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How To Find Someone On Instagram By Location

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It Puts Your Business On The Map

How to Find Someone on Instagram By Phone Number!

Above all else, a custom Instagram location creates exposure for your business, literally putting it on the map for social media users.

Instagram locations work in a similar way to hashtags. When a user searches a particular word or phrase, any hashtags containing that word or phrase pop-up.

Its the same process with Instagram locations. If someone searches for a coffee shop nearby, he/shes more likely to find your business.

Using An Ip Grabbing Service

There are many IP grabbing services you can use for this purpose. We are going to be making use of Grabify IP Logger, which has been tested and has been found to work quite great. For better user experience, I will advise you create an account with them so that you get an email notification immediately they get an IP grabbed for you.

One thing about Grabify IP Logger is that it does not only grabs the IP Address of a user it also provides you other information including country, timezone, ISP, Browser, and Operating System. To make use of Grabify IP Logger, follow the steps below.

  • Copy the profile URL of the Instagram user. You can get it by clicking on the 3 dots next to the person username on his profile page. Alternatively, visit the profile of the user and copy the link.
  • Go to Grabify IP Logger and paste the URL copied in the space provided and click on the Create URL button
  • A URL will be generated for you to alongside a tracking code. To make it look better and less susceptible, you can make use of a URL shortening service like Bitly or Tiny URL to shorten the link.
  • With the link, you have gotten all you need. What is required is tricking the person into clicking it. you can chat the person and get him convinced him to click on the link. Ones that is done, Grabify IP Logger will have the IP Address saved for you
  • Go back to Grabify IP Logger website and click on the Tracking Code button. Enter the tracking code to get the IP Address, and other information logged.

How Do I Find Out Who Is Behind An Instagram Account

  • First of all, the police take the search warrant from the Law Enforcement when someone files a complaint against the duplicate Instagram ID.
  • If the offence is punishable then only the judge will provide the warrant to the police to find the IP address of that person from the Instagram server
  • Now once Instagram provides the IP address of the device the person was using, the Instagram account, it goes to the ISP for tracking and finding the details.
  • Now the ISP confirms who is the owner of the IP address and finally, the fact gets revealed.
  • Remember:

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    Finding People On Instagram Using The Phone Number

    Accessing your contacts or address book to find your friends is a feature common to Facebook and Twitter. However, not many know that you can also find people on Instagram using their phone numbers. It’s a pretty nifty and is hidden in the Instagram app.

    If you don’t remember your friend’s username, full name, or whatever name on Instagram, it’s alright. You can find and reach out to them using their phone number that only works if they have added it to their Instagram account.


    Add A Tag To A New Instagram Feed Post

    How to track down someone

    To add a tag to a new feed post youre uploading to Instagram, start a new post like normal with a or video. When you get to the caption screen, youll see an option to tag people.

    If youre uploading an image, tap anywhere on the photo and youll see a pop-up box where you can type in the name of the person you want to tag. Select that account from the list and the tag will appear on your image.

    You can drag the tag to move it around on the screen so its right over their head or off to the side if you dont want to cover up your image.

    If youre uploading a video, tap on the Tag People option and youll be able to add the tags of people below the video.

    To add multiple people, simply tap anywhere on the image again and you can add another person. You can tag up to 20 people per post.

    When youre done tagging people, tap on the checkmark in the upper-right corner to return to your regular upload screen. Continue loading the post like normal and youre all set.

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    Using The Location Field To Search On Instagram

    Theres another good option if you want to find more photos from the same location as the image youre currently looking at. You can click on the location field to open a dynamically generated listing of images tagged with that location. The text is small, and if you accidentally click on the username instead, youll open their account homepage.

    The result will be something like this, including a map view:

    Again, you have the same limitations in that youre totally reliant on users self-assigning the location field.

    How To Use The Tool

    Some third-party apps require your user ID in order to fetch information from your account, and that’s completely okay. There are also tons of other usages of your regular user ID.

    No, we don’t ask for your email or password in order to find your user ID. Hence, rest assured that your account is safe and well-protected at all times.

    Yes, that’s possible, but you have to use an Instagram API called “Access Token,” and you need to have an app that’s approved by Instagram to do so.

    Although you can change your username, the user ID will stay the same for your account.

    You can look from the Instagram website. However, the viewing will be limited. Instagram will ask you to log in to view the images full size.

