boards are similar to normal Boards the only difference is that you can collaborate with other Pinners to produce content for these boards.

For example, if you are into blogging, you can collaborate with other bloggers to create a Group Board. Now, all collaborators will be responsible for:

  • Pinning Pins on this Board
  • Repinning Pins to support each other
  • Maintain integrity and follow rules as collaborators
  • Promote valuable content and not generic stuff

However, you should approach Group Boards with caution. If you dont manage it properly, it may hamper your progress as a Pinner. Abide by the following guidelines:

  • Pin regularly to keep the Board alive
  • Support each other by Repinning content
  • Dont collaborate with anyone and everyone establish criteria to be a part of the Group Board

To create a Group Board, head over to any Board in your Pinterest Profile, and click on the + icon, visible just below the Board name.

Now you can either search a collaborator by name or email address or copy the link and share it with collaborators.

Pin Consistently And Frequently

As with most other social networks, consistent and frequent sharing can often be the key to building an audience and keeping them engaged with your content.

Timing can be important, too, though with global audiences, its often better to spread your content out over a span of the whole 24 hours so youre leaving out people in other time zones. This exposes you to more of your audience more frequently and often leads to more pins, shares, and comments as a result.

P.S. You can easily do all this and more with Buffer.

With frequency, more is often better, we find, with 5x a day being optimal. Some experts recommend as much as 15-20x times a day, but if youre a small company or brand, its better to pick a lower number and stay consistent than to do higher numbers intermittently.

Heres an infographic we created that tells you, in a glance, what kind of frequency and topics youd do well aiming for:

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Join Relevant Group Boards

Group boards can be huge for getting in front of other peoples audiences. And more exposure means more chances to gain followers and traffic.

They also allow you to re-share your pins without being spammy.

Find group boards in your niche, request to join, and start sharing your pins.

You can search for group boards by typing a keyword into the search bar and selecting boards. Any board that has multiple contributors will have more than one profile picture in the bottom left hand corner.

You can also look at the group boards your competitors have joined.

Once you click on the board, you should see instructions on how to request to join the board. Sometimes, all you have to do is click a Request to Join button. Other times, you may have to send an email or fill out an online form.

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Choose country, language and then pick few categories in which you are interested. Pins or images related to these categories will be displayed on your homepage much like your facebook feed.

Now the starting point of setting up your profile is to make boards, these boards are similar to facebook pages. You can have whatever name for your boards then you add relevant images to that board.

From your home feed just hover to any pin and select board to pin if you already have or you can make new board right from here hassle-free.

Hi, I’m Shahnawaz.

By signing up you agree to our terms

Once saved you can check out your profile to see your new board and saved ideas.

You can click the edit button to enter details about your board.

Make sure you always enter relevant description this is very important for search engine optimization and will help you not only grow followers but also get good traffic to your website.

You can also add other people to your boards, this feature is much similar to facebook groups.

Once you type a name you will see the user in drop down, click it to invite user.

Another way to invite user without any relation is to just enter email and click it in drop down to send invite.

You can also make new boards from your profile page.

You can also find some great ideas by checking out explore tab.

You can also search any keyword in search field to get related ideas.

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Add The Save Button To Your Website

You can also make your website visitors aware of your brands Pinterest presence with the Save button. With the Save button, visitors can also share any image from your website on Pinterest, making them ambassadors for your brand.

ELLE Germany added the Save button on their web and mobile sites and in just one month found that three times as many Pins were being shared from its site.

Bonus:Download a free guide that teaches you how to make money on Pinterest in six easy steps using the tools you already have.

Follow Other Boards In Your Niche

You can also follow instead of following a whole account. This is a good way to narrow down on your niche further, especially if youre following people who like to include a board about everything they are interested in.

You can find boards using the Pinterest search bar too, or you can also find the boards that your own content is pinned to , because those users have already shown an interest in your content and will be more likely to follow you back.

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Use Social Share Buttons

Social Share buttons are one of the best ways to encourage your readers to share your content. They may want to forward it to someone else or save it for later.

