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How To Find Popular Hashtags On Linkedin

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Homework: Creating Your Own Linkedin Hashtag

How To Use Hashtags on LinkedIn – Best LinkedIn Hashtag Strategy

Create your own hashtag for yourself, your brand, or your business.

Brainstorm a list of 100 hashtag ideas.

Research each hashtag and write down the number of followers for each hashtag.

Select the top 20 hashtags and create your own personal hashtag collection. This will be your LinkedIn hashtag strategy.

You will use these hashtags over and over again for each piece of content you publish on LinkedIn.

To ensure that you don’t overuse each of these hashtags, create your own hashtag editorial calendar.

Plan out which hashtags you will share weekly for the next 6 to 12 weeks.

Then use these hashtags to create your daily LinkedIn content.

Amplify Your Content’s Visibility And Reach With Hashtags

LinkedIn Creator Mode puts Hashtags in front and centre. When you turn on creator mode, it asks you to select 5 key hashtags around topics you will consistently create content around.

When you create content around the said topic and use the relevant hashtag it will make your content more discoverable.

Including hashtags in your posts means taking part in a conversation happening on LinkedIn. And most importantly, making your posts visible in that particular conversation.

This can lead to increased engagement, which boosts your brands online presence by increasing likes, shares, comments and new followers.

What Are The Top Hashtags In Linkedin

2020 to 2021 was an unfortunate year.

As you can imagine, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a huge change in the most popular hashtags today. Its not representative of the usual hashtag behaviors on Linkedin.

Well breakdown the Hashtag data based on the following:

  • Top hashtags for 2021
  • Top hashtags for 2020
  • Top hashtags by industry 2020/2021

This will give a better representation of how hashtags evolve based on current trends, and how you should use it.

Youll get a glimpse of the usual top hashtags outside a global pandemic. All data points were a combination of reports from Linkedin reps and manual searching.

Yes, the manual searching took me almost 2 weeks to compile this.

So I hope you find something actionable/valuable here. Please share this if you found it useful.

Each ranking list starts with the most used hashtag in that category.

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The Differences Between Broad And Niche Hashtags

The most frequently asked question about hashtags is how large or small to go with them. As I mentioned earlier in this article, your hashtag strategy on LinkedIn is going to change over time as more and more people create on the platform. This is because more content means higher competition for your content to be seen in hashtag feeds. This is why on Instagram, a saturated social media platform, the best hashtag strategy is to identify niche hashtags relevant to your target audience.

LinkedIn suggests that we use 3 hashtags and I would always recommend to listen to the rare hints the platform tells us about what they are looking for in content. Admittedly, I do find the advice to use 3 hashtags as slightly counterintuitive, because if you do use more than 3 hashtags your post still appears for all of the hashtags used. However, you want your content to be favoured by the algorithm so that it is shown to more people, and I suspect that LinkedIn recommend 3 hashtags so content looks professional on the platform.

So with 3 hashtags to play with, the best strategy to use right now is a mix of large and small hashtags. You should use two broad hashtags to increase the reach of your content, reserving one hashtag to cover a niche that is relevant to your target audience, or as a personal hashtag for your personal brand or business.

Cool Tool: Linkedin Hashtag Chrome Plugin

Linkedin Hashtags: 150+ most popular hashtags and how to use them ...

I use a cool chrome extension called Hashtags Analytics that gives me the current follower count of any hashtag as I type it. It gives me both individual follower counts and the total counts for the ones I have used.

If I hover over a hashtag it will give me the follower count. You can get it HERE

Finally, creating consistent quality content relevant is the key to your LinkedIn growth. The quality of your content is what’s going to get people coming back for more. Hashtags are like the icing on the cake.

Would you like a list of the Top 50 LinkedIn Hashtags in 2022? Drop a comment with the words “Hashtag 50” to get it!

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    Linkedin’s Hashtag Discovery Tool

    Previously, discovering the most popular hashtags on LinkedIn was a lot easier.

    You could visit LinkedIn’s hashtag discovery tool via this URL: focused=true to explore a list of all hashtags and topics.

    Unfortunately, this method is no longer working. If you try to open the link, you will be redirected to LinkedIn’s general content discovery hub, where the focus has shifted to recommending company pages and thought leader profiles.

    How To Use Linkedin Hashtags On Status Update

    As mentioned earlier, hashtags are important to get a better reach for your LinkedIn posts . The type of hashtag you select depends on whom you want to see your post and what you intend to achieve with it.

    You can either place the hashtags at the end or within the post The third option is not to include the hashtags in the post at all but type them in the comments instead.

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    How Effective Are Linkedin Hashtags

    There isnt any official research from Linkedin on the effectiveness.

    So we had to research it ourselves.

    We replicated this experiment from Agorapulse at a larger and longer scale.

