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How To Follow People On Pinterest

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Promote Your Individual Boards

Pinterest Tutorial 2021: How to Follow Someone on Pinterest?

Instead of following an entire profile, people prefer following boards on subjects theyre interested in. Work on getting followers for your most popular boards instead of the entire account.

Go through your brand page and look for your most popular boards and promote them to gain more followers.

1. Place your popular boards in the top row so people can see them as soon as they visit your brand page.

Swarovski uses the top row of their Pinterest page to display their most popular board, Wedded Bliss, which now has more than 1.5 million followers.

2. Use the board widget to display 30 of the latest pins from the selected board and lead viewers to the board by clicking on it. You can build a board widget by visiting the widget builder page.

3. Invite board contributors to pin to your boards to help attract followers. This can aid you in two ways:

1) the contributors will share lots of pins, which will increase your boards exposure

2) the board will be displayed on their profile too thereby converting some of their profile visitors to followers of your boards.

The above is an example of Better Homes and Gardens Blogger Recipes We Love, a popular board that has a lot of board contributors.

A/b Test Your Pins To See What Works

You don’t have to throw spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. By testing different variables with your audience, you can continually improve your campaigns as you learn more about what resonates with them.

  • Alternate headlines for your pin title
  • Alternate thumbnail images for your pin
  • Alternate post copy for your pin’s description

Just be sure to only test one variable at a time. Set a time period to run the test, and then compare each post’s performance using Pinterest analytics. Just make sure your A/B test’s results are statistically significant before you make any decisions on future runs.

Step : Pin Stuff People Actually Want

Theres no point in pinning an imaging saying my favourite spot clearing products, because people who havent followed you yet wont know who you are.

So they wont care what your favourite spot clearing products are.

But, if you pin something like How I cleared my acne and use a before and after photo, there are tonnes of people with acne who are looking for solutions to clearing it.

Do you see the difference?

Its so important to think about why people are on Pinterest.

Ask yourself, What problem can I solve for pinners?.

And by solving their problems with your pins, youre more likely to get followers.

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Enable Rich Pin For Blog

If you are running a blog or website you should enable Rich Pins for your site.

In my previous post, Ive described how to Enable Rich Pins you can start it.

The advantage of Rich Pins is that it will add some important things into a pin, here below is some of the content that is added by a rich pin in a post.

  • Title

Engage With Whats Popular

Buyable Pins: How to Leverage Pinterest

Take a look at whats already performing well on Pinterest by browsing the Popular feed. Take notes, evaluate commonalities, and consider how you could apply these ideas to your own content.

But dont overdo it. Too many comments may be flagged as spam. Instead, focus on writing a few sincere comments that go beyond one- or two-word remarks like Cool! or Thats awesome.

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Comment On Popular Pins

The Popular section on Pinterest consists of pins that have been repinned, liked and commented on several times. Take advantage of this and get people to check out your own page by commenting on these pins.

Have a good look at the pin study the image and the description and write a meaningful comment. You want to write more than a two-word comment like Great Pin or Nice Find! Show people you know and care about this subject by leaving a thoughtful comment. This will make people want to check out your page and follow you.

Note: Too much commenting is considered spam by Pinterest and can lead to your account being suspended. So limit your comments to two or three times a day.

In the above pin, which I found in the popular section of Pinterest, Pam Tufts left a very thoughtful comment. This shows she read the description and has some knowledge of the subject. This should get people who are interested in learning more to check out her profile and follow her.

Use Keywords And Hashtags

Pinterest users typically find brands through hashtags and searches, so it’s important you include both in your descriptions and images. Additionally, Pinterest’s hashtag help page states, “If you have a business account, adding hashtags to the organic instances of your Promoted content can help distribute your content in those feeds.” Pinterest recommends no more than 20 hashtags per pin.

When adding a hashtag to your description, it’s critical you remain specific and descriptive. This ensures the highest chance that your pin will match a user’s true search intent. For instance, let’s say you have a pin for healthy dinner recipes. Using the hashtag #healthyrecipes is better than simply inputting #healthy while more users likely search #healthy, those users are not necessarily looking for recipes. #Healthyrecipes helps you reach a more targeted audience.

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Bonus: Should You Buy Followers

On the other hand, most social networks purge bots, fake users, and misinformation spreaders. Since many services that sell followers use bots and fake accounts, the chances of you keeping your newly purchased numbers long term is slim.

Another concern with paid for followers is the lack of engagement. Paying for followers simply increases your follower count. It doesnt increase engagement since the paid followers may not be real.