They are more likely to share if the buttons are right in front of them reminding them to do so. There are a plethora of free plugins available that will automatically apply these to all of your articles.

Add them to the top or bottom of your main website tab, as well.

These sharing buttons are already included in most themes.

Analyze & Strategize At Least Once A Month

How to gain followers on pinterest quickly

account gives you access to the Analytics section wherein you can analyze your Pinterest activities and then later optimize them to avail maximum benefits.

You can dig deep into insights related to Pins, Audience, and Video. There are various filters to sort results based on day, date, time, devices, region, clicks, type of content, etc.

If not daily or weekly, try analyzing thoroughly at least once or twice a month. Itll help you in restructuring existing campaigns and launching new ones.

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Schedule Pins In Advance

Since Pinterest is very often used for planning, its a good idea to stay ahead of the calendar. Pinterest recommends that brands share seasonal content up to 45 days before a holiday or event. Sometimes Pinners even plan three to four months in advance of events.

Save time by easily scheduling and publishing Pins from Hootsuites dashboard.

Use Tailwind Tribes To Increase Your Reach

It used to be that getting on group boards was the best strategy here.

I still think that group boards are a GREAT way to increase your reach and get your content in front of more people, but high-quality group boards that are easy to get on are few and far between these days.

You can find group boards using tools like PinGoupie and PinSprout, but its hard to find GOOD group boards that are still accepting contributors.

The best way to join group boards is to network with other bloggers in your niche and get on a couple of their group boards .

But if youre just getting started with Pinterest traffic, an even better route is to use Tailwind Tribes to give your content a boost .

Tailwind is a software that provides the following services for your Pinterest account:

  • Content scheduling
  • Tracking and Analytics
  • Collaboration

If you dont have this software yet, Im here to tell you its theYou need it. Like yesterday.

You can sign up for a free trial and also get a $30 credit with our affiliate link.

Lets talk about tribes.

Tribes are simply a collaboration tool that allows you to get your content shared by others in your niche. Its essentially a

For every pin that you upload to a tribe, you have to share 1 in return. Some tribes have slightly different rules, but thats how it works for most tribes.

Its not a guarantee that your content will be shared but if you create great content, it will be shared more often!

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Enable Rich Pin For Blog

If you are running a blog or website you should enable Rich Pins for your site.

In my previous post, Ive described how to Enable Rich Pins you can start it.

The advantage of Rich Pins is that it will add some important things into a pin, here below is some of the content that is added by a rich pin in a post.

  • Title

Have A Compelling Headline

How to Explode Your Account and Gain More Followers on ...

Because no ones going to follow you if you have poor content. While its also a great idea to have a visually appealing blog design, thats not going to help you grow your social media followers.

Your content will.

And one of the first things a pinner is going to read is your headline. You have about two seconds for them to decide if that pin is worthy of their time.

Your headline should also show a benefit for reading your post. Will your pin help them blog better? Earn more money? Save them time? Have the best chocolate chip cookies ever?

If you can show a benefit for the reader in your headline, they are more likely to click through to your post.

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Meet New Pinners Through Great Group Boards

Get into GREAT group boards, but don’t go crazy with Pinning. When people follow those boards, they see your content, which could influence more shares. You want to find group boards that have high followers and relatively low contributors.

When you join a group board, you will instantly have access to more followersto every Pinner who already follows that group board. Seems like great advice, so how can you find group boards that are right for you to contribute to?

Start with PinGroupie. It’s a database site dedicated to helping Pinners find group boards. You can sort tons of boards by category, then number of followers to narrow the group boards to that of your niche that have a larger following with fewer contributors.

Group boards are especially helpful for getting more followers because when a Pinner chooses to “Follow all” of the boards from the creator, they also subscribe to receiving Pins from you through that group board.

Take Advantage Of Red Letter Days

So if its Christmastime, Thanksgiving, or Halloween? Its the perfect time for you to pin content related to the holiday.

Heres an example.

If its almost Christmas and youre wondering how to wrap your presents, youd be the first to save this pin and follow the board.

