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How To Follow Hashtags On Linkedin

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How To Use Hashtags On Your Linkedin Status Update

How to Follow Hashtags on LinkedIn & Manage Your Hashtags 2021 Tutorial Walkthrough

There are a few ways to add hashtags to your status update.

As the GIF illustrates, you can add a hashtag by:

  • Typing out the pound sign followed by the word or phrase. As you type out your hashtag, LinkedIn will auto-generate hashtag suggestions based on what’s trending and popular.
  • Selecting one of the related hashtags next to the “Add Hashtag” button.
  • Pro-tip: Don’t add spaces or symbols in your hashtags, as they will no longer be clickable.

    Do Not Use Emojis In Your Linkedin Hashtags

    Emojis are all hip and cool. And you can use them in your hashtags! Cool, right?

    Not so fast. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!

    Let’s say I want to turn the word travel into a hashtag.

    Cool people might think about adding a little airplane at the end. Sure it looks fantastic…#travelâ︅but

    People will probably more likely subscribe or remember #travel rather than #travelâ.

    And as a consequence, you wouldn’t benefit at all from organic discoverability.

    Top 10 Linkedin Hashtags Every Key Account Manager Should Follow Now

    You may not know it, but LinkedIn hashtags are an excellent tool for staying up-to-date in your industry, finding relevant and useful information, and expanding your network. Here are ten hashtags that will help you thrive as a key account manager. Follow them to meet like-minded people, learn industry trends, and find answers to your questions!

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    How To Follow Hashtags On Linkedin

    by Harry Rasmussen | Jul 8, 2022 | Social Media

    The hashtag feature of LinkedIn is not much old. But was only introduced in 2016 only.

    We all know that we have been using hashtags for a long time now. And the platforms that influenced us to do so are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    So after following the footprints of such platforms, Linkedin also introduced hashtags in it. In this article, we will learn how to follow hashtags on Linkedin.

    We are all aware of hashtags now. The main concern for using hashtags is to reach more and more audiences. With the help of hashtags, one can also reach the right audience that one exactly wants.

    Trending Hashtags On Linkedin

    How to update the hashtags you follow on Linkedin

    If youre used to Twitter and Instagram, you might be surprised that finding trending hashtags on LinkedIn, or even trying to get a hashtag to trend, is almost irrelevant on LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn doesnt really have a trending hashtags feature. Instead, LinkedIn shows people the most popular and engaging content for any given hashtag on each hashtag page, and features a curated set of the most relevant and interesting articles on the LinkedIn home page. Your own feed will show you the top posts that are most relevant to you. This selection will be influenced by which hashtags you follow, but it doesnt draw attention to trending hashtags as such.

    LinkedIns emphasis is on engaging with people and content. Rightly, in our view, LinkedIns focus is on trending content rather than trending hashtags. LinkedIn seems to work on the assumption that people follow the topics theyre interested in, and this means that paying attention to follower counts for hashtags is more important than trying to discover which hashtags are trending.

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    How To Use Hashtags On Your Business Page

    If you have a business page on LinkedIn, you can associate it with relevant hashtags. This will put you right in the center of conversations surrounding those hashtags and allow you to connect with relevant audiences. Here are the steps to add them:

  • Start on your business page’s homepage.

  • You’re all set.
  • How Do I Find Out How Many Followers A Hashtag Has

    It’s very simple:

    Hover over the hashtag and click on it. It will open a new window with detailed information about this particular hashtag, including how many people posted using that tag, as well as its reach .

    You can also search for any hashtags you want to use by putting them into the Linkedin search bar at the top right corner of your screen and pressing enter.

    For more general queries go for broad tags type in niche hashtags if you’re looking to target specific individuals or companies who may be interested in what you post.

    A good example is #careers: there are thousands of users posting every day but they all have some connection to careers so it’s very relevant!

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    How Do Linkedin Hashtags Differ From Twitter And Instagram

    Now most of you may have skipped over that last section, having already learned the basics of hashtagging via Twitter and Instagram. But what you may not know, is that hashtags on LinkedIn should not be seen or used in the same way as those channels. Why? Because of the nature of the social channel, for starters.

    LinkedIn is largely a professional network although some may say this is up for debate these days and therefore some hashtags used on the likes of Twitter and Instagram may not have a place here.

    The functionality of hashtags on LinkedIn is similar to that of Twitter and Instagram, in that they usually increase the reach and potential engagement of your content. Like Instagram, you can also follow hashtags on LinkedIn to ensure certain content and updates finds its way onto your feed. To do this, simply type the hashtag into the search bar at the top of your feed and click Follow.

