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How To Find People Looking For Jobs On Linkedin

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Seek Out Strong Relevant And Recent Recommendations

How To Find Jobs On LinkedIn – Search Tip

Recommendations really enhance the credibility of who you are as a professional, Wasserman says. You can ask people youve worked closely with for recommendations, but be sure to give that person talking points that help shape the story you want your profile to tell, Yurovsky says. Your recommender should know what your goals are for your next career steps as well as what skills and experiences youd like them to emphasize. And keep your recommendations current. Yurovsky recommends setting a calendar reminder to secure new recommendations at least twice a year.

Linkedin Search String To Find Active Job Seekers

After spending about 10 minutes reviewing results, iteratively modifying my searches and looking for patterns of phrasing for seeking employment as well as hypothesizing what people might say to signify that they are pursuing employment, here is what I came up with:

That search returns 2.43M people globally quite an improvement over 36K!

You probably noticed I decided to search for seeking without searching for specific _______ seeking or seeking ______ phrases.

Thats because searching for seeking is actually more effective than using it in specific phrases.

Searching for the single term seeking is a double edged sword it pulls false positives because it isnt an intrinsically specific term for pursuing employment, but if you decide to add terms to it to create specific phrases, you will actually eliminate viable results of people who are looking for a new job.

This is because there are literally 100s of ways people can specify what they are looking for in their job search.

For example:

Because of this, I would recommend simply searching for the term seeking and accept a percentage of false positives because there is no way you can think of every possible combination of seeking _______ that someone might use to denote what kind of role they are seeking.

Of course, you can also use all of the above approaches when X-Ray searching LinkedIn through Google or another search engine, although .

Upload A Great Headshot

Your headshot is one of the first things people see, so if you want to use LinkedIn to land a job, make sure your profile photo is giving off the right impression. Choose a photo thats clear, professional, and friendly-looking.

It doesnt need to be stiff-looking , but you probably shouldnt choose a photo where youre drinking from a keg, either.

You can also upload a background image to make your profile stand out further. However, your headshot is more important because thats one of the things employers see BEFORE they even click your profile.

Heres an example of my headshot and background image:

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Include A Current Job Entry Even When Unemployed

When recruiters search on LinkedIn, one of the pieces of information the platform uses to return results is your current positionand if you dont have one, you might not appear, Hallow says. So if you dont currently have a job, you should add the position or positions youre looking for , but add a line in the spot usually reserved for the company name that makes it clear youre not saying youre employed, like Seeking new opportunity or similar.

How To Search Resumes On Linkedin To Find Top Talent

Looking for Your Next Job Opportunity? Get Found via ...

Today, LinkedIn is a top source to identify potential job candidates. If youve wanted to search resumes on LinkedIn or find better candidates on the platform, youve come to the right place.

Read on to discuss everything from the benefits of , to different account types and how to perform a candidate search.

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Final Thoughts & Linkedin Search Challenge

I can understand why there is an interest in identifying people based on their job search status.

However, according to the BLS, only about 14% of all people are actively looking for a new job, so youre youre missing the deepest portion of the talent pool by only targeting them.

Also, while a percentage of people who are actively seeking employment will mention things on their profile such as currently seeking or similar, many people wont.

While is a big number, its really only around 2.4% of all LinkedIn profiles .

That means that not everyone who is actively seeking employment actually mentions such on their LinkedIn profile, as well as that there are many more ways to express an interest in seeking new employment opportunities than the 12 terms and phrases I turned up in 10 minutes of quick research.

To that end, Im asking you to improve this core LinkedIn search string designed to find active job seekers:

If you can think of or dig up additional search terms/phrases that reliably identify people interested in seeking new employment opportunities, please include them in a comment and I will combine them into the single most comprehensive and effective LinkedIn active job seeker search string for everyone to use.

All I ask is that you *please* test your terms/phrases before suggesting them.

Making Your Linkedin Account Work For You

I tell my clients that first impressions are important on a resume, and LinkedIn is no different. To make the most out of your job search efforts, review your LinkedIn profile and make the necessary adjustments before you begin your job search.

Make sure everything is up to date and that your past jobs are listed in a way that is going to impress as many recruiters as possible.

Also, before recruiters call, be sure to think about things they will likely wish to discuss such as:

  • Career types and positions that interest you
  • Whether you are willing to relocate, and if so, where
  • Potential start dates
  • Size and culture of the company youd like to work for

I encourage you to give this a try in your next job search. Make sure your profile is up to date. Then turn your Open To Work signal to On to attract recruiters. You never know who might answer the call and the doors it could open for you.