Tip: Its a good idea to pin holiday-themed content a little earlier than the holiday itself. For example, pinning Christmas ideas in November is a good practice.

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Help Potential Followers Find Your Pins Through Search Engines

Start with your Business Account Basics and slide the Search privacy button to No. This way, Pinterest will allow search engines to crawl the content you Pin which could help you get more visibility in image searches with popular search engines like Google.

Help Pinners find your content through search engines by changing your Search privacy setting to No.

The Right Time To Pin

How To Get Pinterest Followers FAST 2019 | 1000 Followers on Pinterest in 7 Days!

If youve been around social media for a while youd know that there is always the right time to post something.

Well, believe it or not, this applies to Pinterest as well. To ensure your pins are seen by most people, you should pin at the right time.

According to the best time to pin is Saturday morning. The worst time to pin is during working hours.

However, I like to take things further so I highly recommend you do a bit of research on your targeted audience before choosing the right time to post.

For example, the fashion and retail industry is the most active after 3 PM.

which you can take to your advantage to find more information on your targeted audience.

But even when you find the right time to Pin theres still a couple more things you should do before you pin your post.

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Increase Your Engagement & Be Consistent

However, you should be more outgoing to increase your engagement by:

  • Leaving meaningful comments that provide value
  • Mentioning people in comments
  • Reacting to Pins
  • Adding your photos if you tried the Pin

Itll take time to witness measurable results. So be consistent and stick to a regime for at least a couple of weeks. For example, you can plan to engage with around 20 Pins a day for a month.

Further, Pinners say the more you post, the better will be the outcome. Although theres no definite number of Pins you should post every day, studies reveal that on average, 9 Pins a day works best for all Pinners.

Pro Tip: You can also use to study whats the best time and day to post on Pinterest. Further, check out whats the impact of posting a different number of Pins over a period of time.

Use Keywords In Your Pin Descriptions To Help Pinners Find Your Content

You’ve already found keywords for your blog posts that you’re Pinning. Use those same keywords in your Pin descriptions to help potential followers find your content.

Target keywords in your Pin descriptions to help potential followers find your content.

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Have An Optimized Bio

One of the first things I did with my profile was make sure my bio had keywords in my niche and told people what I do and where to find me..

When pinners go to my profile they know exactly who I am I help moms and writers create a business and where to find me.

Make your bio value driven so that people have a reason to follow you.

Do You Have A Constant Stream Of Good Images Coming Through Or Do You Have The Resources To Create Them

How To Get More Pinterest Followers in 10 Simple Steps ...

Creating images centered around your brand takes time, focus, and a lot of thought. If youre a one-person brand currently focusing on sales and strategy, it may not be the right time for you to be putting all that effort into creating original images.

Does your company have the resources to create a constant stream of images or the funds to hire out this part of the process? If not, it might be a better idea to wait until you do.

Heres a handy list we put together of 23 tools and resources that will help you create images for social media.

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Build A Content Strategy

Developing a content strategy for any social media platform comes down to a few key factors.

If I had to summarize what most good content strategies have in common, it would be:

  • Balance of content styles
  • Consistent posting
  • Constant experimentation

Theres certainly room for some written content below your visuals, but the focus here is going to be visual content 90% of the time.

Why do I mention this? Because its going to dictate the balancing of content styles for you.

Since youre operating in an environment that basically demands some form of visual content, your options are a bit limited.

What do I mean? The Pins system. You may have fewer options when it comes to creating content, but when it comes to curating content? No platform does it quite like Pinterest.

You can create boards, post your own content, and surround it with curated content easily and seamlessly.

From there, we need to consider your posting schedule.

Consistent posting on social media is absolutely essential.

Forget about the fact that its almost impossible to build enough momentum be considered an online authority without it.

Its pretty darn unlikely that most users will stick around if you have an erratic posting schedule.

So clearly, consistency is important. But how often should you be posting to get the most out of your profile?

Once a day? Once every few hours?

Buffer actually came up with a pretty good range for business owners to fall into:

Thats right.

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