Start Your Own Group Board

How to Search and Follow People on Pinterest

Group boards are all the rage and can be marketing power-houses if used correctly. And theyre known for increasing website traffic like nobodys business.

But are you aware of their potential to amplify your followers?

To start a group board, you can do it one of two ways:

  • Start a new board
  • Use a board you already own

Once you have a board created, click on the plus sign to start adding contributors:

The key to using your group board to gaining new followers?

State clearly in your board guidelines that to join they must follow the board and you. This is standard among group board creators, and its one of the quickest ways to accumulate followers quickly.

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Contribute To Others Boards

A quick way to attract followers is to contribute to popular group boards that already have a lot of followers. When you contribute quality pins to these boards, their followers become your followers, too, if they like your pins.

Look for popular group boards and spend some time forming a relationship with the board owner or other contributors, then ask them to invite you to the board.

An example is Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth who contributes to the board #LetsCelebrate Pin Party which has close to a quarter of a million followers. Exposing her pins to all of these followers should help convert some of them into her own.

Keep Your Followers Happy

Its not just about getting followers, its also about keeping them happy. Make the extra effort to keep your followers satisfied so theyll continue following you instead of leaving you.

Here are a couple of ways to keep followers happy:

  • Dont share everything at once: Instead of clouding your followers feeds with your pins all at once, time your pins to go out at regular intervals. You can easily do this by using a scheduling tool like Curalate.
  • Stick to one topic per board: One way to lose your board followers quickly is to share irrelevant pins to your boards. Its okay to share lots of different topics on different boards, but make sure you stick to one topic per board to keep your followers happy and get them craving more.

Over to You

Using some or all of these tips can help you . More followers will lead to an extended reach, broader visibility for your brand and a greater return on investment .

Please leave your comments below.

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Step : Pin Your Images To Group Boards

Whats the point in pinning other peoples images to the group boards your in?

Youre just giving them more exposure when that could be your pins more people are seeing!

Pin your images to the group boards in order to spread your pins as far as possible.

The further they go, the more likely it is people will discover your profile.

And the more followers you will get!

Connect Your Social Networks


to attract your Facebook and Twitter friends and followers to your Pinterest account.

You can easily tweet your pins so your Twitter followers can see them and . Choose the different types of activity youd like people to see, and with a simple click they can visit your pins, check them out and follow you on Pinterest.

To help attract followers, you can also .

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Pejper: Swedish Lifestyle Love

Are you a fan of simple imagery and great lifestyle ideas? If so, you’ll love Pejper, a Swedish lifestyle blog run by two women.

Their unique way of curating the best images and sources has been enough to earn them nearly 7 million followers, with popular lifestyle content consisting of everything from jewelry and wooden objects to black-and-white photography and fashion accessories.

Three Compare The Two Lists

Next, youre going to have to search in your text doc to see if the person you follow also follows you. So youre going to compare the two lists. Say you have someone in your Following list named Silliest Pinner. Go to your text doc and search for Silliest Pinner. If theyre there, you keep them. Of course, you may not care if someone is following you back. I follow some influential pinners because their pins are valuable. But if the person doesnt provide any value , unfollow them.

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Bekka Palmer: Photography And Lots More

By now, you should be aware that Pinterest is an extremely visual, image-based social platform. For photographers and , this means more opportunities to show off and view more beautiful photos!

Bekka Palmer is a Brooklyn-based photographer who regularly delights her more than 8 million followers. The boards closest to the top of her profile focus mainly on photography, but as you scroll down you’ll find more pins of helpful lifestyle sources, such as food, gardening, and apparel.

Bekka doesn’t have a ton of boards, but they’re all packed full of amazing pins.

Add The Save Button To Your Website

How To Follow Someone On Pinterest

You can also make your website visitors aware of your brands Pinterest presence with the Save button. With the Save button, visitors can also share any image from your website on Pinterest, making them ambassadors for your brand.

ELLE Germany added the Save button on their web and mobile sites and in just one month found that three times as many Pins were being shared from its site.

Bonus:Download a free guide that teaches you how to make money on Pinterest in six easy steps using the tools you already have.

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Home Decor And Design

  • Better Homes and Gardens Its hard not to mention BHG when youre discussing home decor and design. With over 200,000 followers, they remain one of the .
  • Censational Girl Fabulous DIY, design, interior decorating, and home improvement tips for less.
  • House and Home Canadas #1 design and decorating resource!
  • Remodelaholic With everything from breakfast tips to DIY projects, these pins are beautiful and sensible as they help you create a beautiful home and life!

Stand Out With Beautiful Visuals

, the best performing pins have three things in common: Theyre beautiful, interesting, and actionable. In that order.

