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How To Find Your Aesthetic On Pinterest

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How Do You Want People To Feel

HOW TO FIND YOUR AESTHETIC | Using Pinterest to Change Your Style Up

What is the message you want to portray with your aesthetic? This is a BIG ONE. Do you want people to feel inspired, artistic, creative, happy, spiritual?

Obviously, this should align with your content, but images can really make people feel a certain way, so knowing that going into it will help you tremendously. What is the message you are trying to convey to people? Note how you feel when you visit certain blogs or Instagram feeds & think about why you feel that way.

For example: I hope my feed inspires people to be themselves & to think outside the box. I want people to feel that doing YOU is a good thing. To not follow the crowd because you think its the right way to do anything.

Creating An Instagram Aesthetic Step #: Choosing An Instagram Aesthetic

The first thing youll want to do is decide on the Instagram aesthetic you want for your profile. A great way to get started is just by looking for inspiration.

What do some of your favorite feeds look like? Are they bright and airy? Dark and moody? Do they follow some sort of pattern?

Taking the time to think about these things while youre browsing your favorite profiles will help you decide what aesthetic will best represent you and your brand.

Youll also want to consider what types of photos youll be posting. For example, even if you prefer a light and bright feed, if you live somewhere like Seattle, it may be a hard look for you to achieve.

Make sure you consider what and where youll be shooting, as this will be what you can maintain consistently. And consistency is really key when youre creating your aesthetic and should be considered above all else!

Another way to help you determine what look youd like to create on your feed is by creating a mood board.

Theres a ton of different programs and apps, like that you can use to create a mood board. Creating a mood board is a really great way to help you get your creativity flowing and guide you in deciding what you want your feed to look like.

When youre creating your mood board, make sure to include a mix of colors, textures, patterns, and quotes to help you better visualize what your Instagram feed should look like.

Putting A Name To Your Aesthetic

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After you have found different visuals that encapsulate your aesthetic, know what aesthetics they come from , what the source is , and what adjectives they can convey. Apply this to all of your visuals from your moodboard, blog, etc. By the end, you should have a list of words that, in essence, describe your aesthetic.

If the list is fairly short, like if most/all of your chosen visuals match a page on this wiki, then you would most likely belong to that community or a blend of two-three aesthetics that have popular names.

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Creating An Instagram Aesthetic Step #: Scheduling Your Cohesive Instagram Feed

Planning out your content in advance is really whats going to make or break your Instagram aesthetic. You dont just want to focus on how youre editing your photos, but start considering what they look like next to each other, and whats beside, below or on top of your new posts!

The best way to pre-plan your feed and make sure everythings flowing together is by using a visual planner like Later.

Laters visual Instagram planner shows you exactly what your Instagram feed would look like and its seriously a game changer. The visual planner lets you easily rearrange or swap out photos to find that perfect balance for your Instagram feed.

Scheduling out your posts ahead of time doesnt just help you maintain a consistent aesthetic, but it also helps you to post regularly, which is also really important when youre trying to get more followers.

Again, new visitors on your profile are much more likely to convert into followers when they know exactly what they can expect from your feed, and your Instagram Stories.

And thats our five easy steps to creating a killer Instagram aesthetic covered! By having consistent elements across your website, Instagram posts, and stories, your brand will have the chance to really unify your aesthetic and style from every single angle.

And now that youve learned exactly how to create and curate an Instagram aesthetic for your brand, youre ready to design, execute and show off your very own beautifully-crafted Instagram profile!

Give Each Board A Defined Purpose

Pin on

If you want to use your boards as part of your creative process, they each need to have a clearly defined purpose. You need to know which context you are collecting inspiration for, whether that context is big and abstract like your overall personal style or small and tangible, like accessories ideas for your summer holiday.

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To Visualize Your Overall Personal Style

If you are currently in the process of refining your personal style, a ‘master style board’ is a must. How does a master board differ from a seasonal style board? Its all about the context. A seasonal style board should include every element that you want to wear that season, i.e. its very specific and has a short-term focus. Your overall personal style on the other hand is likely to remain stable for many years and will influence all of your seasonal wardrobes and also many other areas of your life. Your master style board should represent the essence of your personal style, its most important qualities, from colours, textures and shapes to overall themes, moods and feelings. If you are still in the early stages of defining your style, your master board should grow with your preferences and always show your current best idea of your overall style.

Creating Content With Purpose

Okay- another question the lovely lady asked me when she messaged me was do I dress to match my feed. I LOVE THIS QUESTION.

