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How To Find Your Drafts On Facebook

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How To Edit Or Publish Drafts On Facebook Page

How to Find Your Drafts on Facebook using Android
  • Click on Publishing Tools at the top of your Page. Only Pages, not personal profiles, can access Publishing Tools.
  • Click Drafts in the left column.
  • Click Edit to edit the draft. To publish the draft.
  • Making use of Creator Studio

    Facebook launched Creator Studio as the all-in-one brand management tool for Facebook as part of Facebook For Business. Using a unified platform, you can edit all of your postings, measure progress, review page notifications and direct messages, and use monetization opportunities. Creator Studio is available to every Facebook user who owns a Facebook Page.

    To make a Facebook draft post via Creator studio, heres what to do:

    1. Go to Facebook Creator Studio and log in. Youll be taken to the Creator Studios main page.

    2. On the left-hand menu, tap the Create Post option.

    3. From the navigation menu, choose Create Posts to launch the post editing box.

    4. Write your post. Youll have complete use of all of Facebooks post-creation features, including business-related features like Tag Partners and Tag Items.

    5. Once youve finished writing your message, click the triangle icon next to the Publish button. Make sure youre not tapping the publish button, which will immediately publish your work.

    6. Select Save as Draft from the drop-down menu. Your draught post has been successfully saved.

    I Saved A Draft Post On My Personal Facebook Profile Where Is It

    Here is how to find saved draft posts on a personal Facebook profile

    While on your mobile device, you may have been typing a post, then when asked Save This Post as a Draft?, you chose Save Draft.

    To find this draft again, just create a post again by tapping on the Whats on your mind? on your mobile device, and what you had typed before should be there again.

    If your Facebook post does not appear here, then unfortunately you are out of luck, and your draft is gone.

    There is no Saved Drafts section on Facebook for personal profiles. Facebook used to allow you to save drafts to a folder for personal profiles, but not anymore.You will also notice that there is no Save to drafts option while on Facebook from a computer.

    However, if you run a Facebook page, you can still save drafts to your Facebook Page.

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