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How To Find Unread Emails In Gmail Primary

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My Inbox Shows 1 Unread Email Even Though I Have No Unread

How To Find Unread Emails In Gmail – Get Unread Messages on Top


Log into your Gmail account, at Inbox folder, hover to number 1 using your pointer/mouse then the number will be transformed into a small triangle drop-down mark, click the drop-down and select Inbox Type> Priority Inbox, you can then see your unread email that caused this issue.

How To Delete Old Emails Automatically After A Certain Day

You can delete an email automatically as soon as it arrived, or can delete the old unread or any emails automatically after a few days/month of arrival by creating Filter.


  • Open your Gmail account and click on the gear icon at the top right corner and then click on “See all settings“.
  • Navigate to “Filters and Blocked Address” and then click on “Create a new filter“.
  • In the popup, under Has the words field add date and time queries like Older_Than:20d and click on Create filter.
  • On the Next popup, check on “Delete it” and click on “Create Filter“.
  • Now, this filter is applied for all incoming mails and emails get deleted automatically if the mail is greater than 20 days and unread.

    Using The ‘select All’ Option

    Important: You can use this method from your main inbox, or you can go to a specific folder to only mark all as read from within that folder.

    1. Hit the down-carrot next to the Select box in the top toolbar and choose All.

    2. Select the icon from the top toolbar. It looks like an open envelope.

    Quick tip: You can do this with just selected emails, too, rather than applying the read label to all emails. For that, select emails one by one, or select all on the current page, and then hit the icon at the top.

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    How Do I Read Emails On Gmail

    This is how you can read your Gmail messages:

    Go to your Inbox and select the tab that holds the type of message you wish to see. You should find the most important messages on the Primary tab.

    Choose the message you wish to read and click anywhere on the emails line.

    The entire text of the message will now appear.

    To return to your Inbox, hit the Back to Inbox option above the email.

    How Can I Find Unread Emails In Gmail

    How To Find Unread Emails In Gmail Primary App

    According to Gmail, I’ve got one unread email in my inbox.

    How do I find it without browsing through the entire inbox?

    in your Gmail search box.

    Other Gmail search operators can be found here

    As an alternative, you may want to try this in your Gmail search box:

    in:inbox is:unread
    • I’ve been there before- several times and forgot the term. Gmail is still my favorite. 🙂

    To solve this problem permanently, you can also install “Priority Inbox” from Google Labs .

    Once configured, it will always display all your unread emails at the top of the list!

    If you do this search repeatedly or generally appreciate brevity, you can use “l:unread” or even “l:^u” instead of “is:unread” .

    Of course, you can combine the quest for unread messages with others:

    “l:^u from:tim” finds all unread messages from “tim”,”l:^u l:^t” finds all unread starred mail,”l:^u l:^k subject:hi” finds all unread messages with “hi” in the subject that are in the Trash.

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    How To Find Unread Emails In Gmail In The Browser

    You can find your unread emails using your browser with just a few clicks:

  • Go to your Gmail account and click on Settings, represented by the gear icon.
  • Now, choose See all settings.
  • Next, select the Inbox section.
  • Then, in the Inbox type drop-down menu, select Unread First.
  • Select the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page, and youre all done.
  • How To Find And Erase Large Gmail Emails

    Posted on by Judy Sanhz

    When you first open your Gmail account, finding emails is easy since you dont have to look through too many. But, after a while, find an email can get complicated even if youve memorized some of the text.

    Some users may only remember that the file was of a certain amount. If thats your case, theres a little search trick you can use to find all email attachments that are of a specific size.

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    How Do I Fix My Gmail Unread Counts

    Gmail has 5 different inbox types, that can be configured to handle messages and unread messages in different ways. To make sure that Wavebox reports the correct unread count and notifications, you need to ensure it’s configured in the same way as your Gmail account.

    When adding your account for the first time you’ll be prompted with different options. If you change how you use your Gmail account, or weren’t sure at the time which option to choose, you can easily change it later.

    How Do I Filter Gmail For Unread Messages

    How to View the Unread Messages in Gmail

    Log in to Gmail, then type is:unread into the Gmail search box and press Enter. Select Create filter with this search from the search box drop-down menu.Check Apply the label and select New label Enter a name for the label. Click Create filter to save your settings and apply the filter.More items

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    Find Unread Emails In Outlook: Mobile App

    The Outlook mobile app works similarly, on both iOS and Android devices. Here, youll click on the Filters drop-down menu, which should appear at the top of your inbox, and select Unread Mail.

    You can also create an Unread Mail search folder using your mobile app, starting with Folder, then tapping New Search Folder.

    Note that you should be able to access your Unread search folder on both desktop and mobile devices once its created, regardless of where you originally created it. There are also a variety of search parameters and advanced options you can use to find the exact email you wantthough these are not as robust as the search features youll find in Gmail.

    Now that you know how to find unread emails in Gmail and Outlook, are you interested in getting more productive at email? The first step is analyzing the bad habits that could be holding you back from successwhich is why EmailAnalytics exists.