The answer would be: to an extent, yes, I do dress to match my feed but I am not doing it intentionally. Now that I am fully content with my branding, my style just works better. Before, when I was all black & white, I had to actually try harder to match my feed than I do now.

For example: if you look at my current branding, you will notice there is lots of red going on cause I am LOVING red lately. Do I wear more red because of this- absolutely, but not neccesarily to match my feed just cause I like red so it goes hand in hand.

Same goes for my non-outfit photos, being more drawn to red, I noticed I have red roses in my house which I love adding to a photo, or even a red shoe in a flat lay gives me all of the feels. Just a little pop of color to tie it all in works wonders for me.

If you are in a world where branding is big , it is important to create content with purpose! You really cant just post any picture & expect it to work, it takes some thought but if you have honed in on an aesthetic, this process is so much easier.

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Dont Be Afraid To Delete Pins

Regularly revisit your boards and get rid of everything you don’t like anymore. Now, obviously theres no need to do that for all of your boards, just the ones you want to use to actively refine your style, because they are the ones you need to be able to analyse as a whole. Pins that you only feel meh about not only distract from pins you love but also completely skew the overall feel of the board. So: Whenever you are giving your board a quick glance over, get rid of anything that does not inspire you anymore or that feels out of place.

Creating An Instagram Aesthetic Step #: Editing Your Photos For Your Instagram Feed

how to have an aesthetic pinterest account and BLOW UP (pinterest organization)

The best way to create a cohesive Instagram aesthetic is during the editing process. Choosing the same filter, set of filters or editing rules, will help you keep your photos looking consistent and fit together.

If youre looking to give your photos a more professional look, Lightroom is by far one of the most powerful photo editing tools out there, especially because you can use ready-made Lightroom presets!

Lightroom presets are one-click photo editing tools that can dramatically speed up your workflow and give your Instagram photos a professional look.

Using Lightroom presets on your mobile device can give your Instagram feed a serious upgrade and help you content .

While mastering Adobe Lightroom on desktop takes time and practice, using Lightroom presets on the mobile app is a quick and easy way to take your Instagram photos to the next level.

Since many presets are offered in packs or collections, you can choose from a selection of filters for each of your photos while still maintaining a cohesive look on your Instagram feed.

This year, many popular Instagrammers have even released their own preset collections, making it easy for you to achieve the same look and feel as your favorite influencers!

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Find Your Ideal Clothing Store To Shop At

Once you do get around to finding the type of aesthetic you might be youll need to find some shops that create clothing that matches with your aesthetic. There are many online clothing stores to consider including PrettyLittleThing, Urban Outfitters, Zara, SHEIN, New Look and Brandy Melville. Remember that you do not have to stick to just one store and can branch out to several different ones if you like the clothes they have to offer.

What Does Aesthetic Mean

Strictly speaking, the word aesthetic concerns beauty or the appreciation of beauty. However, more loosely defined, an aesthetic refers to the overarching style or vibe of something.

A strong aesthetic can go a long way on the internet. And while you may have a clear vision of your overall style its useful to have a fundamental outline to reference.

When it comes to creating your aesthetic it can be tempting to start from scratch and try to create something thats wholly yours. However, this can be a time consuming and frustrating endeavour.

I suggest finding an existing style or aesthetic and start shaping it towards your goal. Choose your favourite elements and cut the rest.

Expand on your vision slowly and take note of what components are pillars in your aesthetic. These pillars are facets that once removed would affect your overall style. Break it down to as little elements as possible then build it out again.

You want to understand your aesthetic inside and out to ensure your vision comes out as a cohesive project.

You dont have to spend all day scrolling through Tumblr posts to find an aesthetic anymore. There are tons of websites and apps dedicated to collecting and visually sorting images.

The most obvious choice for this would be . A simple keyword search will pull up 1000s of related images to draw from. And while this can be good for finding specific keywords or themes, usually the visual composition of the images are too broad.

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Write A Good About Your Profile Section

All the people who are doing well on Pinterest have a clear profile that tells you exactly what they do.

The best way to do this is to make good use of the about your profile section.

If you were to visit , you will know straight away what I write about on my blog.

I have used keywords so if you were to search for these words, my profile would be more likely to come up.