    Make You Post Trending On Linkedin

    How to Use Hashtags on LinkedIn: A Strategy for Growth
  • You are seen by a lot of people that might NOT know you today
  • Your engagement will rise because of the interest of the people following this hashtag
  • The team of storiesincorperated have shared that I think are noteworthy. Here are 3 tips they figured out:

    A) Post content that motivates to start a conversation

    B) Add a engaging video or image to your post

    C) Engage with the commentators right after you post

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    Include Hashtags Inside Your Linkedin Posts And Articles

    You can include hashtags inside your posts and articles which will allow your content to reach a greater audience . The best strategy is to use a combination of one or two popular hashtags with millions of followers , one or two more specific hashtags that your super target audience might follow , one or two brand unique hashtags . Finally, you can use location hashtags If this is relevant for your business. Three valuable tips to consider here:

    • You can begin writing a post right within a particular hashtag which might give you more chances of your content to be promoted in that particular hashtag feed and thus generating a lot more visibility.
    • Carefully consider which 3 hashtags to use first on your LinkedIn posts since these are included in your posts URL making them searchable by Google.
    • Feel free to capitalize the first letter of each word inside your hashtag so that your audience clearly understands its meaning .

    Linkedin Hashtags: How To Use Them To Better Engage With Your Audience

    As a marketer youve seen by now the power of hashtags, which is a topic that made a lot of fuzz over the years.

    Especially relevant for Instagram in the beginning, they started to gain more grounds on LinkedIn as well.

    Hashtags on LinkedIn aim for the same purposes as they have in all the other platforms.

    And by saying that, the benefits of using LinkedIn hashtags becomes crystal clear in the blink of an eye.

    • increase your content reach
    • target your business
    • and get your content in front of more people.

    And whats more important is that having a strategy for choosing those LinkedIn hashtags may boost your efforts through the moon!

    So lets get started!

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    Top 10 Linkedin Hashtags For Key Account Managers

  • #b2b. . Useful for emerging economic trends, forecasts and best practices on doing business in the corporate world. Topic will appeal to a broad range of clients and I often find great conversation starters that I can share with clients.
  • #business . Very broad range of topics, much of it on entrepreneurship and small business. I often find fascinating conferences and webinars in this hashtag that I would never have discovered otherwise.
  • #salestips . Key account managers sell and I’ve found a lot of practical advice on sales techniques, nurturing leads and closing deals in this hashtag.
  • #customerrelations . As a key account manager you need to balance service and sales. This hashtag has an enormous following. Which means you can really find some exciting ideas and advice on customer relationship management. It also means there’s a lot of junk you may have to sift through as well. Toggle between the Top and Recent posts to find gold.
  • #customersuccess . We all want our customers to succeed don’t we? This is a brilliant hashtag to follow for practical information on how to implement customers, grow their lifetime value and prevent churn.
  • #keyaccountmanagement . Yes it’s a niche hashtag, but that means you get to the good stuff right away. Essential news and best practices to help key account managers build influential relationships, accelerate client revenue and retention.
  • Option : Follow Twitter Hashtags Using A Browser

    How do LinkedIn Hashtags work?
  • Open the home page on Twitter, which is usually the default page.
  • Perform a hashtag search in the top right search bar .
  • Once on the search return page, bookmark it in your browser.
  • This process is a crude but straightforward way to follow a hashtag, but it works. The only drawback is that it isnt very dynamic. If youre tracking your name or company, it works fine, as the hashtag wont change much. If youre tracking changing hashtags or Trending Topics, you would have to repeat this for each one.

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    Establish Your Credibility & Expertise In A Specific Topic

    Consistently creating quality content around the topics you care about is the easiest way to build trust. Content powers your trust engine. It makes people want to follow you. Using the relevant hashtags will help give the right context to the post.

    What do you want to be known for on Linkedin?

    At the same time, remember LinkedIn wants you to use hashtags and will suggest hashtags to use based on the content of your post.

    What Are Hashtags Used For

    Hashtags have not only become part of our vocabulary but theyve become a key piece of any successful social media strategy. Hashtags started on Twitter as a way to differentiate between groups of topics within tweets. Today, we also use hashtags on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

    An average of 125 million hashtags are tweeted every day, and thats just one platform! Hashtag use can help you join new conversations, reach new users, grow your audience and increase engagement.

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    Trending Hashtags On Linkedin 2022

    Hashtags on LinkedIn continue to be adopted in 2022, with many having millions of followers. The most popular hashtags on LinkedIn usually consist of one word and are exceptionally broad, making them applicable to many businesses and individuals.

    We have curated a list of 30 trending LinkedIn hashtags that are both relevant to marketers and high in follower count :

  • #innovation -38,673,144 followers
  • #inspiration – 1,145,015 followers
  • To gain a more tailored recommendation of what hashtags to follow, you can use the recommendations in your feed which you can access through your personal LinkedIn account .

    However, before you rush off to add any of these hashtags to your posts, remember that with such a high volume of followers and posts trickling in, your posts may go unnoticed by new audiences, and that would defeat the purpose of using hashtags altogether!

    Make sure to also use niche hashtags that are suitable for your brand .

    Once you do choose a hashtag – don’t stop there, and do an additional check for similar hashtags. LinkedIn’s hashtags and their followers vary a lot when it comes to variations, even when they have a similar meaning. For example:

    • #socialmedia -19,756,133 followers

    The same goes for hashtags in other spaces:

    • #entrepreneurship -22,797,459 followers
    • #entrepreneur – 510,988 followers

    So if you find a hashtag that makes sense in a specific niche, you have the chance to become an early adopter.