    No. Users are not notified when you look at their accounts on Instagram.

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    Search For Their Name

    The first way to find someone is to search for their name on Instagram.

    This is the most straightforward way to find someone on Instagram without knowing their username.

    You can find someone without knowing their username by searching for the first name or full name on Instagram

    If the persons name is uncommon, itll be easier to find them as there wouldnt be as many search results.

    On the other hand, if the persons name is common, itll be harder to find them as the search results will be dominated by verified users.

    In addition, the Instagram search results are limited to a certain number of results.

    So, if youre searching for a generic name, the search results might not even contain the person that youre trying to find.

    Hence, there are limitations when youre searching for someone on Instagram.

    Nevertheless, heres how you can find someone via Instagram search:

  • Open Instagram and go to the search tab.
  • Search for the persons first name, and find a profile that has a picture of themself.
  • If you still cant find them, search for the persons full name instead.
  • Unfortunately, in order for this to work, the person that youre trying to find has to have their name or full name on their profile.

    That being said, most people have their names on their profile, unless they are really secretive.

    So, this method is proven to work well, especially if the person has added their full name on their profile.

    Bonus tip: Search for the persons name on Google using quotation marks.

    Read This First: The Instagram Search Bar

    Find people Near by you in Instagram

    Before you can start trying to find someone on Instagram, you have to understand the apps search bar. Look for the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the app, and click on it. It opens the search and discover panel.

    At the top you see the search bar, and below that, you see content that Instagram recommends you check out based on your habits on the platform. Lets ignore that content for now and focus on searching.

    If you tap the search bar, youll see it open up with four options:

    • Top These results are a mixed bag of accounts, hashtags, and places. Instagram shows you things youve recently searched, as well as what it thinks you might want to find.
    • Accounts If you choose this tab, the app will only show you accounts. If you start typing in a name, Instagram will show you accounts you already follow, celebrities, or popular influencers whose handles match what youve typed in.
    • Tags This is the same as Accounts, but for hashtags.
    • Places You can see locations near you, or type one in.

    In general, Instagrams algorithm uses your past usage to predict what you might be looking for and show you the results it deems most relevant.

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    Part B: Your Friend Follows The Person You Are Looking For

    STEP 1: Go to your friends profile on Instagram

    STEP 2: Tap on following

    STEP 3: View the listing of people they are following and keep scrolling as more accounts get populated with each scroll.

    STEP 4: If you know the name of the person you are looking for, you can type it here and they will show up.

    STEP 5: Repeat step 1 for different people that you follow.

    This method takes some work but you will likely find your target persons Instagram account provided you have mutual friends.

    Find People On Instagram By Checking Out Your Friends Following

    If you wish to start following the people your friends follow on the social network, the process is quite simple. Well, chances are that you too are acquainted with them and wish to know them more. So, instead of going through the ordeal of entering their full names, which you might not know, or their Instagram handles, simply check out the Following list from your friends profile and you are good to go.

    The list displays the names of all of the social media account, your friend is a follower of. You can also do the same for following Instagram influencer, news accounts, or fun pages that your friends are following.

    Also, they need not be people in particular. Go to your concerned friends account from your Android device and click on Following.

    When you click on Following, you see a full list of people and accounts the page follows. You can also know more about them through their Instagram bio.

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    Making Yourself More Approachable

  • 1Choose a quality profile picture that shows off your personality. Make your primary picture something that gives people a little insight into your hobbies and interests so they don’t think you’re just self-branding yourself as an attractive face. Use a high-quality camera or set up a timer on your camera phone so it stands out from the everyday selfie pic.XResearch source
  • If you want to take a close-up, a selfie is perfectly acceptable. Make sure your face is in focus and the background isn’t too distracting.
  • For instance, if youre an outdoorsy person, your primary photo might be a wide-shot selfie of you out hiking or kayaking. If youre a voracious reader, you might post a photo of you in front of your bookshelf. Or, if youre an animal lover, be sure to post a good one of you and your best furry friend!
  • Don’t go overboard with filters because you want them to know and like the real you, not the you with CGI bunny ears or too-perfect makeup!
  • Fun Fact: Due to the way the human brain makes sense of images, simple pictures are often deemed more attractive than busy, complex ones. A simpler image is one where your face is well-lit and in focus and the background is slightly blurry. If you don’t have a quality camera, your smartphone’s “headshot” or “portrait” modes may be able to give you this effect .XResearch source

  • This will also make it so that your tagged content shows up in the hashtag feeds.
  • For example, you might post a video of you playing with your cat or dog.
  • Use Hashtags To Follow And Find Interesting People

    How to find someones IP address on Instagram  An Advanced ...