How To Create A Moodboard

Aesthetic Strong Quotes Wallpapers FREE Pictures on GreePX
  • Finding photos is the first step of making a moodboard. To do so, search up subjects or aesthetics that you like. These can be normal rectangles or a transparent. A transparent is an image that has no background and is typically in the PNG format. These images are typically used for scrapbook-style and outfit moodboards, as they allow for layering, showing the background, and different shapes. One can make a transparent by taking an image and erasing any undesired parts with an art software program. Transparents are also shared on social media and outfit moodboard sites, and are free to use according to the OP’s description. One can simply find them via searching “moodboard transparent” or “PNG” on tumblr or Pinterest.
  • Select the photos that you want to use in the moodboard. Commonly, one uses a variety of subjects and different qualities that have similarities and contrasts that fit together pleasingly. The colors of the images create a color palette. Multiple creators base their moodboards on themes such as named aesthetics that would be found on the wiki, characters, periods of history, locations, etc. This is not necessary, but a moodboard typically has a unified vision that is communicated through the images.
  • Choose a format. This will be described below.
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    *ring Ring* Its Your Best Friend Calling Hey Were Downstairs Lets Hit The Road And Have Some Fun Yes Theyre Asking You To Go On A Trip With Them You Only Have 5 Minutes To Pack Your Things Up What Would You Do

  • Im not too fond of sudden plans. I wouldnt go with them.

  • Id grab my hat, my flip-flops, and my balm lip. Lets go!

  • Sounds like fun. But Id need more than 5 minutes to pack up.

  • All I need is a backpack and a 90s nostalgia songs CD.

  • Id jump off the bed and get into the car right away. No nothing is needed.

  • Im not sure if Id go with them or not. It depends, TBH.

  • Question 3
  • Give Yourself More Than One Try

    You may think that you have the winning concept in hand, but give yourself a few rounds of iteration to re-imagine and get your aesthetic just right. With each round, challenge the design to more closely satisfy your three character words.

    From a zoomed out view, define your product’s proportion. Zooming in, find areas of your product that can be purified and improved. Reduce unnecessary complexity to remove visual distraction and let the design intent be the center of attention.

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    To Plan Your Style Concept For A New Season

    One of the most helpful ways to use Pinterest to refine your personal style is to create boards that represent your seasonal wardrobe for the current or upcoming season. A seasonal style board should include both abstract and practical inspiration: everything from overall themes you want to base your seasonal wardrobe on to very specific items and outfits. For me a seasonal style board is the ideal starting point for building a new capsule wardrobe at the beginning of a season: I collect inspiration throughout the months leading up to it and then analyse the board as a whole, create an overall look from it and dissect it into individual elements. If you want to see an example, the image above is an excerpt from the one I am currently working on, my spring and summer board. to see the whole thing. One extra tip: Since seasonal style boards include a wide range of things, from the abstract to the very specific, its important that you always note down what exactly you love about an image in the description, so youll have an easier time processing your set later on.

    What Is Dark Academia

    Pinterest Girl Aesthetic // Finding your aesthetic #31

    One of the most popular aesthetic types, dark academia, is based on European culture and classical literature. Works like “Pride and Prejudice,””Little Women,””Madame Bovary,” and “1984” are just some of the titles that are considered a must-read in the dark academia world. Not only is certain literature considered a part of this aesthetic, but specific movies and music too. When it comes to movies, films like The Dreamers, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, and Black Swan, should all be on an IMDB watchlist of true dark academia enthusiasts. And if your cup of tea is music, you can find hours-long playlists on YouTube for when you really want to feel like youre living the dark academia dream. Some of the values that go with this aesthetic are the pursuit of self-discovery, wisdom, and a passion for learning and knowledge. This gives the aesthetic more depth than just pictures of books and brown outfits.

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    To Reveal Your Colour Style

    One of the most important components of your personal style is its colour palette. We all have our own unique preferences for certain colours and a Pinterest board is a great tool for revealing those preferences for two reasons: a) its super easy to collect lots of images in one place and see how the individual shades work together as a whole and b) its even easier to find more images with a similar colour scheme through the ‘Related Pins feature at the bottom of the page. To create a colour-focus board you first need to pick a context, whether that is your entire personal style, a seasonal wardrobe or even just a single look. Next, start pinning every image that speaks to you in some way in regard to your context. And don’t feel like you have to stick to fashion-related images only: All that counts are the colours of an image so feel free to also pin things like photography, design, food, interiors, anything. After a first round of pinning you then need to go through your board, identify an overarching theme and delete any images that don’t represent that theme. Your goal should be to create a coherent colour story of images that you can then use to extract individual colours and build a colour hierarchy for your wardrobe, like in this post.

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