    The Ultimate Guide To Master Linkedin Hashtags In 2021

    How To Easily Follow & Use Hashtags In LinkedIn

    This guide will help you to identify the perfect LinkedIn hashtag strategy that works for you. I’ll guide you through all the necessary steps you need to know in order to be successful.

    Stop for a second before reading: Why should you listen to the advice in this article?

    This article contains data from our research with the help of some of the most influential persons on LinkedIn. Also from analyzing own data and studying official documents from LinkedIn about this topic. Everything written here is made with the best of my knowledge and belief. The article is constantly updated – so stay tuned and bookmark it if you want!

    Note: some of the research was done with the help of – a third party LinkedIn analytics solution.

    In this article you will find a complete guide on how to use LinkedIn hashtags the right way.

    For a better overview I have divided this article into 2 parts:

  • The Right Usage Of LinkedIn Hashtags
  • Manage & Research Hashtags
  • Part 1

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    Why Are Hashtags Important On Linkedin

    On LinkedIn, hashtags were only introduced in 2018, and currently, only 1-2% of LinkedIn users are actively creating posts on the platform. This makes it different from other social media platforms where hashtags are used by a larger percentage of users. It also means that your hashtag strategy on LinkedIn is likely to be different from the one you use on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

    Include Punctuation But In The Right Places

    Like hashtags elsewhere, Linkedin hashtags can only include letters, numbers and emoji. Any spaces or symbols used within the tag will break the link.

    That means no apostrophes, commas, exclamation points, or hyphens.

    Here are some key punctuation dos and donts:

    • DONT add spaces. Multiple word hashtags should be grouped together. For example: #JustDoIt not #Just Do It.
    • DO capitalize multi-word hashtags. Titlecasing will vastly improve readability and will prevent hashtags from being read incorrectly.
    • DONT use symbols or punctuation marks. Grammarians may cringe over turning Im into Im or youre into youre, but hashtags operate under their own rules. Thus, Hillary Clintons 2016 campaign slogan Im With Her became #ImWithHer in hashtag format.
    • DO include punctuation around your hashtag. If your hashtag is in a sentence and should be followed by a comma, end mark, or other form of punctuation, including one will not affect the tag.
    • DO check your spelling. Hashtags can often be overlooked in proofreads, but a misspelled hashtag is a missed connection.

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    What About Hashtags And Linkedin Company Pages

    When it comes to posting updates, include 3-5 relevant hashtags as you would on your personal updates.

    But you can also select 3 hashtags to your company page that unlock special features. These 3 hashtags will give you the ability to join in the conversation on ‘trending posts’ that are tagged with one of the 3 tags – but not as you… you can join the conversation as your company page! How great is that for building your company page following!

    Linkedin Hashtags: How Why And Where To Use Them

    How to discover, follow and manage hashtags on LinkedIn

    If you, like many occasional, periodic and avid social networkers out there, are wondering whether its time you started using hashtags on LinkedIn, youve come to the right place

    Our guide details everything you need to know about LinkedIn hashtags, including when and how to use them, and the potential benefits they can bring in terms of:

    • Discovering new content.
    • Building your business and personal brand.
    • Increasing your contents reach and engagement.
    • Finding new and valuable connections.

    Before we take a deep dive into the wonders of the LinkedIn hashtag, lets kick things off with the simpler questions, starting with

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    Do Not Repeat Linkedin Hashtags More Than Once

    Let’s say my hashtag was #LinkedIn. Using the hashtag #LinkedIn once is enough to trigger organic discoverability in #LinkedIn.

    It doesn’t change how often I repeat #LinkedIn in my text. If anything, this has two adverse effects. It will make your text more challenging to read.

    And it will negatively impact the maximum number of hashtags in your post, reducing your organic reach.

    The Tl dr On How To Hashtag

    The long story short on how to use a hashtag right is that you should be using them in your content.

    How you use hashtags will depend on the platform and your industry. Follow best practices per platform and remember to engage! Use hashtags as an engagement tool to find other similar accounts and to join in conversations. The more active you are across all social media platforms, the more successful you will be in growing your audience.

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    How To Use Hashtags In Your Linkedin Posts

    Hashtags dont have spaces. For example if you are a small business owner and wanted to talk about that, you might use the hashtag #SmallBusinessOwner, making sure it was all typed as one word. Avoid punctuation, special symbols or emojis otherwise the hashtag wont work.

    A top hashtag tip is to capitalise each word in your hashtag. This practice is called upper camel case or pascal case. Not only does it help to make your words easier to read, it can help individuals who use screen readers or accessibility devices to easily understand each word.

    There are two ways to insert hashtags in posts:

    1 Type # followed by the word or phrase directly into the body of your post.

    2 Click on Add hashtag at the bottom-left of the text window.

    To find the hashtag you want, start typing your word or phrase and a drop-down menu of hashtags will appear. These hashtags are personalised for you by the LinkedIn algorithm.

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