  • Use high-resolution and high quality images.
  • Use lifestyle images, which tend to be more alluring than standard product shots, .
  • Avoid images that are too busy.
  • Favour vertically-oriented photos over horizontal ones. A whopping 85% of users search Pinterest on mobile, which means vertical images have much higher impact.
  • Dont make images too long, or theyll be cut off. The ideal aspect ratio is 2:3 .
  • Consider showing multiple products in a single Pin. that Pins with multiple products can appeal to different tastes and spark curiosity. Its best to maintain a four-product limit per Pin so as not to overwhelm.
  • Try video! If you have the resources, short videos have the power to stand out among even the best photos. If you dont, check out Hootsuites social video toolkit.

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How To Invite People

It is also imperative to start collaborating on other peoples boards. You will be able to issue your posts on boards in different accounts. And if these boards are already advanced, popular, they already have many users. Accordingly, they get much more repins very quickly than if you add people to yourself.

Add Relevant Keywords And Hashtags

Following people on Pinterest

How to find the right keywords and hashtags:

  • Note the key word bubbles that appear in the search results header.
  • Look at the hashtag suggestions and usage stats as you add hashtags to your Pin descriptions.
  • Search a relevant hashtag, and look at the tags and keywords being used by Pinners using that hashtag.
  • Look at the trending hashtags in your category .
  • Try these 8 SEO tools for social media marketers.

You can apply this logic to your profile too. For instance, consider adding a description to your name, like Hootsuite . Your profile is more apt to show up in keyword searches that way. This is especially useful if youre an entrepreneur and you want to emphasize your areas of expertise.

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Joy Cho / Oh Joy: For Everything Colorful And Creative

You’re bound to come across something that fits your creative taste by browsing through her dozens of different boards. Virtually all of her boards fit into lifestyle categories such as travel, food, home, and beauty.

Unique categories make her boards really stand out. Her Mini Travels board, for example, is a great one to follow if you’re interested in tips, gear, and ideas for traveling with kids.

While some of her boards don’t exactly include hundreds or thousands of pins, you can count on Joy for stressing quality over quantity.

The images she posts are colorful, clear, and unique. You likely wouldn’t stumble across some of the amazing things she’s pinned on your own.

Test Evaluate Adjust Repeat

Any good social media marketer knows that trial and error is a fundamental part of the job. offers several tools and actionable insights that help you see how your audience is engaging with your content.

Whether something is working or not, its always good practice to take a step back and evaluate why. After youve learned why something works, it will be easier to apply in the future.

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Connect Offline With Pincodes

Much like QR codes, Pincodes are designed to help people find your company on Pinterest while offline. Pincodes can be added to business cards, brochures, print ads, packaging or any other merchandise. A quick scan with the Pinterest camera will bring them directly to your Pinterest profile, board, or pin.

Follow Your Competitors Followers

How to Follow Someone on Pinterest 2017/2018

If youre sitting around waiting for followers to flock to you, youll be waiting a long time.

A powerful tactic to generate followers is strategically following your competitors followers.

Since you both have the same target audiences, chances are, if they followed your competitor theyll follow you, too.

A quick way to find competitors:

  • Search for terms that may be on your competitors profiles in the search bar. For example, if your content is about blogging, you might search for blogging tips.
  • Youll see four different options click on People.
  • Anyone who has blog, blogging, or a related term in their profile will show up under People:

    Begin looking through your competitors profiles, one by one. From there you can start following their followers, and youll begin to see many of them will happily follow you back. Easy-peasy!

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    Step : Pin To Your Own Boards Regularly

    One of the biggest mistakes I made was neglecting the followers I had already acquired.

    This is a mistake- people have followed me for my content, and I was only putting other peoples images in front of them!

    Now I pin images from group boards to my own boards to keep it varied, but regularly pin my own images to my own boards too.

    So if you want more Pinterest followers, make sure to pin your own graphics to your own boards too.

    This means the people following your individual boards are more likely to repin them fortheir followers to see and they could eventually become your followers too!

    Jump On The Hashtag Bandwagon

    Pinterest recently changed its tune on hashtags, and hashtags are now popping up on feeds everywhere. Theyre a way to see what pins are the newest and most relevant now that we cant see re-pin counts.

    If you want to be found by followers who fall into your target audience, nows the time to dive onto the hashtag bandwagon.

    You can use relevant hashtags in your pin descriptions like these pinners have:

    To use hashtags type # and then the keyword you want to use. Youll notice itll provide popular suggestions. Those will be the types of hashtags people will be plugging into the search bar so select them strategically.

    Want to learn more? Check out our guide to .

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