    With EmailAnalytics, youll get to see your email activity, including the number of emails you send and receive and the average length of your email threads, with interactive data visuals, so you can make better decisions and communicate more effectively. today to learn more!

    How To Find Unread Emails In Gmail On Android

    Weve already mentioned one way you can check your unread emails in the Gmail app, but heres another method for your Android device:

  • Open your Gmail app.
  • Tap the section that says Search in emails at the top of the screen.
  • Type in is:unread in:inbox and press Search.
  • All your unread emails will appear on the display.
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    View Unread Emails Only In Primary Gmail Inbox

    If you use the default Gmail inbox filtering and you want to exclusively see only the unread emails in the Primary Gmail inbox, you can do that with the following search operator:

    in: category:primary is:unread

    That will display only the unread emails for the Primary inbox, rather than the entire inbox.

    This is another significant advantage to webmail, since the task of sorting giant inboxes is handled by a remote server, it relieves the local machine of the disk and CPU intensive activity of sorting through potentially hundreds of thousands of past messages to find the 9000+ unread emails residing in the inbox. This screen shot example may be a bit extreme, but even my personal email has over 200+ unread messages at any given moment.

    To reveal the normal inbox again with all read and unread messages together, either remove the search operator from the search box and hit return again, or just click the Inbox item from the left side menu.

    Despite being such a simple feature, it doesnt seem like common knowledge. Ive been using Gmail for many years and didnt know about this trick, and its as only in a passing conversation with a friend that I learned about it.

    Changing Your Inbox Type

    View Only Unread Messages in a Gmail Inbox with 2 Simple ...

    If you dismiss the welcome prompt or want to change the Inbox Type later, you can do this through settings…

    First check which Inbox Type Gmail is configured to use, open your Gmail account settings:

    Select the Inbox tab along the top and you’ll find the Inbox type dropdown with one of the 5 types selected. You’ll need to make a note of which one you have selected:

    Now we need to tell Wavebox to use the same Inbox type. Open your Wavebox account settings, by right clicking on your account in the left-toolbar and clicking Group Settings:

    Finally find the Inbox Type setting under the Gmail heading and change it to be same type as what you’re using in Gmail:

    If you want to find out more about different Gmail Inboxes, Google has some excellent advice on Choosing the right inbox type.

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    How To Refine Your Search On Gmail

    There are several methods of refining your search on Gmail. You can set the program to find emails from certain people, dates, or set other parameters. Here are some examples:

  • To make Gmail show unread messages between, say, December 28, 2019, and January 1, 2020, type in the following command in the search box: is:unread before:2020/1/1 after:2019/12/28.
  • To check out unread messages from a specific email address, enter this line: is:unread from:.
  • You can also search your emails by a certain name using: is:unread from:Mark.
  • How To Delete All Unread Emails That Are Older Than A Fixed Date Or A Fixed A Year Ago

    There is several useful Gmail search you can perform to extract particular email and delete it.

    If you want to delete 1 monthly old email then in the search bar type:

    is:unread Older_Than:1m

    Then follow steps 3, 4, and 5 as mention above.

    If you want to delete a 1-year-old email then just replace 1m by 1y as below.

    is:unread Older_Than:1y

    You want to delete before the fixed date or mm/dd/yyyy then do as below.

    Suppose you want to delete it before June. 1, 2021 then just type below in the Gmail search bar.

    is:unread before:2021/06/01

    Then follow steps 3, 4, and 5 as above.

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    How To Filter By Unread In Gmail

    Are you trying to figure out how to filter your emails by unread in Gmail?

    On the desktop app, there used to be a filter on the top left that let you quickly filter by Unread, Important, and some other settings. Now its a little harder to find, but it still works the same way.

    Heres a quick article about how to filter emails and messages by unread in Gmail, for both desktop and the mobile app. This tutorial also covers some productivity tips to help you manage email and get more done! Cover photo credit: Patrick Amoy

    Increase Your Sales By 16% With Emailanalytics

    How to Find Unread Emails in Gmail
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    • Following up within an hour increases your chances of success by 7x.
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  • Tap on the gear icon and tap Settings.
  • Head to the Inbox section and select Unread first from the Inbox type menu.
  • Scroll down and tap Save Changes.
  • If you want to conduct a search, scroll to the top of the app to access the search bar , or tap the search icon in the top right corner .

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    How To Get Number Of Unread Mails Count From Gmail Account

    Hi i am trying to find Number of unread mails count from my Gmail account for this i searched lot in Google but i did not getany working solution and finally i found one document from below link i followed same process but it returns always Unread mails count as 0 but in Gmail account there is 2 Unread messages

    Can some one help me please i am waiting for correct solution since 3 days

    public static int getGmailCount             return 0         }        int count = 0         while )         }        cursor.close         return count     }
    • there is no solution from link provide by your–> 13 ’17 at 7:37
    • if want i will share my sample code to yours please suggest meJun 13 ’17 at 7:38
    • Can you change your code to this and try cursor.getIntJun 13 ’17 at 7:46
    • did you try this?