    We tested the effectiveness of hashtags in both posts from company page and personal profiles. 3 hashtags were used on 50 company page posts and 50 individual Linkedin page posts. These were compared against company page and personal post without hashtags.

    These were the results.

    Linkedin Posts on personal profiles with 3 Linkedin hashtags outperformed posts with no hashtags by 13%.

    All content ran were video-based. Absolute views for posts with 3 hashtags are 63,530 while views for posts without hashtags are 49,224.

    Linkedin Company Page Posts with 3 Linkedin hashtags outperformed Company page posts with no hashtags by 10%.

    All content ran were video-based. Absolute views for company page posts with 3 hashtags are 126,520 while views for company page posts without hashtags are 105,130.

    One of the biggest reasons for this difference is the push notification Linkedin does when your content starts to trend.

    When you see this, Linkedin will push notify your audience. The effect snowballs.

    What does this mean?

    Always create valuable, awesome, and shareable content.

    Its not about the views but the engagements.

    Because if you can get the Likes, comments, and shares early, your content will trend and get pushed to the hashtag followers.

    See how important hashtag can be in your marketing?

    Top 100 Linkedin Hashtags 2022

    How to Use Hashtags on LinkedIn: A Strategy for Growth

    For some reason, LinkedIns top hashtags are quite the black box. Yet, LinkedIn is such a powerful tool for professionals to market their products and services, and hashtags are a great way to increase eyes on posts.

    Consequently, I parsed through LinkedIn to find the top hashtags.

    Given that hashtags are fluid, this article will be periodically updated. Note, the number of followers has been rounded because aint nobody got time for that.

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    3. It helps drive key metrics up while creating an army of brand ambassadors.

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    Benefits Of Using Linkedin Hashtags

    Let’s say you only have 200 connections on LinkedIn. You publish an article on SEO and don’t use any hashtags. For it to make a substantial impact, you’ll need a lot of post engagement from second-and third-degree connections.

    Why place such limits on your content? By using hashtags, you maximize your post’s reach potential. If the SEO hashtag has 100,000K followers and you use it, your post engagement can easily triple what it was without hashtags.

    Higher engagement can help you establish credibility and can facilitate meaningful connections with other LinkedIn users.

    How To Use Hashtags On Youtube

    YouTube also includes hashtags like several other social media platforms. By using the right keywords as hashtags, you help to make your videos more visible which will ultimately help you to get more subscribers.

    All in all, adding hashtags to your video content is actually quite easy. You can either use relevant hashtags in the title of your video or at the end of the description of your video.

    The following are some best practices to help you make the most of hashtags on this popular video sharing platform:

    • While you may include as many as 15 hashtags in your videos description, it is best to stick to just a few five at the most .
    • It can also be very effective if you take the time to come up with your own branded hashtags. This way you can help viewers discover more of your videos. YouTube makes the hashtags blue and clickable. So, if you use a branded hashtag and a viewer clicks on it, he/she will be redirected to more of your videos.
    • To ensure that YouTube does not remove your hashtags, always ensure that the hashtags that you include actually relate to your video. While using trending hashtags can help you with visibility, it will be of no use if they get removed.
    • Lastly, be sure to go over YouTubes Community Guidelines. The last thing that your brand can afford is to include a hashtag that will cause offense and result in your videos being removed completely.

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    Add 3 Hashtags For Your Status Updates Or In The Comments Section

    Although you can add as many as you want, resist the urge to do it. It will make your post look spammy. Do not overuse the # words and phrases as a part of your sentence. A couple is fine, but not too many or your sentence will be hard to read.

    Instead, use 3 hashtags. One can be brand related while the other 2 are broader related topics.

    Hashtags can also be used in the comments section of status updates.

    How To Find The Top Linkedin Hashtags

    How To Use LinkedIn Hashtags To Better Engage With Your Audience

    All of those recommendations are generated according to elements of your profile and your activity, but they dont encompass all hashtags. You can also find the top LinkedIn hashtags totally unrelated to your profile if youd like to expand what you see in your newsfeed.

  • Starting from the home tab , move your mouse over to the LinkedIn News section on the top right-hand side of the screen. If none interest you, click on show more at the bottom of that sidebar section.
  • This brings you to a curated news page. One of LinkedIns news editors picks a worthwhile piece of content and features it along with popular posts that have shared and discussed it. Scan the page for the top LinkedIn hashtags in the postyoull usually walk away with 2-4 per storyand right-click on each one. That will take you to the hashtag newsfeed pictured earlier. Click the follow button and youre done!
  • When youre ready to move on, scan the LinkedIn News tab to the right side once again. Choose another story relevant to you, click on it, and repeat the process. Youll find the top 15-20 hashtags on LinkedIn within minutes, this way.
  • Follow all of those steps and youll find every last hashtag thats relevant to you right now. It only takes 5-10 minutes and it opens doors to topics you might not have realized you were missing.