    If you genuinely want to search for Instagram users and want to know how to find someone on Instagram based on your interest, using hashtags is the most ideal way to go about it on the social media platform.

    Hashtags act as keywords that users type in to look for the Instagram story, photos, and posts that are of similar type.

    When you upload your online status with pictures, videos, and other Instagram activity, you add various hashtags. So, one can find those posts by using a hashtag.

    To search for an Instagram post based on hashtags, tap on the Magnifying glass on the bottom tray and tap on Search at the top.

    Go to Tags to filter your search. Next, enter the keyword. For example, if youre looking for pictures related to technology, type in tech or technology.

    You will come across all the related tags and also the total number of posts under it.

    Heres an example of how to find someone on Instagram using hashtags:

    We wrote #tech to see all the posts related to technology on Instagram

    Next, we selected technology. A page opened where all the #technology posts added by people on Instagram appeared.

    Out of these, we clicked on the Instagram photos we liked. Next, you will see a follow button right next to their profile icon. Click on it to follow them.

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    How To Track An Instagram Account Location

    Now follow these steps:

  • Moreover, at first, you have to go to the Grabify IP Logger website. From there you have to create a track-link.
  • Now Put a link to an article that people to attract a click and create.
  • Then send the link to the person via messages and remember the person has to open it in a new tab. Thats why send the link in text form. Otherwise, you will see the bots IP, not real.
  • Now, once the person opens the link, with the tracking link you can see real IP. You can swipe bots IP to view only the real IP of that person and this is 100% works, tested by myself.
  • Is it possible to track the location of a deleted Instagram?

    Remove Your Tag From An Instagram Post

    Now that you know how to tag somebody in an Instagram post, chances are your account may get tagged in posts as well. But what if you dont want to be tagged in that content? No worries! Theres a quick and easy way to remove the tag.

    Go to the post youve been tagged in, and at the very top, tap the three-dot icon. In the pop-up, choose Tag Options.

    The last step is to tap on Remove Me From Post. Your tag is now removed and you wont appear in that content anymore.

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    How To Find Someone On Instagram By Phone Number

    Instagram has a feature called contacts syncing which allows you to sync contacts from your phone to help you find people to follow. So basically, this will connect your Instagram account to your phones contact list. You will then see recommendations in your news feed about the contacts who are on Instagram.

    When the contacts syncing is enabled on your account, Instagram will periodically sync and store contacts from your phones contact list on its servers. This will also help you find any new contact that you will add later. You can delete your synced contacts from Instagram servers and turn off syncing feature anytime you want. We will also discuss about that later.

    Follow this step-by-step guide to enable contacts syncing on Instagram and find people by phone number from your contact list

  • Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • Go to your profile Click your profile picture icon from the navigation menu at the bottom. Its available at the bottom-right corner.
  • Go to the menu Click three parallel lines at the top-right.
  • Open Discover people You will see various options in a pop-up menu. Click Discover people option which is available at the bottom.
  • Connect contacts Just click the Connect button next to this option. There is another option available here named Connect to Facebook for those who havent connected their Facebook account with Instagram.
  • Check The Likes Of Their Close Friend

    How To Find Instagram Users Near Me

    The last method is to check the likes of a friend of the person that youre trying to find.

    You should use this method if you are still unable to find the person using the previous methods.

    If you have the Instagram of a close friend of the person that youre finding, you may be able to find them through likes.

    Heres the ideathe person youre finding has a high chance of already following one or more of their close friends on Instagram.

    So, if you are able to find one of their close friends Instagram, youll be able to find them through likes.

    Heres how you can do this:

  • Go to the profile of one of the persons close friends.
  • View all the likes of their recent posts .
  • Search for the name of the person that youre finding on the list of likes.
  • This method requires additional work as the person might not have liked all of their friends posts.

    In order for you to find them, youre going to have to go through multiple posts. Moreover, it relies heavily on the persons name.

    However, if the person didnt add their real name on their profile, you need to check their profile picture or posts to detect them.

    Fundamentally, checking the likes of a friends post is ideal if you want to find people that you might know to follow.

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