    I never tried this but can you try this.

       public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity     public Account getAccount         Account accounts = accountManager.getAccountsByType         Account account         if   else         return account     }    public int getUnreadCount             int unread = 0             while )             }            return unread         } finally         }    }    private interface UnreadQuery          int NUM_UNREAD_CONVERSATIONS = 0         int CANONICAL_NAME = 1     }}

    Switch To The Priority Inbox

    David Nield

    Another alternative layout that Gmail offers is what it calls the Priority Inbox: This splits your inbox into sections that include important emails, unread emails, or starred emails. You get to choose the sections and how theyre arranged.

    Click the cog icon on the main Gmail interface , then select Priority inbox under Inbox type to switch to it. Click Customize just underneath, and you can choose how many sections show up on screen, as well as what gets put in them.

    One of the most useful sections is Important and unread, which shifts every important email and every email youve not yet opened up to the top of the conversation list . Any label that youve set up in Gmail can be used to fill out one of your sections.

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    How Do You Mark Something As Unread In Gmail

    There are multiple ways of marking a message as unread in Gmail:

    Open the email you wish to mark as unread. You can select several messages at once. To do so, tap the symbol in front of the message or press and hold the email until its checked. Then, choose more emails to include in the collection.

    Hit the button in the Toolbar. If you mark an email as unread while reading it, the app will go back to the email list with the email marked as new.

    Go to the menu in the top-left corner.

    Go to Mail swipe actions.

    Hit Left swipe or Right swipe.

    Select .

    Return to the Settings section and hit X.

    Go to your Inbox and swipe over an email until appears.

    Release the message, and thats it.

    How To Find Unread Primary Emails In Gmail

    How to Find Unread Emails in Gmail Desktop (3 METHODS)

    We are going to use the search bar as the previous guide. However, we will add a filter so Gmail will only show you unread emails from the folder you selected.

    1. Go to your Gmail account and head to the search bar at the top.

    2. Type label:unread category:primary and press Enter. Remember, you can replace Primary with the folder you want to search, such as Promotions, Social, Updates, and Forums.

    3. Now you can see unread emails from the category you have selected before.

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    How To Find Unread Emails In Gmail In A Folder

    Folders in Gmail are also known as labels. To find your unread emails under a label, youll first need to create one. Heres how to do it:

  • Log in to your Gmail account.
  • Type in is:unread into the search box and hit Enter. This will reveal all your unread messages or threads with unread emails.
  • Now, choose the Create filter option from the search box menu.
  • Next, check the Apply the label function and choose New label
  • Type in the name of your label, in this case, you can enter Unread and then press the Create button.
  • Finally, hit Create filter to save your changes and apply your filter. To finish, check the tick box to the right to set the filter to your unread messages.
  • How To Show The Number Of Unread Gmail Emails In Your Browser Tab

    Rob Woodgate is a writer and IT consultant with nearly 20 years of experience across the private and public sectors. He’s also worked as a trainer, technical support person, delivery manager, system administrator, and in other roles that involve getting people and technology to work together. Read more…

    If you use Gmail as your primary email client, flicking back to the Inbox to check whether youve received new emails gets tiresome fast. Fortunately, there is a setting that will display the number of unread emails in your browser tab.

    This option is subtly different from the default number that appears in the Gmail browser tab when youre in the Inbox.

    This number shows you how many unread emails you have in your Inbox, but it only shows you that number when youre actually in the Inbox. If youre in any other Gmail folder or location, it disappears.

    Gmail gives you the option to enable an unread message icon in the header that works no matter where you are in the Gmail website.

    To enable this, click on the setting gear icon found on the right side of the screen, and then select See All Settings.

    Scroll down to the Unread message icon option, click Enable, and then select Save Changes.

    Gmail will refresh, and from now on, the email icon in your Gmail tab will always have the number of unread messages displayed, no matter where you are in Gmail.

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    Pinpoint The Email You Need In Seconds

    Gmail can help you narrow your search down with a few useful tools. You can filter out mails sent by certain people, sort mails by providers, find all unread emails between two dates, and so on. The feature is very convenient, especially if you have an overcrowded inbox with thousands of emails. Here some examples to help you figure out how it works:

    Lets say that you want to search all unread emails between April and September 2019. The adequate command is: is:unread before:2019/09/13 after:2019/04/01. All unread emails between those two dates will appear in chronological order.

    If you want to find unread emails from a specific sender, try using this command: is:unread from:. Gmail will display only unread emails received from the contact you entered.

    Finding emails received from a friend is also possible, even if you dont know the exact email address. Type is:unread from:name of your friend, and you will get a list of unread emails you received from that person.

    You can also combine elements from all these methods to make your search even more specific. Lets pretend that you want to see unread emails you received from your friend Bob before August 8, 2019. The command will look like this: is:unread before:2019/08/08 from:Bob. You can also combine other parameters.

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