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    Trending Hashtags On Linkedin 2022

    Hashtags on LinkedIn continue to be adopted in 2022, with many having millions of followers. The most popular hashtags on LinkedIn usually consist of one word and are exceptionally broad, making them applicable to many businesses and individuals.

    We have curated a list of 30 trending LinkedIn hashtags that are both relevant to marketers and high in follower count :

  • #innovation -38,673,144 followers
  • #inspiration – 1,145,015 followers
  • To gain a more tailored recommendation of what hashtags to follow, you can use the recommendations in your feed which you can access through your personal LinkedIn account .

    However, before you rush off to add any of these hashtags to your posts, remember that with such a high volume of followers and posts trickling in, your posts may go unnoticed by new audiences, and that would defeat the purpose of using hashtags altogether!

    Make sure to also use niche hashtags that are suitable for your brand .

    Once you do choose a hashtag – don’t stop there, and do an additional check for similar hashtags. LinkedIn’s hashtags and their followers vary a lot when it comes to variations, even when they have a similar meaning. For example:

    • #socialmedia -19,756,133 followers

    The same goes for hashtags in other spaces:

    • #entrepreneurship -22,797,459 followers
    • #entrepreneur – 510,988 followers

    So if you find a hashtag that makes sense in a specific niche, you have the chance to become an early adopter.

    How To Find Hashtag Followers

    You might be wondering how to find the number of followers for a particular hashtag as I have stated in the above examples. You can use the LinkedIn search button for this purpose.

    Just type # followed by the relevant keyword in your search button above and you will get the number of followers for the particular hashtag.However, it is difficult to search for the number of followers each time you are using a hashtag.For this purpose, you can use a Chrome plugin called . Once you install this plugin, each time you type a hashtag, you will be automatically shown the number of followers for that hashtag.

    Also, you are provided with a GET FOLLOWERS button, in your post creation screen. By clicking on this button, you can also get the individual list of followers for each hashtag selected in your post.

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    Establish Your Credibility & Expertise In A Specific Topic

    Consistently creating quality content around the topics you care about is the easiest way to build trust. Content powers your trust engine. It makes people want to follow you. Using the relevant hashtags will help give the right context to the post.

    What do you want to be known for on Linkedin?

    At the same time, remember LinkedIn wants you to use hashtags and will suggest hashtags to use based on the content of your post.

    Use Capitalization To Personalize Your Linkedin Hashtags

    How To Search for Hashtags on LinkedIn – LinkedIn Hashtags Search

    LinkedIn allows you to use small caps and ALL CAPS characters within your hashtag.

    To LinkedIn, your punctuation doesn’t matter regarding organic discoverability.

    They treat all hashtags as case insensitive.


    #LinkedIn = #linkedin = #liNkEdiN or any other variation are all the same.

    As long as you don’t add any additional characters at the end, you can take advantage of this and give your hashtag a more personal touch with capitalization.

    Instead of #timqueen, I can use #TimQueen, which is communicating additional information to my readers, for example, that my first name is Tim.

    For my name, that wasn’t a big deal anyway, but there are plenty of cases that easily confuse people.

    With #annaagaard is it Ann or Anna? #AnnAagaard gives us clarity and avoids misunderstandings.

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    Do Not Use Irrelevant Linkedin Hashtags

    You might get excited.

    Oh wow, look at this hashtag!

    It has 105,746,221 followers.

    And this one has 48,921,810 followers.

    LinkedIn’s most popular hashtags, I am going to use all of them!


    You will only harm yourself unless they are 100% relevant to your post.

    LinkedIn focuses on relevancy more than anything.

    If you use the wrong hashtags, and LinkedIn shows your content to people interested in the hashtags you used, it will track if and how much they .

    If they don’t engage because your post wasn’t relevant, LinkedIn will no longer show anyone who is following this irrelevant hashtag your content.

    Nobody wins in this scenario, and you waste some of your precious characters in your LinkedIn post for the wrong hashtags that get you zero reach.

    If you recall, each , so you want to use your characters wisely!

    How Hashtags Work On Linkedin

    Let us now understand Hashtags in more detail

    The above shows the example of a post where a prospective employer is looking to hire a senior research associate.

    He has shared the job application in his post with the hashtags like #sciencecareers, #sciencejobs, #hiringnow, etc.,

    Hence, anyone who is currently following any of these hashtags can see the post in his feed and apply for the job.

    If the employer had used the wrong hashtags say #digitalmedia for this post, then his post will be shown to the wrong set of people and he will not have enough conversions for his post.

    Similarly, if you are a job seeker and have not subscribed to the relevant hashtags, you will not be able to get enough job prospects through LinkedIn.

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