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Browse Users Who Have Interacted With Your Posts

If you have a free LinkedIn account, you can only see a limited number of the users who have viewed your profile. Premium, or paid, users can see every user who visits their profile.

However, you can see the people who have interacted with your posts no matter what type of subscription you have.

Under your profile dropdown menu, click “Posts & Activity.”

You’ll see a feed of only the articles and posts you’ve shared, along with everyone who’s interacted with each one. Click the “Your followers” tab on the left sidebar to see who’s followed you recently. You never know which of your newest followers might be a great new prospect as well.

Fill A Company’s Hiring Needs

How to find hidden job listings on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s jobs search feature connects job seekers with hiring companies. But it’s also a useful search engine for recruiters and agencies, who can leverage LinkedIn to find out which businesses are sporting a “help wanted” sign.

Daniel Forman, co-founder and CEO of social media management agency Ensuite Media, watches for new LinkedIn job listings for community managers. From there, he and his team pitch each hiring company on why Ensuite Media would be a better fit than onboarding a new employee.

“Very few companies realize that they can get much better value out of a social media agency, rather than hiring internal resources to manage their online presence,” Forman says.

This strategy can be especially effective because Forman knows that the hiring company is searching for social media help, and he’s not stuck shooting in the dark. A warm lead always trumps a cold one.

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Develop Your Corporate Culture

Making your company a desirable employer for employees is an excellent way to increase your access to individuals looking for jobs. Actions such as providing opportunities for skill development and offering fun activities to maintain morale may make your workplace more attractive to employees. This can help you generate a reputation that attracts interest from individuals looking for jobs and also encourages current employees to recommend working with your company to their friends and associates.

Be Mindful Of Your Profile Settings

If youre job searching, you can adjust your profile settings to let recruiters know youre open to work. And if you dont necessarily want your current employer to find out about it, you can tweak your settings further to hide this info from anyone working at the same company as you. You can also control who sees your updates, Hallow says.

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Create A Linkedin Post Announcing Your Job Search

Publishing directly onto LinkedIn regarding your search for a new position is an effective way to use your network to help you source opportunities.

Your post will not only show up on your networks feeds, but often will show up on their networks feeds too especially if they engage with your post . Remember: Posting on LinkedIn means your post will likely be public do not make a post like this if you’re currently employed and you don’t want your current team to know you’re looking for a new job!

In your job announcement post to LinkedIn, here’s what you might include:

Fill Out All 50 Skills

How to search for people on LinkedIn who worked at a specific company ...

Make sure youre using all 50 skill slots that LinkedIn allows. This is a big part of how to use LinkedIn to find a job, because it will help you get spotted more.

Recruiters are constantly searching LinkedIn, and skills count as keywords in your profile, which means they help you appear in more searches!

For example, if a recruiter searches for Phone Sales and youve listed Phone Sales as a skill, itll make your profile show in their results.

If you need ideas of what skills to put, glance at your own resume, and look at colleagues/peers in your industry on LinkedIn. What skills are your coworkers and LinkedIn connections listing? Use that as inspiration for your own profile.

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Let The Right People Know Your Plans

Thankfully, LinkedIn hides Open to Work notifications from those who are currently employed with companies whose recruiters use this feature.

However, recruiters can still ask friends from other companies who use LinkedIn Recruiter to search for their employees open to work. With this, it’s still good to be a little careful when using this feature.

Alternatively, LinkedIn also gives you the option to share your openness to work with everyone in your network. If you are currently unemployed, choosing the option for all LinkedIn members to see your status can help alert your network, who may be able to help.

Narrow Down Your Job Requirements

Employers often struggle to set realistic job requirements for candidates. If you want to speed up your search for candidates and have LinkedIn return the most relevant options for your job, youll need to narrow down your job requirements to only your top prioritiesa handful of main requirements that can be filtered into your first candidate search. Youll have a chance to add to these parameters shortly.

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Using Automation Tools To Supercharge Your Job Search

You can use some tools to automate the connection request and message sending to recruiters. Leadboost Its the perfect tool to expand your network and start those conversations with those recruiters.

Here is what is capable of doing for your job search:

Personalized Automated Invites – Send personalized invitations to hiring managers users matching your search selection automatically.

Send Automated Messages – Send bulk messages to your first level connected hiring managers, that are so fully personalized so no one will notice it was automated.

Follow Profiles – Catch a hiring managers attention by following profiles

Dont Just Networkuse Linkedin To Learn And Grow

How to find a job on Linkedin.

Most people know LinkedIn is a networking platform, but its also a knowledge-sharing resource, Wasserman says. Users talk about what theyve learned in posts, leading to discussions among professionals. If theres a new development in your field, you can learn about it in a more interactive way than just Googling ityoull see what others think and can join in the discussion.

LinkedIn Learning is another great featureyou can learn and develop a range of new skills and add completed courses directly to your profile. Perusing the profiles of people who have the type of job or work in the industry youre interested in can help you identify which exact courses you might want to takeor at least give you clues based on their skills and experiences.

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Take Advantage Of Easy Apply

You can also apply directly for jobs on LinkedIn via their Easy Apply feature. Search for job titles or keywords, narrow down by location and other search filters , and then start applying.

If a job offers Easy Apply, you can submit your details and attach a resume in just a few clicks without ever leaving LinkedIn.

This is ideal because it saves you a ton of time and you dont need a cover letter, either. .

And if a job doesnt offer Easy Apply, you can click through the company website and apply that way.

Email Your Network On Linkedin

Apart from posting on LinkedIn and improving your profile, you can target your job search efforts by emailing specific people in your network and extended network. You can then ‘announce’ your job search to specific people on LinkedIn that will help you, without making your search public.

To do this, put together a list of individuals, including first-degree connections, professionals in the industry, and anyone who could give you an introduction into a specific company or field. Once you have your list, you can then send requests for informational interviews.

Remember to keep your first email friendly, and beware of asking too much, too soon. You can ask contacts you know well for a job, but in general, try to build a rapport first.

It is also a good idea to remind your contact how you know each other. Better yet, if youve had previous correspondence, find an old email chain and reply to that email.

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Know Your Audienceand What Keywords Will Get Their Attention

As you craft your profile, think about who will be reading itlikely other professionals and recruiters in your industry. What will those people specifically want to see in a job candidate? Are certain technical skills the most important? Or certain experiences or qualities?

To help figure out the answers to these questions, follow a similar process to the one you would when writing or tailoring your resume. Pull up a few job descriptions for the type of job you have or would like to have, Dunay says. Take a look at what they keep talking about, common themes, what seems to matter to these employers.

Think about which ones apply to you and your experience and which specific words and phrases are being used to describe them: These are your keywords. Theyre likely what recruiters are searching for when theyre looking for people like you. For example, maybe many companies youre interested in are looking for a programmer proficient in JavaScript or a digital marketer with experience putting together webinars. If youre struggling, look for people who have the jobs you want, Hallow says, and see what skills and experiences they emphasize on their profiles.

Reach Out To Prospects In New Roles

How to Find Someone on LinkedIn

Changing jobs is one of the most effective trigger events in sales. When a person takes on a new role, they are more open to shaking things up with a new product or service purchase. Swoop in at the right time, and you could land yourself a new customer.

To determine which of your connections has recently joined a new company, click the “Notifications” tab and scan daily for updates on which of your connections has a new job, a birthday, or a new blog post that will serve as a catalyst for reaching out. Voila! You can add a handful of new prospects to your list just make sure to reach out sooner rather than later.

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Connect With New Hires At Your Company

It’s easy to keep up with the hiring process when your company is just starting outI hope you can remember 10 people’s names. But once you start growing fast, say, past 100 employees, nobody will blame you for blanking on the new interns last name.

One helpful way to connect with new hires at your company is to track them on LinkedIn using advanced people search and a saved search email alert. To set it up, go to the advanced people search tab, and list your companys name in the second column under “current company.”

Then, save your search using the “save search” link at the top right of the results page, and set up a weekly email update.

What Some Employers Say About The Power Of Linkedin

Susan Graye, a former recruitment executive at Hewlett Packard Enterprises, has been part of the LinkedIn network for years and has used the site to find employees by searching by the employer , using InMail, purchasing advertising, and networking. Graye has filled jobs from sales positions to executive-level jobs using LinkedIn. She thinks it allows Hewlett Packard Enterprises to network proactively and learns on a continual basis.

Another recruiter has been using the site for a good portion of his career. According to Devin Blanks of DB Search Group a Minneapolis-based staffing and recruiting firm,

Greg Buechler, the founder, and CEO of Off the Hook Jobs uses LinkedIn for every search.

“I do advanced searches to identify potential candidates and typically will send InMails rather than trying to get to a person via the introduction route. If an individual has an email address posted in their profile, I may also send an email directly to the person.”I have filled several jobs over the years and typically they are at the executive level. I don’t see much below a Senior Manager or Director level as being very effective on LinkedIn. But at Senior Manager, Director, Vice President, CEO levels, it is great.”

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